Guadalajara Dog - Recap

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Paul and Mike are hanging out in Venice Beach. Paul tells Mike he has to figure out who the new Mike is in this world. Mike needs a persona so people think he’s anyone other than an FBI agent. Mike asks Paul who people think he is. Paul says they think he’s Paul who’s into motorcycles and Tae bo. Paul says vague is good because details invite questions which can confirm Graceland. The run into Johnny and all three go to grab lunch at a food truck called Hector’s.

While the men wait in line, a kid steals a bag of chips. Hector runs after the thief telling him he has to pay. The guy punches Hector. Mike takes off after the kid who’s on a skateboard, and Paul tells Johnny to stop him. Johnny tackles Mike who’s angry that the thief is getting away. Paul asks Mike if he was going to flash his badge and cuff the guy. Mike says there was no other choice. Paul confirms that the FBI field manual states that if they witness an act of violence they must engage. Paul tells Mike it wasn’t written for an undercover agent.

The next morning, both Paul and Mike get psyche orders in the mail because of the Russian shootings. Paul crumples his up and throws it away. Charlie tells him not to tear it up in front of Mike. Paul tells her he already punched his psyche card. Johnny tells Mike he needs to go to the FBI office downtown. There is also an order from “the brass” that states Mike is to become one of Paul’s actives.

Mike immediately tells Paul he can do it, but Paul says he can’t just squeeze Mike on to a case because he’s too green. Mike points out to Paul the bureau wants him working on something. Paul says there are plenty of crimes going on in the city, and he’s sure they can Mike one with training wheels.

While Dale’s working an exotic bird smuggling case, he comes across a large crate. When he asks the sellers about it, they lock him inside a truck. Other agents come to let him out, and they find out the mystery box contains illegal bullets that Dale refers to as “cop killers.”

Mike meets with a man named Juan Badillo for his psyche evaluation. After Juan asks Mike a series of question that pry into Mike’s relationship with Paul, Mike accuses Juan of not being a shrink. The man asks what gave him away. Mike says there’s no doctor in front of his name on the door, and if Juan was a shrink, he wouldn’t feel like he was being interrogated. Juan suggests they take a walk.

Mike asks Juan who he really is. Juan tells him that he’s the control officer for Mike’s investigation into Paul. Mike wants to know the reason for the investigation. Juan tells Mike he should focus on becoming close to Paul; become his friend. Mike says Paul isn’t the kind of guy you get close to overnight. Juan tells him he’s got time because he’s at Graceland for the duration. He tells Mike that he’s on the fast track to being promoted. If he helps with Paul, Mike will be able to write his ticket to D.C.

Mike goes back to the house and asks Charlie for advice. He tells her that he keeps trying to get Paul to put him on a case, but he says Mike’s too green. Charlie says to charm him and that Paul likes self-starters. Mike tells her about a man named Bello who Paul is trying to get close to, but so far he’s just playing the periphery. He tells Charlie that Paul hasn’t even met Bello yet. Charlie says that means Paul needs to do something big and splashy to get the guy’s attention. She says Paul needs to get Bello something he doesn’t have. If he’s a drug supplier, offer him new territory. If he’s smuggling auto part,s offer him a cheaper source. Mike says Bello seems to be into everything. Charlie tells him this gives him options.

Dale comes home and shows them the bullets he confiscated. Mike asks what happens to the bullets now. Dale says he has to inventory them and then turn them over to be destroyed. Charlie asks him what he’s thinking, and Mike says maybe a way to help Paul make a splash.

Charlie and Mike go to a club where Charlie is supposed to meet their roommate and DEA agent Paige. Charlie tells Mike he needs to act like her boyfriend, so she doesn’t have to fight off men hitting on her. Charlie points out Paige who is posing as a drug dealer’s named Bobby’s girlfriend. The three go into the ladies room. Charlie asks Paige if she’s making any headway on her case. Paige says she’s trying, but all the guy wants to do is have sex. Mike finds out they are bringing Paige birth control pills. If a man takes a few, he can’t get erect.

Paul is talking to Johnny about the Bello case. He admits he hasn’t met Bello yet, but he’s close to one of his lieutenants, Eddie. Mike interrupts and tells Paul about Dale’s bust. He asks if Bello might be interested in armor-piercing bullets. Mike suggests they borrow them from Dale and sell them to Eddie, arrest him, flip him and make Eddie bring Paul to Bello. Paul says the plan is risky, and if it got back to Bello, Paul would be dead. Mike tells him it’s a work in progress. Paul says he’ll think about it.

Paige comes home after Bobby throws her out. Paige tells Paul Bobby refuses to talk about business in front of a woman. Paul tells her to ease her way out. She says she should, but she really wants the bust. Paul tells her he still has a connection with Bobby’s crew. Paige says she can’t ask him to do that. He says she knows he owes her plenty, and she didn’t ask.

Paul tells Mike he changed his mind, and they’ll get started in the morning. Mike goes to Dale and asks him if he’s filed the bullets yet. Dale says he hasn’t. Mike asks Dale if he could borrow them. Dale asks Mike if he’s out of his goddamned mind. Mike says it’s only for the day, and Paul will sign for them. Dale says that doesn’t make him feel better. Dale says if just one of those bullets gets out on the streets and penetrates the body armor and chest cavity of a LAPD officer, Dale will go to jail. Mike tells Dale the bullets should do some good in the world before they are destroyed and offers to do Dale’s chores. Dale agrees to the plan.

Paul and Mike go to meet with Eddie and other members of Bello’s crew. When the men try to test the ammo they aren’t able to hit their targets. Paul assures Eddie that it’s a huge cartridge that will throw off their aim a bit. Eddie asks Paul if he’s telling them they can’t shoot. Paul says of course they can shoot. Mike contradicts Paul and tells Eddie that he can’t shoot without some instruction. Eddie tells him they don’t need a lesson. Mike asks Eddie for his gun. Eddie asks Paul if Mike is going to shoot him. Paul tells him that if Mike does, Paul will shoot him. Mike gives an impressive demonstration. Eddie says he will talk to Bello, but what from he has seen, they have a deal.

That night, Johnny recounts the events to the other roommates as they sit around a bonfire. When he’s finished, Paul asks Mike about his shrink session. Mike said it was normal BS. Paul asks if that means he’s all healed. Mike tells him that they want to make it a weekly thing.

The next day, Mike and Paul complete their transaction. After Bello’s men drive off, Mike finds out they aren’t going to arrest him like they had planned. Mike asks Paul if he’s at all concerned about the crate of “cop killers” they just let drive away. Paul pulls up to a hot dog stand and asks Mike to buy him a Guadalajara dog. Mike calls Juan, but he’s not in his office. Once he’s back in the car, Paul asks Mike if he trusts him. Mike tells him no. Within minutes, Bello’s men pull up within eyesight of Mike and Paul. Several vans cut Eddie off and hold him and his men at gunpoint while they steal the bullets. Paul tells Mike the men work for Bobby, Paige’s guy.

They go to meet Paul’s connection in Bobby’s crew and as soon as they buy back the bullets, the feds arrive to make arrests. Mike asks Paul why he didn’t tell him this was his plan. Paul said that Mike didn’t trust him. Paul asks Mike who he was calling at the hot dog stand. Mike says he was just checking his messages. Paul said he thought Mike have been tempted to call their plan into the bureau. Mike says he was, but he didn’t. Mike said anything could have gone wrong. Paul tells him he should revel in the fact that it was a good day and nothing went wrong because not all days are like that.

Mike meets with Juan and tells him he can’t underestimate Paul. He says that Paul hits the trifecta while everybody else is still sizing up the horses. Paul sends Mike a text telling him to meet him in one hour. Juan tells Mike he’s smarter than Paul and to hit his own trifecta.

That night, Mike and Paul head to an old warehouse. Paul asks Mike if he’s ready to meet Bello. Mike says he is. The place is dark and deserted. Paul walks up behind Mike, puts a gun to his head and asks him who he’s been talking to. The episode ends