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...In Love and War - Recap

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As the crew fly through space in the interceptor, Hal tries to cheer up Kilowog, who is heartbroken over the loss of Galia at the last planet they visited. Kilowog doesn’t want to talk about it even after his teammate points out that he’s lost someone he loves as well. Aya detects a giant tentacle creature, a cephalon, approaching them. It grabs the ship and prepares to eat the three Lanterns when they fly out to stop it. However, two women arrive and use violet colored power rings to calm it down so that it calmly leaves. They introduce themselves as the Star Sapphires, who channel love rather than willpower or hate. The woman, Queen Aga’po and her niece Gieta, explain that they control the sector of Frontier Space and invite Hal and the others to their home planet of Zamaron to repair their ship.

While the interceptor flies to Zamaron, Aga’po visits Kilowog on the bridge. Realizing that he’s broken-hearted, the Star Sapphire scans his soul with her power ring and then concentrates.

On the previous planet, Galia is examining a child’s doll based on Kilowog when a Star Sapphire power ring appears before her.

When the interceptor arrives at Zamaron, Razer chooses to stay in the ship. As they fly to the planet’s citadel, Aga’po explains that they were once the mates of the Guardians, but left when the males refused to let emotions influence their decisions. She tells Hal and Kilowog that they will celebrate their arrival with a feast. Once Aga’po goes to tend to her court business, Hal notices the lack of men and Gieta explains that they find it more peaceful when women are in charge. She leads Hal off on a tour while Kilowog is distracted when he sees someone who looks like Galia slipping away from the building. Meanwhile, Gieta tries to flirt with Hal, who holds back when he realizes what she’s doing.

Kilowog tracks down the woman and realizes that it is Galia, wearing a Star Sapphire uniform and wielding a power ring. When he asks why she’s there, Galia simply says that she can show him something that will let them keep their love alive forever. When Kilowog agrees to see it, Galia concentrates and brings her power ring to bear.

Aya tells Razer that she has completed repairs on the interceptors but is unable to contact Kilowog via his ring. She warns the Red Lantern that Kilowog’s energy levels have gone flat, suggesting that he’s in stasis. Razer contacts Hal, who tells him not to worry and continues the tour with Gieta. Meanwhile, Kilowog is unable to respond because he has been sealed in a block of sapphire, surrounded by hundreds of other men in similar blocks.

Later, Gieta contacts Aga’po privately. The queen is angry that it is taking too long to process Hal, and Gieta tells her that Hal is different from other males. When she admits that she has feelings for Hal, Aga’po reminds her who is supposed to seduce who and warns her that if she fails, there will be punishment. Gieta goes back to Hal and continues flirting with him, and he remembers his girlfriend Carol Ferris back on Earth. Gieta’s power ring picks up the mental image of Carol and sends it to Aga’po. The queen realizes that Hal already has love and is able to resist their influence, and sends a power ring to Earth.

Carol is in her office coordinating a search for the missing Hal Jordan. As she is informed that it’s hopeless, the sapphire power ring arrives via a space warp and offers her the chance to make her heart whole again by reuniting her with the one she’s lost.

Razer and Aya go to see Aga’po, demanding that she take them to Kilowog. She tells them that Kilowog can’t come to any harm on her planet and offers to help them search. However, she refuses to let Aya, an emotionless machine, accompany them. Razer tells Aya to stay there while he and the queen search. However, once she’s alone Aya decides to conduct her own search.

When Hal starts to go find Kilowog, Gieta gives him a back rub and he consents to stay for just a few minutes.

Aya finds Kilowog and the other imprisoned men, but Galia opens fire on her before the AI can free them. The robot returns fire with her own green energy and knocks Galia out, but is forced to retreat when Aga’po’s female warriors arrive.

Carol dons the power ring before her and it transforms her clothing into those of a Star Sapphire. She then enters the space warp and travels to Zamaron.

Aga’po tries to seduce Razer, but Aya blasts in through the wall and tells the Red Lantern what is going on.

Carol appears in Gieta’s quarters and realizes immediately that Hal is the Green Lantern. She embraces him and says that she thought he was dead, but then sees Gieta and assumes the worse. When Hal tries to explain, Carol uses her newfound power ring to stun Gieta and then blast Hal out into the city as he tries to explain. Gieta tells Carol that she’s delirious from the transformation, but the Carol is obsessed with getting revenge on Hal for betraying her.

When Razer refuses to be delayed, Aga’po orders her soldiers to attack him.

Carol knocks Hal back through the wall of Gieta’s quarters and continues to blast him. However, he finally manages to restrain her long enough to offer to let her kill him if she won’t accept his story. Carol finally calms down and they kiss, while a regretful Gieta looks on. Hal explains why he’s been away from Earth and Carol assures him that she understands that he needs to be where he’s most important. Gieta suggests that Carol use her power to keep Hal with her, but Carol says that would be selfishness, not love. She gives the power ring to Gieta, who is surprised since no one has ever been able to give up the power of love before. Gieta creates another space warp to earth and Carol tells Hal to come back to her once he’s defeated the Red Lantern Corps. Once she’s gone, Aya contacts Hal and tells him what’s happening. Following her directions, he goes to free Kilowog, who complains because he was happy where he was.

The Zamorans finally subdue Aya and Razer, and Aga’po tells them that Kilowog is happy where he is. However, Gieta comes in and tells the queen that they have misunderstood what love truly is. Aga’po insists that their plan to subdue men with love is right because all the males do is spread war and violence. The queen turns to Razer and uses her power ring to read his memories and learn that his love is dead. When she points out that Aya has taken the form of his dead mate, Razer flies into a fury and Aya explains that she simply took the form of the last image she saw when she accessed his memories on the prison planet.

Aga’po prepares to kill Razer since he’s dead inside, but Hal and Kilowog arrive and free their comrades. As they head for the interceptor, Aga’po summons the cephalon, which has been under her control the entire time. However, Gieta holds it back with the power of love and tells the others to escape while they can. The Star Sapphires close in, including Galia, and Hal has to pull Kilowog back when he tries to go to his love. They board the interceptor and depart, while Aga’po tells Gieta that she’s disappointed in her niece and tells her that she has much to learn. In response, Gieta tells her that she herself has much to teach the Star Sapphires.