Cross Examined Life - Recap

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Dale greeted Rusty and his girlfriend, Dana, in the kitchen of their apartment where they were having dinner. Dana had this grand idea to hold a murder mystery dinner party to introduce Dale to some local girls so that he could choose one of them to date. At least, that was the idea. It looked like Dale might have to be sold on the idea first. Suddenly, two young men burst into the apartment and grabbed Dale, dragging him away to the Omega Chi house. Dale had pledged to help with the recruitment of new pledges for the fraternity.

Casey, house mother, and Rebecca were having a conversation as Casey was also attempting to study her law book late that night. A shadow passed across one of the long narrow windows beside the front door, causing alarm to Casey. She stepped over to the fireplace and grabbed the fire poker, shouting out to the possible intruder that she had a poker and was armed and dangerous. She sidled up to the front door and stood ready to do battle when there was a loud knock on said door. Casey carefully opened the door and prepared to use the poker. The "intruder" turned out to be her good friend, Ashley, who asked if she could stay the night and possibly longer because she had just been fired from her job and was needing a place to stay temporarily. Casey said that of course she could stay and what was she planning to do for a job now? Ashley had no clue, but she was hoping to look for employment starting tomorrow. The girls settled in for a long night's chat.

Next morning, as Cappy was heading to class, he ran into Dale who told him he was pledging to Omega Chi. Cappy told him that he hated Omega Chi and he could not understand why Dale was doing that. Dale just shrugged and introduced him to a new recruit they had nicknamed "Spidey" because he looked like the character Peter Parker in the film. At the Omega Chi house, in the living room, Dale instructed Spidey to clean that room and when Spidey complained that it was full of sleeping house brothers, Dale asked him if he really wanted to be a pledge. Yes, of course, Spidey intoned. So what was he waiting for, Dale wanted to know? Spidey hove to with a vengeance. Dale pulled Cappy aside and told him that he did not bust the last week's party to the cops and that he had no clue who could have been so crass.

In law class, Casey sat studying law torts when the professor walked in. She didn't particularly care for the study group she was in, so she asked the professor to kindly assign her to another one. He snidely told her she was not in grade school any more and it was up to her to pick one. When the class started, Jim Carnes in Casey's study group, piped up and told the class that he had heard of a male teacher last year who had harassed a female student by writing a bad letter about her character. She had contested the letter before a board of teachers and they had forced the teacher to rescind the letter and had allowed the student into law school. Evan, in the same group, asked Casey a bit later to have Professor Siegel assign her to another group.

After class, Casey stood talking in the bathroom to some of her girl friends, admitting that she had been the female student whose character had been impugned by the professor, that it was Siegel who had harassed her, including the rumor that she had slept with a teacher to get into law school, but that all of it had been just that, a rumor, none of it true.

Cappy and Calvin were taking a philosophy class together and were asked to think about why they existed, what their real purpose in life might be. They looked at one another and rolled their eyes. After class, they sat talking about it, saying that they would have to get very stoned and/or high to figure that one out. But would they really do it?

Rusty ran into Dale and his new pledge, Spidey, near the fraternity house. Spidey was not happy with the chores that had been assigned to him and was whining bitterly about it to Dale. Dale told Spidey to stand for five minutes in total silence while he talked to Rusty about how the pledging was going. Rusty wanted to know why Dale wanted to be part of Omega Chi to which Dale replied that he wanted those very words branded on his behind. Rusty could see that he was not kidding and looked at him as if he were crazy. Rusty told Dale about Dana's idea of the mystery murder dinner and invited him to it that night. He told Dale to come in costume, promising him a good time. Dale said that he might come.

That night, Dale showed up at the house, uncertain if he really wanted to go, let alone stay, but when he saw the attendees in full costume, he thought it might be fun, so he would give it a try. Dana introduced Dale to her friend, Molly, a math major, who was wearing a full french maid's costume. Dale rapidly figured out that the cook must have done it and said so. As they traipsed through the house, trying to figure out the clues, a bored Dale told Dana that he thought the party was dull, the people even duller and saw no reason why he should stay, which of course, upset Dana, Molly and Rusty. Dale left the party promptly.

A very stoned Cappy and Calvin sat on the lawn that night, laughing, talking over life in general when Casey stopped nearby to chat. She asked if they knew where Rusty was, but they did not. She peered closer at their faces and asked if they were stoned. Calvin said that he was not, now, but he still found life hilarious at this point and Casey left, shaking her head.

Spidey was found by a couple of fraternity brothers, duct taped to an outside wall. They raced off to find Rusty and bring him to the scene. A very angry Spidey begged Rusty and Dale to get him off the wall pronto. He told them that Beaver had taped him up there and Rusty said that they would find Beaver, smear shaving cream all over his head and shave him in revenge. Dale and Rusty put their heads together and decided that WD40 would do the trick to get the tape off Spidey's tender skin. That worked.

Casey and Rebecca sat outside in Casey's car talking about how they thought that there was no future for them in this town and that there might be better opportunities in Washington D.C. They decided to move to D.C. and were ruminating on that when Ashley's cell phone rang. It was Ashley's boss, Faith, who asked the woman why she had left so abruptly. Ashley talked to her and Faith fired her over the phone because Ashley had walked out without giving notice and hung up on her. Ashley sat looking stunned for a few minutes then decided that she had had that coming, but her plans to move to D.C. should be put on hold for now. Casey agreed with her and the women retired to the house to talk over a bottle of wine.