Season 3

26 :03x01 - B-Positive

Briggs takes part in a high-risk undercover operation involving the Armenian Mafia.

27 :03x02 - Chester Cheeto

Charlie finds it hard to deal with the decision to end her pregnancy.

28 :03x03 - Sense Memory

Mike's visions and his medication addiction start to affect his ability to function properly at work.

29 :03x04 - Aha

Ari Adamian can not remember anything. Briggs helps him piece together the details.

30 :03x05 - PiƱon Tree

The death of an agent shocks the housemate. Briggs and Johnny attempt to rescue Lucia, who's being held by Carlito Solano.

31 :03x06 - Sidewinder

Mike develops a plan to learn about the contents of Gusti's trunk; and Briggs helps Paige go undercover with the Armenian Mafia's shipping company.

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32 :03x07 - Bon Voyage

Charlie attempts to pull Amber from Florida. Paige arranges a bust to put an end to the Sarkissian organization.

33 :03x08 - Savior Complex

Charlie and Jakes get closer to Germaine. Mike and Gusti are caught in a bad situation that ends up being made worse by Mike's drug problem.

34 :03x09 - Hand of Glory

Mike thinks about Briggs' motivations in the Sarkissian case. Charlie comes up with a new plan to catch Germaine.

35 :03x10 - Master of Weak Ties

Ari manages to rise through the ranks of the Armenian mob. Briggs manages to dodge new suspicions from his housemates.

36 :03x11 - The Wires

Johnny works undercover to stop a gang war. Jakes and Charlie attempt to take over Germaine's business.

37 :03x12 - Dog Catches Car

The feud between the Sarkissians and a local gang escalates. Briggs' motives end up being revealed. Mike looks for the sarin gas.

38 :03x13 - No Old Tigers

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