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 Series 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 29/Apr/1999 The Timber Frame Kit House, Newhaven
2 1x02 06/May/1999 The English Barn, Berkshire
3 1x03 13/May/1999 The Co-op, Walter Segal Houses, Brighton
4 1x04 20/May/1999 The Water Tower, Coleshill, Amersham
5 1x05 03/Jun/1999 The Eco-House, Suffolk
6 1x06 10/Jun/1999 The Chapel, Cornwall
7 1x07 17/Jun/1999 The House of Straw, Islington
8 1x08 24/Jun/1999 The Glass-House, Doncaster

 Series 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
9 2x01 17/Jul/2001 The Regency Villa, Surrey
10 2x02 24/Jul/2001 The New England House, Sussex
11 2x03 31/Jul/2001 The Wool Mill, Yorkshire
12 2x04 07/Aug/2001 The Isolated Cottage, Wales
13 2x05 14/Aug/2001 The Cruciform House, Berkshire
14 2x06 21/Aug/2001 The Self-Build, Birmingham
15 2x07 28/Aug/2001 The Jewel Box, London
16 2x08 04/Sep/2001 The Derelict Barns, Devon
17 2x09 08/Nov/2001 The Glass-House: Revisited
18 2x10 15/Nov/2001 The Eco-House: Revisited
19 2x11 22/Nov/2001 The House of Straw: Revisited
20 2x12 29/Nov/2001 The Self-Build: Revisited
21 2x13 06/Dec/2001 The Co-Op: Revisited
22 2x14 10/Sep/2002 The Isolated Cottage: Revisited
23 2x15 17/Sep/2002 The Dilapidated Georgian House: Revisited
24 2x16 24/Sep/2002 The Water Tower: Revisited
25 2x17 01/Oct/2002 The Derelict Barns: Revisited

 Series 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
26 3x01 12/Feb/2003 The Wooden Box, Peterborough
27 3x02 19/Feb/2003 The Water-Works, Derbyshire
28 3x03 26/Feb/2003 The Woodsman's Cottage, Sussex
29 3x04 05/Mar/2003 The Victorian Threshing Barn, Surrey
30 3x05 12/Mar/2003 The Inverted-Roof House, Buckinghamshire
31 3x06 17/Sep/2003 The Terrace Conversion, Hackney
32 3x07 24/Sep/2003 The Underground House, Cumbria
33 3x08 01/Oct/2003 The Traditional Cottage, Herefordshire
34 3x09 08/Oct/2003 The Cruciform House: Revisited
35 3x10 15/Oct/2003 The House of Straw: 2nd Revisited
36 3x11 22/Oct/2003 The Former Electricity Sub-Station: Revisited
37 3x12 29/Oct/2003 The English Barn: Revisited

 Series 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
38 4x01 21/Jan/2004 The Violin Factory, Waterloo
39 4x02 28/Jan/2004 Customised German Kit House, Surrey
40 4x03 04/Feb/2004 The Inverted-Roof House: Revisited
41 4x04 11/Feb/2004 19th-Century Sandstone House, Edinburgh
42 4x05 18/Feb/2004 The Curved House, Clapham
43 4x06 25/Feb/2004 Modernist Sugar Cube, Sussex
44 4x07 03/Mar/2004 The Oak-Framed House, Argyll
45 4x08 10/Mar/2004 An Idiosyncratic Home, Dorset

 Series 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
46 5x01 06/Apr/2005 19th Century Sandstone House: Revisited
47 5x02 13/Apr/2005 The Sliding Glass Roof House, Peckham
48 5x03 20/Apr/2005 The 16th Century Farmhouse, Gloucester
49 5x04 27/Apr/2005 Finnish Log Cabin, Kent
50 5x05 04/May/2005 The Terrace Conversion: Revisited
51 5x06 13/Oct/2005 The Violin Factory: Revisited
52 5x07 19/Oct/2005 Shaped Like a Curvy Seashell, Devon
53 5x08 26/Oct/2005 The Woodsmans Cottage: Revisited
54 5x09 02/Nov/2005 A 21st Century Answer to the Roman Villa, Belfast
55 5x10 09/Nov/2005 The Miami-Style Beach House, Devon
56 5x11 16/Nov/2005 The Eco-House, Wales

 Series 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
57 6x01 05/Apr/2006 The Loch House, Killearn
58 6x02 12/Apr/2006 The Contemporary Barn Conversion, Ross-on-Wye
59 6x03 19/Apr/2006 The Contemporary Cedar Clad Home, Stirling
60 6x04 29/Apr/2006 Water Tower Conversion, Ashford
61 6x05 03/May/2006 19th Century Manor House: Revisited
62 6x06 10/May/2006 Les Gets Chalet: Revisited
63 6x07 17/May/2006 Garden House, Exeter
64 6x08 24/May/2006 The Curved House: Revisited

 Series 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
65 7x01 28/Feb/2007 The 14th Century Castle, Yorkshire
66 7x02 07/Mar/2007 The Thatched Cottage, Hampshire
67 7x03 14/Mar/2007 The Eco-barge, Medway
68 7x04 21/Mar/2007 The Bournemouth Penthouse
69 7x05 28/Mar/2007 The Eco-House: Revisited
70 7x06 04/Apr/2007 The Birmingham Church
71 7x07 11/Apr/2007 The Art Deco House, Guildford
72 7x08 18/Apr/2007 The Sliding Glass Roof House: Revisited
73 7x09 25/Apr/2007 The Oak-Framed House: Revisited
74 7x10 02/May/2007 The Cambridgeshire Eco Home, Cambridgeshire Fens
75 7x11 09/May/2007 The Tuscan Castle: Revisited
76 7x12 16/May/2007 The Glass & Timber House, London

 Series 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
77 8x01 16/Jan/2008 The Underground House, Cheltenham
78 8x02 23/Jan/2008 The Decagon House, Oxford
79 8x03 30/Jan/2008 The Modernist Sugar Cube, Bristol
80 8x04 06/Feb/2008 The Gothic House, Herefordshire
81 8x05 13/Feb/2008 The Lime Kiln House, Midlothian
82 8x06 20/Feb/2008 The Bath Kit House, Bath
83 8x07 27/Feb/2008 Masseria Impisi: An Artists' Retreat: Revisited
84 8x08 05/Mar/2008 The Wooden Box: Revisited
85 8x09 12/Mar/2008 Customised German Kit House: Revisited
86 8x10 19/Mar/2008 The Victorian Threshing Barn: Revisited
87 8x11 26/Mar/2008 The Underground House: Revisited
88 8x12 02/Apr/2008 The Hi Tech Bungalow, Maidstone

 Series 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
89 9x01 28/Jan/2009 The Apprentice Store, Somerset
90 9x02 04/Feb/2009 The Chilterns Water Mill, Oxfordshire
91 9x03 11/Feb/2009 The Newport Folly, Newport
92 9x04 18/Feb/2009 The Eco Arch, Kent
93 9x05 25/Feb/2009 The Brittany Groundhouse, Brittany
94 9x06 04/Mar/2009 The Marlborough Farm House, Wiltshire
95 9x07 11/Mar/2009 The Headcorn Minimalist House, Kent
96 9x08 18/Mar/2009 The 14th Century Castle: Revisited
97 9x09 25/Mar/2009 The Cambridgeshire Eco Home: Revisited
98 9x10 08/Apr/2009 The Brighton Modern Mansion, Brighton
99 9x11 15/Apr/2009 The Thatched Cottage: Revisited
100 9x12 22/Apr/2009 The Loch House: Revisited
101 9x13 29/Apr/2009 The Woodsmans Cottage: 2nd Revisited

 Series 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
102 10x01 15/Sep/2010 The Tree House, Isle of Wight
103 10x02 22/Sep/2010 The Stealth House, The Cotswolds
104 10x03 29/Sep/2010 The Modest Home, Woodbridge
105 10x04 06/Oct/2010 The Barn & Guildhall, Stowmarket
106 10x05 13/Oct/2010 The Radian House, Ipswich
107 10x06 20/Oct/2010 The Scandinavian House, Lizard Peninsula
108 10x07 27/Oct/2010 The Adaptahaus, Cumbria
109 10x08 03/Nov/2010 The Dome House, Lake Distric National Park
110 10x09 10/Nov/2010 The Brittany Groundhouse: Revisited
111 10x10 17/Nov/2010 The Glass & Timber House: Revisited
112 10x11 24/Nov/2010 A 21st Century Answer to the Roman Villa: Revisited
113 10x12 01/Dec/2010 House from Straw: Revisited
114 10x13 08/Dec/2010 The Water Tower: 2nd Revisited
115 10x14 15/Dec/2010 The Lime Kiln House: Revisited

 Series 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
116 11x01 14/Sep/2011 The Derelict Mill Cottage, Northumberland
117 11x02 21/Sep/2011 The Contemporary Mansion, London
118 11x03 28/Sep/2011 The Lifeboat Station, Tenby
119 11x04 05/Oct/2011 Timber Framed Barn, Essex
120 11x05 12/Oct/2011 Timber Framed House, Hertfordshire
121 11x06 19/Oct/2011 Engine House, Cornwall
122 11x07 26/Oct/2011 Mews House, London
123 11x08 02/Nov/2011 Lake District Update
124 11x09 09/Nov/2011 Weald of Kent Update
125 11x10 16/Nov/2011 Concrete Water Tower Update
126 11x11 23/Nov/2011 Prefabricated Home, West Cumbria Update
127 11x12 30/Nov/2011 Two-Storey Timber House, Kent Update
128 11x13 08/Dec/2011 The Great British Property Scandal Special (1)
129 11x14 15/Dec/2011 The Great British Property Scandal Special (2)

 Series 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
130 12x01 12/Sep/2012 Cloontykilla Castle
131 12x02 19/Sep/2012 Computer Cut House
132 12x03 26/Sep/2012 The Glass Cubes House
133 12x04 10/Oct/2012 River Thames
134 12x05 17/Oct/2012 100-Foot-High Water Tower, London
135 12x06 24/Oct/2012 Edwardian Artists Studio
136 12x07 31/Oct/2012 Isle of Skye
137 12x08 07/Nov/2012 North London
138 12x09 14/Nov/2012 Isle of Wight Bungalow Revisited
139 12x10 21/Nov/2012 Central London Revisited
140 12x11 28/Nov/2012 Grade II Listed Timber Framed Barn, Essex Revisited
141 12x12 05/Dec/2012 The Hedgehogs Revisited

 Series 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
142 13x01 04/Sep/2013 1920s Cinema - Thorne, South Yorkshire
143 13x02 11/Sep/2013 Hollywood Hills Style Mansion - London
144 13x03 18/Sep/2013 Giant Farm Shed - York
145 13x04 25/Sep/2013 Crooked Chocolate Box Cottage - Devon
146 13x05 02/Oct/2013 Metal Sculptural Home
147 13x06 09/Oct/2013 Japanese House
148 13x07 16/Oct/2013 Modernist Masterpiece - South London Park
149 13x08 23/Oct/2013 Cob Castle - Devon
150 13x09 30/Oct/2013 Christmas Farm - Newbury
151 13x10 06/Nov/2013 Modernist Glass Box - Malaga
152 13x11 13/Nov/2013 Woodbridge - Update

 Series 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
153 14x01 03/Sep/2014 North Wales
154 14x02 10/Sep/2014 Cornwall
155 14x03 17/Sep/2014 Garden House
156 14x04 24/Sep/2014 Northern Ireland
157 14x05 01/Oct/2014 London
158 14x06 08/Oct/2014 Norfolk
159 14x07 15/Oct/2014 River Thames
160 14x08 22/Oct/2014 France
161 14x09 29/Oct/2014 Wye Valley
162 14x10 05/Nov/2014 Devon

 Series 15(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
163 15x01 09/Jul/2015 Living in the City
164 15x02 16/Jul/2015 Living In the Wild
165 15x03 23/Jul/2015 Living in Suburbia
166 15x04 30/Jul/2015 Living in the Country

 Series 16(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
167 16x01 09/Sep/2015 West Sussex: The Perfectionist's Bungalow
168 16x02 16/Sep/2015 East Sussex: The Boat House
169 16x03 23/Sep/2015 Isle of Wight: The Seaside House
170 16x04 30/Sep/2015 Worcestershire: The Cave House
171 16x05 07/Oct/2015 County Antrim: The Blacksmith's House
172 16x06 14/Oct/2015 Somerset: The Concrete Cow-Shed
173 16x07 21/Oct/2015 South Downs: The Rusty Metal House
174 16x08 28/Oct/2015 Buckinghamshire: The Floating House
175 16x09 13/Nov/2015 North Cornwall: The Cross-Laminated Timber House: Revisited

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S08 - #407/May/2008Grand Designs Live (4)N/A
S08 - #508/May/2008Grand Designs Live (5)N/A
S08 - #609/May/2008Grand Designs Live (6)N/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Design/Decorating | Garden/Landscape | Housing/Building | Lifestyle
Status: Returning Series
Network: Channel 4 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 29, 1999
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