Fools Rush In - Recap

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Dale burst into the room, interrupting Casey's dream or had it been a nightmare? Casey woke up with a shout, looking frazzled and complaining about not being able to get any sleep around here any more. Specifically, she had been complaining about her brother and his bouncy, bubbly girlfriend having sex in the next room and not even trying to be quiet. Casey had heard snatches of a bit of spoken script from the movie Star Wars and had thought she had been dreaming, but Dale was quick to point out to her that it had been very real. Casey was mortified and said that she never hoped to hear anything like that again! Dale made some snarky remark about try being one of the guys to which Casey just snorted and said thank goodness she didn't have to worry about something like that. She flounced off to the bathroom to repair the nightmare's damage to her hair which stuck out like blond spikes. On the way, her brother stepped out of his room followed closely by his girlfriend and demanded what was for breakfast? Casey ignored the perky couple and walked on. Dale mentioned to Casey's brother that the recruitment week was on and what was he going to do to promote it? The two young men discussed that whilst the women readied themselves for the day ahead.

Later that morning, Calvin was discussing recruitment week with his friend saying that they should work with the KTT house this season. The friend asked Calviin to give him one good reason why Calvin should not be impeached? Calvin begged him to give him just one more chance to allow him to redeem himself. He said that he knew what he had done was wrong, but he had only done it to keep the house together.

Casey was reminiscing about her past college days with her friend, watching the houses prepare for recruitment week or rush week as some of the students called it, but recruitment seemed to be the current term. Her friend said that those were the days, weren't they? Casey smiled and said that she missed those days but intended to keep her hand in it somehow, she just wasn't sure how at present.

A few of the Kappa Tau boys showed up at one of the women's houses to sign up for recruitment week, those exercises meant to educate the male students on campus about what the women did during the school year, but the perky girl at the desk said that they had arrived just a little too late to which the boys hung their heads and pouted a little. She told them, better luck next year.

At yet another encounter with a fellow brother, Dale asked him if they couldn't just put this incident behind them? After all, he said, they decided to keep me as president, didn't they? The brother huffed that Dale had spent a good deal of time just lying to his house and fellow brothers, how could they ever trust him again? Dale said that he would work on earning back their trust, that he felt confident he could accomplish that.

At the women's house, Natalie, Vex, Tegan and Rebecca were standing around discussing matters when Casey walked in. She was taken aside by Rebecca and urged to apply for the post of house mom, at least temporarily, since there seemed to be no one who wanted the post. Casey hemmed and hawed about, not sure if she really wanted the job, but Rebecca said that she would be perfect for it. Casey said that she would think about it. Rebecca piped up with the opinion that Tegan was not the sort of person who would be right for the position, but she felt that Casey was. Casey just shrugged.

In chemistry class, Rusty and his girlfriend P were working on a mutual project when she decided to leave to go sign up for rush week work and said as much to Rusty who hugged and kissed her, said that he would see her later. She smacked him back and left.

Later that afternoon, at the Go Greek rally, there were very colorful booths, one representing Mega Chi, decorated with balloons and even a balloon covered arch at the entry point to the rally. Featured were miniature golf, races of all kinds and other fun events. The grounds were crowded and when a samurai suit wrestling match was announced over the loudspeaker, more students were attracted to the event. One of the booths featured a large boa constrictor named Timmy. Suddenly, the lawn sprinklers went off, causing general chaos and shorting out the electrical system fueling the lights on the booths, the loudspeaker, etc. In the commotion, Timmy the snake was electrocuted and the event brought to a screeching halt.

At the house, the male students mourned the loss of Timmy and Dale said that he had buried poor Timmy beneath the rose bush outside. RIP, Timmy, he intoned and had a moment of silence for the deceased reptile.

Rusty came up with the bright idea of making cards to invite sons of certain influential men about town such as a beer maker and another who had access to lots of exotic snakes, etc. Rusty handed out informative papers to the brothers who received his idea with open arms. They got busy handing out those cards round town and got some good replies from interested rushes.

At the CBC house, urged on once more by Rebecca, Casey told Tegan that she would take the position of house mom indefinitely since she was a good candidate and since she needed a place to stay for the year. That was met with smiles all round. Tegan was happy in the position she currently held. Tegan told Casey that she just wanted CBC to be the best house it could be.

Undaunted by the day's earlier disaster, the students met that night on the commons and had an impromptu party, complete with beer keg and loud music, but the police arrived a bit later and shut the party down, not only because a permit had not been gotten, but because they had heard of the keg. The officers turned off the lights and took the keg, sending the students to their respective houses. Russ told the male students that their house could not have any pledges this year because of the secret party, but there was always next year.