Gone Maybe Gone - Recap

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The episode begins 4 months ago, with Blair and Chuck making out in a hotel room. Dan is in Italy. Serena is lying unconscious, in a train, and has apparently OD'd. Bart and Lily have just returned from Seychelles where they renewed their vows. Lily is surprised to find that Serena isn’t home, and is even more surprised when she finds out Serena wasn’t home all summer. Nate is going it alone with his paper. Lily calls him up to ask about Serena, but he too says he hasn’t heard from her all summer. Nate asks Lily to not worry, as Serena has disappeared on them before but has always turned up in the end. Dan on the other hand is busy typing down all the experiences he had last summer into a book, with Georgina egging him on.

Blair calls Dan up but is surprised to find Georgina on the other end. Blair requests Georgina to put Dan on the phone, as no one has seen Serena for months, which is a worrying fact. Georgina tells Dan they need to find Serena before anyone else does. Nate who is Dubai then receives a call from Georgina. Gossip Girl on chat tells Nate, at least to her Serena is dead. Georgina and Dan are on their way to meet a guy named Damien, who is a drug dealer. Georgina tells Dan, Damien is the guy Serena goes to when she needs drugs. Lily arrives at Rufus’s place searching for Serena, and is surprised to find Ivy there. Ivy tells her how Rufus gave her shelter when she had nowhere else to go. Nate, Chuck and Blair are busy trying to find a clue in her stuff, in order to figure out where Serena is.

Blair and Chuck feel Gossip Girl might know something, but Nate says he tried, but she didn’t give him anything. Blair is worried Serena might have hurt herself, and also admits “this time I might have hurt her too”. Nate then sends a text to Gossip Girl blackmailing her, so she gives him Serena’s whereabouts. Rufus on the other hand is visibly upset with Lily’s visit, and Ivy notices this. “All you have done is been a good person” she reassures Rufus. Later, Ivy calls up Lola and finds her voice mail. She leaves a message congratulating her for booking a TV series. She then tells her “Rufus Humphries is easy on the eyes and even easier to manipulate”. Nate tells Chuck and Blair, he is using the video he has, which would expose who Gossip Girl is, as leverage, to find Serena.

Chuck, Blair and Nate are heading to the destination where Serena might be, Georgina and Dan spot their vehicle and decide to follow it, as Georgina assumes the three might know Serena’s whereabouts. They all then get out of their vehicles and decide to walk to the destination, as the road further is not suitable for cars. They then arrive at a large house, and find Serena there, but a woman at the door tells them, her name is Sabrina. “What the hell are you doing here?” Sabrina asks them. They in turn tell her, they are there to get her home. Serena points out to them that, there is a party going on in the house and they aren’t invited. A man then comes in and tells Serena “Sabrina you didn’t tell me you had invited friends”.

The man introduces himself to them as Steven, and asks them to stay for the “special day”. At home Lily tells Rufus that, it she who is to blame for Serena’s disappearance as she did not keep track of her own daughter. Rufus tries to explain to her that it’s not her fault, and adds “you raised a good girl”. He feels Serena will be ok. Just then Ivy comes in, Lily isn’t too happy to see that, and in turn insults Rufus about it. Blair and gang on the other hand see an altar and assume Sabrina is planning to get married to Steven. They decide to stop her. Dan later has a chat with Serena. She tells Dan she is happy where she is, she is then surprised to hear that Dan think she is getting married to Steven.

Later, Steven with Serena in his arm is about to make an announcement, but Blair stops him before he can do so. “You cannot marry her” she aggressively tells Steven. She also reveals to the people present that, her real name is Serena and not Sabrina. Georgina then tells everybody how Serena is an addict and how she is mentally imbalanced. Just then two guy wearing matching costumes appear. Turns out they are the grooms, and are getting married. Dan says that is what he has been trying to tell them. Later, Steven asks Serena as to why her friends are ruining the wedding. Her friends intervene and accuse her of “falling off the phase of the earth”, but Serena reminds them that, they all wanted her out of their lives, and hence she decided to disappear.

She also tells them how the paramedics revived her when she was found senseless in a public transportation. After that she wanted to change her life around and be away from all of them, hence she disappeared. Later, Blair tells Dan she is with Chuck and they have a pact that, they will begin seeing each other after they have dealt with certain things in their life. “You think you two have epic love, but all you have are excuses” Dan tells Blair, about her and Chuck. Blair in turn has nothing to say. “I am sorry I came to Lily’s, I didn’t mean to cause any problem” Ivy tells Rufus. Rufus tells her “Lily thinks what she wants, especially about me”.

Ivy tells Rufus, Lily doesn’t “appreciate him” and therefore she is glad he got away from her. “I see the real you and I don’t think she deserves you” Ivy tells Rufus, and then kisses him. He is initially reluctantly but she reminds him “I am not a kid and you are not married”. Blair tells Serena, she is sorry for everything. “Thinking that I have lost you made me regret every hurtful thing that I have ever said to you” she tells Serena. She tells Serena she doesn’t want to let her go, however complicated their friendship gets. Blair says they are “best friends forever”. Serena in turn tells Blair that, although she appreciates her kind words, she doesn’t want to be stuck with her and wants a “fresh start” with Steven. Blair is shocked to hear this and tells Serena to have a “nice life” and walks away.

Later, Chuck and Blair are back in New York and are together in a limo. “Maybe our pact is just an excuse for us, not to be together” Blair tells Chuck. “I love you with all my heart and that is the reason I cannot take the risk of messing this up” Chuck in turn tells her. “It won’t be much longer” he promises her. “Ironic isn’t it? You traded your future for your friend and she didn’t even want to come home” says a message sent by Gossip Girl to Nate. Serena on the other hand shows Steven her world, and where she comes from. Dan enters his house and is shocked to see Rufus and Ivy having sex. He then quietly sneaks out of the house. The episode ends at this point.