Invasion - Recap

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The Red Lantern battlefleet gathers near Shard, the remnant of Atrocitus’ homeworld. Atrocitus tortures the captive Byth Rok, who knows the code to the lighthouse. Byth tries to negotiate, refusing to give up the code no matter what Atrocitus threatens.

The interceptor heads for the lighthouse, but Razer points out that the ship’s warp drives are almost complete. He wants to travel to Oa and gather reinforcements to stop the fleet, but Hal would rather destroy the lighthouse and prevent the fleet from arriving in Guardian Space and causing widespread destruction. Razer points out that something will eventually go wrong.

On Mogo, Zartok and Druze try to fix their interstellar receiver and determine why the Red Lanterns announced that they are coming. Zartok believes it his destiny to lead the Red Lantern troops. Meanwhile, St. Walker talks with Mogo, pointing out that Mogo called him there to find a beacon of hope to stop the Red Lanterns from wiping out other planets like they did his own. Mogo does not remember but says that he is not the savior. When St. Walker asks who the savior is, Mogo tells him to climb a nearby mountain

The interceptor arrives at the lighthouse coordinates and Razer is skeptical that Byth gave them the correct code. Despite that, they enter the code they scanned from his mind. After a moment a gateway opens in the center of the asteroid belt, giving them access. Hal takes the interceptor in and they get to the lighthouse, a floating structure within the belt. Razer plans to set it up to blow up remotely so they have time to get out of Guardian Space. However, automated defense systems activate and fire on the interceptor.

A tractor beam holds the interceptor in place and the three Lanterns leave the interceptor to take out the attack drones. However, they’re surprised to discover that the Red Lanterns have already occupied the lighthouse after obtaining the code from Byth and are flying out to attack them. Kilowog knocks one aside and cuts off the tractor beam, but Aya reports that the shields are falling to the critical. Hal and his team board the interceptor and fly out of range of the weapons before they’re destroyed. Aya informs them that the ultrawarp coils are okay and Hal orders a retreat so that they can come up with a new plan of attack.

St. Walker is climbing the mountain when a Red Lantern ship arrives. Zartok calls to Atrocitus and demands that he be put in charge of his army. St. Walker goes back to fight Atrocitus, the being that destroyed his homeworld, but Mogo tells him that vengeance isn’t his path and the Red Lanterns are not his concern. The battleship flies off and Mogo tells St. Walker to keep climbing.

The interceptor returns to the Forgotten Zone and Aya warns that the Red Lantern fleet will be there in 47 minutes. Hal suggests that they fly into the beam that generates the tunnel and follow it to the lighthouse. The energy emissions would make them invisible until they got there, and then they could fly directly into the beam emitter. Aya tells them that she can pilot the ship with enough precision to follow the energy flows.

Hal agrees and tells her to be careful. Aya enters the energy spiral and flies toward the lighthouse, impressing the Lanterns. The gravity forces build exponentially but Aya refuses to retreat despite the risk. She makes her way to the lighthouse and sneaks past the Red Lanterns. She shuts down the automatic defenses and flies off as the Red Lanterns give pursue. Hal brings in the interceptor while Aya redirects the drones to attack the Red Lanterns, forcing them to retreat.

Atrocitus receives word that the Red Lanterns were forced to retreat. He calmly tells them to report to their squadrons, much to his lieutenant Zilius Zox’s surprise, and then flies into the lighthouse’s tunnel.

At the lighthouse, Razer rigs a remote overload and they depart. Atrocitus gives pursuit, well aware that the lighthouse is rigged to destroy. He is satisfied that its destruction will serve his purpose and releases liberator bombs along the tunnel before opening fire. Razer triggers the explosion, destroying the lighthouse and closing the tunnel. Atrocitus rams his ship into the interceptor, locking them together. Aya opens fire, blasting the ships apart and moving ahead. They emerge into Guardian Space just in time as the maelstrom closes behind them. Aya reports that the ultrawarp engines are repaired and they can go home. As they prepare to return to Oa, they spot Atrocitus ship amidst the debris.

St. Walker reaches the top of the mountain and asks Mogo to show him the savior. He receives no response.

Aya reports that the ship’s life support is failing. Hal and the others go to pick them up, telling Aya to head or Oa at any sign of trouble. Kilowog takes his power battery with him and they board the Red Lantern ship. However, when they reach the bridge they discover that no one is aboard... and the ship is set to self-destruct. Razer warns them just as the ship explodes.

St. Walker wonders why Mogo has taught him that there is no hope and no savior, but he refuses to give up. The alien says that he has hope that all will be well and he will fight no matter what. At that, the blue power battery of hope appears to him. A blue power ring emerges from it, its light covering the mountaintop.

Razer protects his teammates in a force field and they return to the interceptor. However, it opens fire and Aya informs them that she is now a soldier serving Atrocitus. Aboard the interceptor, Druze controls Aya and Atrocitus praises her efforts, saying she is far worthier than Zartok to serve his cause. He tells her to set course for Oa and the interceptor departs.

As Hal, Kilowog, and Razer watch the interceptor depart, the liberator bombs that Atrocitus planted in the asteroid belt detonate, blowing a hole large enough for the armada to enter Guardian Space. Hal admits that he doesn’t know what they can do now.