Raiders of the Lost Art - Recap

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The episode begins and Serena tells the maid that writing is the only outlet that’s keeping her happy, after all that happened last week. Meanwhile, Diana searches for her diary in her drawer, and doesn’t find it. She then gives Nate a call, asking him where he is. She confronts him about stealing the diary, but he acts innocent. Meanwhile, Chuck goes through the diary. He hasn’t been able to figure out the numbers and entries in the diary yet. Meanwhile, Lola comes in to meet Nate. Nate apologizes to her for not believing that, Serena was acting as Gossip Girl. Meanwhile, Dan is facing a writer’s block, and is stuck on page 2 of his book.

Lola asks Nate what his plan is for stopping Serena, continuing being Gossip Gil, as it’s not good for anybody, especially Serena. Lola feels the real Gossip Girl might be able to help them. Nate feels that Lola’s suggestion might hold some water. Lola meanwhile, would get Serena to help her with Diana. Meanwhile, Dan’s agent tells him that she has made plans for him, which would help him get over his writer’s block. Meanwhile, Chuck meets Blair and asks for her help in cracking Diana’s diary, as he knows she was good at stuff like these. Meanwhile, Lola comes and tells Serena that she can’t trust Diana. Serena feels, the real Gossip Girl is probably using one of Diana’s past secrets to blackmail her. Lola tells Serena that Nate stole Diana’s diary, hence Serena would find Diana’s secret before Gossip girl does.

Serena admits to seeing Diana carry another book with her diary, which might help crack the diary. Serena agrees to get it somehow, if Lola agrees to help her find out Diana’s secret. Lola agrees. Then, Serena over chat informs Diana about Nate having the diary. Later, Serena lies to Holly that she hasn’t managed to find Diana’s book, with Diana sitting right in front of her. Diana then tells her to steal the diary back from them. In return she would give the real Gossip Girl’s cell phone number to Serena. Meanwhile, Blair becomes Diana to think like Diana. She then begins decoding the diary. She observes an appointment in the diary for every Saturday, many of those Saturdays, Nate was dating Diana, and so they plan to jog his memory to find out something. Meanwhile, Dan is invited to join an elite group of writers in Italy. Dan is excited but wants to discuss this over with his girlfriend. She wants his reply by the night. He tells Blair about it and she is very supportive of the idea. Blair meanwhile, tells him that she is scheming with Chuck. Dan is supportive although visibly not crazy about the idea.

Meanwhile, Nate tries jogging his memory about the Saturdays spent with Diana. Meanwhile, Serena rushes to leave, and as she is waiting for the lift Blair checks for the diary, and finds it isn’t there. They all run after Serena, and manage to stop her before she can get away. Meanwhile, Dan is bothered that Blair is being a bit too supportive. Dan feels Blaire wants to spend time with Chuck, and that is why she wants to get rid of him. Meanwhile, they all question Serena about her intentions. Chuck tells Serena that Diana lied to him, and she is actually not his mother. She is probably covering for his real father Jack. Serena on hearing this agrees to be with them one hundred percent. Meanwhile, Blair’s maid is in Diana’s room in a spa as per Blair’s instructions. The maid pretends to be a masseur. She then proceeds to get information out of Diana, with Blair and gang listening in. Diana tells her she missed her last appointment as she was in Portugal. Blair and gang then set to decode the diary based on all they know about the Portuguese.

Blaire suddenly has a brainwave that all the numbers in the diary could be international phone numbers. They then find out the number for the night’s event and book themselves for it, without really knowing what the event is all about. Nate meanwhile, messages to Gossip Girl about the whereabouts of the night’s event. Blair returns the diary to Serena, as Serena is desperate to find out who Gossip Girl really is, and Diana can help her with that. Meanwhile, Dan sees Blair drive away with Chuck in his car, just as he receives a message from her saying “don’t wait up”. He follows her in a cab. Meanwhile, Serena gives Diana the diary and in return receives Gossip Girl’s real cell number. Lola comes in takes the number and uses GPS to track her down. They manage to get Gossip Girl on GPS. Lola then messages Nate saying they are on their way.

Meanwhile at the event, Chuck and gang sees women dressed in their lingerie, entertaining well dressed men. Chuck is sure Jack might be there in the event. Meanwhile, Serena and Lola also arrive there dressed as waitresses. Meanwhile, Blair and Chuck are taken to a private bedroom. They instead want to choose the one after checking out the whole house. Meanwhile, Dan follows Blair to the event, but Rufus tells him to hold his horses and let Blair have her evening, and tells Dan to talk to her later. Meanwhile, Nate tells one of the bouncers that he wants to talk to India, who is the Madame of the girls there. Meanwhile, Diana is watching all of them through CCTVs, and telling Jack on the phone not to worry about Nate and Lola, as she can handle them. Meanwhile Serena calls Gossip Girl, and hears a phone ring nearby, she goes to check it out, and before she can a bouncer comes and tells everyone to get out, with a lot of girls and men walking out all at once.

Meanwhile, Chuck meets Jack, and Nate barges into the room where Diana is. Just then Blaire enters a room and is shocked to see someone. Chuck then confronts Jack asking him if he is his father, just then is dragged outside by a bouncer. Meanwhile, Blaire asks Jack if he told Chuck what he was really hiding there. Meanwhile, Diana might be India but she tells Nate that, he has no way of proving it. Meanwhile, Serena isn’t able to track Gossip Girl anymore. Jack in the meanwhile, tells Blair to not tell Chuck anything of what she saw, as it would end up hurting a lot of people. Later Lola and Nate tell Serena that Gossip Girl stole her laptop, and the two of them helped her with it. They feel Serena is turning as bad as the real Gossip Girl hence they wanted to indirectly help her by stopping her. Serena then tries calling up Gossip Girl, but it comes as disconnected. Meanwhile outside, Blair tells Chuck to go back into the house once everyone is gone. Meanwhile, Dan turns down the offer for Italy, as he wants to give time to his relationship.

Meanwhile, Diana tells Jack that she wants her fee doubled. They are waiting for a boat to arrive. Meanwhile, Nate and Lola talk about Gossip Girl and Diana. The only option Nate feels he has is to run Diana’s story in the front page of his own newspaper. Meanwhile, Serena sees that; Gossip Girl is back online, bitching about people. Meanwhile, Dan lies to Blair that he was rejected and hence won’t be going to Italy. Meanwhile, Chuck enters the house again, opens a door and sees Diana standing with Bart. The episode ends at this point.