Defending Your Honor - Recap

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The season opens up with the college seniors graduating. Casey is looking around for Cappy and he doesn't seem to be there. That is until she notices him in the crowd sitting, looking contemplative and slightly sad. Rusty taped the proceedings and he also got Ashleigh a going away present. She thinks it is a “rape whistle”, but it is so she can get a taxi in New York, where her new job is. She is still hoping to talk to Cappy. He comes up to her and doesn't know what to say, so he says “nice hat” and walks away.

Three months later: Rusty, Dale, and Calvin are sitting around talking about various topics. They talk about Casey and Cappy. They talk about how he didn't even say goodbye to her. They also talk about the fact that Calvin is throwing a party and wants to have it as a Toga party. Dale & Rusty think that it is cliched and Calvin thinks that Cappy will dig it. Rusty brings up the fact that Cappy went on a road trip and they haven't heard from him since then.

Casey is packing up her room. She's going through all of these pictures and finds one of her, Cappy, and his dad. She calls Ashleigh and they are talking about how she has dealt with Cappy's “nice hat” comment all summer. Casey asks Ashleigh how the real world has been and she says that it has been hard. She doesn't make a lot of money, she lives in a cramped apartment with four roommates, and people in New York have “serious time management issues”.

The girls at ZBZ are interviewing for a house mom. Dale says that he knows someone who would be perfect for the position as they want someone that isn't going to follow the rules. Casey is going to sell her last textbook and runs into Evan. He starts small talk and asks how she's feeling about the whole law school situation. She's excited, but she's not really into starting over. She didn't have much of a choice, though. She doesn't know why she didn't get into CRU. He says if it were him, he'd want to know.

Cappy is back and he is saying that he was on a road trip around the whole country. He brags about the women that he slept with over break to Rusty. Rusty asks about Casey and Cappy says “what about Casey?” because she said their relationship was strictly a college relationship and now she's graduated. Rusty tells him that she leaves in two days and that he should go see her before she leaves. Cappy is twisting everything around and making a joke out of everything to avoid talking about how he feels.

Casey is talking to the school that rejected her. She was rejected, because she got two really good recommendation letters but she got one really bad one. She's trying to figure out who was the one and she thinks it may have been Joel. Calvin and Cappy want to try and make the two houses friends. Dale brings a woman that can barely hear and seems a little naughty. Evan went to the financial aid office, because the aid he got is half of what he needs. He needs help and the woman at the window turns him away, because he's Evan Chambers and there is a wing named after his family. He tries to tell her that he's been cut off for a year at this point, but she still doesn't want to help him because there are students that “actually need it”.

Rusty is considering running for president of KTT. He tells Cappy even though it was basically assumed that Cappy was going to be the president of KTT forever. Casey goes to talk to Joel and he tells her that while she did a great job, due to the fact that she withheld information, he felt that she lacked integrity to be a good lawyer. She calls Ashleigh and leaves a message with her roommate. Rusty shows up to talk to her and he is open to listen to her issues. She wonders why she cares and he tells her that she is upset because she doesn't lack integrity. She decides to defend herself, as Rusty tells her to.

Evan comes to talk to Calvin about the fact that his living situation isn't good at the moment. He may need to stay a couple days longer at the house. Calvin seems to have buyers remorse. He's not confident that he's making himself a good president of the house. Rebecca decides to talk to Dale about the fact that she feels he is involving himself in the house's business too much but the girls love what he does to make their lives easier.

Casey has set up a meeting with admissions of CRU and Joel. He asks her why and she tells him that she wants him to explain exactly why he decided she lacked integrity and what events led up to the letter. He tells her that they already made their decision. She tells him that he made his decision based on the fact that he hit on her and she told him that she had a boyfriend. He is shocked that she wants him to tell them that, because it will make him sound bad. It turns out that there is no meeting, she just wanted him to realize that he changed her whole life over some personal trouble.

Before the toga party, Cappy and Rusty are going against one another for KT president. Cappy gives a speech and everyone gets excited about what he has to say. Rusty goes up and throws his speech to the wind and promises to get all the dudes laid. So, now it is a close one. They will be voting after the party. Casey calls Ashleigh and she sees Cappy. She tells him that it was the worst summer. He tried telling her not to keep going, but she says that this is her saying goodbye instead. She then gets a call from the university.

Beaver hooked up and basically made Rusty's promise the truth. Cappy says he'll go celibate to prove Rusty wrong. Rusty scoffs at that and Cappy basically does, too. They both whisper sweet nothings into their housemates ears. Eventually, Cappy gives up. He's calling off the election. Rusty is trying to get him to get his stuff together. Cappy asks why he cares about him moving on from college and Rusty says “because it's killing me to imagine not having my sister around, how's it not killing you?”

Rebecca is fed up with Dale being around all of the time and “acting like he is a ZBZ”. She doesn't want him around anymore and they start fighting. Eventually, Dale snaps and says he is the eyes and ears of the Greek system. Then he lets it spill that KT helped Calvin become president of the opposing house so that there could be a truce. The next morning, Cappy apologizes to Rusty about being a jerk about Casey. He tells him that he doesn't want things to end between him and Casey. He's really scared he's going to lose her forever. Cappy looks like he is about to cry.

Calvin goes in to talk to Evan and apologizes about the truce arrangement. He says that he's moving out and he's alum now so good luck with that. Casey is sitting and staring at a picture of Cappy and her. He shows up and climbs through her window. He says that he wants to try to work things out and she tells him that she is staying because she got into CRU. She says they -may- be able to work things out if he gets it together and grows up, but they shall see.

Dale goes to Rebecca and says that he is sorry for going too far. She is mean to him, even more. He asks why she hates him and she says it is because he's weird. He doesn't make the house look good at all. He says that it's all basically superficial and he thinks it's just the Greek system, but she says that it is the real world approach—no one likes weird. He tells her she's not a nice person. Rebecca learns that Casey decided to stay. Rusty comes and tells Casey that Cappy assured him that this will be his last year.