The Fugitives - Recap

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The episode begins with Chuck asking Bart about the car accident. Bart says it was real and he was lucky to survive it, but also that it wasn’t an accident. It was done by a competitor of Bart’s whose very important transaction Bart knew about. He tells Chuck that both he and Lily were at a risk, so he had to fake his own death, to mislead the competitor into believing that he had won. Meanwhile, Blair comes to know that it was Dan who rejected the program in Rome and not the other way round. She confronts Dan about it. He then comes clean about him being jealous about her and Chuck. She insists that he has nothing to worry about and tells him to take the offer.

Meanwhile Nate tells Diana that he wants her out. She says she has wont hard for the paper and hence wont step aside. Meanwhile, Serena admits to Blair that she is the fake Gossip Girl, and has been using Gossip Girl’s identity to post on the Gossip Girl website. Blair tells Serena that she too could have helped if Blair had told her that she is doing such a thing. Meanwhile, Bart tells Chuck how Diana used her contacts to help him stay hidden, and also kept him informed about when Chuck needed help. Bart then tells Chuck that their time is up, as the man who he is hiding from would try to kill him even now, if he comes to know where Bart is. Chuck suggests they go after the man instead. Bart says it would prove dangerous for everyone involved, and hence its better he leave.

He then gets men to escort Chuck out, saying that it’s for his own safety. Later Chuck plans to find someone who can find out for him, who is actually after his father. Chuck then meets Blair and asks her to help him find out what he wants. Later, Serena gives Blair who is with Chuck, a call. She tells Blair that Dan is waiting for her with a big surprise. She tells Serena that it’s a life and death situation and she has to be with Chuck at this point. She then decides to take out some time and find out what Dan’s surprise is. Consequently Chuck goes in to meet Diana on his own. Inside, Chuck asks Diana to help him, with keeping his father from leaving. He asks Diana to give him the name of the person who his father is hiding from. She says she will relent, but in return she has a small request.

Meanwhile, Dan tells Blair that she too could come to Rome with him, and that was his big surprise. Meanwhile, Chuck tells Nate that Diana is ready to leave, but she doesn’t want to be exposed, and wants her reputation untarnished. Meanwhile, Blair tells Serena over the phone that she isn’t too crazy about the idea of going to Rome for the whole summer. Later, Lola comes in and tells Nate that Chuck doesn’t want only him to expose Diana, but he hasn’t said anything about her, hence she could very well expose Diana without Nate breaking his agreement. Blair in the meanwhile tells Dan that she is in. Meanwhile, Diana as per her agreement gives Chuck the name of his father’s competitor, a man called Mason Nevins. She then tells Chuck that she is sending over two of her girls to Mason, and he is a family man. So if he were to get caught in the act, then that can prove to very good blackmail material. She then gives him the address of the hotel where Mason would rendezvous with the girls. Meanwhile, Diana gets a call from her source in the New York Times and immediately tells Chuck the deal is off on hearing what her source has to say.

It turns out Lola has done her job. Chuck then confronts Lola and Nate, with Serena coming in, and tells them the reason why he made the deal with Diana. Meanwhile, Blair receives a message from Serena telling her Chuck is in trouble, just when she is readying to meet a guest with Dan, for lunch. She then makes an excuse and steps out. Blaire then steps in, just when Chuck is thinking of devising a new plan to trap Mason. She tells Chuck that Diana’s girls can be replaced with Lola and her. Later, Nate overhears Diana telling Bart that “we are leaving earlier than scheduled”. Nate immediately messages Chuck about it. Chuck in turn messages Nate to stall Diana. Meanwhile, Lola gets Ivy along, so she can pretend to be one of Diana’s girls.

Meanwhile, the guest Dan was supposed to meet regarding the trip to Rome arrives. Just then Serena comes in and introduces herself as Blair. Later, as the guest leaves to take a call, Serena lies to Dan that Blair is with Eleanor, but she knew how much this whole thing means to him and hence send her instead. Meanwhile, Blair readies Lola and Ivy for the visit to Mason. Meanwhile, Diana tells Nate that her feelings for him were always genuine. Meanwhile, Eleanor comes in just as Dan’s guest is leaving. She tells Dan that she has no idea where Blair is. Meanwhile, Andrew comes in and tells Ivy and Lola that Chuck sent him, and Mason has gotten a whiff of their plan, so Chuck has told him to escort the girls to Bart, as that is where Chuck is.

Later, Blair confronts Chuck about the change of plan, as she saw Andrew escort the girls and leave the hotel. Chuck is shocked to hear this as he had given no such instructions. Meanwhile, Serena tells Dan that Blair is with Chuck and that he will simply have to trust Blair. She then tells Dan that Bart is alive. Meanwhile, Andrew gets the girls to the address he is told to, and is shocked to see Bart there. Blair and Chuck too enter the room with him. Andrew then confesses to Bart that, he tried to kill him because Mason had threatened his family. He basically told Mason when and where Bart would be going, and Mason in turn told Andrew when to get out of the car, just before attacking Bart. The cops who were covertly listening in on this are then called in, and they arrest Andrew. Turns out Bart can now stay back after all. Meanwhile, Nate relents to Diana’s request and lets her go without exposing her.

Later, Blair thanks Serena for covering for her with Dan’s guest. She then tells Serena she is not ready to tell Dan that she loves him, just yet. Meanwhile, Bart thanks Chuck for getting him out of trouble, he can now show his face again. Meanwhile, Nate receives a message from Diana thanking him for helping her out. Meanwhile, Dan and Blair are planning how they would spend their Roman summer together. Blair then tells Dan that she wants nothing more than to spend the summer by his side. Meanwhile, Blair and Serena are shocked to see that Gossip Girl has managed to get a page out of Blair’s diary which says who Blair really loves. The episode ends at this point.