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Gossip Girl

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What other country did its own adaptation of 'Gossip Girl' Medium msd85• Spain
• Mexico
• France
• Italy
How many episodes were in the sixth season Medium msd85• 9
• 10
• 11
• 12
How many episodes were in the fifth season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the fourth season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 25
• 26
• 27
• 28
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 17
• 18
• 19
• 20
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 121
• 122
• 123
• 124
How many seasons did the show run Medium msd85• 5
• 6
• 7
• 8
In what year did the show air its final episode Medium msd85• 2010
• 2011
• 2012
• 2013
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2005
• 2006
• 2007
• 2008
On what broadcast network did the show air Easy msd85• ABC
• CW
How many times does Chuck tell Blair he loves her Medium DeathIsARight• 1
• 5
• 3
• 7
What does Chuck finally say to Blair in Season 2 Easy DeathIsARight• I hate you
• Will you marry me
• You make me sick
• I love you, too
What Three countries did Gossip Girl say Chuck was spotted at Hard DeathIsARight• Germany, Spain and Greece
• UK, Poland and Russia
• Japan, Austia and China
• France, Germany and Italy
What names does Scott call Vanessa when she is talking to Nate Medium DeathIsARight• Ugly and Stupid
• Clarissa and Melissa
• Melissa and Daniella
• Vanity and Danity
Who composed the theme music Medium DeathIsARight• Usher
• Prince
• Transcenders
• There is no music
Who is Blair kissing in the start of School Lies Medium DeathIsARight• Nate
• Chuck
• Dan
• Bex
How does everybody find out about Serena's return Easy DeathIsARight• Gossip Girl
• Dan
• Chuck
• She called them
Who does Serena sleep with before leaving town Medium DeathIsARight• Dan
• Chuck
• Nate
• Nobody
Who gets in trouble for Gambling Medium DeathIsARight• Nate
• Chuck
• Dan
• Blair
Who was Serena looking for in Santorini Hard DeathIsARight• Her Mother
• Her Father
• Her Brother
• Her Sister
Who did Gossip Girl say she would be nothing without Medium DeathIsARight• Everyone who sent her tips
• Chuck
• Serena
• Dan
What color nail polish was Blair wearing when she tried to seduce Chuck at the Grad Party Hard DeathIsARight• Black
• Purple
• Green
• Clear
What does Chuck find out about Blair on New Year's Medium DeathIsARight• She is gay
• She slept with Dan
• She is a wanted criminal
• She slept with Jack
Who says, Was she just about to tell me she loved me Medium DeathIsARight• Chuck
• Nate
• Dan
• Bex
Who did Nate tell he and Blair broke up in Season 2 Medium DeathIsARight• Chuck
• Dan
• Lily
• Serena
What team did Jenny, Dan, Rufus and Alison split into to play football Hard DeathIsARight• Jenny and Dan vs Alison and Rufus
• Jenny and Alison vs Dan and Rufus
• All against Dan
• Jenny and Rufus vs Alison and Dan
In Blair Waldorf must Pie, who did Blair's mom send her dads pie to Medium DeathIsARight• The Doorman
• Cabbie
• Serena
• Chuck
When Serena went to get blair from her apartment, where did she find her Medium DeathIsARight• Kitchen
• Bathroom
• Bar
• Outside
Who said I am adult-napping you Medium DeathIsARight• Chuck
• Lily
• Dan
• Serena
What is the name of the main character in Alison's plays Hard DeathIsARight• Roger
• Sam
• Millie
• Jenny
What name is above Serena's on Nates phone Hard DeathIsARight• Robert
• Dan
• Lily
• Chuck
What dessert did Blair eat after she left the dinner table in Blair Waldorf must Pie Easy DeathIsARight• Cupcake
• Pie
• Cake
• Sundae
What did the Van der Woodsen's plan on eating after being univited for dinner by the Waldorf's Hard DeathIsARight• Raw pumpkin and a duck
• Spam and Eggs
• Turkey
• Chicken and M&M's
What is Nate's full name Medium DeathIsARight• Nathan
• Nathaniel
• Nixon
• Mitchell
Who does Dan save from being hit by a cab Medium DeathIsARight• Serena
• Blair
• Nate
• His mother
In season 1, who takes Serena to the Cotillion Ball Medium DeathIsARight• Chuck
• Blair
• Dan
• Bex
In season 1, where does the Van der Woodson spend Thanksgiving Medium DeathIsARight• Waldorf's house
• Humphrey's house
• At home
• At a bar
In episode 9, what is the name of the festival Medium DeathIsARight• Easter
• Christmas
• Halloween
• Thanksgiving
Whose birthday is in the 8th episode Medium DeathIsARight• Dan
• Serena
• Blair
• Chuck
In episode 8, what is the name of Jenny's mother Medium DeathIsARight• Danice
• Jenny
• Karla
• Alison
Who does Blair lose her virginity to Easy DeathIsARight• Chuck
• Dan
• Bex
• Lonely Boy
What does Chuck want to invest in during episode 7 Medium DeathIsARight• A strip club
• A bar
• A Wal mart
• A web site
Who does Nate kiss at the ball thinking it was Serena Medium DeathIsARight• Blair
• Lily
• Jenny
• Dan
In Episode 6, who is Dan's childhood friend Medium DeathIsARight• Vanessa
• Will
• James
• Marla
What street does Serena live in during episode 1 Medium DeathIsARight• Madison
• Wallace
• 4th
What is Dan's cabbage patch doll named Hard DeathIsARight• Fred
• Milly
• Cedrick
• Jenny
Which is one of Blair's favorite movies Medium DeathIsARight• Die hard
• Breakfast at Tiffany's
• Titanic
• Jaws
What is Jenny's locker number Hard DeathIsARight• 18
• 6
• 19
• 23
Where is Dorota from Medium DeathIsARight• Poland
• Texas
• Miami
• France
Based on Chuck's cell phone, what is Blair's area code Hard DeathIsARight• 555
• 676
• 809
• 917
In a world ruled by what, does it pay to have a pal Hard DeathIsARight• Wealth and Power
• Bloodlines and Bank Accounts
• Family and Greed
• Sex and Greed
Who helps Nate at the card game Carter invites him to Medium DeathIsARight• Dan
• Lily
• Serena
• Chuck
What is the name of the art dealer who buys Rufus' wife's painting Hard DeathIsARight• Bex Simon
• Simon Rex
• Dan Mitchell
• Jane Carter
Who was chosen as the face of Eleanor's line Medium DeathIsARight• Serena
• Lily
• Blair
• Dan
In Bad News Blair, what does Blair call Dan while shopping Medium DeathIsARight• Lonely Boy
• Charity Work
• Loser
• Lame
What actor does Chuck think Carter looks like Hard DeathIsARight• Brad Pitt
• Will Smith
• Matthew McConnaughey
• Chuck Norris
Who visited Chuck and Nate in Bad news blair Hard DeathIsARight• The President
• Nate's mother
• Chuck's Father
• Carter Baizen
Who is interested in carrying Eleanor's line Medium DeathIsARight• Henry Bendel
• Liz Taylor
• Armani
• An unnamed designer
Who get married at the end of season 1 Medium DeathIsARight• Dan and Serena
• Blair and Chuck
• Lily and Dan
• Lily and Bart
What camp does Georgina attend Easy DeathIsARight• Camp for troubled girls
• Fat Camp
• Science Camp
• Math Camp
Who does Dan cheat on Serena with in Much I Do about nothing Medium DeathIsARight• Blair
• Georgina
• Lily
• Nate
Who tries to make a move on Dan in Woman on the Verge Medium DeathIsARight• Serena
• Georgina
• Blair's Mother
• Lily
Who did Jenny have a crush on in Desperately Seeking Serena Hard DeathIsARight• Dan
• Chuck
• Nate
• Asher
Who did Serena think was sending her inappropriate gifts Medium DeathIsARight• Chuck
• Nate
• Blair
• Dan
Who gets spotted buying pregnancy tests Medium DeathIsARight• Blair
• Serena
• Lily
• Nate
Who said the key to the swimming pool was his to save Blair Hard DeathIsARight• Roman
• Nate
• Dan
• Nobody
Who was Blair's father's gay lover in Roman Holiday Hard DeathIsARight• Roman
• Nate
• Dan
• He didn't have one
Who tells everybody about what happened between Nate and Serena at the Brunch Medium DeathIsARight• Blair
• Nate
• Chuck
• Serena
Who does Dan find out that Lily is having an affair with in The Wild Brunch Medium DeathIsARight• Bart Bass
• Nate
• Chuck
• Serena
Where does Blair take Nate to take their relationship to the next step Medium DeathIsARight• Blair's room
• Nate's room
• A Hotel
• Chuck's room
Where does Nate and Serena's serious conversation take place in The Wild Brunch Hard DeathIsARight• Sunday Brunch
• Serena's room
• Chuck's room
• A Club
Why do Dan and Serena decide to go to Sunday Brunch Medium DeathIsARight• Lily tells them to go
• To eat
• To fight Blair
• They didn't
While waiting for Serena at the palace, why does Nate leave Medium DeathIsARight• To stop chuck from fighting dan
• To go to the bathroom
• He was asked to
• Serena texted him
What kind of dress does Blair give Jenny to extend friendship to her Easy DeathIsARight• Blue
• Eleanor original
• Gown
• Mini
Who does Serena visit in the beginning of The Wild Brunch Medium DeathIsARight• Dan
• Chuck
• Nate
• Eric van der Woodsen
Where did Sunday Brunch take place Medium DeathIsARight• The Palace
• Dan house
• A Bar
• Nowhere
In Dare Devil, who does Gossip Girl say stole Serena's heart Hard DeathIsARight• Lonely Boy
• Dan
• Nate
• Chuck
How does Jenny prove to the police that she is Blair Hard DeathIsARight• She has keys to the store
• She doesn't
• She has her Social Secuirty number
• She has the deed to the store
Blair dares Jenny to steal what item from her mother's shop Medium DeathIsARight• A Watch
• A Jacket
• A Suit
• Some Shoes
How does Lily find out that Eric left the Ostroff Center Medium DeathIsARight• The center calls her
• Jenny tells her
• Blair tells her
• Eric calls her
What does Blair dare Jenny to do in response to Jenny's dare Easy DeathIsARight• Call the random guy's fiancee
• Strip
• Dance with a random guy
• Rob the place
What does Jenny dare Blair to do once they arrive at a club Medium DeathIsARight• Strip
• Drink a beer
• Punch a bartender
• Kiss a random guy
Why does Jenny break Eric out of the Ostroff Center Medium DeathIsARight• Blair dares her
• Wants to
• Fears for his life
• Paid to
In Dare Devil, why doesn't Serena attend Blair's sleepover Medium DeathIsARight• Didn't want to
• Sick
• Nate asked her not to
• First real date with Dan
How does Jenny manage an invite to Blair's sleepover Medium DeathIsARight• Serena bails out
• Blair asks her
• Dresses up as a boy
• Lies
In Dare Devil, why isn't Serena happy with her date with Dan Medium DeathIsARight• Isn't fancy enough
• Took her to a fast food place
• He tries to be too fancy
• Was rude
What makes Blair regret the war Medium DeathIsARight• Eric tells her attempted suicide
• Serena breaks down
• Nate blows up at her
• She doesn't
Who causes the war between Blair and Serena to heat up at the mixer Medium DeathIsARight• Dr. Ostroff
• Dan
• Nate
• Chuck
In Poison Ivy which rep does Serena hog Medium DeathIsARight• UCLA
• Yale
• Dartmouth
• Harvard
Where does Chuck catch Serena when Blair asks him to dig up dirt on her Medium DeathIsARight• Planned Parenthood
• A Club
• Nate's House
• The Ostroff Center
Who is chosen to be the usher for the Dartmouth rep Medium DeathIsARight• Nate
• Chuck
• Dan
• Blair
Which rep does Dan want to be an usher for Medium DeathIsARight• Yale
• Duke
• Dartmouth
What school did Nates father want him to go to Medium DeathIsARight• Dartmouth
• Yale
• Havard
What were the guys and girls in charge of during ivy week Medium DeathIsARight• Music and Decorations
• Friday night mixer and ushers for the representatives
• Dancing and Food
• Mixer and Food
Why does Serena end up going to the kiss on the lips party Medium DeathIsARight• Heard a police car
• Jenny texts Dan asking for help
• Her mother went
• Got a text from Nate
How does Dan score a date with Serena in the pilot Medium DeathIsARight• Bribed her
• Won a bet
• Bought her flowers
• She asks him to avoid her mothers questions
Why doesn’t Serena go to the kiss on the lips party Easy DeathIsARight• She wasnt invited
• Grounded
• Didn't want to
• She was sick
How did Blair find out what happened between Serena and her Boyfriend Medium DeathIsARight• Serena told her
• She caught them
• A text
• Nate told her
Why did serena return to Manhattan from boarding school Medium DeathIsARight• Her brother attempts suicide
• Got kicked out
• Missed New York
• Ran away
Why did serena go to boarding school Medium DeathIsARight• Mad at her mother
• Crashed a car
• Slept with her best friends boyfriend
• Failed a test
Who is the voice of gossip girl Easy DeathIsARight• Kristen Bell
• Tyra
• Veronica Mars
• Blake Lively
What secret did Chuck threaten Jen with Medium DeathIsARight• She was intimate with Blair's boyfriend
• She smokes
• She is gay
• She stole something
At the kiss on the lips party, who does Jen have trouble with which causes her to ask for help Medium DeathIsARight• Blair
• Chuck
• Dan
• Serena
Where do Serena and Dan go on their date during the pilot Medium DeathIsARight• A movie
• A club
• Dans' father's concert
• Stayed at home
During the pilot, where do Serena and Eric see Jen and Dan Hard DeathIsARight• A clothing store
• A bar
• A club
• A hotel
What did Jen do to get invited to the kiss on the lips party Medium DeathIsARight• Dress in drag
• Hire a DJ
• Steal something
• Make the invitations
What item did dan find of serenas when she ran outta the hotel Medium DeathIsARight• Scarf
• Shoe
• Cell Phone
• Lipstick
In the first episdoe who was Blair's boyfriend Medium DeathIsARight• Chuck
• Dan
• Nate
• Will
During the pilot who is (was) Serena's best friend Easy DeathIsARight• Chuck
• Dan
• Blair
• She didnt have one
Why was Serena's brother in the hospital during the pilot Medium DeathIsARight• He tried to committ suicide
• He had a stroke
• OD On drugs
• Car crash
What's Serena's complete name Easy Anonymous• Serena Waldorf
• Serena Van Der Woodsen
• Serena van der Woodsen
• Serena Humphrey
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Romance/Dating
Status: Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 19, 2007
Ended: December 17, 2012
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