Larfleeze - Recap

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Aboard the interceptor, Hal, Kilowog, and Razer receive a lecture from Appa Ali Apsa about their recent failures, including Aya joining with the Anti-Monitor's body. Hal takes full responsibility for what happened and vows to make it right. However, when he offers to approach Aya, Appa tells them to land to install a new navigational AI, and then return to Oa when they're done. The Guardian vows to end the menace and shuts off the transmission.

Hal tells his friends that they need to speak with Aya and get through to her, but admits that they need a game-changer to hold her at bay. Razer suggests that they use orange energy and explains that ages ago, a race of conqueror harnessed orange energy. However, the energy had an influence on those who wielded it so only the strongest warriors were chosen. The Orange Lanterns fought Atrocitus to a standstill. Then overnight, the Orange Lanterns disappeared from their homeworld of Okaara. Everyone who has sought out the orange lanterns has disappeared. Hal sets a course for Okaara and a mournful Razer goes to his quarters. Kilowog wonders what happens if they can't get through to Aya and have to put her down, but Hal doesn't have an answer.

As the interceptor lands on Oa, Razer downloads the Guardians' new AI patch. As it installs itself, Kilowog and Razer take one direction and Hal takes the other to conduct their search. Hal spots an ancient tunnel and goes in to investigate. Meanwhile, Kilowog asks Razer how he's been holding up and offers to listen. Razer insists that he doesn't need mothering, and Kilowog angrily points out that Razer is the one who turned Aya away. The Red Lantern snaps back, admitting that he knows that anyone who is harmed is because of him, and Kilowog apologizes for overreacting. Razer flies off without a word and Kilowog tries to contact Hal... and gets no response.

As Hal investigates the tunnels, he hears someone muttering in the shadows. No one responds and Hal flies to a central chamber holding an orange power battery. As Hal advances on it, awe-struck at its beauty, the figure following him insists that it's "mine" and refuses to let Hal take it. As Hal advances on it, he notices that the altar is covered in thousands of orange power rings. The figure says that his name is Larfleeze and he is the only Orange Lantern. When Hal asks to take it, insisting that the universe is in danger, Larfleeze refuses to let him borrow it. As Hal draws closer, he takes it and says that it's his now.

Three orange constructs of an alien being chase after Hal and he manages to destroy them. However, a giant construct of Larfleeze emerges and grabs Hal, vowing to kill him. Kilowog and Razer arrive and knock the construct back, and they realize that Larfleeze is insane. The three lanterns combine fire, destroying the construct, and Larfleeze runs off into the shadows. Hal picks up the orange power battery and assures the others that he's fine and heads back to the interceptor.

As Razer goes into the ship to check on the AI, Kilowog tells Hal about his earlier conversation with their teammate. Hal assures him that it doesn't matter because he has the orange power battery and can use it to do anything. When they go aboard, Razer brings the AI online. It introduces itself as Lanos annoyingly chipper. Hal comes in, clutching the orange power battery, and tells his teammates that it's all his. They realize that something is wrong and Hal orders them back, insisting they can't have it. He glows with orange energy and transforms into one of the Orange Lantern Corps, knocking them back. As Hal flies off, Razer and Kilowog chase after him and realize that orange energy is fueled by avarice.

As Razer and Kilowog fly back to the tunnel after Hal, Larfleeze grabs them with one of his construct creatures, Globulus, and vows to make them pay with their lives. The two Lanterns shatter the construct and Kilowog knocks Larfleeze back. Larfleeze insists that since Hal has stolen his home and his battery, he has nowhere to go. Kilowog tells Larfleeze that they want him to take his battery back because it's hurting Hal. He offers to return the battery if Larfleeze helps them capture Hal, but he tries to negotiate until they walk away.

Hal flies to the main chamber and puts on nine of the orange rings, charging them up. Meanwhile, Larfleeze can sense Hal touching his stuff and runs off, screaming. Kilowog and Razer follow him into the main chamber lair where everything that Larfleeze has gathered over the millennia is lying. They try to get through to Hal, distracting him, and Larfleeze attacks him from behind and tries to wrest the battery away. As they fight, Razer and Kilowog attack their teammate and try to get through to him. As he knocks them back, Kilowog looks up and realizes that the stars are going out in the sky.

Larfleeze leaps on Hal and tries to yank the power battery away, but Hal blasts him away and prepares to kill him. Razer looks up and sees the stars dying as well, and they realize that Aya is responsible. Larfleeze looks up and sees the same thing, and demands to know who is stealing his stars. Kilowog and Razer fly down and remind their teammate that Aya is the one they're fighting against. Hal manages to shake off the battery's influence using his willpower, and the orange rings drop to the ground and Hal gives the battery back. As Larfleeze clutches the battery to himself, Hal apologizes to him and promises not to take anything. Larfleeze reluctantly admits that they deserve something for giving him back his power battery, but can't overcome his greed to give them anything.

Back at the interceptor, Hal and Kilowog warn Razer that if they can't get through to Aya, they may have to deactivate her. Razer angrily asks who they are to make that judgment and insist that they can convince her. Kilowog warns his friend that they may not have a choice. However, Hal sides with Razer, pointing out that they managed to save him when he became a monster.