Season 6

Return to Green Acres

The Douglases move back to New York. But when Haney tries to get everyone's property so that a developer can build on them, the residents go to New York to get Douglas to help them. But he's a little hesitant.
Guest Stars: Mark Ballou as Jeb | Lucy Lee Flippin as Flo | John Asher as Chill | Jeff Rochlin as Lester | Sally Kemp as Ruthie | Tippi Hedren as Arleen | Lisa Figus as Joyce | T.J. Castronovo as Thief (as T.J. Castronovo) | Hank Underwood as Clarence | Peter Bromilow as Doorman | Humberto Ortiz as Shoeshine Kid | Frank Welker as Arnold
Director: William Asher

145 :06x01 - The City Kids

Four children come to stay with Oliver and Lisa on the farm as part of the "Kids for the Country" program.
Guest Stars: Victoria Paige Meyerink as Lori Baker | George Spell as George Carlson | Christopher Wheeler as John Bennet | John Wheeler as Melvin | Mitchell Sakamoto as Roy Takahashi
Director: Richard L. Bare

146 :06x02 - The Coming-Out Party

So that she can meet all of the other children of Hooterville Valley, Lisa plans a coming-out party for Lori.
Guest Stars: Victoria Paige Meyerink as Lori Baker
Director: Richard L. Bare

147 :06x03 - Jealousy

Eb begins to believe that he's being replaced by little Lori when Oliver and Lisa start giving all of their love and attention to her.
Guest Stars: Victoria Paige Meyerink as Lori Baker | Patrick Cranshaw as Old Man | Elsie Baker as Old Lady
Director: Richard L. Bare

148 :06x04 - A Royal Love Story

Lisa adds to the truth while telling Lori of her courtship with Oliver.
Guest Stars: Victoria Paige Meyerink as Lori Baker | Oscar Beregi as Papa | Bob Frank as Man | Raoul Franck as Pierre
Director: Richard L. Bare

149 :06x05 - Oliver Goes Broke

People in Hooterville begin to think that Oliver has gone broke when Lisa begins behaving strangely.
Guest Stars: Victoria Paige Meyerink as Lori Baker | Dave Willock as Ticket Agent | Bob Gravage as Man
Director: Richard L. Bare

150 :06x06 - The Great Mayoralty Campaign

When Oliver and Lisa become candidates for mayor from two different parties, it tears the Douglas family apart.
Director: Richard L. Bare

151 :06x07 - Eb's Double Trouble

Eb gets himself into a heap of trouble when he attempts to go with two dates to the same dance, without the other knowing.
Guest Stars: Judith McConnell as Darlene Wheeler | Robert Foulk as Mr. Wheeler
Director: Richard L. Bare

152 :06x08 - Apple-Picking Time

Oliver has to pick which one of two crises is more important: Lisa learning how to drive, or harvesting his apple crop.
Guest Stars: John Wheeler as Mr. Collins | Joe Higgins as Sheriff | Alan Baxter as Deputy Sheriff
Director: Richard L. Bare

153 :06x09 - Enterprising Eb

Eb transforms Oliver and Lisa's farm into a virtual dump because of a new girlfriend.
Guest Stars: Mona Bruns as Mrs. Wheeler | Judith McConnell as Darlene Wheeler | Robert Foulk as Mr. Wheeler | Al Molinaro as Joe (as Albert Molinaro) | William Bakewell as Man | Casey MacDonald as Girl
Director: Richard L. Bare

154 :06x10 - Oliver's Double

Oliver has to figure out a way to prove his innocence when he is arrested for a crime he didn't do, robbing a bank, because the real criminal looks and sounds exactly like him.
Guest Stars: Hal Smith as Hotel Clerk | Robert Ruth as Deputy | Chanin Hale as Blanche Foster | William Sylvester (1) as Lt. Olson
Director: Richard L. Bare
Writer: Dan Beaumont

155 :06x11 - The High Cost of Loving

Eb enrolls in a correspondent acting class instead of an accounting class by mistake.
Guest Stars: Judith McConnell as Darlene Wheeler
Director: Richard L. Bare

156 :06x12 - The Liberation Movement

Lisa decides that she will take over the male chorus line on the farm after she discovers the Women's Liberation Movement.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Hole as Clerk
Director: Richard L. Bare

157 :06x13 - Charlie, Homer and Natasha

After Oliver refuses to take her to an anniversary party in the city, Lisa leads Oliver to believe that he is in a world full of little people.
Guest Stars: Bob Hastings as Sheriff
Director: Richard L. Bare

158 :06x14 - The Engagement Ring

So that Eb will be able to marry Darlene, Lisa gives him her engagement ring.
Guest Stars: Judith McConnell as Darlene Wheeler | Robert Foulk as Mr. Wheeler
Director: Richard L. Bare

159 :06x15 - The Free Paint Job

Oliver and Lisa have their farmhouse painted for free as advertisement for a local painter.
Guest Stars: Tom Lowell as Mr. Luster | Fabian Dean as Painter | Robert Nichols as Mr. Malone | Al Lanti as Waiter | David Ketchum as Photographer
Director: Richard L. Bare

160 :06x16 - Son of Drobny

The son of a war hero, Drobny, that Lisa has to entertain, turns out to be a wild man.
Guest Stars: Parley Baer as Lt. Governor | Gordon Connell as Gorko | Albert Szabo as Vanyek | Vincent Van Lynn as German #1 | Chris Anders as German #2 | Michael Keenan as German #3 | Herbert Kerr as German #4
Director: Richard L. Bare
Writer: Dan Beaumont

161 :06x17 - The Wedding Deal

Eb gets Oliver and Lisa mixed up in his big wedding deal.
Guest Stars: Jane Connell as Woman | Judith McConnell as Darlene Wheeler | Robert Foulk as Mr. Wheeler | Harold Wagner as Television Announcer (as Jack Wagner)
Director: Richard L. Bare

162 :06x18 - Star Witness

Arnold is the only witness to a bank robbery in Pixley, and eventually leads the police to capture the crooks.
Guest Stars: Hal Smith as Sheriff | Milton Selzer as Danny | Al Lewis (1) as Charlie
Director: Richard L. Bare

163 :06x19 - The Spot Remover

Lisa discovers that her uncle's cabbage soup can be transformed into a miracle cleaning solution.
Guest Stars: Bob Hastings as Sheriff | George Ives as Mr. Wilkins | Ben Baker as Bert Beamish
Director: Richard L. Bare

164 :06x20 - King Oliver I

After the governor announces that Hooterville is bankrupt, and that they plan on raising taxes by 52%, the citizens of Hooterville blow up the bridge and establish their own kingdom with Oliver as their king.
Guest Stars: William Sylvester (1) as Governer's Aide | Lyle Talbot as Governor
Director: Richard L. Bare

165 :06x21 - A Girl for Drobny

Lisa tries to help her pet duck, Drobny that her uncle sent her, find love.
Guest Stars: Pat Buttram as Mr. Haney
Director: Richard L. Bare

166 :06x22 - The Carpenter's Ball

When Oliver refuses to take Lisa to Hooterville's annual Carpenter's Ball, everyone's happiness is threatened.
Guest Stars: Myrna Hansen as Ingrid
Director: Richard L. Bare

167 :06x23 - The Hole in the Porch

Oliver and Lisa look after an injured, and annoying, Hank Kimball.
Guest Stars: Patrick Cranshaw as Farmer #2 | Foster Brooks as Farmer #1 | Pat Buttram as Mr. Haney | Alvy Moore as Hank Kimball
Director: Richard L. Bare

168 :06x24 - Lisa the Psychologist

Lisa becomes a successful psychologist while she and Oliver take courses at a Pixley college. But it eventually becomes too much for Oliver to handle, and Lisa gives up her practice to just be Oliver's wife.
Guest Stars: William Sylvester (1) as Dr. Hoffman
Director: Richard L. Bare

169 :06x25 - Hawaiian Honeymoon

Oliver and Lisa have to share a honeymoon suite with another couple after Lisa cons him into taking a fifth honeymoon to Hawaii.
Guest Stars: Jane Connell as Woman on the Plane | Pamela Franklin as Pamela Carter | Don Porter as Bob Carter | Pat Morita as Charlie Lee | William Sylvester (1) as Pilot | Dick Kay Hong as Richard | Shirley Mitchell as Marla Grayson | John Wheeler as Justice of the Peace
Director: Richard L. Bare

170 :06x26 - The Ex-Secretary

Oliver searches for an ex-secretary that found a place to fix his watch when it was broken.
Guest Stars: Richard Deacon as Mr. Oglethorpe | Larry D. Mann as Laurence David | Joe E. Tata as Bellboy | Emmaline Henry as Lillian Grant | Elaine Joyce as Carol Rush | Cliff Norton as Harry Grant | Anthony Caruso as Studs | Robert Munk (3) as Policeman #1 | David Morick as Policeman #2 | George Furth as Mark Allan
Director: Bruce Bilson
Writer: Jay Sommers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 15, 1965
Ended: April 27, 1971
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