Home Coming and Going - Recap

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At the KT house that morning, Cappy was talking to his fellow brothers about the homecoming party, how it had been a grand tradition in the history of the house and that he would like to restore it to its' former glory. Were the brothers in on it, did they have any ideas as to what theme they wanted it to have? Luges were suggested and the idea was met with cheers. Luges it would be, and Spidey was put to work on it immediately but of course the brothers would help him. As the rally was winding down, a knock on the door revealed Spidey's dad, a business mogul named Oscar Parks, CEO of a fortune 500 corporation and very rich. He had just dropped in to see how his beloved son was doing. He waxed eloquent about his days of glory at the KT house and how much fun he and his house brothers had had. He even told the boys about a prank involving stealing the A&M mascot, a goat. Rusty mused to himself, wondering if he and Spidey might have the courage it would take to undertake such a prank. He would have to think about it.

Casey and Ashley seemed to be running into each other everywhere in the crowded small bedroom that they were sharing at the sorority house. Ashley was complaining bitterly how hard it seemed to be to find a job of the caliber that she was searching for. Casey sympathized with her close friend but encouraged her to perhaps lower her sights just a bit temporarily in order to find a job to make the money it would take to rent an apartment. Ashley whined that she didn't want to look for a job that wouldn't fulfill her career, that she would just have to continue searching.

Calvin ran into his lover, Heath, on campus between classes. Heath looked harassed and strained and seemed to think that Calvin knew something about himself. When Heath mentioned that he stripped for money and that he had been selling purloined term papers, Calvin looked shocked and asked him to not speak any more just now. Calvin said that he didn't know who Heath was any more and that maybe they needed some time apart which didn't seem to make Heath very happy. They went their ways.

Cappy gave Mr. Parks the grand tour of the KT house, going from room to room, asking him if he remembered what each room had been. Of course he remembered and when his son asked him if he wanted to see the bathrooms in the house, Parks nodded yes. Alone, Cappy and Rusty talked about how dull it must be to be a business man and compared Parks' life to that of the comic strip entitled, "Dilbert." Later, the young men found out that the campus Parks worked on contained a park, volleyball court, etc and that he had taken a trip to climb Mount Everest last year. The boys couldn't believe it and wanted to know more about his company.

Parks asked Cappy and Rusty when the Big Brother ceremony would be held. That caught Cappy unaware and he stuttered out that it was to be held tomorrow night, that he hoped that Parks' son would choose him. Later, when the young men were alone, Rusty told Cappy that secretly he hoped that Spidey would choose himself, but let the best man win. Cappy said let free choice reign.

At the alumni party that night, Ashley and Casey showed up, Ashley to network and try to find a job, Casey to chat with her law teacher, Professor Simon Siegel, who stood chatting with Evan Chambers over a free buffet. Awkwardly, Ashley talked to a few business people there, telling them that she was a trend forecaster and was offered a part time nanny job, but did she know CPR? Ashley grimaced in a fake smile and edged away from the table. She didn't seem to be making any friends when she sidled up to Casey's little group because she managed to anger Professor Siegel and the rest when she went postal on a student asking for donations for the school. The group melted away but Siegel stayed and asked Ashley if she wanted a drink, got to know her better.

Hiding in the bushes near A&M, surrounded by students and policemen guarding the campus,, Rusty and Spidey crouched, plotting how best to steal the mastcot goat. Suddenly, Dale appeared beside them in the foilage, telling them that they might as well go home, that the goat was as good as his. The boys surprised him by taking the goat to KT house where they were met with cheers. Spidey, during the very brief and informal Big Brother ceremony, before his father, chose Rusty to be his big brother. Spidey said he was so cool! Rusty blushed with pleasure and took the youth into the kitchen where he instructed him in further duties of being a new pledge. In the living room, Cappy found Mr. Parks sipping bad tequila and asked him how he made it in the real world. Parks thought a moment and told the youth that the world was just full of people like anyone else and that it wouldn't hurt him, that he would just have to have a little faith and be true to his dream? He did have a dream, didn't he? Cappy smiled and when Parks handed him his business card, Parks said that it wouldn't hurt to have a friend once Cappy got out in the real world. Cappy thanked the older man and commenced to drink a bit more.

Casey retired to the living room of her sorority house and sat down with Rebecca who just happened to have a bottle of vodka handy. Rebecca poured glass after glass for the blond who loudly complained of things in general, especially her friend, Ashley. Casey stood up and announced that she was going to the KT house to help celebrate homecoming. There, she had much more to drink and Cappy found her, took her home. There, she began to kiss him. When he said that they were both drunk, that they shouldn't do this, she pulled him down and kissed him some more. He stayed the night.