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Season 1

1 :01x01 - A Hard Day's Night

On the morning of her first day as a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, Meredith Grey is running late as she recovers from a one-night stand and prepares for her first day. Meredith quickly befriends George O'Malley, who's quirky, yet lovable, Cristina Yang, a highly competitive woman, and Izzie Stevens, a model turned surgical intern. Each of the new interns get assigned to Dr. Miranda Bailey, who past interns have dubbed "the Nazi".

Meredith's first patient, a young beauty pageant contestant, recently began having severe, life-threatening seizures and Meredith uncovers that she'll need brain surgery to save her life. However, things take a turn when the neurosurgeon, Dr. Derek Shepard, happens to be Meredith's one-night stand. He wants their brief relationship to progress into something more, but Meredith is firm on her stance - their relationship should remain strictly professional.
Guest Stars: Randall Arney as Mr. Bryce (Father of Katie Bryce: Patient with Seizures) | Skyler Shaye as Katie Bryce (Patient: Beauty Pageant Contestant with Seizures) | Kate Burton as Dr. Ellis Grey (Mother of Dr. Meredith Grey) |
Co-Guest Stars: Robbie Troy as Mrs. Bryce (Mother of Katie Bryce: Patient with Seizures) | David Vegh as Tony Savitch (Patient: Bypass Surgery) | Martin Ighani as Rectal Exam Patient (Patient: Given Rectal Exam by Dr. Izzie Stevens) | Laura Carson as Gloria Savitch (Wife of Tony Savitch: Bypass Surgery Patient) | Moe Irvin as Nurse Tyler Christian | Sendhil Ramamurthy as Intern #2 | Lynne Marie Stewart as Nurse | Sean Palmer as Intern #3 | Richard Gilbert-Hill as Small Town Doc | Grinnell Morris as Intern #4 | Kathleen M. Darcy as Anesthesiologist | Brad Pennington as Radiologist | Noelle McCutchen as Nurse #2 | Josh Bywater as Intern #1 | Gregory Erff as Mr. Jones | Billy Wood as Senior Resident | Joel Schmidt as Gloria's Brother (Standing Next Gloria in the Waiting Room)
Director: Peter Horton
Songs: O.A.O.T's -- Dance, Thirteen Senses -- Into The Fire, Butterfly Boucher -- Life Is Short, Rilo Kiley -- Portions For Foxes, Vaughan Penn -- Ready to Rise, BANG Sugar BANG -- Super Cool, Jem Griffiths -- They

2 :01x02 - The First Cut Is the Deepest

The surgical staff tries to stay positive when a young woman, despite brain surgery, is clinging to life after a brutal attempted rape. Meanwhile, Meredith risks her spot in the intern program when she crosses the line in order to save a newborn suffering from a undiagnosed heart condition. The other interns learn that in order to be a good surgeon and doctor, much more than medial knowledge is needed.
Guest Stars: Kate Burton as Ellis Grey (Mother of Dr. Meredith Grey) |
Co-Guest Stars: Alice Lo as Qing Lu (Patient: Needs Stitches, Can't Speak English) | Robin Pearson Rose as Patricia (Chief Richard Webber's Assistant) | Kristy Munden as Trauma Nurse | Scott Michael Morgan as Patient #2 | Sonia Jackson as Patient #1 | Kerri Higuchi as Pediatrics Intern (Improperly Diagnoses Infant) | Walter Wong as Tech | Scarlett Lam as Ahn (Patient: Laceration On Forehead, Daughter Of Qing) | Kerry Carney as Intern #1 (Tries to Convince Meredith to Let Her Move In) | Dennis Gubbins as Dr. Paul Gay (Neonatal Attending) | Stacey Hinnen as Mr. Johnson (Father of Infant With Pulmanory Atresia) | Elise Robertson as Ms. Johnson (Mother of Infant With Pulmanory Atresia) | Alex Thayer as Allison (Patient: Assault Victim with Multiple Injuries) | Jeff Marlow as Drunk Man | Kylie Dragna as Ellen Parkins | Shannon Burwell as Crying Patient | Gary Kraus as Louis Cardon (Patient: Multinucleate Cell Angiohistiocytoma) | Stephen Blackehart as Vic (Patient: Rapist Who Assaulted Allison) | Cindy Drummond as Wife of Louis Cardon: Multinucleate Cell Angiohistiocytoma Patient (Hugs Cristina After Diagnosis is Explained) | Helen McCardle (1) as ER Doctor (Announces Patient: Allison) | Chip Keyes as Big Man | Andre Panossian as Code Team Leader | Patricia Harris-Smith as Patient's Wife | Debra Holt as Big Man's Wife | Nate Reese as Father of Patient #1 | Joan McCrea as Mother-in-Law of Louis Cardon: Multinucleate Cell Angiohistiocytoma Patient (Stands Next to Louis with Her Hand on His Pillow) | Linda Nile as Sister-in-Law of Louis Cardon: Multinucleate Cell Angiohistiocytoma Patient (Hugs Louis After Diagnosis is Explained) | Laurie Burke as Mother of Newborn
Director: Peter Horton
Songs: The Cardigans -- Live and Learn, The Ditty Bops -- Sister Kate, Keane -- Somewhere Only We Know, Get Set Go -- Wait, Tegan & Sara -- You Wouldn't Like Me

3 :01x03 - Winning a Battle, Losing the War

On the day of a bike race, injured individuals flood into the hospital, including a pedestrian who is left brain dead. Seeing that he has no chance of ever waking up, Cristina and Izzie wish to use his organs for organ donation, but find that the process is an emotional one. George gets assigned to Mack, a good friend of Chief Webber, and constantly flirts with George. Meanwhile, Meredith continues to try to distance herself from Derek and is forced to deal with Alex's big ego, but through the day, Meredith begins to realize the key to winning the battle.
Guest Stars: Callum Blue as Viper (Patient: Bicycle Spokes In Abdomen) | Keith David as Lloyd Mackie (Patient: Liver Transplant, Friend of Chief Webber) |
Co-Guest Stars: Kristy Munden as Trauma Nurse | Kathleen M. Darcy as Anesthesiologist | Dinah Lee as Grungy Chick (Friend of Patient Viper) | Kelsy Kemper as Shelley's Daughter (Daughter of Organ Donation Patient) | Rudolph McCollum as Vipor's Male Friend | Claire Lautier as Shelly (Wife of Organ Donation Patient) | Steven W. Bailey as Anesthesiologist Jeremy | Zina Zaflow as Nurse
Director: Tony Goldwyn
Songs: Lisa Loeb -- Fools Like Me, Stuart Reid -- Hear You Breathing, Tegan & Sara -- I Won't Be Left, The Ditty Bops -- There's a Girl, The Ditty Bops -- Wishful Thinking, The Reindeer Section -- You Are My Joy

4 :01x04 - No Man's Land

While George begins to feel that he's loosing his masculinity due to Izzie and Meredith treating him like a sister, Izzie's newest patient may lose his masculinity to prostate cancer. Cristina assigns herself to a sick woman, who she believes will need surgery, but ends up learning more from the woman then standing in on a surgery would ever give her. Meredith faces the reality of her mother's Alzheimer's when Derek treats a patient with nails in his brain. Meanwhile, Alex tapes up pictures of Izzie's racy spread all over the locker room.
Guest Stars: Anna Maria Horsford as Nurse Elizabeth Fallon (Patient: Whipple Surgery, Former Hospital Nurse) | F.J. Rio as Jorge Cruz (Patient: Seven Nails In His Head) | Valerie Cruz as Zona Cruz (Wife of Patient Jorge Cruz) | Kate Burton as Ellis Grey (Mother of Dr. Meredith Grey) | Taylor Nichols as Rick Humphrey (Patient: Prostate Cancer) |
Co-Guest Stars: Tom Choi as Flouroscope Tech | Chris Hendrie as Dr. Harry Victor (Attending Urologist) | Helen McCardle (1) as ER Doc | Jack Merrill as Radiology Tech #2 | John O'Brien as Radiology Tech #1 | Moe Irvin as Nurse Tyler Christian |
Uncredited: Linda Klein as Nurse Linda
Director: Adam Davidson
Songs: Get Set Go -- Break Your Heart, The Eames Era -- Could Be Anything, Rosie Thomas -- Let Myself Fall, Sia -- Sunday, Vaughan Penn -- Truth, Tegan & Sara -- Where Does The Good Go

5 :01x05 - Shake Your Groove Thing

Meredith realizes the responsibility of adulthood when her mother has to sign all of her assets over to her. Izzie decides to throw a party for her boyfriend, Hank, and the scale of the party, which Meredith is unaware of, increases throughout the day. After popping a glove during a heart surgery, Meredith fears that she damaged the patient's heart and has to face a meeting with the chief and lawyers who will determine her future as a doctor. Meanwhile, sparks start to fly between Cristina and Burke, and Meredith and Derek's relationship is exposed when Bailey catches them together at the party.
Guest Stars: Brent Sexton as Jerry Frost (Patient: Chronic Back Pain, Trying To Get Meds) | Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. Drake (Patient: Towel Left In Lung After Surgery) | Barry Shabaka Henley as Mr. Patterson (Husband of Heart Surgery Patient Mrs. Patterson) | Kate Burton as Ellis Grey (Mother of Dr. Meredith Grey) | Jonathan Scarfe as Hank (Dr. Izzie Stevens' Boyfriend) |
Co-Guest Stars: Moe Irvin as Nurse Tyler Christian | Kate Forster as Jane Richie (Lawyer At Meeting About Mrs. Patterson) | Vladimir Rajcic as Resident Doctor | Jeff Doucette as Warren Sterman (Patient: Bowel Obstruction) | Steven W. Bailey as Anesthesiologist Jeremy | Jane Morris as Ms. Goff (Retirement Home Administrator) | Andre Panossian as Perfusionist
Songs: Ivy -- Edge Of The Ocean, Interpol -- Evil, Dee -- She's Expensive, Buffseeds -- Sparkle Me, Psapp -- Tiger, My Friend, The Ditty Bops -- Wake Up

6 :01x06 - If Tomorrow Never Comes

The interns are speechless when a woman comes in with a large, record-breaking tumor, but unfortunately for the woman, her outlook isn't good. Derek and Meredith's jobs are at risk now that Bailey knows about their relationship, and Dr. Bailey makes it clear that Derek better not give Meredith special treatment. Meanwhile, Izzie urges George to ask Meredith out, and Cristina and Burke's relationship continues to progress.
Guest Stars: Bruce Weitz as Mr. Edward Levangie (Patient: Brain Surgery For Parkinson's) | Jane Galloway Heitz as Annie's Mother (Mother of Patient Annie Connors) | Alex Alexander (1) as Annie Connors (Patient: Giant Tumour) | Lara Phillips as Mary Levangie (Daughter of Patient Mr. Levangie) |
Co-Guest Stars: Linda Klein as Nurse Linda | Brad Pennington as Radiologist | Moe Irvin as Nurse Tyler Christian | Steven W. Bailey as Anesthesiologist Jeremy | Sean Palmer as Intern | Patricia Bethune as Older Nurse | Yvonne Farrow as Heart Patient's Wife | John O'Brien as CT Tech | Yolanda Snowball as Physical Therapist | Walter Wong as Echo Tech | Noelle McCutchen as Cardiac Nurse | Sharmila Devar as Female Intern
Director: Scott Brazil
Songs: Psapp -- Chapter, Butterfly Boucher -- Never Leave Your Heart Alone, Jem Griffiths -- Save Me, The Ditty Bops -- Walk Or Ride

7 :01x07 - The Self Destruct Button

Derek and Meredith try to spend a night together at Meredith's, but their appearance the next morning does more harm than they expected and leads Bailey to tell Meredith to end it. Alex treats a self-mutilation patient, while Izzie's patient literally won't let go of his girlfriend. Meanwhile, George is suspicious that an anesthesiologist is drinking on the job and Cristina fills ill with flu-like symptoms.
Guest Stars: Russell Hornsby as Digby Owens (Patient: Gun Shot Wound) | Ever Carradine as Athena (Girlfriend of Patient J.P.) | Kim Morgan Greene as Mrs. Rice (Mother of Patient Claire Rice) | Amanda MacDonald as Claire Rice (Patient: Botched Gastric Bypass Surgery In Mexico) |
Co-Guest Stars: Shenita Moore as Surgical Nurse | Sarah Utterback as Nurse Olivia Harper | Rebecca Rogers as Jamie Hayes (Patient: Brain Abnormality) | Vanessa Rogers as Jamie Hayes (Patient: Brain Abnormality) | Joseph Kell as Mr. Rice (Father of Patient Claire Rice) | Regan Forman as Gwen Hayes (Mother of Patient Jamie Hayes) | Bill Birch as J.P. (Patient: Swallowed His Girlfriend's Keys) | Larry Cahn as Dr. Taylor (Attending Anesthesiologist, Drunk) | Doug Sinclair as Brett Hayes (Father of Patient Jamie Hayes) | Steve Monroe as Orderly
Director: Darnell Martin
Writer: Kip Koenig
Songs: Tegan & Sara -- Downtown, Wilco -- Hummingbird, Joe Purdy -- Suitcase, Jem Griffiths -- Wish I

8 :01x08 - Save Me

The interns treat a patient who, after a series of seizures, thinks he's gained psychic abilities. Meredith becomes dissatisfied with her relationship with Derek when she realizes that she knows nothing about his personal life. Alex treats a patient whose religion interferes with her recovery; Izzie debates whether or not to reconnect with her mother; and Cristina's patient disagrees with her medical advice.
Guest Stars: Joan McMurtrey as Zoey Glass (Patient: Pregnant With Breast Cancer) | Kevin Rahm as Mr. Duff (Patient: Physic Man With Seizures) | Sarah Hagan as Devo Friedman (Patient: Heart Murmur) | Josh Stamberg as Tommy Walker (Patient: Paralysis From Rock Climbing Fall) |
Co-Guest Stars: Steven W. Bailey as Anesthesiologist Jeremy | Anjul Nigam as Psych Intern | Sarah Utterback as Nurse Olivia Harper | Ping Wu as Seymour Glass (Husband of Patient Zoey Glass) | Charles Walker as Dr. Chesney (Bovine Replacement Surgery Expert On Satellite) | Chad Einbinder as Sam Friedman (Father of Patient Devo Friedman) | Lisa Kaminir as Doris Friedman (Mother of Patient Devo Friedman) | Kathleen Bailey as Reproductive Counselor (Talks To Cristina About Her Abortion) | Darlene Kegan as Ruby Walker (Wife of Patient Tommy Walker)
Writer: Mimi Schmir
Songs: Nellie McKay -- David, Masha Qrella -- Feels Like, Tegan & Sara -- Fix You Up, Joe Purdy -- I Love the Rain the Most, 78 Saab -- No Illusions, Laura Veirs -- Rapture, Dan Bierton And Charlie Waddington -- Think

9 :01x09 - Who's Zoomin' Who?

When an STD breaks out, affecting several members of the staff, Webber calls a staff meeting. Later, the chief confides in Derek about his own medical concerns. Izzie and Cristina become stressed when a patient's wife and daughter can't decide on his care. Burke treats an old college friend, Bill, but his diagnosis creates questions about his wife. As Meredith and Derek continue to get closer, their relationship crashes down around them when a person from Derek's past shows up in his life.
Guest Stars: Wendy Davis as Holly Adams (Wife of Patient Bill Adams) | Lauren Bowles as Alice Franklin (Daughter of Patient Jordan Franklin) | Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery-Shepherd (Dr. Derek Shepherd's Wife) | Wayne Wilderson as Bill Adams (Patient: Has Ovary Growing Into His Bladdar) |
Co-Guest Stars: Patricia McCormack as Rebecca Franklin (Wife of Patient Jordan Franklin) | Catherine Dao as Dr. Knox (Removes Bill Adams' Ovary) | Sarah Utterback as Nurse Olivia Harper (Nurse George Slept With) | Joyce Guy as Ms. Henry (Staff Member At Retirement Home) | Jack Merrill as Lab Tech | Robin Pearson Rose as Patricia (Chief Webber's Assistant) | Jack Shearer as Jordan Franklin (Patient: Fluid In His Abdomen)
Director: Wendey Stanzler
Songs: A.M. Sixty -- Big as the Sky, Medeski, Martin & Wood -- End of the World Party, Iron and Wine -- Naked As We Came, Nellie McKay -- The Dog Song, The Radio -- Whatever Gets You Through Today
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 27, 2005
Episode Order: 24
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