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Loss - Recap

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The Red Lantern base, Shard, returns to the ruins of Atrocitus' homeworld, Ysmault. The Guardian Science Director speaks to the sector's population and vows to make reparations. Zilius complains briefly that Appa Ali Apsa isn't there, pointing out that the Guardian broke his promise. As the other Red Lanterns complain, the Science Director tries to assure them that they will sign the truce the next day and move beyond the destruction of the sector by the Manhunters.

The interceptor flies back into Red Lantern space to attend the treaty signing. Hal is confident that they'll have peace but Kilowog isn't convinced. He points out that the Manhunters are active but the Guardians have decided not to inform the Red Lanterns about it yet. On the bridge, Aya and Razer are sitting in uncomfortable silence. Hal comes in and asks Razer what the matter is, and he asks them to stop at a nearby planet for personal reasons. They land on the planet and Razer goes to the building that was once his home... while Aya secretly follows him.

On Ysmault, Zilius shows the Science Director the marker that indicates where the Manhunters first attacked, and where they will now start the rebuilding effort. Bleez asks for a word alone with Zilius and they move off... unaware that the Anti-Monitor's signal has activated a Manhunter in the ruins below. Meanwhile, Blaze argues for killing the Science Director and hiding the body, but Zilius warns her that they lost the war. He plans to milk the Guardians for all they're worth and then strike when the time is right. Up above, the Manhunter emerges from the ruins in front of Guardian. She flies back to Zilius and suggests that they go to the monument, and the trio moves off.

Aya emerges and tells Razer that she remembers the place where Razer's love Ilana died, from the memories they shared. When she offers to leave, Razer says that it was a different time and he's no longer the man who chose hate... thanks to Aya. He shows her where plants are starting to return, gives her a flower, and starts to kiss her. However, Hal calls to tell them that the Science Director has called with a distress signal from Ysmault and they need to leave immediately.

The interceptor lands on Ysmault and the Science Director angrily wonders why they still have the renegade Aya with them. She points out that Aya deviated from normal and promises to deal with it later after they deal with the Manhunter that has activated. The Science Director gives them the coordinates and tells them to deal with it quietly so the Red Lanterns don't blame them and start the war again.

The team flies to the ruins only to discover nothing but a severed hand. They spot the Manhunter running off toward the city, focusing on the emotions of hate that it can sense. The android tries to open fire from a distance only to discover that it is too badly damaged. Razer attacks the android, throwing it into the city, and Aya opens fire on it.

Zilius is picking sites for his commemorative statues when the Manhunter throws Razer down to the ground in front of the prime magistrate. They're interrupted when the Manhunter smashes Aya down nearby. Meanwhile, Hal and Kilowog manage to first restrain and then destroy the Manhunter. However, Zilius arrives, sees the Manhunter, and accuses them of treachery. Before he can sound the alarm, Kilowog knocks him out.

Back on the interceptor, the Science Director arrives and tells them that the banquet ended early when Zilius didn't show up. Hal and the others reveal that they captured Zilius and the Science Director tries to apologize. Zilius insists that it's war and starts ranting, and the Science Director has Hal gag the Red Lantern. She complains that Hal has ignited the war, but is interrupted when Aya reports that an anti-matter pulse is originating from Frontier Space. They realize that the Anti-Monitor is close and fly off to investigate.

The interceptor arrives at the Maelstrom and Hal removes Zilius' power ring. They show him the incoming Manhunter army and explain that they are as big a threat to them as to the Red Lanterns. The Science Director admits that they built the Manhunters but no longer controls them, and explains that they are now controlled by the Anti-Monitor. Millennia ago, a Guardian named Krona created a being capable of anything. It became cognizant, recognized its superiority, and prepared to convert everything to anti-matter to consume it. Krona banished it to another dimension but the Anti-Monitor is loose again.

The Anti-Monitor begins consuming the Maelstrom but Zilius insists that it is another Guardian weapon. Hal points out that it would have already destroyed Ysmault if it were a Guardian weapon. Meanwhile, the Anti-Monitor detects them and sends a squadron of Manhunters after the interceptor. As they flee, Zilius panics and the Science Director orders them to warp out. Aya warns that they'll need four minutes to power the impellers, while the Manhunters land on the interceptor and stat cutting into the hull. Hal tosses Zilius his power ring but he refuses to help. As Razer goes, Aya tells him to be careful.

The Lanterns emerge and open fire on the Manhunters, holding them off as best they can. Hal and Kilowog return to the ship and Razer follows, only to be cut off by more Manhunters. Aya sees his situation and goes to help, but both Zilius and the Science Director object. She ignores them and flies out to help Razer, while Hal and Kilowog return and discover that Aya and Razer are still outside. The Science Director orders Hal to fly the interceptor away, but he refuses to abandon his teammates. Kilowog provides cover fire through the ship's batteries while Hal flies back.

Razer fights back against overwhelming odds but the Anti-Monitor arrives while more Manhunters finally subdue the Red Lantern. As they prepare to kill him, Aya destroys them with a burst of energy. The interceptor locks on and moves in, while the Anti-Monitor fires a beam of anti-matter at Razer. Aya shoves him out of the way and is then caught in the beam and knocked back. Razer flies to her but she says that it's too late for her. She's too far from the interceptor to download her consciousness. Razer hugs her close and says that he loves her, and Aya says that she understands what regret means... and dies. The Anti-Monitor moves in just as the interceptor arrives and snatches Razer out of the way, leaving Aya's body behind.