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Season 11

221 :11x01 - I Must Have Lost It on the Wind

Meredith's life is chaos both at work and at home. Callie and Arizona come to a decision about the surrogacy. Amelia learns a secret.
Guest Stars: Kate Burton as Dr. Ellis Grey | Geena Davis as Dr. Herman | Jason George (2) as Dr. Ben Warren | Megan Gallagher as Mrs. Oldroyd | Sally Pressman as Young Ellis Grey | Kelly McCreary as Dr. Margaret Pierce | Christopher Redman as Chris | Matthew Van Oss as David Oldroyd | Libe Barer as Monica McKeever |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Noh as Sharon Peterson | Courtney Cunningham as Woman | Cynthia Youngblood as ER Nurse | Dyana Liu as Nurse | Curtis Walker as Medivac Guy | Aria Lyric Leabu as Young Meredith | Ian Chen as Luca Peterson | Emma Shannon as Lily | Danny Jacobs (2) as ND Doctor
Director: Kevin McKidd
Writer: Stacy McKee
Songs: Correatown -- Ghost of the Year ft. Piney Gir, Odessa -- I Will Be There, Jill Scott (1) -- Le Boom Vent Suite

222 :11x02 - Puzzle with a Missing Piece

Maggie keeps finding herself in awkward situations, after trying to make a good impression. Richard tries to keep his secret hidden.
Guest Stars: Kelly McCreary as Dr. Margaret Pierce | Eileen Ryan as Majorie Reed | Patrick Fabian as Dr. Oliver Lebackes | Rebecca Field as Sabine McNeil | Mary Passeri as Jeannie Reed | Manu Narayan as Eric Patel | Anisha Nagarajan as Rita Patel | Billy Malone as Jon McNeil | Chad Buchanan as Brian |
Co-Guest Stars: Kiralee Hayashi as Tracey Mitchell | Brian Michael Jones as Fish Man | Patrick Censoplano as Robbie McCutcheon | Casey Corn as OR Nurse | Moni Akiwowo as CCU Nurse 1 | Vishal Patel as CCU Nurse 2
Director: Rob Corn
Songs: Billy Squier -- Everybody Wants You

223 :11x03 - Got to Be Real

Jo becomes jealous when Alex and Meredith become close friends. Maggie and Richard continue to open up to each other. Callie is pressured by Owen to use his robotic-limb lab to assist veterans.
Guest Stars: Kelly McCreary as Dr. Margaret Pierce | Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | John Siciliano as Jeff |
Co-Guest Stars: Shawn-Coulin Young as Steve Tate | Ben Bowen as Charlie Hays | Payton Silver as Dr. Knox | Grace Rowe as Paramedic Grace | Grace Shen as Woman
Director: Rob Corn
Writer: Zoanne Clack
Songs: Jhené Aiko -- Lyin King, Banks -- Waiting Game, Grieves -- Whoa is Me, Banks -- You Should Know Where I’m Coming From

224 :11x04 - Only Mama Knows

Meredith watches some old videos and readers her mother's journals. She learns some secrets from Ellis Grey's past. Maggie makes an unexpected announcement. Alex takes on more responsibilities. Callie focuses on the veterans' project.
Guest Stars: Kelly McCreary as Dr. Margaret Pierce | Annet Mahendru as Ana | Sally Pressman as Young Ellis Grey | J. August Richards as Dr. Richard Webber | Kate Burton as Dr. Ellis Grey |
Co-Guest Stars: Rafael J. Noble as Roy Pepper | Walter Addison as Chief Martin Vance | Aria Lyric Leabu as Young Meredith | Sara Rowe as Nadia | Danny Jacobs (2) as Doctor
Director: Nicole Cummins

225 :11x05 - Bend and Break

Arizona and Callie examine their marital problems; Richard turns to Bailey for advice.

Source: ABC Network
Guest Stars: Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | Rose Abdoo as Dr. Dawson | Carole Weyers as Emily | Elizabeth Schmidt as Laurie |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe McGovern as Chase Franklin | Nicole Hayden as Kate Franklin | Chriselle Almeida as Jaclyn Werlein | Ronnie Alvarez as Barista | Guerrin Gardner as ND Mom | Brian J. Flaherty as OR Nurse
Director: Jesse Bochco
Writer: Meg Marinis
Songs: Mary J. Blige -- Therapy, Lemon Sun -- Touch The Lightning, AlunaGeorge -- You Know You Like It

226 :11x06 - Don't Let's Start

A patient who may have served in the military is developing a bond with Owen. April's mother connects with Jackson. Bailey begins to reconsider her health issues.
Guest Stars: Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | Connie Ray as Karen Kepner | Kelly McCreary as Dr. Maggie Pierce | Jason George (2) as Dr. Ben Warren | Meg Steedle as Melissa | James McCauley as Jeremy Weaver |
Co-Guest Stars: Lori Alan as Ellen Weaver | Cascy Beddow as Keith | Vyvy Nguyen as Jacki | Daisy Lightfoot as Caroline | Sydney Sweeney as Erin Weaver | Nicole Cummins as Paramedic Nicole | Joanna Rhambo as Nurse
Director: Rob J. Greenlea
Songs: Mary J. Blige -- Long Hard Look, Mary J. Blige -- Not Loving You

227 :11x07 - Can We Start Again, Please?

Amelia's past begins to emerge and it is causing problems for her at the hospital. Arizona has to make an executive decision in Dr. Herman's absence.
Guest Stars: Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | Kelly McCreary as Dr. Margaret Pierce | Nick D'Agosto as Dr. Graham Madden |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicole Cummins as Paramedic Nicole Cummins | David Carpenter as Norris Straughn | Barbara Brownell as Hattie Straughn | Jessica Gardner as Sarah Straughn | Michael Antosy as Corey Jensen | Luciana Faulhaber as Emily Jensen | Teresa Huang as Nurse Ruth | Payton Silver as Dr. Knox | Kevin Clarke as Paramedic #1 | Chris Schuette as Orderly | Laura Morgan as OR Nurse
Director: Bobby Roth
Writer: Andy Reaser
Songs: Lucy & The Cloud Parade -- Feed My Soul, -- Home, Broods -- Medicine

228 :11x08 - Risk

A bigger argument arises between Meredith and Derek after a disagreement about a patient. When a patient is pushed to far, Callie feels responsible.
Guest Stars: Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | Kelly McCreary as Dr. Maggie Pierce | Nick D'Agosto as Dr. Graham Madden | Titus Makin, Jr. as Rick Schultz | Michael Roark as Jordan Carter | Kimberly Hebert-Gregory as Deborah Curzon | Lindsay Pearce as Holly Tichener |
Co-Guest Stars: Raquel Gardner as Claire | Kyra da Costa as Intern
Director: Rob Corn
Songs: -- Deeper, Aron Wright -- Home, Marsha Ambrosius -- Run

229 :11x09 - Where Do We Go From Here

Jackson and April must deal with some heartbreaking news, Derek gets ready to move to Washington, D.C., and Amelia and Arizona plan their move to talk to Dr. Herman about her condition.
Guest Stars: Kelly McCreary as Dr. Maggie Pierce | Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | Kevin Carroll as Greg James |
Co-Guest Stars: A.J. Achinger as Dylan | Nicolas Bechtel as Jack | Maggie Egan as Lynn | Neil Barton as Police Officer | James Holloway as Paramedic #1 | Gregory Michael Smith as Paramedic #2 | Carlo Imperato as Paramedic #3 | Olivia Diane Joseph as Circulating Nurse | Kaiden Jones as Parker James | Kyla Drew Simmons as Mia James | Isaiah Lucas as ER Patient
Director: Debbie Allen
Writer: Meg Marinis
Songs: Hollow Wood -- Forget Me Forgotten, Ella Eyre -- If I Go

230 :11x10 - The Bed's Too Big Without You

April tries to stay positive in the wake of her baby's diagnosis and goes through more testing. Callie and Owen become one another's coach when it comes to getting back in to the dating scene. Maggie, Bailey and Meredith work with a 3D printer to map out a tumor.
Guest Stars: Antonio D. Charity as Michael Nelson | Connie Ray as Karen Kepner | Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | Kelly McCreary as Dr. Maggie Pierce | Amy Motta as Jenna Lee |
Co-Guest Stars: Cheryl Francis Harrington as Adrian Nelson
Director: Chandra Wilson
Songs: Jetta -- Feels Like Coming Home, Kat Dahlia -- I Think I'm In Love, Maggie Eckford -- Let the Light Back In, Elliphant -- Never Been In Love

231 :11x11 - All I Could Do Was Cry

After several discussions with Dr. Herman, April and Jackson must face their situation head on and make a difficult decision regarding their unborn child. Catherine arrives in Seattle and bumps into Richard at the hospital. Meanwhile, Meredith tries to find someone to take care of the kids so she can visit Derek for the weekend, and Amelia shows Stephanie some tough love when they work together on a case.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Debbie Allen as Dr. Catherine Avery | Jason George (2) as Dr. Ben Warren | Rob Nagle as Howard Bonaman | Kim Hidalgo as Wendy | Deidra Edwards as Brenda Bonaman | Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeremy Glazer as Drew Hawkins | Oscar Best as Pastor Rhinehold | Gregory Michael Smith as Paramedic
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

232 :11x12 - The Great Pretender

Maggie gets upset when Meredith dodges her questions about DC; Bailey and Ben become concerned about Ben’s brother after he is admitted to the hospital, and Dr. Herman starts to warm up to Arizona. Meanwhile, Richard feels manipulated by Catherine.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | Jason George (2) as Dr. Ben Warren | Charlie Bodin as Todd | Debbie Allen as Dr. Catherine Avery | Benjamin Patterson as Curtis Warren | Amelia Rose Blaire as Hillary List |
Co-Guest Stars: Shi Ne Nielson as Paramedic | Juan Antonio as Hot Guy
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Songs: Angus & Julia Stone -- A Heartbreak, James Bay -- Let It Go, The Wind + The Wave -- Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise 'Em High, Priory -- Weekend

233 :11x13 - Staring at the End

The hospital doctors become fascinated with Dr. Herman’s case when Amelia gives a lecture detailing the intricacies of the surgery. Arizona and Herman continue to bond over the amount of cases they are trying to complete before the big surgery. Meanwhile, Bailey brings them a case of a pregnant woman who is close to her heart.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | Marla Sokoloff as Glenda Castillo |
Co-Guest Stars: Christina Elizabeth Smith as Julie Hall | Dan Louis as Julie's Husband
Director: Mark Jackson
Writer: Stacy McKee
Songs: Odessa -- Grow, Hollow Wood -- Seasons

234 :11x14 - The Distance

In this Amelia-centric episode, Amelia engages in the surgery of a lifetime as a crowd of doctors look on from the gallery. With Stephanie by her side, she begins operating on Dr. Herman, but quickly realizes it's far more difficult than she anticipated. Meanwhile, Bailey becomes skeptical when Arizona takes on one of Herman’s cases.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jason George (2) as Dr. Ben Warren | Geena Davis as Dr. Nicole Herman | Marla Sokoloff as Glenda Castillo |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Miller as Intern | Danny Nero as Anesthesiologist
Director: Eric Laneuville
Songs: Sleeping At Last -- Saturn, Rhodes -- Worry

235 :11x15 - I Feel the Earth Move

An earthquake shakes the ground at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, trapping Maggie in an elevator and threatening Meredith’s long streak of successful surgeries. Meanwhile, Owen gives medical advice to a child over the phone and Ben confides in Jackson.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jason George (2) as Dr. Ben Warren | Lance Gross as Ethan Boyd (Radiologist) | Jennifer Rhodes as Jean Dominy | Millie Bobby Brown as Ruby | Rodney Rowland as Brian | Lise Simms as Karen |
Co-Guest Stars: Hana Hayes as Danielle | Jacob Timothy Manown as Micah | Kalpana Pot as Ellie | Payton Silver as Dr. Knox | Ida Anderson as Lady | Trevor Anthony as Flight Doc | J. Omar Castro as Paramedic #1 | Michael Anthony Rogers as Paramedic #2
Writer: Jen Klein
Songs: Banks -- Goddess, Ed Sheeran -- Photograph, Kevin McKidd -- Stayin' Alive

236 :11x16 - Don't Dream It's Over

A patient’s condition sparks a conversation between Richard and Maggie about Alzheimer’s disease; April and Jackson struggle to return to their normal lives and Arizona is faced with the reality that Callie is moving on. Meanwhile, Meredith reveals her biggest fears about Derek.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Crystal Allen as Heather (Date of Callie Torres) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Staron as Tom Vinson | Mary T. Sala as Police Officer #1 | Ty Chen as Frat Kid (Patient: Tongue Stuck in Bottle) | Kevin Clarke as Paramedic

237 :11x17 - With or Without You

Meredith, rattled by the latest events, tries to figure out what to do about Derek. Meanwhile, Owen is shocked when his mother is admitted to the hospital.

Source: ABC

238 :11x18 - When I Grow Up

A school field trip to the hospital takes a dramatic turn when the kids witness two injured cops enter the emergency room. Meanwhile, Stephanie sets her eyes on one of the chaperones, Callie operates on the leg of the police captain and Amelia must face her feelings for Owen.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Kevin Alejandro as Dan Pruitt (Commanding Officer) | Libby Villari as Mrs. Gibson (Mother of Officers Pete and Brett Gibson) | Mary Gallagher as Mrs. Hamilton | Jason George (2) as Dr. Ben Warren |
Uncredited: Jela K. Moore as Zola

239 :11x19 - Crazy Love

A man shows up at the hospital whose wife took revenge on him after finding out that he had been cheating on her.
Guest Stars: Debbie Allen as Dr. Catherine Avery | Jason George (2) as Dr. Ben Warren | Lance Gross as Ethan Boyd (Radiologist) | Jackson Hurst as Thomas Archibald (Patient, Chef) | Erika Alexander as Mrs. McKay (Mother of Marissa McKay) | Teri Reeves as Rory (Sous-Chef for Thomas Archibald) |
Co-Guest Stars: Alexa Etchart as Marcia Archibald (Wife of Thomas Archibald) | Mara Hall as Nurse Kathleen | Ajiona Alexus as Marissa McKay (Patient: Spine, Golfer)

240 :11x20 - One Flight Down

A small plane crash sees multiple casualties and brings back some upsetting memories.
Guest Stars: Abby Miller as TBA
Songs: Musique -- In the Bush

241 :11x21 - How to Save a Life

Derek witnesses a horrible car accident and springs into action to save lives.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Larry Cedar as TBA | Mike McColl as TBA | Samantha Sloyan as TBA | Allie Grant as TBA | Savannah Paige Rae as TBA | Che Landon as TBA

242 :11x22 - She's Leaving Home

Everyone at the hospital reacts to the death of one of their own.

243 :11x23 - Time Stops

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244 :11x24 - You're My Home

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