The New Guy - Recap

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On the distant planet Biot, a crack opens in the universe and a giant armored figure passes through. He descends to the planet and the patrol bots announce that it is off-limit. When the figure ignores them, they open figure but their fire has no effect and he destroys them with a wave of his hand, saying that they shall all soon serve him. Moments later, waves of energy engulf the planet.

Hal Jordan returns to Earth and stops in to see Carol. He tells her that they stopped the Red Lantern invasion and suggests that they pick things up where they left off. When Hal says that he's ready to go back to work, Carol reluctantly tells him that she has hired a replacement since he's been away so long and she thought he was dead. Hal promises that the next time will be different but Carol points out that there's no way he can promise there. They're interrupted when they hear a news report about a disaster at a construction site. Carol tells Hal to go and he promises they'll talk about it at dinner and promises that he'll be there at 5:00.

At the construction site, a worker hangs from a crane while the news helicopter hovers overhead. Hal arrives and catches the worker as he falls. The crane breaks off its mounting and plummets toward the street and Hal starts to catch it, but another Green Lantern intervenes: Guy Gardner. He carries it back up to the roof and puts it in place as the crowd cheers him. Newsreporter Vinessa Swelter emerges from the helicopter and admits that nobody has heard of Hal, and Guy Gardner shoves Hal away and assures the public that he's the only Green Lantern. Hal comes over and congratulates Guy, who dismisses him as a fan at first. He finally realizes that Hal was his predecessor and has never heard of the Red Lantern invasion. When Hal says that he must be his temporary replacement, Guy informs him that he's been assigned to the sector permanently. Hal takes it in stride and Guy suggests that they catch up over hot wings.

In a mountain cavern in California, Professor Noam Chilton finds an ancient tomb. Above the planet, waves of energy strike Earth and the blue-skinned androids hidden in the cavern activate and attack the professor.

Hal tells Guy that he's been fired twice in one day and Guy says that he's better off as a loner. He suggests that Hal should call the Guardians and tell them off. When Hal opens a transmission, Abba Ali Apsa sees Guy and eagerly greets him and invites him to dinner later that week. Guy figures that things are settled and it's his sector, and Hal grabs him and drags him back. However, Guy breaks free and counterattacks, and Hal knocks him into orbit and then goes after him. They drop back to the planet but there fight is interrupted when they hear Vinessa's broadcast about energy releases. Hal figures they should go to investigate but discovers that Guy has already left.

Guy arrives at the cavern with Hal just behind him and Earth's new Green Lantern tells him to stay behind until he needs him. Hal goes in with him and they set off a trap. Guy rescues Hal and they start to fight again, but hear something up ahead. They investigate and find Chilton and a floor covered in markings that translate as "No man escapes the Manhunters." Hal explains that the Manhunters incited the Red Lanterns by destroying Atrocitus' planet millennia ago. The Guardians created them to defeat evil but they decided to wipe any life forms.

The three Manhunters open fire and two of them blast Hal while another blasts Guy back. The Green Lanterns are temporarily forced on the defense but Hal activates a trap, temporarily delaying the Manhunters and then flies off as Guy follows him. Hal continues to activate traps, delaying the pursuing robots, and then brings the roof down as he and Guy fly out. They then contact Salaak and ask why dormant Manhunters are on Earth. Salaak figures that they are joking art first but then warns that they will destroy every sentient being that they find.

Vinessa arrives by helicopter and asks what happened. Hal brushes Guy aside and takes credit for squelching the invasion. However, the Manhunters burst free, detect emotions, and move in for the kill. Guy assures Vinessa that he can handle them and flies up with Hal to fight the robots. Vinessa tells her pilot to fly in closer so she can get some footage and watches as the Manhunters slam Hal to the ground. He regroups and joins Guy in the fight, but one of the Manhunters goes after the helicopter. Hal pulls it free and smashes it down, but it detects the nearby town filled with people and flies off and the other two Manhunters follow it.

Hal and Guy fly after them, snare one, and combine forces to destroy it. They then split up to take on the other two and Hal destroys another one. Guy smashes the other one back and Hal destroys it with an energy-baseball bat. They fist bump and Guy hugs Hal... and realizes that they're on camera.

The Green Lanterns repair Vinessa's helicopter and she takes off. Hal gets a call from Carol and realizes that he's late for dinner. He takes the call and Carol tells him that there's just no future for them together. She wishes him well living the life he was meant for and says that it's better if they move on with their lives. Once she hangs up, Guy assures Hal that he knows what it means to be on duty 24/7 without having a life, and admits that at least Hal has friends. They shake but Guy can't resist asking for Carol's number and Hal punches him. Salaak contacts Hal and tells him to report to Oa at once.

On Oa, the Guardians tell Hal that he will be removed from duty and replaced by Guy Gardner. Hal prepares to resign but Apsa offers him the position of Honor Guard of Guardian space.