Prisoner of Sinestro - Recap

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As the interceptor flies through space, Kilowog reviews Corps protocol with Hal, who is less than enthused. Aya tells Razer that she's glad he's back, and he admits that his time on Odym was pointless because he was unable to purge rage from his heart. The AI says that she's glad that he hasn't changed and offers to help him scan for the Anti-Monitor, but Razer prefers to work alone.

The ship receives a call from Thal Sinestro, one of the most decorated Green Lanterns in the corps. Kilowog points out that Sinestro is a hothead but Hal likes the guy because he makes up his own rules as he goes along. Sinestro informs them that he has taken custody of a prisoner from the Spider Guild and wants them to help him take it to Oa. When Hal wonders what the catch is, Sinestro explains that he's trapped aboard the Spider Guild frigate and needs their help.

As they approach, the Spider Guild warns them off, saying Sinestro has seized one of their captives, but Hal demands that they turn the Green Lantern over. The Guild refuses and Hal flies the interceptor in through enemy fire and takes out the central power core. Sinestro flies up and the Guild captain calls to tell them that the prisoner, Neuraxis, is more dangerous than they know. The captain activates his ship's self-destruct and they get out just in time with Sinestro hitching a ride on the interceptor.

Once they're clear, Kilowog and Hal talk to Sinestro. He admits that he has no idea why the Guild blew their own ship up and puts Neuraxis in a holding cell. Razer comes in and Sinestro wonders why they are keeping a Red Lantern on a prototype Guardian ship. Hal vouches for Razer and Sinestro explains that he's simply following orders and taking Neuraxis, a wanted criminal, to Oa. Kilowog notes that Neuraxis is apparently sleeping, while Hal tries to chat with Sinestro. Sinestro says that he has to rest and abruptly walks out.

On the bridge, Kilowog reviews the Corps records on Neuraxis and discovers there is almost no information on the criminal. The power goes out and Aya confirms that someone has tampered with the power couplings. Sinestro bursts in wielding a Guild weapon and fires it at Razer, knocking him back. Hal shields himself while Kilowog slams Sinestro to the wall and tries to get through to him. Sinestro uses his weapon to ensnare both Green Lanterns, but Razer recovers and knocks Sinestro out. They remove his ring and put him in a cell.

When he wakes up next to Neuraxis without his ring, Sinestro demands answers. He has no memory of what he did and they assure him that they'll get him to Oa for treatment. They lock up the ring and Aya takes the Guild weapon to the storage locker, pointedly ignoring Razer. As she goes in, Razer comes in behind her and says that he wants to talk about her. Razer says that she's vital to running the ship and compliments her looks. As he examines her helmet, Aya wonders why and he says that she thought she would like some special attention. Razer then takes the weapon, saying that Hal wants to take a look at it, and walks out.

Kilowog and Hal check the bridge where Sinestro was firing and confirm that many of the systems were damaged. Aya comes in and tells them what happened with Razer. Hal assumes that Razer was flirting with her but then confirms that he didn't get the weapon Razer said he was delivering. They realize something is going wrong and Hal goes to find Razer. Razer fires on him and Hal easily disarms him... and then smiles and knocks Razer out. He then calls to Kilowog and summons him down.

In the cell, Sinestro notices that Neuraxis is still sleeping. He then examines the wall and uses a hidden knife to cut into the join.

Kilowog flies down and Hal fires at him with the weapon, promising to kill him.

On the bridge, Sinestro grabs Aya and says that he needs to talk to her. He takes his ring out of storage and explains that Neuraxis is a mind jumper.

Kilowog shields himself from Hal's attack and tries to go through with his friend. Hal vows to kill the entire crew, starting with Kilowog, and Kilowog pins him to the wall and knocks the weapon out of his grasp. Meanwhile, Razer wakes up and assumes that Kilowog is the attacker. He yanks Kilowog away and Hal says that one of them is an alien assassin. He figures Neuraxis is inside of one of them and they wonder which one of them is being controlled. Hal points out that Neuraxis never used his host body's ring so he used the weapons again. Hal and then Razer make a construct, but Kilowog won't and they figure he's the alien. Kilowog creates a clamp construct, pinning Hal, but Hal frees himself with another construct. They realize that Neuraxis is jumping from body to body in sequence so they have to make constructs at the same time.

Sinestro and Aya fly in and he explains that he's depressurizing the entire ship. He explains that the Guardians underestimated Neuraxis, who took over the Guild captain and caused him to destroy his ship. Neuraxis will pick them off one by one, but he has a test. They'll purge the ship of oxygen and the real Lanterns will protect themselves with their power ring. Since Neuraxis can't jump into Aya, it will return to the cell, which is still pressurized. Sinestro uses his ring to prove he's himself and they each create a force field... except Razer, who starts choking. A concerned Aya says that they have to repressurize, but Sinestro says that they have to wait. Hal is also worried but Sinestro refuses to yield, so Hal tells the possessed Razer that Neuraxis will be unharmed if he returns to his cell.

Razer continues to choke until he passes out... and his ring forms a protective shield. In the cell, Neuraxis wakes up and starts choking. Sinestro goes alone to see it. He points out that he didn't pressurize the cell after all and figures Neuraxis can't jump when it's dying.

The others check on Razer, who says that he'll be okay. They realize that Sinestro is gone.

Sinestro repairs the wall section he removed and declares that justice is served. The others arrived and Sinestro claims that he forgot to repair the ventilation system when he escaped. Hal is shocked that Sinestro killed a criminal, but Sinestro says that he didn't kill Neuraxis... he just didn't save him in time. After they finish repairs, they head back to Oa. Aya scans Razer, who asks if he did anything strange. She says that she should have known he wasn't himself because he expressed interest in spending time with her and walks off.