Portrait of a Lady Alexander - Recap

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The episode begins with it being shown that Dan has written a piece about Nate titled “Golden Boy Cant Buy A Break”. Nate reads the article and isn’t too happy about it. The article suggests that Nate is running ‘Spectator’ to the ground, which Nate concedes to Sage, is true. He as a result is going to meet with his bank later in the day to “hopefully” extend his credit line. Georgina on the other hand reading Dan the positive reviews his article on Nate has received. Dan though, isn’t too excited, as no literary celebrity has lauded his work. Georgina tells Dan, he has to now pay attention to his image, and from now shall therefore be only seen with girls “who have ivy league pedigree”.

Steven too has read the article and discusses it with Serena. He isn’t happy that Sage is dating Nate, after the unflattering things he has read in the article. Sage comes in just then and Steven forbids her from dating Nate. Serena vouches for Nate and assures Steven that he is a really nice guy. “You should get to know him before you judge him” Serena tells Steven. Ivy enters Rufus’s house and sees that it’s filled with boxes Lily has sent over, with all his stuff in them, now that they have parted ways. Ivy offers to help him unpack them, while Rufus leaves to deal with his imminent gallery opening. Steven is unhappy about the fact that Serena had past sexual relations with Nate, but did not tell him about it. Steven discovered this fact from Dan’s article.

Steven suggests they discuss everyone they have been with, to avoid any more embarrassing situations. Serena reluctantly agrees, she then texts Dan that she wants to meet him. Chuck and Blair find a lead on Lady Alexander. They later find out that, Lady Alexander is horse. They also discover that the horse was bought by Bart, four years ago. Chuck is surprised to know that Bart had at that time bought a dozen horses in a single month. Also, Bart bought all the horses from the same man named Sheik Hassan in Dubai. Blair informs Bart that there is a 3-day horse show going on at the moment, in the city. She comments on how the horse show attracts an elite international crowd.

Therefore it’s possible that even if the Sheik isn’t there himself, his people would possibly be there at the show. “Looks like we are back in the saddle” Chuck says. Serena meets up with Dan and asks him if he has written a chapter about their night together. Dan promises her that he hasn’t “published any of that”. Bart offers to help Nate financially, if he writes good things about him and Lilly in the Spectator. Nate refuses the offer and tells Bart he isn’t looking for a partner at the moment. Nate meets up with Ivy and tells her he has a business opportunity for her. Nate suggests that, Ivy should put out stories about Lily and her exploits in the Spectator. Serena tells Steven about all the men she has slept with, except about Dan. Steven oblivious to this fact is happy that Serena has come clean and tells her he is now prepared for anything that might be published.

Later at the horse show, Chuck and Blair arrive with Lily who is oblivious to Chuck’s true intentions of being there. Steven is there with Serena and Sage. Nate too arrives and joins them. Chuck and Blair find out that Sheik Hassan’s horse named Crown Jewel is at the show and its jockey is his daughter, Iman. Blair distracts Lilly while Chuck meets up with Iman. Just then Bart arrives at the scene and Iman is pleasantly surprised to see her. She tells Chuck how Bart is an old family friend and he and her father were really close, before his accident. “Speaking of which I am sorry to hear about his passing” Bart tells her. Sage is happy to see that Steven and Nate are getting along really well.

Just then Serena sees a story published by the Spectator according to which Lily and Steven have slept together, in the past. She confronts Steven about it, but he denies it. Lily though, tells her that it’s true. Nate on his part is embarrassed by it, as he wasn’t expecting such a revelation to come from Ivy. Sage too isn’t very happy with this revelation. “I think you are confusing me with someone else” Steven tells Lilly. Lilly maintains that she is not. Lilly then reminds Steven of the time they slept together by recounting how the whole thing transpired. She also tells him her last name was Mueller at the time. These details helps jog Steven’s memory and he now remember that he actually did sleep with Lilly. Serena isn’t too happy to find out that the news is true.

Serena comments on how this is one of those surprises they were trying to avoid. Bart on the other hand asks Chuck, as to what the hell he is doing talking to Iman. Chuck says he should probably inform Lily about how Bart had him followed. Bart warns Chuck to keep Lilly out of the whole issue, and also asks him not poke his nose where it doesn’t belong. Nate tells Sage, how he has pulled the story off the site. He tells Sage how he got hold of a list that Lily had made, about all the men she had ever slept with, but he wasn’t aware that Steven was on it. “Everything was going so well, my dad was really starting to like you” Sage says with tears in her eyes. Nate concedes that he “screwed up”. Nate also says how it was a desperate move on his part, to save his company.

He again apologizes to Sage and says “I don’t wanna lose the Spectator or you”. Chuck tells Blair that the Sheik has died and his daughter won’t talk, as she is really close to Bart. Chuck feels there is no more use being at the show and decides to leave. Blair tells him she will meet him “at the car” in a bit. Blair meets up with Iman and introduces herself as Chuck’s friend. She then tells Iman how her “uncle Bart” is a not a good person. She tells Iman how every horse Bart ever bought from her father was killed for food. “Trust me Chuck is the good guy here and he needs your help” she adds and walks away, leaving a visibly baffled Iman behind. Back at home, Serena tells Steven she simply can’t forget the fact that he has slept with her mother.

Steven tries to explain that he can’t really change the past, so she has to try and forget this fact. “I guess I can try to move past it” Serena says. Iman pays Chuck a visit and tells her what Blair told her about Bart, is true. Through his conversation with Iman, Chuck finds out that Bart was breaking Federal Law by buying oil from Sheik Hassan, as he was a Sudanese national and US has an embargo against buying oil from Sudan.

Nate is informed by his bank that, his line of credit has been extended. Turns out, it is on Bart’s insistence that it’s being done. Nate though, is oblivious to this. Georgina on the other hand has managed to steal Serena and Dan’s sex video from Serena’s phone. Dan moves into Serena’s room in Blair’s house. The episode ends at this point.