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Heat Run - Recap

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Paul and Mike are at a waterfront warehouse to meet Bello. The building is dark and appears empty. Paul puts a gun to the back of Mike’s head and asks who he’s been talking to. Mike says no one. Paul takes Mike’s gun and holds both weapons to Mike’s head. Suddenly, the lights come on and the agents are surrounded. A man tells Paul to put his guns down, that it’s not a good day to die. Paul addresses the man as Bello who says he’s heard about Paul from Eddie. Bello asks why Paul pulled his gun on his “friend.” Paul says he heard Bello’s crew got jacked by Bobby. Paul says Bello thinks he and Mike had something to do with it. Bello tells Paul he’s a quick thinker. Paul responds that he didn’t sell Bello out. Bello tells Mike he needs to talk to him to save his life. Mike says they made the buy with Eddie, and he went right back to base. Paul says maybe Mike followed Bello’s guys and then told Bobby the location. Mike asks Paul how he could have followed them when Eddie would be able to spot a tail. Bello asks if Eddie did a “heat run.” Eddie says he did. Bello asks Eddie if that was the case, than how did Bobby’s men find him. Eddie tells Bello he would never betray him. Bello apologizes to Mike and Paul and says this might be an internal matter after all. He says they got off to a bad start but that’s in the past and lets them leave.

Back at the house, Paul runs into Lauren who is still working undercover inside the Russian mafia. He says he thought she was shutting the operation down. Lauren tells him she’s got a week to wrap things up. He asks her if she heard that Donnie got transferred to Miami. Paul says it’s a good fit for him, but Lauren disagrees. She points out that Kusmanov wants Donnie dead. Paul says since they arrested the man’s brother, that’s what happens. Lauren says she thinks she can take this guy down. Lauren tells Paul the man has something big planned for the next day.

They go inside, and Paul says he needs all his FBI guys; they’ve got action the next day. Lauren tells them that the Russians are going to grab a couple of Lamborghini's. Paul says they embed the car with low jacks and steal them right back. He says Lauren knows where the cars are coming through.

The next morning Mike meets with Juan who asks Mike how his relationship is with Paul. Mike tells him it’s great. Juan says Mike’s report is a little slim. He asks Mike if he has to pull a knife on him to get him to open up. Mike points out that they dragged him 3,000 miles from where he’s supposed to be, asked him to investigate his roommate, and no one is telling him why. Juan tells Mike that Paul doesn’t earn a large yearly salary, but he throws around money. Mike asks Juan if he thinks Paul is skimming cash. Juan says it’s Mike’s job to find out.

Charlie meets with one of her informants named Whistler. He tells her he can set up a buy with a local drug dealer named Sam who is desperate for product. He tells her she knows this guy is a big player, and she’s going to get him off the street. Charlie asks Whistler if he’s high. She asks him what he’s on, but he swears he’s clean. Charlie tells him to set it up.

Lauren, Paul, Mike and Johnny prep for their bust. The truck that is supposed to be transporting the cars is heading toward them at a high speed. Paul determines the truck is sitting up too high to be carrying cargo. Paul aborts the mission. Lauren asks him not to, but Paul tells her they’ve got nothing. Lauren ignores Paul’s orders and runs in front of the truck forcing it to stop. Lauren tells the driver she is DEA and instructs him to get out of the truck. Paul opens the back of the vehicle and it’s empty. Lauren says they must have changed the dates. She says she’ll go back to Kusmanov and talk to him, but Paul interrupts her. He tells her she’s done because the driver saw her face and knows she’s a DEA agent. Lauren tells Paul to hold the driver for 24 hours. She says she can fix this, but Paul says it’s unfixable. He says her cover is blown.

Lauren shows up at Kusmanov’s hangout for poker. The men tell her that the FBI and DEA hit them today. He recounts how the driver got stopped in the middle of the road by “some crazy DEA chick.” Lauren asks if that means the Lamborghini deal is off. The man tells her no, that the cars are staying put in a secure location until they figure things out. Lauren manages to leave unrecognized by the truck driver.

Charlie and Whistler meet with Sam. At the last minute, Whistler tries to renegotiate the price to increase his cut. Sam starts to back out of the deal, but Charlie tells him Whistler doesn’t know a good thing when it’s right in front of him. She says the amount of money Sam is offering is fine. The bust goes down.

The next morning Lauren shows up at the house with a black eye. She tells Paul she went to the warehouse where the cars were supposedly being stored, and Kusmanov caught her snooping. She apologizes to Paul but tells him she just had to know she wasn’t crazy. Paul asks her if he saw the cars in the warehouse. She says yes.

Charlie shows up at Whistler’s place. She tells him she can’t use him as a cooperating individual (C.I.) anymore. Her supervisor said he’s too risky. He asks Charlie what he’s supposed to do. She tells him he’s going to get his s**t together and to rehab or a clinic. He tells her rehab doesn’t work. He tells her he’s totally screwed. Charlie responds that he’s getting a check for $100, 00 dollars, and that is the total opposite of screwed. He asks what he’s supposed to do without her. She tells him he needs to grow up.

Lauren, Dale Johnny and Mike make a second attempt to arrest the Russians. They bust into the warehouse, and a gunfight ensues. This time the agents are successful, although Johnny gets injured. Dale takes Kusmanov into a separate room where Paul is waiting. Paul wants revenge against the man for physically abusing Laura. Just as he’s about to strike, he looks at the man’s hands. Something about them makes him change his mind and leave the room.

The agents, with the exception of Laura, are out a bar celebrating. Paige pulls Mike aside and tells him there is a girl checking him out. Mike approaches the girl and introduces himself. She tells him her name is Abby. Meanwhile, Paul gets into a fight with a man who won’t take no for an answer from Paige.

Back at the house, Paige asks Paul what’s wrong. Paul says things Lauren told him and the bust aren’t adding up. He and Paige figure out that the Russians put a low jack on Lauren’s car, so they could track her and find out how much she knows about their operation. This means she’s leading them straight back to Graceland. Paige verifies their suspicions the next morning while playing Frisbee with Mike. He throws the disc under Lauren’s car, and Paige finds the device.

Laura comes home and says that Paige got her kicked out of Graceland. He says that if Paige hadn’t found the tracker before it transmitted, Graceland would be done. Lauren tells Paul he’s got to fight this for her. He tells her that she lied to him, and he doesn’t go to bat for liars. He confronts her with his suspicions that she never went to the warehouse or saw the cars. He holds her accountable for the fact that Johnny could have been killed. Paul says she put the whole house in harm’s way, and she played him. He says he knows the Russian didn’t hit her because he saw the man’s hands and they were smooth as butter. Lauren argues she had to do something because Kusmanov was going to kill Donnie. Paul tells Lauren she should take this as a blessing. She’s still DEA, and she might even get transferred to Miami.

Mike starts tracking Paul’s spending which leads him to an auto parts store. It turns out at Paul bought a GPS tracker. When he gets back to Graceland, he has a conversation with Paul. He tells him he’s still a little upset about everything that went on with Lauren. Mike says he was right there when Paige pulled the transmitter off Lauren’s car. He says that the Russians use pretty sophisticated equipment, and the one they got was just some “off the counter job.” Mike says he doesn’t believe the Russian mafia would be so careless. He tells Paul he thinks someone else put the tracker on Lauren’s Jeep.

Paul says he loves Lauren, and she’s a great agent. But, she got reckless, and if she kept it up, she would have burnt the house. Paul tells Mike that in this line of work there are people you need to be able to trust and sometimes they let you down. When that happens in this job, they’ve got to go. Paul says he would do whatever it takes to protect Graceland.