The Return of the Ring - Recap

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The episode begins with Blair looking through Serena and walking away. Meanwhile, Nate, Chuck and Bart are all together, and agree that their apartment needs a woman’s touch. Meanwhile, Rufus reads the newspaper headline that Bart is alive. Lily is visibly shocked to read it. Serena in the meanwhile, explains to Blair that’s she didn’t know Gossip Girl would steal her laptop with all that Serena had written in it. Blair is worried Dan might see what Gossip Girl is writing about her feelings. Blair tells Serena to find a way to stop Gossip Girl before she ruins everything. Later, Blair makes her mother read all that she has written about her in her diary, before her mother can read all that written about her by Gossip Girl. Blair then makes her friends read her diaries too, for all that she has written about them.

Meanwhile, Serena tells Dan to stay off Gossip Girl and not read anything that she has written. Serena then mails Gossip Girl telling her that she would do anything for Gossip Girl to not write about Blair anymore. Meanwhile, Rufus tells Dan that Lily and Bart weren’t divorced, so technically Lily and Bart are still married. Meanwhile, Bart tells Lily why he did what he did. Bart also sends out feelers to Lily that he wants to get back with her, but Lily doesn’t at all seem interested, as she is happily married to Rufus. Meanwhile, Blair with the help of her friends is trying to do damage control for all that she has written in her diary. Meanwhile, Gossip Girl again writes something scandalous about Blair’s past, and Blair is livid enough to want to destroy Serena.

She tells one of her friends to find out all the scandalous things she can about Serena, so she can destroy her. Chuck too sees the bit from Blair’s diary which says “what if I don’t love anyone more that I loved Chuck”. Dan too sees it. Later Dan confronts Blair about the whole issue. Dan then asks her as to why she can’t tell him in return that, she loves him. Dan feels it’s because Blair still loves Chuck. Blair clarifies that’s not the case. He wants Blair to tell him how she feels about him, by the night. Meanwhile, Lola is pleasantly surprised to see William at Nate’s house. William hands over half of Cece’s estate to Lola. Nate then asks Lola to move in with him. Lola tells Nate she can’t make any decisions till she asks her mom, as the money is her mother’s. Meanwhile, Rufus gives Bart annulment papers to sign.

Rufus tells Bart that Lily made her choice about who she wants to be with, 3 years ago. Bart tells Rufus “if Lily’s happiness depends on me signing these papers, you will have them by the end of the day”. Meanwhile, as retribution Blair gets Gossip Girl to write things which lead to Serena not getting a job she was supposed to. Blair then tells Serena to get out of her house. Meanwhile, Lola’s mother tells her to take up Nate’s offer. Lola then messages Lily saying “can we talk?” Meanwhile, Bart tells Chuck that he regrets not treating Lily better. Chuck too confides in Bart that he regrets Blair not being in his life anymore. Bart then tells Chuck to move in for the kill and get Blair back. Meanwhile, Lily receives the signed annulment form from Bart.

She is visibly disturbed on seeing it. Blair in the meanwhile meets up with Chuck, who asks her how she feels about him , just then she receives a message from Dan reminding her to meet him at Shepherd’s party to tell him how she feels. Meanwhile, Serena gets Blair’s friend to work for her. She basically tells Blair’s friend Penelope to keep Blair from reaching the party. Meanwhile at the party, Serena tries her best to create a misunderstanding between Blair and Dan. She does that by making Dan read Gossip Girl, where it says that Blair had just gone to meet Chuck. Meanwhile, Bart tells Chuck to propose to Blair, and hands him a diamond ring that he can use for the proposal. Meanwhile, Blair tells her mother just as she is about to leave for the party that, she can’t decide between Dan and Chuck.

Blair’s mother then tells her that she wants to retire and wants Blair to take over her company. Just then Penelope comes in, uses an excuse and manages to stall Blair. Meanwhile at the party Serena is doing her best to stop Dan from getting in touch with Blair. Just then Dan sees on Gossip Girl that Chuck is proposing to Blair. Meanwhile, Penelope is informed by Blair’s mother that Blair has already left for the party. Penelope immediately messages Serena about it. Serena in the meanwhile gets Dan to unzip her dress by spilling drinks on it. She then tells Dan that Blair always loved Chuck. Serena then kisses Dan. Meanwhile, Lily tells Bart that she was surprised to see the annulment papers.

Bart tells her that he assumed she is the one who sent Rufus to get them signed. Just then Rufus comes in and Bart leaves. She tells Rufus it’s her choice who she wants to stay married to, and tears up the papers. Meanwhile, Serena and Dan are shown making love. Blair in the meanwhile tells her mother she has made her choice and is on her way to tell him now. Meanwhile, Just as Bart announces his return at the helm of Bass industries, Blair enters. Later Chuck questions Bart about him, declaring himself the sole leader of Bass industries. Chuck feels he too put in a lot of hard work to make the company what it is. Bart then reminds Chuck of all the foolish things he did for Blair, which Bart feels makes Chuck unfit to run the company. He reprimands Chuck for his willingness to throw everything away for Blair.

Bart then tells Chuck that the engagement ring was a test to see if he still has feelings for Blair. He tells Chuck “Bass industries needs to be run by a man, not a boy”. Meanwhile, after making love Dan realizes that Serena has recorded the whole thing on her phone. He then also sees Penelope’s, messages on Serena’s phone. Just then Serena receives a message from Kati saying “Blair is back with Chuck”. Meanwhile, Blair comes and tells Chuck that she is in love with him. Chuck tells her that he did want to be with her before he lost everything, but not anymore. One week later, it is shown that Chuck is off to meet Jack. Turns out Bart got him out of the company too. He plans to join hands with Jack, against his father. Meanwhile, Lola has decided to donate Cece’s estate, and instead tour the northwest.

Meanwhile, Lily has decided to stay with Bart and get her marriage with Rufus annulled. Meanwhile, Serena apologizes to Dan for all that has happened. She tells Dan that she loves him. Dan isn’t interested and tells her that she doesn’t want to see her ever again. Meanwhile, Lola is shown giving Cece’s money to Ivy. Lola just wants Ivy to take down Lily in return. Meanwhile, Blair is in Paris with her mother for business. Meanwhile, Jack helps Chuck make a few millions in a casino by counting cards, so the money can be used to take down Bart.

Meanwhile, Diana sends Nate a letter saying “this could be your Gossip Girl” along with a pen drive. He plugs in the drive and sees a video footage of a hooded person stealing Serena’s laptop. Meanwhile, Dan tells his friend Georgia to write a tell all book about the Upper East Side. Meanwhile, Serena is shown sniffing drugs and making out with some random guy. Meanwhile, Blair comes to Chuck’s poker table and tells him “you have fought for me all year; I have come to fight for you”. The episode ends at this point.