The Revengers - Recap

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The episode begins with Blair waking up from a nightmare. Dan selects an apartment for himself in the Upper East Side. Dan is told by the estate agent that, if he wants to get in as a tenant he would have to get a good reference. Lily has given Chuck all the information she has on Bart, but it doesn’t seem to be helping him much. “Lily’s information might not be enough to convict Bart, but it might be enough to bluff and confession out of him” Blair says. Nate is all nerves as he has his “daily meeting” with Bart. Sage does her best to make him feel better. Chuck and Blair tell Serena about their plan and ask her to help them.

The first step of the plan is Serena asking Ivy to meet her, as Ivy was the one who gave Bart the microfilm. Serena pretends as if she wants to reconcile with Ivy and that is why wants to meet her. Ivy reluctantly agrees. Nate tells Bart he swapped Chuck’s phone. Nate reads out to Bart, Chuck’s appointments that are saved on the phone. Bart basically doesn’t want to be caught off-guard by Chuck’s antics at an important event later in the night. Bart seems disturbed by the fact that Chuck called Ivy a few times. Chuck, Blair and Serena meet Ivy. Serena makes it clear to her that she was called on false pretenses. The three then ask her to help them in their cause. Basically they ask her to pretend she made copies of the microfilm although she didn’t. Nate comes in just then and hands Chuck his phone. Ivy in the meantime gets a call from Bart, who says he is coming to meet her.

Chuck informs Ivy the microfilm was about Bart’s illegal oil trade and wants Ivy to get him talking about the microfilm, so he reveals some relevant information. Serena wants Ivy to record the conversation that Ivy shall have with Bart. Just then the cops arrive and arrest Nate for “fraud”. Basically, Bart figured out that Nate was playing the “double-agent”. Chuck and Serena decide to meet Bart, to deal with Nate’s issue. Dan meets Bart and asks Bart to give a reference to the co-op board of the building he wants to rent an apartment in. Bart agrees to write Dan a “great recommendation” and in return wants him to write a profile mentioning “nice things” about him. Chuck and Serena arrive at Bart’s apartment.

Chuck asks Bart what it will take for him to drop the charges against Nate. “Stop the witch-hunt” Bart tells Chuck. Also, he wants Chuck to leave New York for Moscow and tells him that he can never come back. Chuck says he will find some other way to get Nate out of jail. But, Brat reminds Chuck that he is very close friends with the police commissioner and therefore getting Nate out of prison will be impossible for Chuck. “We will see how powerful you are when you are locked inside with him” Chuck tells Bart before leaving. Bart later kidnaps Blair. Chuck receives a text from Blair and arrives at a building where she is. He finds Bart standing outside the building. Bart assures Chuck that Blair is fine, but next time if he wishes she might not be.

Basically, Bart threatens Chuck with hurting Blair, if Chuck doesn’t accept his offer. “Go to Moscow tonight and everyone you love will be safe” Bart says. Blair finds out that Chuck is flying off somewhere in the Bass Industries jet and arrives at the tarmac to stop him. Chuck tells her about the deal he made with his father. Chuck begs Blair to have faith in him and promises her that, he will put things right. The two kiss and part ways. Later, Blair summons Ivy, Georgina, Sage and Serena to use their “dastardly skills to take down Bart Bass”. Blair basically wants the girls to get Bart talking by playing innocent and wants them to record the conversations. The girls then arrive at the important event where Bart is going to be honored. At the event, the girls get to work.

Their plan seems to be working as their moves seem to be affecting Bart. Dan runs into Serena at the event and asks her if she is leaving town, as he was told by Bart that Serena is soon leaving for LA. He tries to reason with her that he still loves her but Serena isn’t in a forgiving mood and says she is leaving for LA as soon as she is done helping Blair take down Bart. Bart takes Blair aside and tells her he knows what she is trying to do, just then Blair sees on the news that a Bass Industries jet has gone missing. “I hope that wasn’t the one Chuck was on” Bart says teasing Blair who is in a state of shock. The award ceremony is about to commence and much to Bart’s surprise Dan invites Chuck to the stage instead of him.

Chuck tells everyone present how Bart tried to have his own son killed. Everyone is shocked to hear this. The security at the venue hauls Chuck away from the podium. Bart steps onto the podium and apologizes to everyone for Chuck’s behavior. He says that Chuck is battling with “substance abuse” which was the reason for his outburst. The guests seem to buy this argument things go back to normal, as far as Bart is concerned. Nate’s father gets him out of jail. The two of them arrive at the event and ask Bart to return the Spectator to Nate, but Bart isn’t ready to relent. Blair finds out from Dan that Serena is leaving for LA. She confronts Serena and urges her not to leave. She reasons with Serena that things might be bad now but they will eventually get better. Serena on her part is adamant as she wants to make a fresh start, but Blair begs her to reconsider her decision.

Chuck is being held prisoner by Bart’s men on the roof of the building where the event is taking place. Bart arrives in order to have a private conversation with him. Chuck says he never thought Bart would try to kill him. “I warned you earlier, accidents can happen” Bart tells Chuck. Blair figures out that, Bart is on the roof with Chuck. Nate and his father have a heart to heart and he encourages Nate by telling him he shall be successful in whatever next he sets his mind to. The two hug and part ways. Sage overhears their conversation and later tells Nate that his dad is right. She too encourages Nate to “start over”.

Sage suggests Nate try to find out Gossip Girl’s true identify once again, as it would be a great scoop for a fresh start. The idea appeals to Nate. Serena leaves for LA despite Dan trying his best to stop her. Chuck threatens to go to the police so he can report the fact that Bart tried to kill him. Bart in anger shoves Chuck towards the edge of the roof. Chuck in return punches Bart in the face. Bart in a fit of rage charges at Chuck who moves aside. Bart as a result finds himself hanging from the edge of the roof.

Blair arrives just then and is shocked at the sight. Bart struggles to save himself and begs Chuck to give him a hand. Chuck isn’t ready to help Bart, who in the end loses his grip and falls off the roof. “Come on we have to get out of here” Blair says and drags Chuck away. The episode ends at this point.