The Princess Dowry - Recap

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The scene opens, and Blair, though paying her respects to Serena and her family, is going through her own family troubles as she and her stepfather try to find a loophole in her pre-nuptial agreement; so the whole arrangement can come to a swift end. It turns out there is no loophole much to their dismay and instead Blair’s royal minder has a way for the both of them to get what they want. The royal minder makes a deal with the royal family that would forget about the dowry and Blair could be free from the marriage; but there is a catch. She must stay out of sight from the press; that is the condition put forth in order to end the marriage. Blair accepts, as she is desperate to divorce Louis; and will pay any price for it.

Ivy also decides to show her respects to the late CeeCee by coming to the wake even though she was not invited; especially since she is an old friend. She decides to bring along a bodyguard AKA Georgina; just to avoid anything untoward happening. Georgina leaves Gossip Girl work to her boy, Phillip, who has been ordered to copy and paste any juicy gossip onto the website; while she is away on her assignment. At the wake, Chuck sends in the juicy gossip that Dan was the one who sent the video. He knows that Blair might get out of her marriage and does not want Dan to be the one Blair chooses; and hence he had sent the video. Phillip stupidly copies everything and so what is usually supposed to be an anonymous tip has Chuck Bass’ name written all over it. Blair is mad at Chuck for sending it in and upset with Dan for lying to her. However, Dan only did it because he wanted to save her from a loveless marriage; and from further anguish.

Blair obviously forgives Dan; as she knows his intentions were noble, and that he just wanted to help. Back at the Rhodes/Van Der Woodsen fiasco, Serena’s dad has come to the wake! Mr. William Van Der Woodsen is apparently the executor of CeeCee’s will and has come to tell the family who got what; with them waiting in anticipation. Basically Lily got some stuff, Carol hardly got anything; much to her dismay, and Ms. Ivy Dickens received a lot of the estate and money; much to everybody’s shock and surprise. Lily and Carol are furious but Ivy tries to explain that CeeCee was like family to her and that she really loved CeeCee; hence CeeCee probably favored her more than the others, when it came to disbursing her wealth and property. In another part of the wake, Georgina convinces Chuck to send the picture of Dan and Blair kissing to Gossip Girl; so it can be made public.

This, of course, messes everything up with the agreement that was made with the royal family; as that was the only condition put forth. However, there was never an agreement to break because Georgina and the royal minder were in on it together; thus the agreement wouldn’t have stayed intact anyway. The picture that Chuck and Georgina sent broke the original pre-nup that was made and now the royal family wants their money; such is the turn of events. Chuck sent in the picture because he wanted Blair to see Dan for who he really is. Dan tries to explain to Chuck that he just made the Waldorf’s bankrupt and that he was trying to save Blair. Chuck is convinced that Dan did everything to keep him and Blair from being together; and thus discounts his every reasoning.

Chuck makes Dan tell the truth to Blair and Dan says that he did everything to keep Chuck and Blair apart; thus his intentions weren’t probably as noble as he was pretending them to be. But surprisingly, Blair is not really upset at anybody; despite the truth being revealed to her. It’s truly perplexing that, one week, she loves Chuck so much and the next week well she still loves him but she is no longer “in love with him.” Chuck should have just walked away when he could have, from the look of things, and this mainly due to Blair’s fickle nature. Meanwhile back to family drama, Carol is pissed because she was once again shunned from the family money; frustration is clearly written on her face, and she is feeling completely betrayed.

She talks to William and tells him that she has another way of getting the money that she deserves, if one door closes another opens in its lieu. He plan basically is that, she will go to the father who owes her twenty years of child support for Lola (the real Charlie). Very surprisingly, the father is William Van Der Woodsen! Talk about some real family issues in the Van Der Woodesen/Rhodes residents. The whole thing is really messed up. After Chuck sees Blair leave for the millionth time, and is probably heartbroken the millionth time, he goes to wish his condolences to Lily. They start to have a heart to heart and Chuck knows that Blair is changing and has finally left him for good; a fact that slowly seems to be sinking into him. Chuck confesses that he wishes he had died in the car accident; rather than suffer in this manner.

What he didn’t know about the accident is that Chuck’s Uncle Jack, who is usually an a-hole, helped save Chuck’s life by donating blood; a fact he is apparently still unaware of. After all the drama that has happened at the wake, Blair decides to go home to accept her defeat; she seems to have given up on things. Georgina has come offering a peace treaty. Apparently, Georgina has a way to get Blair out of the marriage arrangement in exchange for a favor down the road should Georgina ever need one; she has an interesting proposition, that might just help Blaire out. Blair, reluctant at first, takes the deal; as she is desperate to get out the marriage arrangement.

Georgina decides that she has had enough of being Gossip Girl and passes the baton along to none other than Serena Van Der Woodsen. Its left to anybody’s imagination, the kind of Gossip Girl Serena will make. Meanwhile, all of the guests have finally left the wake except for Ivy Dickens who now owns the apartment that Rufus and Lily live in because CeeCee bought the apartment and entrusted it to Ivy. Ivy decides to kick them out because home is hers now; and she doesn’t want them around anymore. Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn, after a lot of taunting and waiting a new relationship finally begins.

Dan thinks Blair has come over to yell at him, tell him what a horrible creature he is, and that she and Chuck are finally together; he has apparently already conditioned himself for this mentally. After making fun of his hair, his Brooklyn roots, his being poor, and his puppy love for Serena she has finally has come to tell him that her heart belongs to somebody else. The episode ends on this note.