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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Enemies

Theater in America

A Theater in America presentation of Maxim Gorky's "Enemies", performed by New York's Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center. "Enemies" is set in the early 1900's Russia, and depicts the discontent and rebellion of the working man who is at the mercy of a powerful few.

2 :01x02 - June Moon

Theater in America

"June Moon" is a classic tale of the tunesmith business. It concerns a young rube who leaves his job with General Electric in Schenectady, N.Y. to come to the Big Apple in search of fame and fortune as a lyricist. Said rube becomes the new songwriting partner of Paul Sears, a famous man in danger of losing his position with a major song publishing house because he hasn't had a hit in three years. Sears is a man besieged not only by a fading bank account, but also by his shrewish wife and her gold-digging sister. The rube had met a nice young lady on the train from Schenectady and confided his dream to her. A relationship soon ensued, only to be quickly interrupted. True love is put in limbo as the rube and his savings are whisked about town by the gold-digger. The effort to write the 'Big Hit' eventually gets underway, punctuated by sardonic comments from Maxie Schwartz, the staff cynic and pianist for the publishing house.

3 :01x03 - Cyrano de Bergerac

Theater in America

The San Francisco American Conservatory Theater's presentation of Edmond Rostand's romantic play about Cyrano de Bergerac, the soldier-poet with the elongated nose, and his love for Roxanne. Cyrano agrees to allow a handsome new recruit, Christian, to use his soul-stirring poetry inspired by his own hopeless love for Roxanne, because he knows his adored lady loves Christian. Cyrano's role runs through the gamut of emotions - from arrogance to humility, from joy to despair.

4 :01x04 - Antigone

Theater in America

A production of French dramatist Jean Anouilh's version of Sophocles' tragedy. Introduced by Stacy Keach playing the Greek chorus in a quiet, yet intense conversational tone, he sets the stage for the tragedy to come following King Creon's order that the body of Antigone's brother must lie on the ground unburied for the vultures to dispose of. The rest of the play is a battle between young Antigone, pure in heart and strong in courage, and her uncle King Creon, cultivated and analytical, but tyrannical in his love for power.

5 :01x05 - King Lear

Theater in America

The New York Shakespeare Festival Production, taped during the summer of 1973 in Central Park. For most of the way, Lear is a melodramatic figure, orating and declaiming against his evil daughters, Goneril and Regan, and the miserable lot his own shortsightedness has reduced him to. However, eventually having gone mad with despair, Lear becomes a truly touching figure, making his final agony over the dead Cordelia memorable.

6 :01x06 - Bernstein's Mass

Theater in America

Leonard Bernstein's theater piece for singers, players and dancers. It is performed by an entirely youthful cast and based on the liturgy of the Roman Mass. Bernstein's music, with its range of styles incorporating hymns and ballads, interspersed with rock rhythms and blues, is an inspiration in itself. The show was taped in the great hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus during a performance by Yale University students and a Vienna Boys Choir, with a cathedral set on stage made of simple iron scaffolding.

"Mass" was commissioned by Jackie Kennedy to inaugurate the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. and was first performed in September, 1971.

7 :01x07 - Paradise Lost

Theater in America

Clifford Odets' intensely human drama about a middle-class family bogged down by the calamitous conditions of the Great Depression during the 1930's. Odets' ear for the vernacular of the period, and the varied accents and intonations of his people dominate the drama and give it historical validity. Paradise Lost is full of a haunting warmth that pervades the atmosphere completely, as a husband and wife manage to make their home a center of life even when it is disintegrating.

8 :01x08 - In Fashion

Theater in America

A frothy musical farce full of confusion and mistaken identities, backed up by a series of darling songs sung with style and abandon by a delightful cast of players. Based on a play by the famous turn-of-the-century French farceur, Georges Feydeau, In Fashion satirizes the manners and morals of a French society in which wives and mistresses are told tall tales - even when they are adored - and truth seems only a basis for colorful, outlandish evasions of fact.

9 :01x09 - The Rimers of Eldritch

Nelly Windrod is on trial for murder, accused of shooting the local vagrant as he attacked a teenage girl. As the neighbors and families of the former mining town of Eldritch grapple with the sudden upheaval of their lives and struggle to understand how this could happen, long-buried secrets are revealed and the truth is unearthed layer upon layer.

Originally aired 11/04/1972 as part of "Playhouse New York"
Guest Stars: Roberts Blossom as Judge; Preacher | Kate Harrington as Martha Truit | Kathleen Doyle as Lena Truit | Cliff Carpenter as Peck Johnson | Helen Stenborg as Mavis Johnson | Susan Sarandon as Patsy Johnson | K Callan as Evelyn Jackson | James Staley as Robert Conklin | Carol Williard as Eva Jackson | Will Hare as Skelly Mannor | Frances Sternhagen as Wilma Atkins | Rue McClanahan as Cora Groves | Sarah Cunningham as Nelly Winrod | Joanna Roos as Mary Winrod

10 :01x10 - Feasting With Panthers

Theater in America

Highly imaginative portrayal of the life and work of Oscar Wilde, the unforgettable author of "The Picture of Dorian Gray", "Lady Windermere", and other popular works. The story focuses on Wilde's imprisonment in 1895 and how the experience changed a great wit to a fan of great sorrow. A fascinating extravaganza the authors of this fantasy world have dreamed up, using fragments of Wilde's work and that of his contemporaries, to depict his brutal two-year experience as one of Queen Victoria's prisoners. Richard Kneeland is remarkably resourceful and effective as Wilde the wit, the arrogant gadabout, the cynic, the lover; as well as Wilde the touching prisoner of his own soul. Extraordinary evocation of the essence of a famous author, a man of great complexity and genius.

11 :01x11 - A Memory of Two Mondays

Theater in America

Arthur Miller's comedy/drama about life during the Great Depression. The Emphasis is on mood and characterization as Miller draws on his own experiences to portray what the 30's were like for workers to whom a job - any job - was everything. The story centers on autobiographical material which Miller describes in the introduction. The meager world of the fortunate few who are employed in an automobile parts warehouse is deeply felt - both for its warmth of togetherness on one hand, and the coldness of a casual encounter on the other.

12 :01x12 - The Contractor

Theater in America

Playwright David Storey, best known as the author of "Home" and "The Changing Room," has created in "The Contractor" another microcosm in which to observe how people at work relate to each other and to those who surround them. In this play, five men employed by the contractor put up a tent for the wedding of the contractor's daughter, and then take it down the day after the wedding has taken place. Amazingly enough, these five men do a real job of manual labor while they joke with one another, taunt or grumble at each other, and mercilessly tease a witless, retarded young man. Before the play is over, all of them will have learned something about each other's weaknesses and vulnerable areas - and so will the contractor, his wandering rootless son, and his grieving wife.

13 :01x13 - Bach's Mass in B Minor

Great Performances

A performance of Bach's great mass, taped at the Klosterkirche in Diessen am Ammersee, West Germany. Conducted by Karl Richter and featuring the Munich Bach Choir and Orchestra with the vocals of Gundula Janowitz, Horst Laubenthal, and Hermann Prey.

Broadcast on a special night for Good Friday, this marks the very first performance under the official banner of Great Performances.

14 :01x14 - Ceremony of Innocence

Theater in America

This prize-winning, off-Broadway play by young author Ronald Ribman about 11th century England is a moving and relevant documentary. Much of the impact of this superbly acted antiwar drama comes from the imaginative touch of producer Robert Markell. Combining the advantages of TV tape and film techniques, the production captures the immediacy of many "live" performances, while still utilizing values offered only by motion pictures. Richard Kiley plays an English king whose efforts to avoid a senseless war with the Danes ultimately brings humiliation and tragedy to his court.

15 :01x15 - A Touch of the Poet

Theater in America

Set in a shabby tavern outside Boston in 1828, the play centers on Cornelius Melody, an Irishman who clings to memories of European gentility, and whose pride conflicts with the reality of life in America. Like other Eugene O'Neill works, "A Touch of the Poet" explores its characters' conflicts with reality and illusion, as well as their joys and sorrows in love.

16 :01x16 - To Be Young, Gifted, and Black

A theatrical adaptation of the eloquent young black playwright, Lorraine Hansberry; whose first play, "A Raisin in the Sun," brought her international acclaim; and whose short life, ending in her death at 34 in 1965, was filled with a rebellious quest for freedom. Based on her diaries, letters, and portions of her plays; woven together by her husband, Robert Nemiroff.

Originally aired 12/09/1972 as part of "Playhouse New York"
Director: Michael Schultz

17 :01x17 - The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd

Theater in America

Poignant drama based on D. H. Lawrence's childhood memory of his mother; full of passion, humiliation, violence and guilt. The story centers on a woman of some education who marries a drunken oaf of a coal miner. She is involuntarily demeaning to her husband and finds herself stoically suffering the indignities of his vengeance - until he brings his harlots into her house. Flinging her rejection at him after this final humiliation, she tentatively accepts the attentions of a sensitive young admirer - and tragedy is soon to follow.

18 :01x18 - Hogan's Goat

Drama concerning a mayoral contest between Irish Americans in Brooklyn, New York in 1890. The play's focus is on the personal life of Matthew Stanton, the dynamic leader of the Sixth Ward, who hopes to unseat corrupt incumbent Ned Quinn. Stanton's wife Kathleen fears campaign publicity will reveal that they never were married in the Catholic Church. Quinn discovers this fact and more, including that Stanton was once the "kept man" (known as a "goat" in the lexicon of the time) of Agnes Hogan, Quinn's ex-girlfriend who is now on her deathbed. Blinded by ruthless ambition, Stanton ignores Quinn's threats to reveal his past and forges ahead with the race, ultimately destroying not only his political career, but his marriage as well.

Originally aired on 10/11/1971 as part of "NET Playhouse"
Director: Glenn Jordan

19 :01x19 - Monkey, Monkey, Bottle of Beer, How Many Monkeys Have We Here?

Theater in America

A Cincinnati Playhouse In The Park presentation by Marsha Sheiness. As the play opens, five mothers arrive at a private clinic to pick up their sons. We learn slowly that each boy is mentally challenged and has been submitted as part of a medical experiment to increase their intelligence. Tensions rise as the women reveal their needs, fears, and expectations for their children, both before and after the experiment. One by one each mother is taken from the waiting room to see her child. The drama ends with an unexpected and moving scene between one of the mothers and her child.

Season 2

20 :02x01 - Concertgebouw Orchestra: Rubinstein

Music lovers are offered an experience to treasure as one of the world's foremost pianists, the 88-year-old Arthur Rubinstein, performs Brahms's Piano Concerto No. 1, and Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto. Features soloists from the Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam and Bernard Haitink conducting.

21 :02x02 - Berlin Philharmonic: Herbert von Karajan

Austrian conductor Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra perform Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in C Minor and Bach's Suite No. 2 in B Minor. The full-length concert marks von Karajan's Uited States television debut.

22 :02x03 - Bernstein at Tanglewood

Leonard Bernstein celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of his teacher and mentor, Serge Koussevitsky - famed conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and founder of the Berkshire Music Center at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts. As shots of Tanglewood are shown, Bernstein talks about Koussevitzky and reminisces about the time he came to Tanglewood to study under the famed conductor. Bernstein then conducts the Boston Symphony Orchestra in a performance of what he refers to as Koussevitzky's theme song - Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5 in E Minor.

23 :02x04 - Zalmen, or The Madness of God

Theater in America

Washington D.C.'s Arena Stage is the setting for this production of the play by Elie Wiesel about the curious and violent way in which religious persecution is practiced in post-Stalin Russia. Seemingly free to worship as they please, the Jewish community is startled to hear from the authorities that a group of visiting actors from the United States wishes to visit their synagogue on Yom Kippur Eve, but the Jews are absolutely forbidden to communicate with them in any way whatsoever. How this admonition is received by each member of the community, including the Rabbi himself, epitomizes the experience of reaction under fear - and leads up to a memorable climax.

24 :02x05 - The Seagull

Theater in America

"The Seagull" is a Williamstown Theater Festival production of Anton Chekhov's tale about literary aspiration and unrequited love. The drama, set in 1896, is a stunning mixture of marvelous character portraits and sharp social observations. Aging sons are perpetual reminders that their glamorous mothers aren't young anymore. Everyone seems to be in love with someone who is in love with someone else. Moments of affection suddenly turn into bouts of recrimination, followed by passionate reconciliations. Traditional Russian moodiness is transformed into an edgy nervousness in this unusually energetic production.

25 :02x06 - Mozart Requiem

The last work ever written by this master composer is performed by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and Vienna State Opera Chorus. 80 year old Dr. Karl Bohm, Music Director of Austria, conducts the work in Vienna's Piaristenkirche Church. Major vocal soloists include: Christa
Ludwig, Walter Berry, Gundula Janowitz, and Peter Schreier.

26 :02x07 - Brother To Dragons

Theater in America

Hal Holbrook introduces this drama about a writer's investigation into the brutal slaying of a slave by Thomas Jefferson's two nephews in 1811, an event never once alluded to by Jefferson. This Trinity Square Repertory production based on Robert Penn Warren's narrative poem attempts to move back and forth between a contemporary researching of the crime and the crime itself. Despite this attempt, the actual scenes leading up to the murder are filled with a kind of quiet terror that builds inexorably in suspense and torment.

27 :02x08 - Forget-Me-Not Lane

Theater in America

British playwright Peter Nichols tells the poignant story of a college professor seeking to come to grips with the unfulfilled goals and dreams of his youth. This fascinating excursion in daydreaming centers mostly on the fact that this 40-year-old husband, father, narrator and dreamer still can't face life with any more maturity than he did when he was a teenager - bored to extinction by his father's eternal chattering, puttering, self-righteousness.

28 :02x09 - Pagliacci

Three star performers of the Metropolitan Opera Company - Jon Vickers, Radina Corsi-Kabaivanska, and Peter Glossop - sing principal roles in this famous opera written by Italian composer and librettist Ruggero Leoncavallo. Esteemed Austrian conductor Herbert von Karajan is on the podium leading the La Scala Orchestra and Chorus. "Pagliacci" is an opera in two acts and a prologue that was produced especially for television at La Scala in Milan, Italy. The story centers on a band of wandering clowns and their passions and jealousies, both on and off stage.

29 :02x10 - The School For Scandal

Theater In America

Produced by the Guthrie Theater Company of Minneapolis - this is a stylish, hearty, fun-filled presentation of Richard Brinsley Sheridan's old English satire on 18th century London life. A skillful cast of characters are alternately sly, devious, villainous, or just plain wasteful. The tale centers around a fabulously rich uncle who wants to know something about the character of his two nephews before he draws up his will, so he concocts a plan of disguises to approach them unawares. Good production full of eloquent period sets and costumes, together with a genuine enthusiasm for Sheridan's intrigue-laden social satire.

30 :02x11 - The Year of The Dragon

Theater in America

Frank Chin's tender portrait of a Chinatown family torn by the contending forces of tradition and assimilation. Adapted for television from a production by the American Place Theatre in New York, utilizing essentially the same cast.

31 :02x12 - Rules of the Game

Theater in America

The Phoenix Repertory Company performs Luigi Pirandello's play, "The Rules of the Game." This ironic exploration of illusion and reality in human behavior continues with the theme of Pirandello's earlier play, "Six Characters in Search of an Author".
Guest Stars: Joel Fabiani as Barelli | Glenn Close as Neighbor | David Dukes as Guido Venanzi | John McMartin as Leone Gala | Joan Van Ark as Silia Gala | Peter Friedman as Marquis | Nicholas Hormann as Coco | Charles Kimbrough as Doctor Spiga
Director: Kirk Browning

32 :02x13 - Who's Happy Now?

Theater in America

A taping of a performance of Oliver Hailey's play at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. The setting for the story is an East Texas small-town bar, and the action covers three periods in the main character's life - at six, sixteen and twenty. He and his resilient, but resigned, mother frequent the bar so that the boy may at least get to know his father - who comes there every day with his girlfriend, a waitress named Faye Precious. As the years pass a sort of whimsical accommodation is achieved between these very different people, and the boy grows up divided between avenging his mother for the father's disloyalty and getting back at him for his own hurts, while still trying to win the paternal love and approval he so desperately wants.

33 :02x14 - Three By Balanchine

Three one-act ballets choreographed by George Balanchine and featuring Edward Villella, Patricia McBride, and other dancers from the New York City Ballet. The ballets include: "Serenade," Tarantella," and "Duo Concertant".

Season 3

34 :03x01 - Jennie - Lady Randolph Churchill: (1) Jennie Jerome

Jennie Jerome is a young, intelligent and willy nineteen year old from Brooklyn, NY. She meets the gallant Lord Randolph Churchill at a ball aboard the HMS Ariadne. She finds herself falling in love with the young English aristocrat, who is equally smitten and proposes marriage. Jennie accepts Randolph's proposal, but their plans are delayed by the snobbish reactions of their disapproving relatives.

35 :03x02 - Jennie - Lady Randolph Churchill: (2) Lady Randolph

The newlywed Churchills take young and lively London society by storm, though Jennie's American upbringing does not prepare her for the Victorian stuffiness of Blenheim Palace, the Marlborough home. In 1874 Jennie gives birth prematurely to a son - Winston Leonard
Spencer Churchill. In the same year the Marlborough family is hit by a devastating personal scandal and ostracized by London Society.

36 :03x03 - Jennie - Lady Randolph Churchill: (3) Recovery

Jennie and Randolph escape the family scandal by moving to Ireland where Randolph begins a new life in politics. Although Randolph's health is deteriorating, his political career as Viceroy of Ireland is rising. Randolph's fame grows and he and Jennie eventually return to English society. Randolph's ambition, drive and illness dominate his life; and as his political interest rises, his passion for Jennie lessons. Jennie, who still maintains a strong desire to be part of Randolph's world, struggles to understand his absences from home.

37 :03x04 - Jennie - Lady Randolph Churchill: (4) Triumph and Tragedy

Randolph begins to lose his sanity, which leads to the agonizingly swift downfall of his political career. He becomes prone to wild and insulting outbursts, which are usually directed toward Jennie. These outbursts, and his otherwise total disregard for her, drive Jennie away and she becomes involved with Count Kinsky, whose jealousy makes things difficult for her. Randolph's illness worsens and Jennie deals with a wide range of emotions with rare dignity; remaining at the side of her sick, dying husband.

38 :03x05 - Jennie - Lady Randolph Churchill: (5) A Perfect Darling

The widowed Lady Randolph Churchill has began to work for "The Anglo-Saxon Review," an expensive literary magazine. She also raises money for a hospital ship that will sail to South Africa and assists her son Winston with his political campaign. She is still exquisitely beautiful, but has become somewhat restless since her husband's death. It is no wonder that a young man her son's age (George Cornwallis-West) falls in love with her, and against everyone's advice, they soon wed.

39 :03x06 - Jennie - Lady Randolph Churchill: (6) His Borrowed Plumes

Both of her sons, Jack and Winston, get married and Jennie herself has enjoyed eight years of a fairly blissful second marriage. This is soon derailed when Jennie's husband, George Cornwallis-West, becomes involved with a leading actress of the day, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, who has recently performed in a play written by Jennie herself. Jennie and George are soon divorced and she turns her full attention to Winston's career.

40 :03x07 - Jennie - Lady Randolph Churchill: (7) A Past and a Future

Winston becomes Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Jennie renews acquaintance with an old friend Montague Porch. Soon, at the age of 64, she marries once again. In 1921, while hurrying to dress, she slips on the stairs and breaks her ankle. Gangrene sets in and the leg is amputated. Soon thereafter, she lapses into a coma and never recovers, dying at the age of 67.

41 :03x08 - New York Philharmonic: Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein conducts the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall. His all-Tchaikovsky concert begins quietly with the lovely "Andante Cantabile", with Bernstein providing a soothing and effective reading of the music. The rest of the program features the vivid "Fourth Symphony", ending in a kind of triumphant exultation that both Tchaikovsky and Bernstein are noted for.

This was a precursor to what would later be officially known as "Live From Lincoln Center" - which would fall under the "Great Performances" umbrella.

42 :03x09 - Berlin Philharmonic: Herbert von Karajan

Production by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, led by the world-famous Austrian conductor, Herbert von Karajan, performing Brahms's Symphony Number 4 in E-Minor; and Wagner's "Overture to Tannhauser."

43 :03x10 - Vienna Philharmonic: Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at the Grossen Musikvereinssaal in Vienna, Austria; in a performance of Gustav Mahler's Symphony Number 4. The symphony is in four movements and in the final movement, soprano Edith Mathis performs a solo.

44 :03x11 - Vienna Philharmonic: Karl Boehm

A melodic treasure for music lovers as Karl Bohm, one of Europe's most distinguished conductors, leads the Vienna Philharmonic in an all-Mozart concert. The agenda includes the Symphony No. 34 in C Major; Symphony No. 40 in G Minor; and the Menuetto K.409.

45 :03x12 - Rubinstein Plays Chopin

If this magical performance is any indication, octogenarian piano virtuoso Arthur Rubinstein seems to be getting younger. He opens the evening with Frederic Chopin's Piano Concerto Number 2, a work which the composer wrote when he was 20 and played at his first public concert in Warsaw. The concerto Is followed by Rubinstein's solos to Schubert's tender "Impromptu" Number 4 and Chopin's passionate "Scherzo" in B Flat minor. The evening concludes with Brahm's romantic "Intermezzo" Number 2.

46 :03x13 - Berlin Philharmonic: Herbert Van Karajan

Four international opera soloists - Gundula Janowitz, Christa Ludwig, Jess Thomas, and Walter Berry - join conductor Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic in a special New Year's Eve presentation of Beethoven's "Egmont Overture" and "Ninth Symphony".

47 :03x14 - The Barber of Seville (La Scala Orchestra)

Performed by the La Scala Opera orchestra, conducted by Claudio Abbado, and sung by an elite cast of opera stars - this famous, melodic farce of an opera by Rossini is very entertaining and quite the musical feast for opera lovers. The classic story focuses on an old man's greed, a young maid's love for a handsome swain, and the Figaro's unending manipulations on their behalf.

48 :03x15 - Beyond the Horizon

Theatre In America

The McCarter Theater of Princeton, New Jersey presents Eugene O'Neill's Pulitzer Prize-winning play. The story begins in 1908 as we meet the players involved in a love-triangle. A woman, Ruth Atkins, and two brothers, Rob and Andy Mayo. Rob longs to go to sea, but his love for Ruth compels him to stay and become a farmer, while Andy goes in his place. Years pass, and Rob realizes he is unfit for farm life; meanwhile, Andy finds himself completely dissatisfied as a sailor. Ruth, also unhappy in her marriage with Rob, longs to see Andy to tell him of her secret love for him. More years pass and it's now 1918 and Rob has become terminally ill. He asks his brother to marry Ruth, who finally reveals to Andy her love for him. However, Andy insists that she tell her husband that she has never loved another. In the meantime, Rob has gone to the water's edge, hoping to die near the sea upon which he has always longed to sail.

51 :03x18 - The Mound Builders

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52 :03x19 - The Time of Your Life

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58 :03x25 - All Over

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59 :03x26 - Sea Marks

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61 :03x28 - The Patriots

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62 :03x29 - Pennsylvania Ballet

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64 :03x31 - Music From America: New York Philharmonic

Great Performances Special

Leonard Bernstein leads the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in a program of American music they've been playing on a seven-week Bicentennial tour, three of them in Europe. This concert was taped in the Albert Hall in London, England; to an enthusiastic audience which gives the opening number - Sousa's "The Stars and Stripes Forever" - a roar of approval. It is followed by Gershwin's delightful "An American in Paris"; a moving performance of Aaron Copland's "Lincoln Portrait", (with a very effective recitative by William Warfield filled with things that Lincoln said); and closes with a grand performance of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue", with Bernstein doubling as conductor and soloist at the piano.

Season 4

65 :04x01 - Ah, Wilderness!

Theatre In America

66 :04x02 - Madama Butterfly

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68 :04x04 - The Taming of The Shrew

Theater In America

71 :04x07 - American Ballet Theatre

Dance In America

73 :04x09 - Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Dance In America

74 :04x10 - Secret Service

Theater In America

75 :04x11 - Rubinstein at 90

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76 :04x12 - Salome

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77 :04x13 - Das Lied Von Der Erde

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83 :04x19 - Dance Theatre of Harlem

Dance In America

86 :04x22 - The Prince Of Homburg

Theater In America

87 :04x23 - Pilobolus Dance Theatre

Dance in America

88 :04x24 - Hard Times: Part 1

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89 :04x25 - Hard Times: Part 2

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90 :04x26 - Hard Times: Part 3

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91 :04x27 - Hard Times: Part 4

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92 :04x28 - End of Summer

Theater in America

93 :04x29 - Trailblazers of Modern Dance

Dance in America

94 :04x30 - Waiting For Godot

Theater in America

95 :04x31 - A Faust Symphony

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Season 5

96 :05x01 - The Marriage of Figaro

Mozart's opera of mistaken identities in love affairs - "The Marriage of Figaro" - opens the fifth season of Great Performances. Especially designed for television, the production features Karl Bohm conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with an international cast.

97 :05x02 - Cavalleria Rusticana

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98 :05x03 - The Royal Family

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99 :05x04 - The Arcata Promise

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100 :05x05 - Sarah

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101 :05x06 - Abide With Me

Dance In America

104 :05x09 - Paul Taylor Dance Company

Dance In America

105 :05x10 - Verna, USO Girl

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106 :05x11 - The Planets

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113 :05x18 - The Consul

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114 :05x19 - Professional Foul

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115 :05x20 - The Trial of the Moke

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118 :05x23 - Tartuffe

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Season 6

125 :06x01 - Tosca

Bruno Bartoletti conducts the New Philharmona Orchestra of London and the Ambrosian Opera Chorus in this classic production of Puccini's tragic opera. It was filmed in Rome and tells the story of a famous opera singer's love for a fugitive painter, and the chief of police whose love for her forms the third side of an ill-fated love triangle.

126 :06x02 - Berlin Philharmonic: Herbert von Karajan

Herbert von Karajan conducts the Berlin Philharmonic in Weber's Overture to "Der Freischutz" and Richard Strauss' "Don Quixote". Features soloists Mstislav Rostropovich and Ulrich Koch.

127 :06x03 - The Collection

A British television adaptation of Harold Pinter's 1961 play in which betrayal, deceit, and jealousy undermine the relationships of two couples. The plot revolves around a sordid sexual encounter that either did or did not take place during a dress designer's convention at a hotel in Leeds, England. The alleged encounter was between Stella, who is married to James, and Bill, who lives with Harry. What at first looks to be a simple case of jealousy, soon gives way to a more complicated and uncertain scenario. We're never quite sure who is lying or telling the truth - or even what motivation is at play. The mystery grows impenetrable as each explanation is presented plausibly and then called into question, with none of the four characters reliable enough for the audience to trust.

128 :06x04 - MacBeth

A wonderful performance of Giuseppe Verdi's opera based on the great William Shakespeare classic. It is presented in Italian, the language in which it was originally written, and features music provided by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

129 :06x05 - The Good Doctor

Neil Simon's collection of seven playlets, two by Simon himself, with the rest based on the stories of Russian scrivener, Anton Chekhov. They study life, love and lunacy among Russia's middle and lower-class citizens in the latter part of the 19th century. The tales are threaded together by observations from "The Writer".

130 :06x06 - A Month in the Country

A Royal Ballet performance of Sir Frederick Ashton's ballet, which is based on the work of Ivan Turgenev, and features music from Chopin. The story centers around a family that becomes disrupted by the arrival of a handsome young tutor — particularly the lady of the house.

131 :06x07 - Thank You, Comrades

Based on historical facts, this is a story about the early days of the Soviet transformation of Russia, and how the cinematic leaders became prime candidates for a swindle that crippled the industry for many years.

132 :06x08 - Choreography By Balanchine: With New York City Ballet - (Part 3)

Dance In America

The New York City Ballet performs two ballets choreographed by George Balanchine. Leading off is "Chaconne", from 1976, and featuring music from Christoph Gluck's opera "Orphee et Euridice". The story transports the viewer from Orpheus's region in the heavens to the beauty and grace on earth. The second segment of the program features a performance of "Prodigal Son", adapted from the Bible's Gospel of St. Luke. The ballet, originally choreographed by Serge Lifar in 1929, follows the plight of a young man who returns home after his extravagant lifestyle causes him to lose his fortune.

133 :06x09 - Mourning Becomes Electra: (Part 1) The Secret

This is a 5-part series adapted from Eugene O'Neill's epic play about the Mannon family, set in New England after the Civil War.

In the first episode, Lavinia Mannon confronts her mother, Christine, and informs her that she knows all about her mother's love affair with a young sea captain named Adam Brant. Christine and her lover then begin to plan her husband's demise while awaiting his return from the Civil War.

134 :06x10 - Mourning Becomes Electra: (Part 2) The Homecoming

This is a 5-part series adapted from Eugene O'Neill's epic play about the Mannon family, set in New England after the Civil War.

General Ezra Mannon returns home from war and declares his love for Christine, expressing his desire to begin married life anew with her. Christine tells Ezra about her young lover, Brant, and during the ensuing confrontation, Ezra suffers a heart attack. Christine coldly gives him poison instead of medicine.

135 :06x11 - Mourning Becomes Electra: (Part 3) The Hunted

This is a 5-part series adapted from Eugene O'Neill's epic play about the Mannon family, set in New England after the Civil War.

Lavinia convinces her brother Orin to follow their mother to Brant's boat. There, they hear the two lovers speak of their responsibility for Ezra's death. When Christine leaves, they kill Brant and ransack his cabin to make the murder appear to be the work of thieves.

136 :06x12 - Mourning Becomes Electra: (Part 4) An Act of Justice

This is a 5-part series adapted from Eugene O'Neill's epic play about the Mannon family, set in New England after the Civil War.

Christine commits suicide when she is told of Brant's death. Orin and Lavinia leave on a tropical cruise and return as changed people. Lavinia appears to have blossomed into a beautiful and sensual young woman; while Orin is somber and continually plagued by guilt over his mother's death. Lavinia accepts a marriage proposal from Peter Niles.

137 :06x13 - Mourning Becomes Electra: (Part 5) The Haunted

This is a 5-part series adapted from Eugene O'Neill's epic play about the Mannon family, set in New England after the Civil War.

In this final episode of O'Neill's masterpiece, Lavinia retreats into the symbolic Mannon mansion where murder, suicide, deceit and jealousy have reigned. Realizing that she cannot shake the ghosts of the Mannon dead, Lavinia lies to Peter about her virtue. She then boards up the house, and lives in it as if it were her tomb in hopes of paying off the family curse. Thus begins a tragic ending of seclusion and despair eerily similar to that of her mother.

138 :06x14 - Vanessa

• No Summary (Add Here)

139 :06x15 - Solti On Tour

• No Summary (Add Here)

140 :06x16 - Fidelio

• No Summary (Add Here)

142 :06x18 - Philadelphia Orchestra

• No Summary (Add Here)

144 :06x20 - The Feld Ballet

Dance In America

Season 7

148 :07x01 - A Life In The Theatre

• No Summary (Add Here)

149 :07x02 - The Dream

• No Summary (Add Here)

154 :07x07 - Ormandy At 80

• No Summary (Add Here)

156 :07x09 - Carmen

• No Summary (Add Here)

157 :07x10 - She Loves Me

• No Summary (Add Here)

159 :07x12 - Faust

• No Summary (Add Here)

160 :07x13 - Moliere: (Part 1)

• No Summary (Add Here)

161 :07x14 - Moliere: (Part 2)

• No Summary (Add Here)

162 :07x15 - Moliere: (Part 3)

• No Summary (Add Here)

163 :07x16 - Moliere: (Part 4)

• No Summary (Add Here)

164 :07x17 - Moliere: (Part 5)

• No Summary (Add Here)

166 :07x19 - The Most Happy Fella

• No Summary (Add Here)

167 :07x20 - On Giant's Shoulders

• No Summary (Add Here)

168 :07x21 - St. John's Passion

• No Summary (Add Here)

170 :07x23 - Beyond The Mainstream

Dance In America

171 :07x24 - Tannhauser

• No Summary (Add Here)

173 :07x26 - Happy Days

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 8

174 :08x01 - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - Part 1

The suspenseful plot unravels slowly in this 6-part spy thriller based on the works of John le Carre.

In Part 1: George Smiley is enticed out of retirement to deal with a serious problem at the "circus" - to learn which of four men (given the code names Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, and Spy) has been betraying his country to the Soviets.

With Season 8, Great Performances moved from their traditional Wednesday slot to Monday nights.
Guest Stars: Alec Guinness as George Smiley | Bernard Hepton as Toby Esterhase | Terence Rigby as Roy Bland | Michael Aldridge (1) as Percy Alleline | Ian Richardson as Bill Haydon | Alexander Knox as Control | George Sewell as Mendel
Director: John Irvin

175 :08x02 - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - Part 2

George Smiley is given the task of searching out the Russian spy in the British Intelligence Service.

176 :08x03 - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - Part 3

Superspy George Smiley ransacks the past in search of a clue to the identity of the mole, the Soviet counterspy who is betraying British Intelligence.

177 :08x04 - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - Part 4

As he moves a step closer to the answer, Smiley recalls his past association with Karla - his opposite number in the KGB and nemesis in a previous operation.

178 :08x05 - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - Part 5

After informing Lacon that Source Merlin is in fact run by Karla, Smiley decides to call on Prideaux and try to determine just what happened to him when he was captured by the Russians - and what happened after he was released.

179 :08x06 - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - Part 6

Smiley finds the identity of the Mole, and has a brief meeting with his wayward wife.

180 :08x07 - American Dance Festival: Pilobolus

Dance in America

A presentation of a performance by the Pilobolus Dance Theatre taped at the 1980 American Dance Featival and featuring the choreography of founders Moses Pendleton and Jonathan Wolken.

181 :08x08 - Life On The Mississippi

Mark Twain's story recounting the author's youthful experiences as a riverboat pilot from the small town of Hannibal, Missouri.

182 :08x09 - Big Blonde

• No Summary (Add Here)

183 :08x10 - Der Rosenkavalier

• No Summary (Add Here)

186 :08x13 - Guests of the Nation

• No Summary (Add Here)

192 :08x19 - Staying On

• No Summary (Add Here)

193 :08x20 - The Spellbound Child

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 9

195 :09x01 - Willie Stark

• No Summary (Add Here)

197 :09x03 - La Clemenza di Tito

• No Summary (Add Here)

201 :09x07 - Samson Et Dalila

• No Summary (Add Here)

202 :09x08 - Mrs. Reinhardt

• No Summary (Add Here)

203 :09x09 - Die Fledermaus

• No Summary (Add Here)

219 :09x25 - Bournonville Dances

• No Summary (Add Here)

220 :09x26 - Monteverdi: Orpheus

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 10

223 :10x01 - The Mysterious Stranger

• No Summary (Add Here)

234 :10x12 - The Regard of Flight

• No Summary (Add Here)

239 :10x17 - The Catherine Wheel

• No Summary (Add Here)

243 :10x21 - Innocents Abroad

• No Summary (Add Here)

246 :10x24 - Solti Conducts Rossini

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 11

248 :11x01 - Princess Grace Remembered

• No Summary (Add Here)

249 :11x02 - Alice in Wonderland

• No Summary (Add Here)

259 :11x12 - The Four Seasons

• No Summary (Add Here)

260 :11x13 - The Magic Flute

• No Summary (Add Here)

262 :11x15 - La Cenerentola

• No Summary (Add Here)

265 :11x18 - Purlie

• No Summary (Add Here)

266 :11x19 - The Soldier's Tale

• No Summary (Add Here)

268 :11x21 - The Queen of Spades

• No Summary (Add Here)

269 :11x22 - Down in the Valley

• No Summary (Add Here)

273 :11x26 - Buddenbrooks: (Part 1)

• No Summary (Add Here)

274 :11x27 - Buddenbrooks: (Part 2)

• No Summary (Add Here)

275 :11x28 - Buddenbrooks: (Part 3)

• No Summary (Add Here)

276 :11x29 - Buddenbrooks: (Part 4)

• No Summary (Add Here)

277 :11x30 - Buddenbrooks: (Part 5)

• No Summary (Add Here)

278 :11x31 - Buddenbrooks: (Part 6)

• No Summary (Add Here)

279 :11x32 - Buddenbrooks: (Part 7)

• No Summary (Add Here)

280 :11x33 - Buddenbrooks: (Part 8)

• No Summary (Add Here)

281 :11x34 - Buddenbrooks: (Part 9)

• No Summary (Add Here)

283 :12x02 - To The Lighthouse

• No Summary (Add Here)

284 :12x03 - The Dining Room

• No Summary (Add Here)

285 :12x04 - An Englishman Abroad

• No Summary (Add Here)

286 :12x05 - Pagliacci

• No Summary (Add Here)

293 :12x12 - Dance Black America

• No Summary (Add Here)

298 :12x17 - Koyaanisqatsi

• No Summary (Add Here)

299 :12x18 - Rigoletto

• No Summary (Add Here)

303 :12x22 - Bach's Brandenburg Concertos

A two-part presentation of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, performed at the Baroque cloister library of the Wiblingen bei Ulm in Germany by the Concentus musicus of Vienna as conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt. The work is made up of six concertos Bach gathered into a collection in 1721 for Christian Ludwig Margrave of Brandenburg. The first half of the program features gross concertos I, VI and III. The second half highlights the virtuoso concertos II, IV and V.

305 :12x24 - Taking My Turn

• No Summary (Add Here)

307 :12x26 - Best of Broadway

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 13

308 :13x01 - Dr. Fischer of Geneva

• No Summary (Add Here)

312 :13x05 - The Gospel at Colonus

• No Summary (Add Here)

317 :13x10 - Falstaff

• No Summary (Add Here)

318 :13x11 - Rossini at Versailles

• No Summary (Add Here)

319 :13x12 - On the Razzle

• No Summary (Add Here)

320 :13x13 - Heartbreak House

• No Summary (Add Here)

324 :13x17 - Irving Berlin's America: A Salute to the Composer of America's Favorite Songs

Classic film performances by Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland, Ethel Merman, Mitzi Gaynor and Marilyn Monroe highlight this look at how the music of Irving Berlin encapsulates the spirit and times of America.

325 :13x18 - Follies In Concert

From Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall, an all-star cast that includes Lee Remick, Carol Burnett, George Hearn and Elaine Stritch performs in a revival of Stephen Sondheim's 1971 musical "Follies".

326 :13x19 - Cavalleria Rusticana

Placido Domingo stars in Franco Zeffirelli's interpretation of Mascagni's opera drawn from peasant life in a small Sicilian village.

327 :13x20 - Bernstein Conducts Haydn's "Mass in Time of War"

Leonard Bernstein conducts this performance by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus from the Bavarian Baroque Basilica in Ottobeuren, West Germany.

328 :13x21 - Elektra

Richard Strauss's opera chronicling Sophocles' tragic story of Elektra's murderous obsession to avenge her father's death stars Leonie Rysonek,Astrid Varnay and Catarina Ligendza. In his last film performance, Karl Bohm conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

329 :13x22 - Early Days

In this staging of David Storey's play. Sir Ralph Richardson portrays an aging politician enraged at the indignities of increasing infirmity.

330 :13x23 - Choreography by Jerome Robbins: With the New York City Ballet

Dance In America

Members of The New York City Ballet Company perform works by award-winning choreographer Jerome Robbins.

331 :13x24 - Grown Ups

Jules Feiffer's loosely autobiographical play examines relationships within a family whose members are incapable of expressing their love for one another. Resenting his parent's preoccupation with his success as a New York Times reporter, Jake vents his frustrations on his wife and daughter.

332 :13x25 - "Boxes" with the Sydney Dance Company

The dance ensemble performs an avant-garde, contemporary work choreographed by Graeme Murphy to a rock score by the Australian group Icehouse.

333 :13x26 - Bernstein on Brahms: Reflections and Performance (Part 1)

In the first of three programs featuring the works of Johannes Brahms. Leonard Bernstein conducts the Vienna Philharmonic in "Academic Festival Overture" and "Serenade in A".

334 :13x27 - Bernstein on Brahms: Reflections and Performance (Part 2)

Leonard Bernstein conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in Brahm's "Concerto for Violin" and "Orchestra in D Major".

335 :13x28 - Bernstein on Brahms: Reflections and Performance (Part 3)

In the third of three programs featuring the works of Johannes Brahms. Leonard Bernstein conducts the Vienna Philharmonic in "Symphony No. 1".

Season 14

336 :14x01 - The Night of Music: A Global Celebration

An international satellite link allows entertainers on four continents to share their talents.

337 :14x02 - Mark Morris

Dance In America

Performing to music as diverse as Vivaldi, Handel and Yoko Ono, dancer choreographer Mark Morris and the members of the Mark Morris Dance Group make their TV debut.

338 :14x03 - Miles Ahead: The Music of Miles Davis

This profile of the life and career of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, features classic performances, a 1986 spring concert, and interviews with friends and sidemen; including Dizzy Gillespie, George Benson and Herbie Hancock; as well as a rare interview with Davis himself.

339 :14x04 - Wagner (Part 1)

Richard Burton stars as the German composer who falls in with various rich women when he is forced to run because of his revolutionary activities.

340 :14x05 - Wagner (Part 2)

While the composer is living in exile in Venice, the Paris Opera performs Wagner's 1845 work, "Tannhauser", which is forced from the stage.

341 :14x06 - Wagner (Part 3)

Bavaria's King Ludwig II becomes a patron to the poverty-stricken and desperate Wagner.

342 :14x07 - Wagner (Part 4)

The composer's dream of a theater of the future becomes a reality with the completion of construction at Bayreuth, where he successfully premieres his life's work, "The Ring of the Nibelung".

343 :14x08 - Gian Carlo Menotti: The Musical Magician

This portrait of Pulitzer Prize-winning opera composer Gian Carlo Menotti features performance footage new and old; highlights from Spoleto Festivals in Italy, the United States and Australia; and interviews with the composer and many of the artists with whom he has worked.

344 :14x09 - Goya

Composer Gian Carlo Menotti directs this three-act opera, depicting painter Francisco Goya's love affair with the Duchess of Alba. Stars tenor Placido Domingo, mezzo-soprano Victoria Vergara and soprano Karen Huffstodt.

345 :14x10 - Baryshnikov on Broadway

Mikhail Baryshnikov, Liza Minnelli and Nell Carter perform songs from "Oklahoma!", "Cabaret", "A Chorus Line" and "Ain't Misbehavin'" in this tribute to Broadway.

346 :14x11 - Hansel and Gretel

• No Summary (Add Here)

349 :14x14 - Otello

• No Summary (Add Here)

351 :14x16 - The Golden Years: (2) Monsignor Quixote

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Alec Guinness as Father Quixote | Leo McKern as Sancho Zancas | Ian Richardson as Bishop of Motopo | Graham Crowden as The Bishop | Maurice Denham as Senor Diego | Philip Stone as Father Leopoldo | Rosalie Crutchley as Teresa | Valentine Pelka as Father Herrera | Don Fellows as Professor Pilbeam | Clive Merrison as Shop Assistant | Roland Oliver as Stout Guardia | Carl Forgione as Second Guardia | Peter Gale as Undertaker | Colin Haigh as Guardia by River | Anton Lesser as Robber | Michael Poole as Dr. Galvan | Chris Sanders as Mexican Businessman | John Hug as Guardia at Monastery | Gareth Kirkland as Paco | Joseph Blatchley as Father Jose | Paul Imbusch as Priest at Fiesta
Director: Rodney Bennett

354 :14x19 - Broadway Sings: the Music of Jule Styne

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Jack Klugman as Himself

355 :14x20 - Ozawa

• No Summary (Add Here)

359 :14x24 - Seize The Day

• No Summary (Add Here)

361 :14x26 - Quartermaine's Terms

• No Summary (Add Here)

Season 15

364 :15x01 - In Concert: The New Jersey Chamber Music Society and the Tokyo String Quartet

A performance taped earlier in 1987 at the Union Congregational Church in Upper Montclair, New Jersey; featuring the New Jersey Chamber Music Society and the internationally acclaimed Tokyo String Quartet.

365 :15x02 - Music Makers: An ASCAP Celebration of American Music

A presentation saluting the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), which was founded in 1914. The program was taped at Wolf Trap Farm Park in June 1987, and features performers from every aspect of the music industry: Broadway and Hollywood, country and folk, pop and jazz, gospel and blues, classical and rock.

366 :15x03 - David Gordon's Made in U.S.A.

Dance In America

Three ballets, written and constructed by David Gordon, are offered with Mikhail Baryshnikov as the star performer. The works are: "Valda and Misha," "TV Nine Lives," and "Murder." The first of the ballets ("Valda and Misha") was commissioned specifically for this telecast.

367 :15x04 - Aida

A performance of Verdi's opera that was taped on October 15, 1987 at Houston's Wortham Theater Center - the home of the Houston Grand Opera.

368 :15x05 - Tales From the Hollywood Hills: Natica Jackson

"Natica Jackson" is the first episode in the three-part series, "Tales From the Hollywood Hills." The stories are all set in Hollywood's golden era of the 1930's. John O'Hara's "Natica Jackson" deals with an actress who is tired of being alone and enters into an affair with a married man after a chance encounter from a minor fender-bender.

369 :15x06 - Tales From the Hollywood Hills: A Table at Ciro's

"A Table at Ciro's" is the second segment in the "Tales From the Hollywood Hills" collection of stories. This Budd Shulberg drama deals with the head of a film studio who plans a small dinner party at a nightclub named Ciro's, creating the opportunity for the guests and the staff of the nightclub to advance their careers. The host also has plans to put the moves on a naive young actress.

370 :15x07 - Tales From the Hollywood Hills: Pat Hobby Teamed With Genius

"Pat Hobby Teamed With Genius" is the third segment in the "Tales From the Hollywood Hills" collection of stories airing on "Great Performances". This presentation is adapted from three of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Pat Hobby Stories," and deals with a hard luck Hollywood screenwriter who starts an unlikely collaboration with a British playwright.

371 :15x08 - Celebrating Gershwin: (Part 1) The Jazz Age

Part One of a two-part special that celebrates the music and life of composer George Gershwin. The first part, "The Jazz Age," traces the composer's career from 1919 when he had his first hit, "Swanee," through the 20's when he composed his first big orchestral piece, "Rhapsody in Blue."

372 :15x09 - Celebrating Gershwin: (Part 2) 'S Wonderful!

Part Two of a two-part special that celebrates the music and life of composer George Gershwin. The second show, "'S Wonderful," concentrates on the music in the last years of Gershwin's life. He died on July 11, 1937, of a brain tumor; he was just 38. Performances highlight the Hollywood scores, Broadway musicals, and other music influenced by European classical masters that he wrote in the 1930's.

373 :15x10 - Asinamali!

A performance of a South African drama that probes the roots of injustice under apartheid. "Asinamali!", which in Zulu means "we have no money", concerns five prison inmates who recount the crimes for which they were arrested. Their stories, darkly hilarious, expand into a nightmare version of life under apartheid. It was written and directed by South African playwright Mbongeni Ngema, and was filmed at Johannesburg's famed Market Theater.

374 :15x11 - Christmas With Flicka

Frederica Von Stade, Melba Moore and Rex Smith sing Christmas music from the Alpine village of St. Wolfgang, Austria.

375 :15x12 - Wolf Trap Presents the Kirov Ballet: Swan Lake

Leningrad's Kirov Ballet dances to Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake' in a 1986 performance at Wolf Trap's Filene Center during the Kirov's 16-day American tour, their first U.S. visit in nearly a quarter century.

376 :15x13 - Toscanini: The Maestro

More than 30 years after his death at the age of 89, Arturo Toscanini's name remains synonymous with excellence and uncompromising dedication. The reasons are made clear in this in-depth profile of the conductor, featuring music from the renowned NBC Symphony telecasts.

377 :15x14 - Paul Taylor: "Roses" and "Last Look"

Dance In America

The Paul Taylor Dance Company performs two 1985 masterworks - "Roses" and "Last Look" - that demonstrate the versatility of Taylor's choreography. Also included is an interview with the choreographer.

378 :15x15 - The Turn of the Screw

Benjamin Britten's "The Turn of the Screw" compresses the events of Henry James' story into a two-hour chamber opera. The subject, the corruption of innocence, is one that often inspired Britten - and in this 1954 creation, it is expressed through a plot involving evil supernatural forces, two children and their troubled governess.

379 :15x16 - Balanchine and Cunningham: An Evening at American Ballet Theatre

Dance In America

The American Ballet Theatre performs George Balanchine's "La Sonnambula" and Merce Cunningham's "Duets" in this "Dance in America" presentation; taped in Denmark in July, 1987. Also included is an interview taped in New York in September, 1987, with Mikhail Baryshnikov, in which he discusses the two master choreographers.

380 :15x17 - Don Giovanni

A presentation of Mozart's opera, taped in the Summer of 1987 at the Salzburg Festival and commemorating the 200th anniversary of the opera's premiere in Prague in 1787. The opera is based on the legend of Don Juan, the Spanish libertine and seducer. The program also includes a tour of Salzburg, and a personal view of the city by Samuel Ramey, the Don Giovanni of the production.

381 :15x18 - Wolf Trap Salutes Dizzy Gillespie: A Tribute to the Jazz Master

Great Performances presents a concert taped at Wolf Trap Farm Park in June 1987, celebrating Dizzy Gillespie's 70th birthday. Included are film clips of Dizzy with other historical figures in jazz, stills and sound recordings, and interviews with friends and colleagues.

382 :15x19 - Bacall on Bogart

Narrated by Lauren Bacall, this documentary focuses on the life and career of actor Humphrey Bogart. The program includes film clips and outtakes, interviews with Bogart's costars, directors and friends, and footage from Bogart and Bacall's home movies. "Bacall on Bogart" was nominated for a 1988 Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Informational Special.

383 :15x20 - Pavarotti Returns to Naples

A presentation featuring Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti in the city of Naples in southern Italy, greeting its people and singing its songs.

384 :15x21 - Bernstein on Brahms: Reflections and Performance (Part 6)

Brahms' Symphony No. 3, one of his most immense and mysterious works, is discussed and conducted by Leonard Bernstein as he leads the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in this presentation; filmed in the historic "Golden Hall" of Vienna's Musikverein.

385 :15x22 - The Miser

A presentation of Moliere's classic play about a widower who allows his miserliness to rule his whole existence and that of his children.

386 :15x23 - On the Move: The Central Ballet of China

A documentary that follows a group of young Chinese dancers on their first visit to America as they attend dance workshops and make their debut performance in New York. Included are interviews with dancers and dance instructors, and masterclasses with Paul Taylor, Suki Schorer, and Alvin Ailey.

387 :15x24 - Nixon in China

A three-hour world premiere telecast from the Houston Grand Opera of the minimalist and romantic opera documenting Richard Nixon's historic trip to China.

388 :15x25 - Von Karajan In Salzburg

A "Great Performances" presentation which follows conductor Herbert von Karajan through five weeks of preparation and performances during Europe's 1987 Salzburg Festival. The program captures the maestro discussing his life and work backstage and rehearsing the Vienna Philharmonic for their performance of Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni" and a Wagner concert.

389 :15x26 - Once in a Lifetime

A presentation of George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart's classic play, set in Hollywood in the 1920's, about three vaudeville players who seek their fortunes teaching silent film stars how to talk.

390 :15x27 - The Silents: (2) Our Hospitality

A completely restored and electronically improved version "Our Hospitality" (1923), which is generally considered to be Buster Keaton's first true feature film. The story is Keaton's take-off on the Hatfield and McCoy feud. He casts himself as a young man raised on his aunt's farm in Manhattan who, after coming of age, heads South to collect his inheritance.

Season 16

391 :16x01 - The Mikado

A retelling of the classic Gilbert & Sullivan operetta by the English National Opera in the style of a Busby Berkeley/Marx Brothers film set in a seaside English hotel.

392 :16x02 - Tales From the Hollywood Hills: The Old Reliable

Great Performances presents a new trilogy of "Tales From the Hollywood Hills", short stories based on the works of famous authors who at one time made Tinseltown their home.

"The Old Reliable" is a tale about former silent film star Adela Cork, of whom it is said "she slept her way to the middle". She offers her four ex-husbands, all heads of major studios, the chance to pay in order to keep her from publishing her naughty memoirs.

393 :16x03 - Tales From the Hollywood Hills: Golden Land

Great Performances presents a new trilogy of "Tales From the Hollywood Hills", short stories based on the works of famous authors who at one time made Tinseltown their home.

"Golden Land" is an adaptation of a short story by William Faulkner and set in Hollywood's heyday. It's about a Nebraska businessman whose values crumble and family drifts apart as he succumbs to a decadent lifestyle while seeking fame and fortune.

394 :16x04 - Tales From the Hollywood Hills: The Closed Set

Great Performances presents a new trilogy of "Tales From the Hollywood Hills", short stories based on the works of famous authors who at one time made Tinseltown their home.

"The Closed Set" is a dramatic adaptation of a short story by Gavin Lambert set in 1950's Hollywood concerning a young director seduced by the deadly charms of a fading movie star who forms her own production company to make her comeback.

395 :16x05 - The Silents: (3) The Eagle

Great Performances presents a newly restored - and scored - version of "The Eagle", a 1925 silent classic. It stars Rudolph Valentino as a Russian Robin Hood who woos and wins the hand of a beauty, incurring the wrath of a lady he rejected along the way.

396 :16x06 - Nureyev's Cinderella

A production by the Paris Opera Ballet of the classic tale of Cinderella set in the art deco world of Hollywood in the 1930's.

397 :16x07 - Maria Callas: An Operatic Biography

With this presentation subtitled "The Woman Behind the Diva", Great Performances profiles opera legend Maria Callas. The special includes never-before-seen footage of concert and operatic performances and interviews with friends and key people in the opera world.

398 :16x08 - John Gielgud: An Actor's Life

A profile of 84 year old British actor John Gielgud. The special features stills and excerpts from his films and television plays. Clips include two from the documentary made of his "Ages of Man" show. The heart of the program is an interview with Gielgud, conducted over several days earlier this year by John Miller, who was also the program's producer. Gielgud recalls with candor his successes and flops, his youthful arrogance in announcing that he was going to be a star, and his excessive early mannerisms against which kindly colleagues warned him.

399 :16x09 - Madama Butterfly

The Lyric Opera of Chicago's 1985 production of Puccini's opera, set in the late nineteenth century in the city of Nagasaki, about a young Japanese woman who weds an American naval officer who later abandons her and the child she bore him.

400 :16x10 - Baryshnikov Dances Balanchine

Dance In America

Mikhail Baryshnikov dances the lead role in two Balanchine ballets - Stravinsky's classic "Apollo" and Gershwin's jazzy "Who Cares?"

401 :16x11 - Melba (Part 1)

Great Performances presents a four-part dramatization about the life of world-renowned opera star Nellie Melba, whose career spanned 40 years beginning in 1885. The story follows Melba from her early days as a plantation owner's wife in Australia to her stardom in the opera houses and courts of Europe. The drama explores the personal cost of Melba's decision to dedicate herself to music.

402 :16x12 - Melba (Part 2)

Part Two of a four-part dramatization about the life of world-renowned opera star Nellie Melba, whose career spanned 40 years beginning in 1885. The story follows Melba from her early days as a plantation owner's wife in Australia to her stardom in the opera houses and courts of Europe. The drama explores the personal cost of Melba's decision to dedicate herself to music.

403 :16x13 - Melba (Part 3)

Part Three of a four-part dramatization about the life of world-renowned opera star Nellie Melba, whose career spanned 40 years beginning in 1885. The story follows Melba from her early days as a plantation owner's wife in Australia to her stardom in the opera houses and courts of Europe. The drama explores the personal cost of Melba's decision to dedicate herself to music.

404 :16x14 - Melba (Part 4)

Part Four of a four-part dramatization about the life of world-renowned opera star Nellie Melba, whose career spanned 40 years beginning in 1885. The story follows Melba from her early days as a plantation owner's wife in Australia to her stardom in the opera houses and courts of Europe. The drama explores the personal cost of Melba's decision to dedicate herself to music.

405 :16x15 - Wynton Marsalis: Blues and Swing

A Great Performances special featuring trumpet player Wynton Marsalis in concert with his jazz quartet. Also included are scenes of Marsalis coaching young musicians in a master class at Harvard University and a younger group of students at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C.

406 :16x16 - Linda Ronstadt: Canciones de mi Padre

The Great Performances presentation of Linda Ronstadt's musical "Canciones de mi Padre" ("Songs of My Father"). The concert features Linda Ronstadt in a revue of Mexican ballads, romantic dances, and festive songs.

407 :16x17 - Gregory Hines: Tap Dance in America

Dance In America

A Great Performances presentation, hosted by Gregory Hines, featuring performances by some of today's best tap-dancers. The show also includes a tribute to legendary tap-dancer Honi Coles. Performed before an audience of tap-dancers at the former Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe in New York City.

408 :16x18 - Bernstein at 70

Celebrities from Broadway and classical and pop music join the Boston Symphony Orchestra at their summer home, the Tanglewood Music Festival, in a gala seventieth birthday salute to the American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein.

409 :16x19 - La Sylphide

Dance In America

Great Performances presents the Pennsylvania and Milwaukee Ballet's performance of "La Sylphide", the classic ballet by August Bournoville. Set in Scotland, "La Sylphide" centers around a young farmer who is captivated by a sylph (that is, a nymph, woodsprite, spirit). When he attempts to capture her with a magic shawl, she dies in his arms.

410 :16x20 - The New Moon: New City Opera at Wolf Trap

A production of Sigmund Romberg's swashbuckling operetta set in 18th-century New Orleans. Members of the New York City Opera perform from Wolf Trap Farm Park. In the operetta, Robert Mission works as a bondservant in New Orleans in 1792 to avoid detection that he is really a French nobleman wanted for murder. He is in love with Marianne Beaunoir, the beautiful and headstrong daughter of his master, a rich shipowner. Robert is captured and ordered back to France for execution, but is rescued by his followers. With Marianne at his side, he establishes a colony of freemen on the Isle of Pines, off the coast of Florida.

411 :16x21 - A Night at the Joffrey

Dance In America

The Joffrey Ballet performs Sir Frederick Ashton's "Monotones II," William Forsythe's "Love Songs," and Gerald Arpino's "Round of Angels." Each work is introduced by its respective choreographer.

412 :16x22 - Testimony

Great Performances presents "Testimony", a Tony Palmer film biography of the Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975). Shostakovich, portrayed by Ben Kingsley, was part of the first generation of composers educated entirely under the Soviet system. The film features footage from newsreels and documentaries, clips from theatrical films, and scenes of musicians in formal performances.

413 :16x23 - Philadelphia Orchestra With Andre Watts at Wolf Trap

A Great Performances special featuring The Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Yuri Temirkanov and pianist Andre Watts, performing works by Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff and Benjamin Britten. Taped during a live performance from Wolf Trap Farm Park.

414 :16x24 - Rossini's Cinderella

A Great Performances presentation of Gioacchino Rossini's comic opera based on the popular fairy tale, "Cinderella." The production was taped at the 1988 Salzburg Festival.

415 :16x25 - The Aspern Papers

Great Performances presents this telecast of Dominick Argento's opera based on Henry James' novella of the same name. In the opera, set in a crumbling villa on Lake Como, Italy, in 1895 (with flashbacks to 1835), a long-retired and reclusive diva lives with her unmarried niece. A scholar charms his way into their impoverished household where he rents rooms in order to work on the biography of the late composer Jeffrey Aspern. The lodger suspects that the diva, once Aspern's mistress, knows the location of the composer's lost opera, "Medea." In an attempt to discover its whereabouts, he woos her middle-aged niece, who destroys the manuscript when she learns of the lodger's true intentions.

Season 17

416 :17x01 - Show Boat

Great Performances presents a production of Jerome Kern's classic 1928 musical, "Show Boat." Set aboard Mississippi riverboats at the turn of the century, it tells the story of the bittersweet romance between Magnolia Hawkes, daughter of the "Cotton Blossom" captain, and Gaylord Ravenal, a rakish riverboat gambler.

417 :17x02 - Our Town

A performance of the 1989 Broadway revival of Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize-winning play about life in a small New England town at the turn of the century.

418 :17x03 - Relatively Speaking

A Great Performances presentation of the 1967 Alan Ayckbourn farce which examines the subject of love as a juggling act of romantic relationships, including adultery and mistaken identity.

419 :17x04 - An Evening with Alan Jay Lerner

Great Performances presents this production of a fund-raising gala honoring lyricist Alan Jay Lerner, taped from Lincoln Center in New York City.
Guest Stars: Alan Jay Lerner as Himself

420 :17x05 - Richard Burton: In From the Cold (Part 1)

Part One of a two-part documentary examining the life and career of actor Richard Burton, who died in 1984. Included are clips from Burton's stage and screen performances and interviews with family members.

421 :17x06 - Richard Burton: In From the Cold (Part 2)

Part Two of a two-part documentary examining the life and career of actor Richard Burton, who died in 1984. Included are clips from Burton's stage and screen performances and interviews with family members.

422 :17x07 - L'Africaine

A performance of Giacomo Meyerbeer's opera "L'Africaine," staged at the San Francisco Opera. Set in the early sixteenth century, the opera tells the story of the Portuguese navigator Vasco Da Gama and the two women who love him.

423 :17x08 - Michael Tilson Thomas Conducts Miami's New World Symphony

Great Performances presents A documentary on the newly formed orchestra of young musicians, Miami's New World Symphony, conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas.

424 :17x09 - The Abduction From the Seraglio

A performance of Mozart's comic opera, "The Abduction From the Seraglio", taped at the Salzburg Festival. Set in a Turkish harem, the opera concerns the escapades of a young couple trying to elude the grip of a powerful pasha.

425 :17x10 - The Search For Nijinsky's Rite of Spring

Dance In America

A performance of the Joffrey Ballet's reconstruction of the 1913 Nijinsky ballet, "The Rite of Spring." The broadcast also includes a documentary detailing the story of the original production at the Ballet Russe in Paris, at the first performance of which a riot broke out in the theater, and the story of how the Joffrey reproduced it.

426 :17x11 - The Silents: (4) Broken Blossoms

D.W. Griffith’s silent film classic, restored by film historians David Gill and Kevin Brownlow, is introduced by one of the movie's stars, Lillian Gish. The film tells the story of a mystical, fragile romance in London's foggy slums between a young, gentle, opium-addicted Chinese man and an illegitimate Cockney waif, who is abused and ultimately killed by her brutish, bigoted prize-fighting father. The purest dreams of the couple, both "broken blossoms", are destroyed by the sordid reality of racism.

427 :17x12 - American Indian Dance Theater: Finding the Circle

Dance In America

A program of traditional Native American dances encompassing a diverse range of sacred, seasonal, and celebratory Indian movement and music. Company members talk about their art and its special role in Indian life in segments taped at an intertribal powwow in Oklahoma and at the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. Performed by the American Indian Dance Theater, a two-year-old company of Native American dancers from more than a dozen tribes.

428 :17x13 - The Winslow Boy

A two-hour performance of Terence Rattigan's play set in England just before World War I. A young cadet, Ronnie Winslow, is expelled from the Royal Naval College when he is accused of petty theft. His father, making a considerable sacrifice, fights for two years to prove the boy's innocence. Ronnie is championed by the country's leading barrister, and the case becomes a national issue of individual liberty.

429 :17x14 - The Margot Fonteyn Story

Dance In America

Ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn remembers her life, from her first dancing lesson through her international ballet career. Fonteyn discusses her professional as well as her personal life. Also included are interviews with her colleagues.

430 :17x15 - Bob Fosse: Steam Heat

Dance In America

A documentary profile of director/choreographer Bob Fosse. Includes clips from his films and television specials as well as interviews with Fosse, remembrances from his friends, and commentary by Gwen Verdon.

431 :17x16 - Mozart in Salzburg

Great Performances celebrates the life and music of Mozart in a gala from the Salzburg Music Festival. The program also explores other sites in historic Salzburg.

432 :17x17 - Music By Richard Rodgers

Shirley Jones hosts this musical tribute to composer Richard Rodgers. The presentation uses film clips and newly taped performances of musicals in which Rodgers collaborated.

433 :17x18 - Julie Andrews In Concert

A broadcast of Julie Andrews' one-woman show, "An Evening With Julie Andrews," recorded live on stage at the Wiltern Theatre. In the show, Andrews reviews her life in song, concluding with a tribute to Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, composers of two of her most popular shows, "My Fair Lady" and "Camelot."

434 :17x19 - Solti's Beethoven: The Fifth Symphony Revisited

Great Performances presents the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of its music director, Sir Georg Solti, performing Beethoven's "Fifth Symphony." Solti discusses his "nontraditional" interpretation of the work, which is really a strict adherence to Beethoven's own tempo markings.

435 :17x20 - Dancing For Mr. B: Six Balanchine Ballerinas

Dance In America

A documentary that focuses on six women whose careers as Balanchine ballerinas span four decades. The program includes footage featuring these women dancing in major works.

436 :17x21 - A Tudor Evening With American Ballet Theatre

Dance In America

A performance by the American Ballet Theatre of two ballets choreographed by Antony Tudor, "Dark Elegies" and "Jardin aux Lilas." Former Tudor dancers Agnes DeMille and Maude Lloyd appear in a documentary tribute.

437 :17x22 - Largo Desolato

A fictionalized autobiographical play written by Czechoslovakian playwright-turned-president Vaclav Havel. The play was penned in 1984 upon his release from a four and a half year prison term for political subversion. It focuses on two days in the life of a dissident writer who is awaiting the knock at the door that may send him to prison.

438 :17x23 - The Orchestra

Noted MTV maven Zbig Rybczynski turns his high-tech video technique on classical music for Great Performances.

439 :17x24 - Letters From the Park

A romantic tale about a young Cuban couple in 1913 who are courting through the intermediary of a professional letter writer, whose alfresco office consists of a desk in the town plaza.

Season 18

18x?? - Balanchine in America

Dance In America

The New York City Ballet performs two major ballets by George Balanchine: "Serenade", danced to Tchaikovsky's Serenade in C Major, and "Western Symphony", danced to Hershy Kay's arrangements of American folk songs.

18x?? - Hamlet

A New York Shakespeare Festival production of "Hamlet" with Kevin Kline in the title role.

18x?? - Harry Connick, Jr. & His Orchestra: Swinging Out With Harry

Crooner, composer, bandleader, honky-tonk piano player - 22 year old New Orleans native Harry Connick, Jr. is one of the most versatile new pop and jazz artists to have emerged in the past few years. This concert program captures Connick solo, with his jazz trio, and with a full orchestra, live in concert from the Majestic Theater in Dallas.

18x?? - Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman Sing Spirituals

Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman lead a gospel chorus in an evening of American Spirituals. James Levine conducts the chorus and full orchestra in this performance from Carnegie Hall.

18x?? - Ballerinas: Dances by Peter Martins

Dance In America

Five eclectic ballets by New York City Ballet's Peter Martins are danced by that company's most acclaimed principal dancers, including the final performances of Suzanne Farrell and Patricia McBride.

18x?? - In Motion with Michael Moschen

Dance In America

This freewheeling program centers on virtuoso performer Michael Moschen - who combines dance, juggling, performance art, and comedy.

18x?? - The Colored Museum

A satire lampooning the icons of Black-American art and culture in a series of ten sketches. Based on the 1986 play, "The Colored Museum," by George C. Wolfe, originally produced by New Jersey's Crossroads Theatre Company. The skits are entitled: "Git on Board," "Cookin' With Aunt Ethel," "The Photo Session," "Soldier With a Secret," "The Gospel According to Miss Roj," "The Hairpiece," "Symbiosis," "The Last Mama-on-the-Couch Play," "Permutations" and "The Party."

18x?? - Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Steps Ahead

Dance In America

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performs its tribute to the late jazz great Charlie "Bird" Parker "For Bird - With Love", a full-company work choreographed by the late Alvin Ailey. "Episodes" is a highly charged dance choreographed by former Ailey dancer Ulysses Dove to an electronic score by Robert Ruggieri. Judith Jamison, the company's artistic director, introduces the program.

18x?? - The Fred Astaire Songbook

It is a well-kept secret that Fred Astaire liked one thing more than dancing - singing. This secret was shared by the great composers who came to Hollywood to collaborate with him. This program focuses on the songs of Gershwin, Berlin, Porter and others that Astaire introduced and turned into classics.

Season 26

26x01 - Carnegie Hall Opening Night 1998

The San Francisco Orchestra salutes George Gershwin.

26x02 - Zizi, Je T'Aime

French ballerina Zizi Jeanmaire and her husband, choreographer Roland Petit, are featured in a documentary film.

Season 27

27x03 - My Favourite Broadway: the Leading Ladies

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Guest Stars: Anna Kendrick as Herself | Linda Eder as Herself | Dorothy Loudon as Herself | Andrea McArdle as Herself | Marin Mazzie as Herself | Julie Andrews as Herself | Nell Carter as Herself | Lea DeLaria as Herself | Jennifer Holliday as Herself | Dee Hoty as Herself | Judy Kuhn as Herself | Priscilla Lopez as Herself | Rebecca Luker as Herself | Audra McDonald as Herself | Liza Minnelli as Herself | Debra Monk as Herself | Bebe Neuwirth as Herself | Rosie O'Donnell as Herself | Faith Prince as Herself | Elaine Stritch as Herself | Karen Ziemba as Herself | Robert Morse (1) as Himself | Tony Roberts as Himself

Season 33

33x01 - Dance in America: Beyond the Steps---Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

“Beyond the Steps: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater” is an absorbing look at the company performing in Russia, the creation of the new ballet “Love Stories,” and the group's new Manhattan facility. Included: comments from artistic director Judith Jamison, associate artistic director Masazumi Chaya, executive director Sharon Gersten Luckman, general manager Calvin Hunt, impresario Paul Szilard, and dancers Dwana Adiaha Smallwood, Guillermo Asca and Denise Jefferson.

33x02 - Garrison Keillor’s Independence Day Special: A Prairie Home Companion at Tanglewood

“Garrison Keillor's Independence Day Special: A Prairie Home Companion at Tanglewood.” Meryl Streep joins humorist Keillor for a concert version of the popular radio program, featuring the host's annual Lake Wobegon Fourth of July speech, along with characters from the show and the Hopeful Gospel Quartet, the Wailin' Jennys and Guy's All-Star Shoe Band. Taped July 1, 2006, at the Tanglewood Music Festival in Lenox, Mass.
Guest Stars: Garrison Keillor as Himself

33x03 - Bruce Springsteen: the Seeger Sessions Live at St. Luke’s

At St. Luke's Church in London, Bruce Springsteen and his Seeger Sessions Band perform folk-music classics, mixing rock, blues, country, ragtime and folk to deliver a glorious gumbo of American music. Included: Blind Alfred Reed's “How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live,” featuring three new verses inspired by events in New Orleans; the antiwar “Mrs. McGrath”; “O Mary Don't You Weep”; “Pay Me My Money Down”; “John Henry”; “Jacob's Ladder”; “My Oklahoma Home”; and “We Shall Overcome.”
Guest Stars: Bruce Springsteen as Himself

33x04 - Vittorio: Dreams of Rome

“Vittorio: Dreams of Rome” features tenor Vittorio Grigolo in concert. Songs include “Maria,” “Bedshaped (Cosi)” and “All in Love Is Fair.” Romano Musumarra conducts. Taped at Hadrian's Villa, built by the emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century, near Rome.

33x05 - Dance in America: `Jewels' from the Paris Opera Ballet

“ `Jewels' from the Paris Opera Ballet.” George Balanchine's 1967 work is divided into three parts, “Emeralds,” “Rubies” and “Diamonds,” and set to music by (respectively) Faure, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky. Kader Belarbi, Aurelie Dupont, Mathieu Ganio, Marie-Agnes Gillot, Agnes Letestu, Clairemarie Osta, Laetitia Pujol. Paul Connelly conducts the Paris Opera Orchestra. Taped at the Palais Garnier in November 2005.

33x06 - The Vienna State Opera: 50th Anniversary Reopening Concert

“The Vienna State Opera: 50th Anniversary Reopening Concert.” Performers include Placido Domingo, Bryn Terfel and Thomas Hampson in selections by Beethoven, Verdi and Mozart. Among those offering WWII memories is Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. Highlights include Domingo and Agnes Balta's Act 4 duet from “Aida”; Terfel's Hans Sachs' Monolog; Hampson's Champagne Aria (“Don Giovanni”). Zubin Mehta is among the conductors of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and Chorus. Taped in November 2005.

33x07 - Mozart at 250: the Salzburg Festival Celebration

“Mozart at 250: The Salzburg Festival Celebration.” Baritone Thomas Hampson and soprano Anna Netrebko are among the performers, with Daniel Harding conducting the Vienna Philharmonic. Also appearing: bass Rene Pape, sopranos Patricia Petibon and Ekaterina Siurina, mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kozena and tenor Michael Schade. Highlights include “Rivolgete,” from Cosi fan tutte (Hampson); and the Act 3 Elettra aria from Idomeneo (Netrebko). Included: a tour of the city.

Season 34

34x01 - Carnegie Hall Opening Night 2006

Season 34 starts with “Carnegie Hall Opening Night 2006.” Bass-baritone Thomas Quasthoff and pianist Leif Ove Andsnes join conductor Franz Welser-Möst and the Cleveland Orchestra. Quasthoff performs songs from Mahler's “Des Knaben Wunderhorn”; Andsnes plays Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 17. The orchestra also plays works by Johann Strauss and Franz von Suppé (including Suppé's “Light Cavalry Overture”). Paula Zahn hosts

34x02 - A Tribute to James Taylor

“A Tribute to James Taylor.” Performers include Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Carole King, Sting, Bonnie Raitt, the Dixie Chicks, Indie.Arie, Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Sheryl Crow, Dr. John, Taj Mahal, Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, Keith Urban and Cheech Marin. Among the selections: “Rainy Day Man” (Raitt); “You Can Close Your Eyes” (Sting); “Millworker” (Springsteen); “You've Got a Friend” (King, Taylor); “Fire and Rain” (Taylor). Taped Feb. 6, 2006, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Himself | James Taylor (1) as Himself

34x03 - Beverly Sills: Made in America

“Beverly Sills: Made in America” is a delightful look at the coloratura soprano's career. “Mine was the American dream for the opera singer,” says Sills (1929-2007), who's shown in scenes from operas, TV and talk shows. Included: arias from “Manon,” “The Merry Widow” and other operas. Clips with Johnny Carson, Dick Frost, Merv Griffin, Dinah Shore, Danny Kaye, Carol Burnett, Dean Martin, Lily Tomlin and the Muppets. Also: Sills singing in a 1936 film short. Introduction by Barbara Walters.

34x04 - Garrison Keillor’s New Year’s Eve Special

“Garrison Keillor's New Year's Eve Special.” The humorist hosts a program featuring Emmylou Harris, Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, fiddler Stuart Duncan, guitarist Buddy Emmons. Also: “Prairie Home Companion” regulars Fred Newman and Rich Dworsky. From Nashville's Ryman Auditorium.
Guest Stars: Garrison Keillor as Himself

34x05 - From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2007

“From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2007”: Zubin Mehta conducts the Vienna Philharmonic in music mostly by Johann Strauss. Included: “Blue Danube Waltz” (danced by Lucia Lacarra and Cyril Pierre), the “Waldmeister” Overture, “Where the Lemons Bloom Waltz,” “City and Country Polka,” “Mysterious Powers of Magnetism” (with dancers at the Palace Hof), “Irene Polka”, “Sailors Polka” and “Radetzky March.” Hosted by Walter Cronkite. From the Musikverein concert hall.

34x06 - Sting: Songs from the Labyrinth

“Sting: Songs From the Labyrinth” features the works of composer John Dowland (1563-1626) performed by Sting and lute player Edin Karamazov. Included: “Come Again,” “Flow My Tears,” “Can She Excuse My Wrongs?” and “In Darkness Let Me Dwell.” Also: comments from guitarist Anthony Rooley and rock keyboardist David Pinto.
Guest Stars: Sting as Himself

34x07 - Loreena McKennitt: Nights from the Alhambra

Folksinger Loreena McKennitt performs at the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. Songs include “Bonny Portmore” and “The Mummers' Dance.”

34x08 - Jerry Lee Lewis: Last Man Standing

Rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis performs with Solomon Burke, John Fogerty, Buddy Guy, Merle Haggard, Don Henley, Chris Isaak, Nora Jones and Tom Jones. Also appearing: Willie Nelson, Ivan Neville, Kid Rock and Ron Wood. Songs include “Your Cheatin' Heart,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “Honky Tonk Woman,” “Green Green Grass of Home” and “Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On'.”
Guest Stars: Jerry Lee Lewis as Himself | Kid Rock as Himself

34x09 - Barenboim on Beethoven

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Season 35

35x01 - We Love Ella!: a Tribute to the First Lady of Song

A tribute to jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald (1917-96) includes performances by Stevie Wonder, Patti Austin, Natalie Cole, Quincy Jones, Ruben Studdard, Nancy Wilson, Ledisi, Take 6, George Duke, Jon Faddis, Dave Koz, Monica Mancini, James Moody, Lizz Wright, and the USC Thornton Symphony and Jazz Orchestra.

35x02 - Dance in America: Dancing in the Light

Dance routines by black choreographers are highlighted in “Dance in America: Dancing in the Light.” Included: “Ostrich,” by Asadata Dafora; and “Barrelhouse Blues,” by Katherine Dunham. Also: “Strange Fruit,” by Pearl Primus; “Mourner's Bench,” by Talley Beatty; “Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder,” by Donald McKayle; and “D-Man in the Waters,” by Bill T. Jones. Hosted by Taye Diggs.
Guest Stars: Taye Diggs as Himself

35x03 - Respect Yourself: the Stax Records Story

Dance routines by black choreographers are highlighted in “Dance in America: Dancing in the Light.” Included: “Ostrich,” by Asadata Dafora; and “Barrelhouse Blues,” by Katherine Dunham. Also: “Strange Fruit,” by Pearl Primus; “Mourner's Bench,” by Talley Beatty; “Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder,” by Donald McKayle; and “D-Man in the Waters,” by Bill T. Jones. Hosted by Taye Diggs.

35x04 - Lionel Richie: Live in Paris

Singer-songwriter Lionel Richie performs at Bercy Arena in Paris. The Commodores alum numbers include “Hello,” “Easy,” “All Night Long,” “Three Times a Lady” and “Dancing on the Ceiling.”
Guest Stars: Lionel Richie as Himself

35x05 - Nureyev: the Russian Years

A profile of ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev (1938-93), focusing on his life prior to his defection from the Soviet Union in 1961 while traveling with the Kirov Ballet in France. Included: performance footage; comments from choreographer Pierre Lacotte, Cuban dance teacher Menia Martinez, and ballerinas Ninel Kurgapkina and Ghislaine Thesmar

35x06 - Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival Chicago

Eric Clapton headlines a Chicago concert in Toyota Park to benefit the Crossroads Centre at Antigua, a substance-abuse treatment and education facility.
Guest Stars: Eric Clapton as Himself

35x07 - 'Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny' From LA Opera

Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht's opera “Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny,” featuring Audra McDonald, Patti LuPone and Anthony Dean. James Conlon conducts.

35x08 - From Vienna: the New Year's Celebration 2008

Conductor Georges Pretre leads the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as they perform selections from composer Johann Strauss. Also: visits to the Albertina Museum, the Spanish Riding School, and a park located near Karlskirche Church.

35x09 - Company

A bachelor celebrates his 35th birthday allong with five couples in the musical "Company." Included songs: "Being Alive," "Another Hundred People" and "The Ladies Who Lunch."

35x10 - The New York Philharmonic Live from North Korea

The New York Philharmonic, conducted by Lorin Maazel, performs at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater in North Korea. Included are selections by Antonin Dvorak, Richard Wagner and George Gershwin. Journalist Bob Woodruff provides coverage.

35x11 - Peter and the Wolf

Stop animation is used to tell Sergei Prokofiev's classic tale.

35x12 - Primo

Primo, a one-man play recalls a man's experiences in the Auschwitz prison camp towards the end of World War II. Based on the book, Survival in Auschwitz, by Primo Levi.
Guest Stars: Antony Sher as Primo
Story: Primo Levi

35x13 - La Fille du Régiment

This production of Donizetti's comedic "Fille du Régiment," features coloratura soprano Natalie Dessay stars as Marie, an orphan adopted by French troops, in an updated setting from the Napoleonic era to World War I.
Guest Stars: Juan Diego Flórez as Tonio | Natalie Dessay as Marie | Felicity Palmer as Marquise of Berkenfield | Alessandro Corbelli as Sgt. Sulpice | Marian Seldes as Duchess of Krakenthorp

Season 36

36x01 - Pavarotti: a Life in Seven Arias

A special remembrance of opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, through the use of concert footage and interviews with his friends and colleagues, including including tenors José Carreras and Plácido Domingo, plus singers Joan Sutherland, Montserrat Caballé, Renata Scotto and Juan Diego Flórez.

36x02 - Carnegie Hall Opening Night: a Celebration of Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein's musical legacy is celebrated by conductor Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Fransisco Symphony, opera singers Dawn Upshaw and Thomas Hampson, cellist Yo-Yo Ma and Broadway's Christine Ebersole.

36x03 - Dance in America: San Fransisco Ballet's Nutcracker

Kristi Yamaguchi introduces tonight's performance of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, by the San Fransisco Ballet. The production comes to us from the Panama Pacific International Exhibition.
Guest Stars: Maria Kochetkova as Clara | Davit Karapetyan as The Nutcracker Prince | Pierre-françois Vilanoba as Snow King | Yuan Yuan Tan as Snow Queen

36x04 - Doctor Atomic

The John Adams opera Doctor Atomic, is about physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer's testing of the Atomic bomb in New Mexico back in 1945.
Guest Stars: Sasha Cooke as Kitty Oppenheimer | Gerald Finley as J. Robert Oppenheimer | Eric Owens (2) as Gen. Leslie Groves | Richard Paul Fink as Edward Teller

36x05 - From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2009

The Vienna Philharmonic, lead by Daniel Barenboim, perform a variety of waltzes, marches and polkas, including Johann Strauss' "Blue Danube" waltz, "Thunder and Lightning" polka, and the "Gypsy Baron" overture. Also, Hayden's "Symphony 45, Fourth Movement" Joseph Hellmesberger's "Spanish Dance" and Johann Strauss Sr.'s "Zampa Gallop."

36x06 - Cyrano de Bergerac

From the Richard Rodgers Theater in New york City, Cyrano has unrequited love for a beautiful cousin named Roxanne, but feels unworthy of her because of his enormous nose. Cyrano writes poems for his love and asks his friend Christian to act as his double as he feeds him the lines, to try and win her heart.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Garner as Roxanne | Daniel Sunjata as Christian de Neuvillette | Kevin Kline as Cyrano de Bergerac

36x07 - King Lear

The Royal Shakespeare Company's rendition of King Lear, which features a monarch who makes plans to divide his kingdom between his three daughters, but leads to tragedy.

36x08 - Lucia di Lammermoor

Geatano Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor is a tragic opera in which a young woman is forced to marry a nobleman by her brother, despite being in love with another man.

36x09 - 'In The Heights': Chasing Broadway Dream

A look at the 2008 Tony Award-winning musical "In the Heights,' from pre-production to it's success on Broadway, featuring profiles and performance sequences of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the composer-lyricist and star, along with the rest with the cast.

36x10 - Chess: in Concert

From the Royal Albert Hall in London, the 2008 revival musical "Chess," using melodies from Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA fame, and Tim Rice lyrics, which tells the story of American and Russian chess players and the woman they both love.

36x11 - La Cenerentola

From the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, a performance of Rossini's adaption of "Cinderella," La Cenerentola, stars mezzo-soprano Elina Goranca in the lead role and tenor Lawrence Brownlee as her Prince Charming.

36x12 - Harlem in Montmartre

The story of the jazz age in Paris, as narrated by S. Epatha Merkerson, which began to flourish between WWI and WWII, after some black servicemen remained behind in Europe instead of going back to a segregated America.

36x13 - Karajan or As I See It

Classical music conductor Herbert Von Karajan (1908-1989) is profiled, who for 35 years had led the Berlin Philharmonic, worked with the Vienna Philharmonic and served as artistic director for the Vienna State Opera.

37x02 - Sting: A Winter's Night

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37x04 - La Bohème

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37x06 - Passing Strange

Great Performances looks at Passing Strange, the Spike Lee-directed film featuring the award-winning Broadway rock musical of the same title.

37x08 - Hamlet

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38x02 - Macbeth

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38x12 - Rigoletto from Mantua

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38x13 - Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2011

Valery Gergiev and the Vienna Philharmonic perform selections by Franz Lizst, Niccolo Paganini, Modest Mussorgsky and Johann Strauss II at Vienna's Schönbrunn Palace Gardens. Included: Liszt's "Les Preludes"; Paganini's Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major, 1st Movement; Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition"; Strauss' Wiener Blut, Walzer, op. 354.

Source: PBS

Season 39

39x01 - A Concert for New York

Alan Gilbert leads the New York Philharmonic, soprano Dorothea Röschmann, mezzo-soprano Michelle DeYoung and the New York Choral Artists in a performance of Mahler's Symphony No. 2, Resurrection, in a concert marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11. From Avery Fisher Hall at New York's Lincoln Center.

Source: PBS

39x02 - Plácido Domingo: My Favorite Roles

Placido Domingo reminisces about his favorite roles in this retrospective. The documentary, which also features his reflections on his childhood, includes his turn as Don Jose in "Carmen" at the Vienna Staatsoper; and performance in "El Gato Montes" from the L.A. Opera. Also: "Ernani" and "I Pagliacci" from La Scala in Milan; "La Gioconda" from the Vienna State Opera; "Luisa Miller" and "Simon Boccanegra" from the Metropolitan Opera; and "Samson and Dalila" from the San Francisco Opera.

Source: PBS

39x03 - Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk - A Celebration of New Orleans Blues

Hugh Laurie explores the rich musical traditions of New Orleans through a tour of the city and performances of a wide variety of tunes, including with Crescent City legends Allen Toussaint and Irma Thomas; and Welsh singer Tom Jones. Included: "Swanee River"; "You Don't Know My Mind"; "John Henry" (with Thomas); "St. James Infirmary"; "Buddy Bolden's Blues"; "Baby Please Make a Change" (with Jones and Thomas); "Let Them Talk"; "Tipitina."

Source: PBS

39x04 - PBS ARTS FROM MIAMI: GREAT PERFORMANCES - Miami City Ballet Dances Balanchine and Tharp (PMCB)

Edward Villella's Miami City Ballet performs George Balanchine's "Square Dance" (music by Antonio Vivaldi and Arcangelo Corelli) and "Western Symphony" (music by Hershy Kay); and Twyla Tharp's "The Golden Section" (music by David Byrne). Andy Garcia hosts.

Source: PBS


Placido Domingo stars in composer Daniel Catán's "Il Postino," an opera based on the Academy Award-winning Italian film. Host: Linda Ronstadt.

Source: PBS

39x07 - PBS ARTS FROM NEW YORK: GREAT PERFORMANCES - Andrea Bocelli Live in Central Park

Tenor Andrea Bocelli performs with the New York Philharmonic in New York's Central Park, where he's joined by Céline Dion; Tony Bennett; Chris Botti; David Foster; sopranos Ana María Martínez and Pretty Yende; bass baritone Bryn Terfel; violinist Nicola Benedetti; flutist Andrea Griminelli; and the Westminster Symphonic Choir. Selections include "La donna e mobile" from "Rigoletto"; "Ave Maria (Ellens dritter Gesang)"; "'O Sole Mio"; "Once Upon a Time in the West"; "Volare"; and "Amazing Grace."

Source: PBS

39x08 - From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2012

The Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna Boys' Choir celebrate the New Year with a concert of Strauss family favorites at Vienna's Musikverein. Conductor: Mariss Jansons. Host: Julie Andrews.

Source: PBS

39x09 - Herbie Hancock, Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Celebrate Gershwin

An all-Gershwin gala with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel, and jazz pianist Herbie Hancock. The orchestra performs "Rhapsody in Blue" and "An American in Paris"; Hancock performs "Someone to Watch Over Me." From Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A.

Source: PBS

39x10 - Let Me Down Easy

Anna Deavere Smith performs "Let Me Down Easy," her one-woman show in which she explores health issues through the experiences of real-life individuals (some famous, some not).

Source: PBS

39x11 - Tony Bennett: Duets II

The making of Tony Bennett's 2011 chart-topping "Duets II" album, which features some of his greatest hits recast as duets with various singers, is documented. The sessions include "Body and Soul" with Amy Winehouse; "The Lady Is a Tramp" with Lady Gaga; "How Do You Keep the Music Playing" with Aretha Franklin; "Stranger in Paradise" with Andrea Bocelli; "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" with Michael Bublé; "Speak Low" with Norah Jones; and "On the Sunny Side of the Street" with Willie Nelson.

Source: PBS

39x12 - Memphis

A performance of the Tony Award-winning musical "Memphis," about a white high-school dropout in 1950s Tennessee who becomes a disc jockey in order to promote the music of a black singer he's fallen for.

39x13 - The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall

This lavish production celebrates the 25th anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece. Starring Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom, Sierra Boggess as his protege Christine Daae, and Hadley Fraser as Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, the romantic trio is backed by a complete cast and orchestra of more than 200, as well as surprise special guest appearances.

39x14 - The Thomashefskys: Music and Memories of a Life in the Yiddish Theater

Explores the American Yiddish theater though the lives of Bessie and Boris Thomashefsky, the grandparents of San Francisco Symphony Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas.

39x15 - San Francisco Symphony at 100

Under the baton of Michael Tilson Thomas, the San Francisco Symphony marks its centennial season with an opening-night gala at Davies Symphony Hall, which features violinist Itzhak Perlman on Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor and pianist Lang Lang on Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 1 in E flat major. Interspersed throughout are historical documentaries about the symphony that are narrated by author Amy Tan, who also hosts.

Source: PBS

39x16 - Tanglewood 75th Anniversary Celebration

James Taylor, Yo-Yo Ma, pianists Emanuel Ax and Peter Serkin, violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops Orchestra perform at the 75th anniversary celebration of the Tanglewood Music Festival in western Massachusetts, which also features the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra and Tanglewood Festival Chorus. Included: Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man"; Ravel's "La Valse"; Beethoven's Choral Fantasy; and "Over the Rainbow," "Shall We Dance" and "Old Man River."

Source: PBS

39x17 - Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies

Twelve-year-old classical crossover prodigy Jackie Evancho sings movie songs at the Orpheum Theatre in L.A., including "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," "My Heart Will Go On," "Pure Imagination," "Some Enchanted Evening" and "What a Wonderful World." Other selections include "Come What May," "I See the Light," "The Music of the Night," "Reflection," "The Summer Knows" and "When I Fall in Love."

Source: PBS

39x18 - Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2012

The Vienna Philharmonic, under the baton of Gustavo Dudamel, perform their traditional open-air concert at Austria's Schönbrunn Palace Gardens. The program, which features a "Dances and Waves" theme, includes dancers from the Vienna State Opera Ballet; and selections from Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Debussy, Richard Strauss, Amilcare Ponchielli, Gerónimo Giménez and Johann Strauss II.

Source: PBS

Season 40

40x01 - Paul McCartney's Live Kisses

Paul McCartney performs songs from his 2012 "Kisses on the Bottom" album of pop standards at Capitol Studios in L.A., where he's joined by Diana Krall and Joe Walsh. Included: "Home"; "More I Cannot Wish You"; "Always"; "Bye Bye Blackbird"; "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter"; "The Glory of Love"; "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive"; and the original "My Valentine." Interspersed are interview segments with McCartney and "Kisses" collaborators Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Krall.

Source: PBS

40x02 - Rod Stewart: Merry Christmas, Baby

Grammy Award-winning, two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Rod Stewart, hosts his first holiday special. The legendary rocker performs classic songs from "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" to "Auld Lang Syne". Includes duets with Michael Buble, Cee-Lo Green, Mary J. Blige, and Ella Fitzgerald.

40x03 - Magical Mystery Tour Revisited

Previously unseen footage and remarks from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr accent this look at the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" movie, which was panned upon its 1967 BBC premiere but, in the years since, has come to be viewed as a flawed masterpiece by some. Also commenting: Martin Scorsese; Peter Fonda; Terry Gilliam; and Neil Innes.

Source: PBS

40x04 - The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles' Merry Pranksters-inspired "Magical Mystery Tour," fully restored and featuring a remixed soundtrack that includes the title song, "The Fool on the Hill," "Flying," "I Am the Walrus," "Blue Jay Way" and "Your Mother Should Know." The loose, unscripted story finds the Fab Four and friends setting off on a bus trip through the British countryside; and contains silliness, dream sequences and, of course, musical interludes.

Source: PBS

40x05 - From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2013

Stage and screen legend Julie Andrews returns for the fourth time to host the festive annual New Year’s celebration with the Vienna Philharmonic, under the direction of Franz Welser-Möst from Vienna’s Musikverein. This is Welser-Möst’s second time at the podium of this much cherished event; the last was 2011. From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2013, featuring the infectious melodies of the Strauss Family and contemporaries.

The venerable concert is the largest worldwide event in classical music reaching over a
billion people annually through radio and television in 72 countries. The Vienna Philharmonic’s traditional New Year’s program has showcased Viennese musical culture at the highest level, and since the first television broadcast in 1959, sent the world a New Year's greeting in the spirit of hope, friendship and peace. The telecast has been a public television tradition on PBS since 1985.
Guest Stars: Julie Andrews as Host

40x06 - Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy

From Yiddishkeit” (all things Jewish) on the stages of the Lower East Side to a wide range of shows including "Porgy and Bess", "West Side Story" and "Cabaret", "Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy" explores how Jewish music played a key role in many of America’s favorite musicals. The film, narrated by Joel Grey, explores the phenomenon of how Jewish songwriters created a uniquely American art form and explores the unique role of Jewish composers and lyricists in the creation of the modern American musical. Features interviews and conversations with some of the greatest composers and writers of the Broadway stage, and showcases the work of some of America's pre-eminent creators of musical theatre. Though these remarkable songwriters were purveyors of what we think of today as the Broadway sound, the documentary demonstrates how there were echoes of Jewish strains in many of the works.

40x07 - Paul Simon's Graceland Journey

The making of Paul Simon's 1986 "Graceland" album is recalled in this documentary, which accompanies the singer-songwriter on a visit to South Africa, where he reunites with some of the musicians involved in the recording. The album has sold more than 14 million copies and is considered one of the touchstone recordings of its time, yet the success and acclaim did not come without controversy: Simon was criticized for breaking a cultural boycott then in place against apartheid-era South Africa.

Source: PBS

40x08 - Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino

The Italian fishing village of Portofino, Italy is famous for its picturesque harbor and frequent celebrity visitors. For "Great Performances", it is the setting for international superstar tenor Andrea Bocelli to once again delight fans with a new concert special. With Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino, he puts classical music aside for an evening of international favorites inspired by the breathtaking coastal setting.

40x09 - The Paul Taylor Dance Company in Paris

Great Performances presents two of Paul Taylor’s masterworks: "Brandenburgs" and "Beloved Renegade". "Brandenburgs" is one of Taylor’s magnificent collection of works set to music by a master of the baroque. The dance’s exuberance matches the ferocious energy of Bach’s spirited concertos. "Beloved Renegade" is set to Francis Poulenc’s “Gloria.” The dance was inspired by the life and work of 19th Century American writer Walt Whitman, who revered the body and soul as one and who famously loved all with equal ardor. The dances were recorded last year at the Théâtre National de Chaillot during the Festival Les Étes de la Danse 2012; where the company dazzled audiences. The engagement in Paris marks The Company’s 50th Anniversary of its first appearance there in 1962.

40x10 - Dancing At Jacob's Pillow: Never Stand Still

Awarded the National Medal of Arts in March 2012, the beloved dance festival Jacob’s Pillow shows no signs of resting on its laurels. Narrated by director-choreographer Bill T. Jones, Dancing at Jacob’s Pillow: Never Stand Still chronicles the remarkable story of how an abandoned farm in western Massachusetts evolved into an international modern dance mecca. Also interwoven throughout this performance are documentary images and footage from the Pillow's rare and extensive archives.

40x11 - Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2013

Distinguished conductor Lorin Maazel leads the fifth annual Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2013 concert. This year’s gala concert revolves around the works of Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi, both of whom would have celebrated their 200th birthday this year, and features German Canadian tenor soloist Michael Schade.

The outdoor concert, in the magnificent baroque gardens of Imperial Schönbrunn Palace, was recorded May 30 during a windswept rainstorm. Selections from Verdi included the triumphal march from “Aida”, the overtures to “La Forza del Destino”, as well as “La mia letizia infondere” from “I Lombardi”. The Wagner selections featured the Grail Narrative from “Lohengrin” and music from his operas “The Mastersingers of Nuremberg”, “Tristan and Isolde”, and “Die Walküre”.

Source: PBS

Season 41

41x01 - The Hollow Crown - Shakespeare's History Plays: Richard II

King Richard is called upon to settle a dispute between his cousin, Henry Bolingbroke, and Thomas Mowbray. Richard calls for a duel but then halts it just before swords clash. Both men are banished from the realm. Richard visits John of Gaunt, Bolingbroke’s Father, who, in the throes of death, reprimands the King. After seizing Gaunt’s money and lands, Richard leaves for wars against the rebels in Ireland. Bolingbroke returns to claim back his inheritance. Supported by his allies, Northumberland and the Duke of York, Bolingbroke takes Richard prisoner and lays claim to the throne.

Source: PBS

41x02 - The Hollow Crown - Shakespeare's History Plays: Henry IV (Part 1)

The heir to the throne, Prince Hal, defies his father, King Henry, by spending his time at Mistress Quickly's tavern in the company of the dissolute Falstaff and his companions. The King is threatened by a rebellion led by Hal’s rival, Hotspur, Hotspur’s father Northumberland, and his uncle Worcester. In the face of this danger to the state, Prince Hal joins his father to defeat the rebels at the Battle of Shrewsbury and Kill Hotspur in hand-to-hand combat.

Source: PBS

41x03 - The Hollow Crown - Shakespeare's History Plays: Henry IV (Part 2)

In the aftermath of the Battle of Shrewsbury, Northumberland learns of the death of his son. The Lord Chief Justice attempts, on behalf of the increasingly frail King, to separate Falstaff from Prince Hal. The rebels continue to plot insurrection. Falstaff is sent to recruit soldiers and takes his leave of his mistress, Doll Tearsheet. The rebel forces are overcome. This brings comfort to the dying King, who is finally reconciled to his son. Falstaff rushes to Hal’s coronation with expectations of high office, only to be rebuffed by the former prince who has now become King Henry V.

Source: PBS

41x04 - The Hollow Crown - Shakespeare's History Plays: Henry V

Henry V has settled onto the throne and has the makings of a fine King. The French Ambassador brings a challenge from the French Dauphin. Inspired by his courtiers, including Exeter and York, Henry swears that he will, with all force, answer this challenge. The Chorus tells of England’s preparations for war and Henry’s army sails for France. After Exeter’s diplomacy is rebuffed by the French King, Henry lays a heavy siege and captures Harfleur. The French now take Henry’s claims seriously and challenge the English army to battle at Agincourt. Henry and his meager forces prove victorious against all odds.

Source: PBS

41x05 - Great Performances' 40th Anniversary Celebration

Throughout its 40-year history on public television, Great Performances has provided viewers nationwide with an unparalleled showcase of the best in all genres of the performing arts. In celebration of this extraordinary legacy on the occasion of the series’ 40th anniversary on PBS, a stellar roster of diverse alumni gather to share their personal stories of what Great Performances has meant to them. Includes reminiscences and performances by Julie Andrews, Audra McDonald, Don Henley, David Hyde Pierce, Josh Groban, Itzhak Perlman, Peter Martins, Patti Austin and Take 6. The program will launch this year’s PBS Arts Fall Festival, a multi-platform event anchored by seven films that highlight artists and performances from around the country, with related online content.

Source: PBS
Starring Roles: Audra McDonald as Herself | Don Henley as Himself | Julie Andrews as Herself | David Hyde Pierce as Himself | Josh Groban as Himself | Itzhak Perlman as Himself | Patti Austin as Herself | Take 6 as Themselves | Michael Bublé as Himself
Director: David Horn

41x06 - Moby-Dick from San Francisco Opera

PBS Great Performances presents composer Jake Heggie and librettist Gene Scheer’s award-winning opera Moby-Dick, broadcast as part of the PBS Arts Fall Festival. Composed in two acts and sung in English, Heggie and Scheer’s opera adaptation brings a thrilling new musical dimension to one of the towering classics of American literature, Herman Melville’s celebrated novel Moby-Dick.

41x07 - Stephen Sondheim’s "Company" - with the New York Philharmonic

From the stage of Avery Fisher Hall at New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and featuring an all-star cast, Great Performances presents the New York Philharmonic’s concert staging of legendary composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim’s award-winning musical, “Company”. The groundbreaking musical premiered in 1970 and had Broadway revivals in 1995 and 2006. “Company” centers on Bobby, a confirmed bachelor, celebrating his 35th birthday with his ten closest friends, who happen to be five couples.
Starring Roles: Neil Patrick Harris as Bobby |
Guest Stars: Craig Bierko as Peter | Stephen Colbert as Harry | Jon Cryer as David | Katie Finneran as Amy | Christina Hendricks as April | Patti LuPone as Joanne | Jill Paice as Susan | Martha Plimpton as Sarah | Anika Noni Rose as Marta | Jennifer Laura Thompson as Jenny | Jim Walton as Larry | Chryssie Whitehead as Kathy
Director: Lonny Price

41x08 - Barbra Streisand - Back To Brooklyn

As part of the PBS Arts Fall Festival, the legendary Barbra Streisand gives a homecoming concert in "Barbra Streisand: Back to Brooklyn". Mixing her trademark classics with rarer older material and selections from her more recent albums, Streisand, in her first concert appearance in six years, and backed by a 60-piece orchestra led by William Ross, keeps the capacity house enthralled. In all, she sings 27 songs, nine of which she never before performed live, and three which she sings in different ways; that is, either with different arrangements or with newly composed lyrics. Streisand masterfully holds the stage for two hours, joined by special guests Il Volo, trumpeter Chris Botti, and (making it a true family affair) son Jason Gould, who thrilled the audience singing solo and in a duet with his mother.

41x09 - Pavarotti: A Voice for the Ages

Pavarotti: A Voice for the Ages celebrates the launch of Luciano Pavarotti’s career 50 years ago. Hear the late, great tenor in some of his finest performances, singing “Nessun Dorma” and other beloved arias from La Boheme, Rigoletto and Aida; Neapolitan songs in arrangements by Henry Mancini including “Mamma” and “La mia canzone al vento,” and audience favorites “O Sole Mio” and “Torna a surriento”; as well as popular duets with Bono, Sting, and Eric Clapton, and with The Three Tenors.

41x10 - From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2014

Stage and screen legend Julie Andrews returns for the fifth time to host the festive annual New Year’s celebration with the Vienna Philharmonic, under the direction of Daniel Barenboim from Vienna’s Musikverein. This year's celebration features the melodies of the Strauss family composers and marks the 150th anniversary of Richard Strauss’ birth.

41x11 - Barrymore

Stage and screen icon Christopher Plummer recreates his Tony Award-winning role playing the legendary actor John Barrymore. This film adaptation of William Luce’s Broadway play is set in 1942 and casts a spotlight on the acclaimed, and often notorious, John Barrymore. The final months of the star's life are depicted, capturing his struggles to prepare for a revival of his 1920 Broadway triumph in Richard III. Barrymore is now in the twilight of his career and no longer a leading box office draw. While wrestling with the ravages of his life of excess, he revisits the highs and lows of his theatrical accomplishments and remarkable life.
Guest Stars: Christopher Plummer as John Barrymore
Director: Erik Canuel
Writer: William Luce

41x12 - National Theatre: 50 Years on Stage

The National Theatre opened its doors in 1963, now 800 productions later, the distinguished institution celebrates its 50th anniversary with a star-filled cast of theater legends. The remarkable evening of live performance also features rare glimpses from the archive, spotlighting many of the most celebrated actors who have performed on the National’s stages over the past five decades.
Guest Stars: Maggie Smith as (Herself) | Ralph Fiennes as (Himself) | Judi Dench as (Herself) | Benedict Cumberbatch as (Himself) | Derek Jacobi as (Himself) | Helen Mirren as (Herself) | Michael Gambon as (Himself) | Penelope Wilton as (Herself) | Roger Allam as (Himself) | Simon Russell Beale as (Himself) | Christopher Eccleston as (Himself) | Rory Kinnear as (Himself) | Adrian Lester as (Himself) | Anna Maxwell Martin as (Herself) | Alan Bennett as (Himself) | James Corden as (Himself) | Dominic Cooper as (Himself) | Tim Pigott-Smith as (Himself) | Alex Jennings as (Himself) | Clive Rowe as (Himself)
Director: Nicholas Hytner

41x13 - Sting: The Last Ship

At the Public Theater in New York, Sting performs songs from his 2013 album with the back-up of a 14 piece band. He also performs songs from Broadway-bound musical 'The Last Ship' which explores the demise of the ship-building industry in Wallsend, England.

41x14 - Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration

Great Performances presents highlights from the star-studded concert tribute to Bob Dylan in 1992. An amazing Who’s Who of performers celebrated the 30th anniversary of the singer-songwriter’s groundbreaking debut album from 1962, “Bob Dylan.” Taking viewers from front row center to back stage at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, the special captures all the excitement of this historic, once-in-a-lifetime concert as many of the greatest names in popular music pay homage to Dylan and the songs that made him a legend. Dylan, heralded as the definitive voice of the turbulent 1960's, brought to rock and roll the traditions of poetry, protest and personal confession. Each performer offers personal interpretations of Dylan favorites, revealing the indelible impression he has made on American music from folk to alternative rock, from country to gospel.
Starring Roles: Bob Dylan as Himself |
Guest Stars: Mary Chapin Carpenter as Herself | Rosanne Cash as Herself | Eric Clapton as Himself | Shawn Colvin as Herself | George Harrison as Himself | Richie Havens as Himself | Roger McGuinn as Himself | John Mellencamp as Himself | Tom Petty as Himself | Stevie Wonder as Himself | Eddie Vedder as Himself | Ron Wood (2) as Himself | Neil Young as Himself | The Band as Themselves | Tracy Chapman as Herself
Director: Gavin Taylor
Songs: George Harrison -- Absolutely Sweet Marie, Neil Young -- All Along the Watchtower, Stevie Wonder -- Blowin’ in the Wind, Eric Clapton -- Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers -- Everybody Must Get Stoned, Richie Havens -- Just Like a Woman, Bob Dylan and ensemble -- Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, John Mellencamp -- Like a Rolling Stone, Eddie Vedder -- Masters of War, Roger McGuinn -- Mr. Tambourine Man, Bob Dylan and ensemble -- My Back Pages, Ron Wood -- Seven Days More, The Band -- When I Paint My Masterpice, Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Roseanne Cash -- You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

41x15 - Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers featuring Edie Brickell

Great Performances presents Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers, featuring Edie Brickell, in their first-ever live concert to be broadcast on television. The performance, featuring Martin’s unique blend of comedy and bluegrass, took place at the historic Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside, California in the fall of 2013. The concert includes material from Martin and Brickell’s Grammy-nominated album “Love Has Come For You,” as well as music from Martin’s Grammy-nominated collaboration with The Steep Canyon Rangers, “Rare Bird Alert,” and his Grammy Award-winning album “The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo.”
Starring Roles: Steve Martin as Himself | Steep Canyon Rangers as Themselves |
Featuring: Edie Brickell as Herself

41x16 - The Dukes of September

Rock & roll royalty Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), Michael McDonald (The Doobie Brothers) and Boz Scaggs join forces as their own new super group The Dukes of September, paying tribute to the R&B and soul music that inspired them along with fresh, exciting performances of some of their greatest hits.

Source: PBS

41x18 - Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty

With Sleeping Beauty, the British choreographer Matthew Bourne has returned to the music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky to complete the trio of the Russian composer’s ballet masterworks. Bourne began in 1992 with Nutcracker, and most famously he choreographed the international hit Swan Lake in 1995.

Sleeping Beauty is a timeless fairy tale about a young girl cursed to sleep for 100 years. Tchaikovsky and choreographer Marius Petipa used the story in 1890 to create what has became a legendary ballet. Bourne takes 1890 as his starting point, setting the christening of Aurora, the story’s heroine, in the year of the ballet’s first performance. This was when fairies and vampires fed the gothic imagination. As Aurora grows into a young woman, time moves forward to the more rigid, uptight Edwardian era - a mythical golden age of long summer afternoons, croquet on the lawn and new dance crazes. Years later, awakening from her century-long slumber, Aurora finds herself in the modern day; a world more mysterious and wonderful than any fairy story.
Guest Stars: Hannah Vassallo as Princess Aurora

41x19 - Dudamel Conducts the Verdi Requiem at the Hollywood Bowl

In commemoration of the 2013 Giuseppe Verdi bicentennial, Music Director Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform a stirring concert of Verdi’s towering Requiem Mass at the Hollywood Bowl. Before the performance, the maestro shares his enthusiasm for the iconic venue, the largest natural amphitheater in the country, and for Verdi’s passionate and highly theatrical work: a mass, yes, but "in an opera way," Dudamel explains.

41x20 - Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2014

The world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic returns to Great Performances for their 11th open-air concert. It was held in the magnificent gardens of Austria’s Imperial Schönbrunn Palace, and for the first time, The Vienna Philharmonic was led by a guest conductor - Christoph Eschenbach. The concert featured piano virtuoso Lang Lang as special guest, and symphonic poems by Hector Berlioz and Richard Strauss.

41x21 - Rejoice with Itzhak Perlman and Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot

Legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman and celebrated cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot perform liturgical and traditional works in new arrangements. The music showcases the confluence between the violinist’s famed classical technique and Helfgot’s magnificent voice. They are joined at the piano by music director Dr. Hankus Netsky, Netsky’s Klezmer Conservatory Band, and the Rejoice Chamber Orchestra under the direction of conductor Russell Ger.
Starring Roles: Itzhak Perlman as Himself | Yitzchak Meir Helfgot as Himself
Director: Joshua Waletzky

Season 42

42x01 - Star-Spangled Spectacular: Bicentennial of Our National Anthem

This patriotic special will feature a diverse star-studded line up of entertainers paying tribute to our nation’s ideals in a thrilling and inspiring concert at the Pier Six Pavilion. The Baltimore harbor, replete with tall ships and naval vessels, will serve as a stunning backdrop. The program will also include ceremonial activities at Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, historical highlights and an extraordinary fireworks crescendo.
Starring Roles: John Lithgow as Himself (Host)

42x02 - Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek Live!

"Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek LIVE!" Features an evening of classic jazz standards in both vocal duets and solo performances. Taped at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall on July 28, 2014; each song was handpicked by the artists, and features classic selections from the Great American Songbook. Songs include “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing),” “Sophisticated Lady,” “Lush Life,” “Anything Goes,” and the title track from their recent album, “Cheek To Cheek.”

Part of 2014 PBS Arts Fall Festival
Starring Roles: Tony Bennett as Himself | Lady GaGa as Herself |
Guest Stars: Kristin Chenoweth as Herself (Host)
Director: David Horn

42x03 - Cats

One of musical theater’s greatest blockbusters of all time returns to Great Performances for a special encore presentation of this Tony award-winning Best Musical. In its nearly 18-year run on Broadway, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s delightful interpretation of T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats has gone on to delight audiences around the globe. Lavishly filmed for television with a specially augmented 76-piece orchestra, highlights include Elaine Paige’s Grizabella and her show-stopping solo “Memory.”

Part of 2014 PBS Arts Fall Festival

42x04 - Encores! Great Performances at the Met

Unforgettable arias and duets selected from the past eight seasons of Great Performances at The Met include performances by Natalie Dessay, Placido Domingo, Renee Fleming, and other great opera stars and talents.

42x05 - From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2015

Stage and screen legend Julie Andrews returns to host the cherished tradition of ringing in the New Year with the Vienna Philharmonic and guest conductor Zubin Mehta in a concert of favorite Strauss Family waltzes accompanied by the beautiful dancing of the Vienna State Ballet.
Guest Stars: Julie Andrews as Host

42x06 - American Voices with Renée Fleming

From the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, world-renowned American opera singer Renée Fleming convenes a festival of special guests to join her in celebrating the diverse range of America’s vocal artistry. Featuring various festival highlights, American Voices showcases a fascinating forum as young artists receive one-on-one mentoring from some of the most respected singers in their respective fields, including Ben Folds, Dianne Reeves, Sutton Foster, Eric Owens, Kim Burrell and Alison Krauss. Also featured are performances from the festival’s concert finale with Josh Groban, Sara Bareilles, Kurt Elling, and Norm Lewis backed by the National Symphony Orchestra led by NSO Principal Pops Conductor Steven Reineke.

42x07 - La Dolce Vita: The Music of Italian Cinema

Memorable themes from Italian cinema written by such composers as Luis Bacalov, Stelvio Cipriani, Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota are performed by the New York Philharmonic, under the baton of Alan Gilbert, with Josh Groban, Renée Fleming and Joshua Bell.

Source: PBS TV

42x08 - Bryan Adams in Concert

The Canadian singer/songwriter performs during his most recent tour in July 2014 at Toronto’s Elgin Theater. The concert features Adams playing many of his best-known songs, as well as selections from his most recent studio album, Tracks of My Years, his 2014 covers collection of classics from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. Bryan’s Great Performances set includes such original hits as “Run to You,” “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You,” “Cuts Like a Knife,” “Summer of ’69” and “Heaven,”

42x09 - Mark Morris Dance Group: L’Allegro

A performance of choreographer Mark Morris' acclaimed "L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato," set to Handel's Baroque masterpiece of the same name, at the Teatro Real in Madrid. Mikhail Baryshnikov hosts.

Source: PBS

42x10 - Annie Lennox: Nostalgia Live in Concert

2014 "Nostalgia" album in this concert from L.A., including "Memphis in June," "Georgia on My Mind," "I Put a Spell on You," "Summertime" and "Mood Indigo," in addition to "Here Comes the Rain Again" and "Why."

Source: PBS

42x11 - Boston Symphony Orchestra: Andris Nelsons' Inaugural Concert

This wide-ranging, one-night-only event celebrates the start of BSO music director Andris Nelsons' tenure as the 15th music director of the orchestra and features two of the conductor's close colleagues, the acclaimed Latvian soprano Kristine Opolais and the internationally acclaimed German tenor Jonas Kaufmann. Each sings selections from the Wagnerian and Italian verismo repertoires, they then join forces for a powerful duet from Puccini's Manon Lescaut. The concert opens with Wagner's Tannhauser Overture - the work that first inspired a five-year-old Nelsons to a life in music - and closes with Respighi's spectacular orchestral showcase, Pines of Rome.

Source: PBS

42x12 - Driving Miss Daisy

A production of Alfred Uhry's Pulitzer Prize-winning play "Driving Miss Daisy," about a 72-year-old woman in mid-20th century Atlanta who, after her son takes away her car keys, forges a bond with her black chauffeur. Filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

Source: PBS

42x13 - Dudamel Conducts a John Williams Celebration With the LA Philharmonic

Gustavo Dudamel and the L.A. Philharmonic celebrate composer John Williams. The U.S. Army Herald Trumpets help perform "Olympic Fanfare and Theme," from the 1984 Olympics; and violinist Itzhak Perlman joins for three selections from "Schindler's List." Interspersed throughout the performance: a conversation between Williams and Dudamel; and archival interview footage. Also: pieces from "Catch Me if You Can," "The Empire Strikes Back," "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Star Wars." Natalie Portman hosts.

Source: PBS

42x14 - Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2015

The Vienna Philharmonic performs an open-air concert from the gardens of Austria's Imperial Schonbrunn Palace. Zubin Mehta conducts, with pianist Rudolf Buchbinder as soloist, in works by Grieg, Sibelius, Richard Strauss and Johann Strauss II.
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Premiere: January 23, 1974
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