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It's Really Complicated - Recap

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The episode begins with the Thanksgiving parade. Serena and Dan watch the parade on a laptop. Dan receives a text from Georgina asking how the Serena chapter is coming along. “All done” replies Dan. Chuck is trying to drink his sorrows away. Blair is packing to leave for Paris to meet Eleanor. She basically is leaving so she doesn’t meddle in other people’s affairs. Also, she wants to give Chuck his space and therefore wants to leave him alone for the time being. Serena thinks she and Dan should invite all their friends over for Thanksgiving. Dan isn’t too crazy about the idea but reluctantly agrees.

Blair is about to leave, just then Serena arrives to invite her for the Thanksgiving dinner, at her house. Blair tells her about her plans of going to Paris, but Serena insists that she spend Thanksgiving with her. In the end, Blair agrees to come. “I’ll be there to make sure things run the way they should” Blair says. Blair later calls Sage and tells her about Serena’s dinner, she feels Sage has a chance of reconnecting with Nate at the dinner. In turn, Blair feels Serena would get an opportunity to reconnect with Steven and would get rid of Dan, which is what Blair wants. Dan tells Georgina that, he has directly sent his chapter to the editor and that she will have to wait for it to “go online tonight”. Georgina isn’t happy about being kept out of the loop and decides to do something about it.

Sage and Steven run into Serena at the supermarket. Sage is basically working as per Blair’s instructions. Steven is visibly happy to see Serena. Nate tells Chuck that Bruce Kaplan is dead. He fell off the Bass Enterprises yacht, just a few days after his meeting with Nate. Nate feels it was Bart’s doing. Chuck on his part isn’t interested, as he feels Bart might have wiped off the evidence of his wrongdoing by now. Blair is told by the doorman at Chuck’s apartment building that she is no longer welcome there, as per Chuck’s instructions. At the supermarket, Sage tells Serena, Steven’s been a mess since she and he have split up. Sage makes Serena feel guilty enough for her to invite Sage and Steven over for her Thanksgiving dinner. Blair meets Nate and tells him about her ban.

Nate says Chuck has “hit bottom” and all he now does is drink all day. Blair feels Bart can’t be allowed to win. Nate then tells her about Bruce Kaplan’s mysterious death. Blair comments on how Sheikh Hassan who sold Bart the oil, also died in an accident. Nate feels if both, the deaths can be connected, then they can go with it to the authorities, or at least they can get Lily to see what Bart really is. Blair gains entry into Chuck’s apartment by pretending to be a stripper. She tells him she is there to invite him for Serena’s dinner. Chuck though, is resistant and says Blair and he can’t be together until he takes down Bart. In the end, Blair manages to convince Chuck to come for the dinner. Turns out, Bart and Lily too would be staying for the dinner, as their plans for a vacation getaway has been delayed.

Serena comes in just then with Steven and Sage in tow. Dan isn’t too happy to see them. Later when they are alone, Dan makes his displeasure known to Serena about her having invited Sage and Steven. Serena assures him she invited them only because they had nowhere else to go on Thanksgiving. Blair and Chuck too arrive for the dinner. Blair is shocked to see that, Lily and Bart too are there. She had assumed they would be on a vacation. Serena explains that their vacation plans have gotten delayed thanks to a “tropical storm”. “911. Bart and Lily still here” Blair texts Nate. Chuck is also shocked to see Lily and Bart as he was assured by Blair that, Lily and Bart wouldn’t be at the dinner. Nate arrives and Sage approaches him to talk. Dan tells Steven he and Serena are dating.

Steven with a smirk tells Dan, Serena has invited him and Sage as she wants to get back with him. Steven suggests Serena only ran to Dan, because she did not want to be alone during the sex tape fiasco. Steven feels he and Serena could still be great together. Dan on hearing all of this is left at a loss for words. Blair tells Chuck her plan to somehow prove to Lily that, Bart had a hand in murdering both, Bruce Kaplan and Sheikh Hassan. Blair also reveals how she has gotten the password to the Bass Industries server, which could help their cause. Chuck in the end seems impressed with Blair’s efforts. Later, Blair tells Lily about Bruce Kaplan’s death and she is shocked to hear it. She had no idea about it, as Bart hadn’t told her about his death. “It’s odd that Bart didn’t mention it” Blair says and walks away, having sowed the seeds of doubt in Lily’s mind.

Steven tells Serena he is still in love with her. “We deserve another chance” he says. “I am sorry, but I am in love with Dan” Serena says. Steven doesn’t believe her and feels Dan is just a rebound. But, Serena makes it clear that Steven is her rebound from Dan. “Dan is my first love, he will always be” Serena says. Steven isn’t too happy to hear this and says he did the right thing by breaking up with her and walks away. Chuck in the meantime, finds “something” in the Bass Industries server. At the dinner table, Chuck mentions to Lily how Bruce Kaplan died after falling off a Bass Industries yacht and Sheikh Hassan died when his car leased out by Bass Industries caught fire. Bart tries to defend himself by saying he can’t be blamed for a mechanical malfunction that happened with Hassan’s car.

Chuck counters by arguing that, the only two people who could have sent Bart to jail have conveniently died. Lily is visibly disturbed on hearing the arguments being put forth by Chuck. She leaves the table to “freshen up” and Bart follows her. Nate and Sage on the other hand make up. “Chuck is just getting to you and he won’t stop until I make him” Bart tells Lily, who is beginning to doubt Bart’s intentions. Dan’s chapter about Serena is published and Georgina who is at the dinner uninvited, informs everyone about it. Turns out, the things Dan has written in it aren’t very flattering and Serena is hurt by the humiliating things written in it by Dan. Dan tries justifying himself by saying that he has only written the truth.

Serena on her part breaks it off with Dan. On his way out, Dan gets punched in the face by Nate. Nate says the punch was from “all of us”. Bart meets up with Dan outside the elevator and says he is impressed with Dan’s latest literary offering. He hands Dan his card and asks Dan to call him, if he needs anything. Lily calls Chuck and tells him that, she was a fool for trusting Bart. She says she is worried that, Bart is now planning to go after Chuck.

Lily says she saw the microfilms in detail before destroying them. “I will send you everything I can remember” Lily tells Chuck. “Charles be safe” Lily says, before hanging up. Later, Chuck meets Blair and tells her that, Lily has finally seen sense and is going to help him “take down Bart”. “Will you go to war with me?” chuck asks Blair. “Thought you’d never ask” Blair replies. Dan in the meantime is writing his final chapter. The episode ends at this point.