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Cold Fury - Recap

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The interceptor flies off with the Manhunters in pursuit and the Anti-Monitor behind them, Zox insist that they rescue him while Razer walks onto the bridge and tells them that Aya is dead. He explains that the interceptor was too far away for Aya to download her consciousness and Hal complains that Razer disobeyed order. The Science Director intervenes, saying that it's not a totally negative event, and Razer starts to flare out of control. Kilowog convinces him to check on the engine readings while the Science Director and Zox both go off to make calls to their people.

On Shard, Zox tells Bleez and the other Red Lanterns what is happened and orders them to send in the "big guns."

The Manhunters speed up and the interceptor is unable to accelerate without Aya. Hal asks if the Science Director can banish the Anti-Monitor to another dimension but she admits that Krona had powers they didn't. She tells them to stop the ship and then goes out of the ship with Hal. The Manhunters arrive the Science Director tells them to stop, insisting that she is their creator. When they refuse, the Science Director sends out a wave of energy, immobilizing them. She tells Hal that the Guardians have been slowly retapping the abilities that they set aside millennia ago.

The Anti-Monitor arrives and tells the Science Director that her powers don't matter. She tries to control him but he unleashes a wave of anti-matter, overwhelming her. He immobilizes Hal in a force field and then forces him to watch as he directs an anti-matter conversion beam at the interceptor. As he slowly disintegrates the ship, Shard arrives and Bleez opens fire on the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor shrugs off the attack and destroys the liberator missiles, feeding on the subsequent anti-energy. The creature then blasts through Shard's force field and proceeds to destroy the fortress as Zox stares in horror.

Hal returns to the interceptor and tells Zox to have his people retreat. He reluctantly does so and the interceptor joins the retreating fleet. Zox blames Hal and the others, but Hal orders Kilowog to speed up for Ysmault and then tells Zox to prepare Ysmault for attack. Once he leaves, Razer begins to explain that he's given up hope, but Hal points out that Aya would have said it was illogical. Before they can talk further, they hear something at the lower ramp. They go to investigate and watch as Aya slowly crawls aboard the ship, rebuilt with Manhunter parts. She greets them and explains that she managed to transfer to a disabled Manhunter's CPU and then followed the ship until she could catch up. Hal asks her to help and she agrees but says that she needs Razer's help. Razer stares at her for a moment and then agrees.

Aya and Razer inspect the engines, rebuilding the damage, and Aya reminds him that he said that he loved her. She reassembles a new version of her old body from spare parts and asks if her appearance makes a difference to their love. Razer tries to explain about true love and Aya asks how he does love her. He pauses and then says that he doesn't love her and cannot, and tells Aya that while Aya built herself in Ilana's image, his memories for his first wife carried over. Razer tells Aya that he can't love a machine and walks away while Aya tries to process the new information.

The interceptor and the Red Lantern fleet meet with Zox's fleet and he starts to storm off, but pauses long enough to wish them well. Aya tells Hal that Razer doesn't love her and that lack is taking up her computing power. Hal talks about how he felt much the same when he hurt Carol, however inadvertently, and says that Razer did the same. Aya insists that the feelings are causing her pain, but the Manhunter fleet arrives and Hal says they'll have to discuss it later. She wonders when the pain will end but Hal tells her that it's all part of evolving.

The Manhunters arrive and the combined fleet opens fire. Both sides take heavy losses and Hal takes the ship directly into the fray. Meanwhile, Aya asks Razer what he would do if emotions were interfering with his performance. He says that he shuts down everything else but his focus on the job at hand, and Aya looks around the bridge. Hal orders her back to her station but she says that won't let them survive. She walks off the bridge while Hal wonders what she's doing.

The Anti-Monitor arrives and begins destroying ships with a wave of his hand. Meanwhile, Aya goes to the interceptor's central power battery and shuts it down. The interceptor comes to a dead halt and Hal flies down to investigate. Aya absorbs all of the ship's energy and says that she has shut down all emotion to accomplish their primary objective. She flies out to confront the Anti-Monitor, knocking Hal back when he tries to stop her.

Hal returns to the bridge and tells them what happened. Meanwhile, Aya flies through the Manhunters, smashing them aside, and grabs one of the Red Lantern frigates to use as cover. She shoves it at the Anti-Monitor, ignoring Hal's orders to spare their allies, and the Anti-Monitor uses his energy converting it. Aya flies out of the wreckage and slams into the Anti-Monitor's chest. He explodes from within and all of the Manhunters shut down.

Aya integrates herself into the Anti-Monitor's body and pulls the interceptor to her. When Razer says that it isn't safe, Aya says that he doesn't care about her and that they consider her a slave. She tells her former teammates that she shall be the queen of the Manhunters and will decide what becomes of the androids. She reactivates them and says that all living beings are driven by emotion and she rejects them all. Aya knocks aside the interceptor and then flies off with the Manhunters.