Monstrous Ball - Recap

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The episode begins with Blair asking Dan for his opinion about her new “traditional” clothing line. Dan doesn’t have too high an opinion of it. Dan suggests Blair take more risks rather than playing it safe. She pays heed to his advice and says “I have a new vision”. Steven is really preoccupied with his work and therefore hasn’t been spending too much time with Serena. Serena isn’t too happy about it, but tries to make the best of it. Steven invites Serena to Cotillion with Sage and him. Something that Sage isn’t too happy about. Georgina meets up with Dan and asks him to hand over the new chapter, which she assumes he has already written. “It’s not done” Dan tells her.

Georgina doesn’t believe him and gives him an ultimatum saying “you have until noon to turn it in”. Dan later comes to know about Chuck and Blair’s pact from Dorota. He immediately figures out what his next chapter would be. Nate tells Chuck, Bart must be keeping a track of his finances somewhere and suggests Chuck find it, if he wants to implicate Bart. Serena later meets Nate and says she needs a male’s perspective on Steven. She basically is baffled by Steven’s recent behavior. “I don’t know how I am suppose to fix the problem, if I don’t even know what the problem is” she says. Nate jokingly suggests Serena go through all of Steven’s emails and messages. Serena apparently takes Nate seriously and begins thinking about it. Chuck approaches Lily and asks her “don’t you want to know the real reason he faked his death?”

Lily doesn’t seem interested and says “I hope you can make peace with your father soon, so we can be a family again”. Ivy, who is sitting in a cab nearby, eavesdrops on the whole conversation. Lily leaves, and Ivy then walks up to Chuck and says “maybe I can help instead”. Chuck looks at her with disdain and walks away. Serena while snooping around in Steven’s room finds an engagement ring in his briefcase. She is overjoyed to see it. Sage enters the room and Serena quickly hides the ring back in the case. Sage though, finds her behavior suspicious. Serena leaves the room and Sage then sees the ring. Ivy is pursuing Chuck, but he says he doesn’t want help from a con artist and a sociopath. She says both he and her have a common interest “in this case”. She explains that her interest is for Lily to leave her alone.

She says she has a keycard to Bart’s apartment, from which Chuck has been banned. Sage confronts Steven with the engagement ring and expresses her displeasure. Steven makes it clear to Sage that he is going to propose to Serena whether Sage likes it or not. Dan tells Blair, the recent chapter he has written is about Chuck and has no mention of her. It’s about Chuck’s struggles, with his father. Dan has made Chuck into a hero, in the chapter of his. Blair is visibly surprised at what Dan has done. Sage later meets Blair and asks her to stop her dad and Serena from getting engaged. In return, she agrees to wear a dress from Waldorf Creations for the cotillion. Blair says she can’t trust Sage, but Sage promises she will behave and adds “just please stop her from marrying my dad”. Blair in the end promises to do the needful, if Sage keeps her end of the promise.

Ivy is in Bart’s apartment trying to make it look as if someone’s spying on him. While she is at it, Bart enters the apartment. “Who the hell are you?” he asks Ivy. Blair calls up Lily and tries to convince her that, Serena getting engaged to Steven would be a bad idea. Lily too agrees with her to some extent and hangs up. Just then Steven arrives to meet Lily and ask for her consent to marry Serena. Blair tells Sage “mission accomplished”. Ivy lies to Bart that she is the daughter of Larissa who is the cleaning lady. She says, Lily had told her mother that she needs something cleaned. Ivy then pretends to hide an envelope from Bart. Bart looks at the envelope and smells the liquor in a glass on the table. He assumes Chuck was let inside the apartment by Lily, to spy on him.

With her plan successful, Ivy walks away. Serena receives a text from Steven saying, he doesn’t think she should “come tonight”. Soon after she receives an alert from Gossip Girl mentioning, how Steven retuned the diamond ring. Sage overhears Georgina blackmailing Dan, with the video of him and Serena she has on her phone. She basically wants Dan to write his chapters more quickly. Dan assures her that, he is doing his best. Sage deliberately bangs into Georgina and manages to steal her phone. Serena arrives at the cotillion. She confronts Lily for Lily denying Steven permission to marry her. Lily tries reasoning with her, but Serena will hear none of it. Bart confronts Lily and asks about Chuck being in the apartment. She makes it clear that she doesn’t have any idea about what he is saying.

Bart describes Ivy to Lily and they figure out the whole thing was Chuck’s doing. Blair runs into Serena and tells her, Steven still wants to propose to her. She also tells Serena about her and Sage’s plan. Blair assures Serena, no man would change his mind about marrying her, just because her mother did not give permission. “I would never try to take away your happiness” Blair tells Serena with a smile. Blair then adds how Sage has come up with a plan of her own, to sabotage Steven’s proposal. “You have to warn Steven” Serena says. During the cotillion, Sage plays Dan and Serena’s video on a big screen at the venue, for everyone to see. Steven is outraged at what he just saw. Nate isn’t happy with what Sage has done, and therefore walks out on her.

Blair on her part isn’t happy with what she has seen. She as a result tells Serena that, they can never again be friends. Later, Steven ends it with Serena. He says she is too young for him and also for all her secrets. He says he is a father and therefore has to act responsibly. Dan, who is also lonely and humiliated, walks up to Serena and asks her if she is ok. “You wanna grab a burger?” he then asks. Serena takes him up on his offer. Blair meets up with Chuck and thanks him for not sleeping with Serena. Chuck in turn comments on how he wasn’t expecting Dan to do what he did. “I always wanted you to choose me, I always feared he was the better man” he says. Blair tells Chuck, she will wait for him, for as long as it takes.

Bart tells Lily about his illegal oil deal with Sudan. Lily is ok with it after she comes to know that, no one was hurt in the deal. Ivy tells Chuck about the envelope Bart dearly held on to. Dan and Serena bond over some burgers and shakes. The episode ends at this point.