Babel - Recap

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The interceptor drifts in space and the Lanterns' rings are running low on energy. The ship's power battery is dry because of Aya's actions against them, and they wonder what she was thinking. The interceptor begins plummeting toward a nearby planet and their rings are too lower to abandon ship. Razer says that his personal battery has a charge and they hook it up to the ship's power systems so that Hal can control the landing. The interceptor comes down hard but they survive the crash, and Razer's power battery is damaged.

The Lanterns survey the damage and confirm that it will take at least ten hours for the main battery to recharge. Hal suggests that they wait but Razer warns that the planet's methane atmosphere is leaking into the ship. The Lanterns protect themselves with their ring, spot a nearby domed settlement, and fly toward it. However, they don't have enough power to maintain flight and they have 25 km to go. They go as fast as they can and eventually arrive at the settlement. The guards see that their Lanterns and open fire, and the trio runs for cover.

Kilowog says that there is a protocol but it takes coordination and teamwork... and the translation feature on his ring goes out as the power runs out. Hal finds himself in similar straits and they both start choking. Razer creates a shield to save them but he warns that he doesn't have much power left. As they move out, they see a convoy passing and they try to come up with a plan despite the fact that only Razer can understand everyone with their translation functions off-line. They slip under the last vehicle but Kilowog falls behind until they pull him up.

The convoy enters the settlement and Razer drops his life support shield. The y have four more hours until the ship's power battery recharges. However, Razer's ring runs out and now none of them can speak in the same language. Kilowog spots a patrol and quickly pulls his comrades out of sight... into a local bar. The natives charge after them and the trio runs for their lives. They take refuge among some crates but one local spots them and gestures them on. He gestures to his vehicle but demands payment. None of them have anything that the alien wants... except for the photo of Carol on Hal's cell phone. Kilowog finally knocks the alien out and they drive off in the vehicle as the locals catch up to them and open fire.

Hal drives off but Razer insists on taking control. They fight over the controls as they head for the gate, ducking and dodging traffic. However, a local tank blocks their way and opens fire, only for their stolen vehicle to run into them. The Lanterns crawl out and the locals open fire, stunning Kilowog and Razer, and then club Hal unconscious.

Hal and the others wake up in a cell and discover that they're going to be sent into the arena to fight. They're watch as the next prisoner is eaten by a giant creature, and then forced out into the arena for the next match. Razer charges forward but his concealed weapons are useless against its hide and the creature knocks him out. Hal and Kilowog are unable to coordinate and the creature slams them to the ground as well. However, Hal hears a Manhunter talking and realizes that one of the androids' heads is on the creature's trophy belt.

Before Hal can use the Manhunter's residual power, the floor blocks arise to make things more entertaining. As they stay ahead of the creature, Hal tries to indicate what they need to do, making a speech about teamwork and spirit. The others nod in apparent understanding and working together, Kilowog throws Hal onto the creature's head. Kilowog and Razer try to trip the creature but fail, and keep it distracted. Meanwhile, Hal manages to grab the Manhunter head and recharges his ring just as the creature swallows him. While he holds the creature at bay, Kilowog recharges his ring and holds off the guards, and then joins Hal in bringing down the creature. Razer throws the android head at the creature and it finally falls over. As the aliens complain that the Lanterns harmed their mother, Hal and Kilowog pick up Razer and fly off.

Back at the ship, the Green Lanterns use their rings to repair the interceptor while Razer recharges his ring from his own power battery. Hal figures that his big speech in the arena saved the day and Kilowog and Razer, who had no idea what he was saying, tell him it was very moving.