Good Luck Charlie

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What city does the show take place in Easy DeathIsARight
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 29
• 30
• 31
• 32
How many seasons did the show run Medium msd85• 4
• 5
• 6
In what year did the show air its final episode Medium msd85• 2012
• 2013
• 2014
• 2015
Where did Mary Lou have Teddy lip sync for her Easy DeathIsARight• A Denver Nuggets Game
• To the President
Where does the family go on Bob and Amy's 20th anniversary Easy DeathIsARight• New York
• Hawaii
• London
How old was gabe said to be mid way thru season 2 Medium DeathIsARight• 12 1/2
• 12
• 11
• 13
In baby's new shoes, what was the other movie mentioned Medium DeathIsARight• Fishy Friends
• Fishy Pals
• Finding Fishy
What movie did Teddy have gabe sneak into to use as the report for her news story Medium DeathIsARight• Dusk
• The Evil
What game does Teddy pretend to like to impress a boy Hard DeathIsARight• Larp
• Pokeo
• Pokemon
• Digimon
What did Charlie get accused of stealing at the reddi mart Medium DeathIsARight• Gum
• Tape
• Sunglasses
Who blackmailed Teddy into going to a dance with him Medium DeathIsARight• Emmett
• Spencer
• Evan
• Gabe
What is PJ's bands name Hard DeathIsARight• PJ and the Scene
• PJ's Rockers
• PJ and the groove
• PJ and the Vibe
Who did Spencer cheat on Teddy with Medium DeathIsARight• Sissy
• Rain
What was one type of animal Bob brought to career day Hard DeathIsARight• A Mouse
• An Emperor Scorpion
• A Rat
• A Spider
What is the name of Bob's business Medium DeathIsARight• Bob's Bugs Smashers
• Bob's Bugs Killers
• Bob's Bugs Be Gone
What is the name of Teddy's children's book character Medium DeathIsARight• Cam the Camera
• Tin Can
• Tim Can
What fastfood chain does PJ work at Medium DeathIsARight• Kwikki Chikki
• Burgertown
• Taco Hut
• Food Barn
What is the theme park Teddy got detained at Easy DeathIsARight• Adventure World
Who are Charlie's godparents Hard DeathIsARight• Bobs Parents
• The Bikers
• Amy's Parents
• Teddy
What costume was Teddy wearing when she met Charlotte (Charlie) Medium DeathIsARight• Ben Franklin
• A Mummy
• Bill Clinton
What type of dance class was Charlie in Medium DeathIsARight• Tap Dancing
• Ballet
• Classical
• Modern
What does PJ stand for before they changed it Medium DeathIsARight• Potty John
• Peter James
• Potty Jim
Who named the newest Duncan kid Medium DeathIsARight• Charlie
• PJ
• Gabe