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High Infidelity - Recap

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The episode begins with Nate waking up in bed with Sage. Serena and Steven too wake up in bed kissing each other. Dan is staying at Georgina’s, and wakes up to find her staring at him. Amira tells Chuck she has to catch the 7o’clock flight to Dubai. Chuck begs her to wait, as he feels his father faking his own death had something to do with the hotel deal. Chuck can’t imagine why Bart would lie about being in Dubai, or pay Amira $10 million, without a good reason. Amira can’t imagine what Bart could be hiding, but is desperate to get home to her fiancé. Chuck in the end asks Amira to come for brunch with him and Bart, where he shall drop a few names and see how Bart reacts.

At the brunch, Chuck does what he had planned and tries to gauge Bart’s reaction. Amira lies about how she and Chuck met, when asked about it by Lily. During the course of their conversation, Bart tells Chuck that he doubts very much whether Amira discusses her work with him. Bart suggests that, Amira’s “livelihood if not her life itself, depends on her discretion”. Amira then excuses herself to confirm her flight timing. Bart too excuses himself from the table. “What the hell do you think you are doing, I paid you a lot of money to leave the country” Bart tells Amira. She apologizes and tells him she is there on Chuck’s insistence. Bart asks her to leave, and says “don’t make me warn you again”.

Lily eavesdrops on their whole conversation. Blair is preparing for the launch of Waldorf Designs. Blair is shocked to find out her old rival is the reporter, who is going to cover the launch of Waldorf designs. Nate and Serena discuss about Blair. Serena tells Nate how she and Blair are slowly going apart. Nate tells Serena about Sage, the Columbia journalism student he is seeing. Nate at a distance sees Steven and Sage together, and points it out to Serena. Nate calls Sage, gets her voicemail and leaves a message on it saying they are done. Serena tells Nate, it could be a coincidence that Sage and Steven are together, and that Nate might have a completely wrong idea. Nate on his part doubts it, and asks her to confront Steven rather than run away.

At home, Lily asks Bart if he had an affair with Amira. He admits that, he did spend a weekend with her, years ago, after he had suspected Lily of being with Rufus. Bart figures out, Lily has overheard his conversation with Amira and tells her, he was only paying off Amira as he did not want to jeopardize his relationship with Lily. Serena calls up Steven and asks him if he is seeing someone else. He assures her, he isn’t seeing anyone else, but tells her he has to get back to his meeting. Nate asks Dan to sell him his story, so he can print in a serialized fashion. Nate feels it would help launch his newspaper. Dan asks Nate to talk to Georgina about it, as she is handling the business end of things.

Lily calls Chuck and accuses him of bringing in Amira only to wreak havoc in her and Bart’s relationship. “I don’t know what my father has told you, but Amira’s presence has nothing to do with you” Chuck assures her. Lily then reveals to Chuck how Amira and Bart have slept together in the past. Chuck is shocked to hear this, and confronts Amira about it. Amira tells Chuck, she and Bart were only together for a weekend. “There must be something else connected to that weekend” Chuck concludes. Chuck tells Amira he won’t allow her to leave with the money until he tells her everything that happened over the weekend she spent with Bart. At the gala in Serena’s honor, Serena gives Steven the cold shoulder. Serena is then shocked to see Sage at the party.

She confronts Nate about it, and he assures her he has broken up with Sage. Serena points out to Nate that Sage has arrived. “Please just get rid of her” Serena tells him. Sage walks up to talk to Nate, but he walks away. “You just gonna ignore me?” Sage asks Nate. Nate tells her he has nothing to say to her except “goodbye”. Chuck returns home and finds that Amira has left with her money. Turns out, Bart helped her get the money, which Chuck had kept in his safe. Bart figured out that the combination to the safe was Chuck’s mother’s birthday. Blair confronts Serena at the party about the fact that she came back but never informed her about it. “I am just trying to move on and so should you” Serena tells Blair.

While Nate and Sage seem to be making up, Steven arrives and pulls her away. Nate protests and brings up Steven’s relationship with Serena. Serena arrives at the scene just then. “Wait this is your girlfriend, this is my boyfriend” says Sage and kisses Nate. Steven then pushes Nate away and punches him. Serena is shocked that Steven is defending “that slut” in front of her. “That slut happens to be my 17 year old daughter” Steven tells Serena. Steven later tells Serena, he did not tell her about Sage, because he wasn’t ready yet. Steven tells Serena how, the women he dates bolt on hearing he has a daughter or pressure him to meet her. “I have never been ready to introduce her to anyone, until you” he says.

Serena in the end calms down and they both agree they should trust each other, if they are going to make their relationship work. Chuck tells Bart, he is going to find Bart’s secret and take everything from him, just like he has taken everything away from him, again and again. Bart finds Chuck’s threat hilarious, and taunts him about Blair before walking out. Dan meets up with Nate and hands him his story. Dan asks Nate to promise that, his story would be printed word for word. Nate readily agrees. Dan asks Nate to read a page before he decides. Nate does, and asks Dan if he is sure about publishing it word for word; especially since there are details in it about people who Dan cares about.

Dan is insistent that everything be printed word for word. “I am not losing anything here, I am taking what’s mine” Dan tells Nate. Bart comes home and gifts Lily a necklace to make up for everything. He also tells her that, Chuck might not be a part of the family anymore. Lily though, isn’t ready to give up on him just yet. Chuck receives a letter from Amira and in it, is a photograph and a letter that says “I found this after you left. I don’t know his name, but he’s the only person I saw the weekend I spent with Bart”.

Bart looks at the photograph closely to see if he recognizes the man in it. Serena and Steven drop Sage to school. Sage isn’t too happy about it, but has agreed to it, in return for Steven allowing her to date Nate. The episode ends at this point.