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Grey's Anatomy: No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)

As Meredith and Derek continue to prepare for their wedding day, Izzie receives a surprise visit from her mother, and a person from Meredith and Lexie's past arrives at Seattle Grace.

Episode Info

Episode number: 5x21
Production Number: 521
Airdate: Thursday April 30th, 2009

Director: Tom Verica
Writer: Krista Vernoff

Alternate Airdates:

FI (Nelonen) May 20, 2009
UK (sky LIVING) Jun 11, 2009
NL (Net 5) Oct 26, 2009


Guest Stars
Jeff PerryJeff Perry
As Thatcher Grey (Meredith and Lexie's Father)
Jessica CapshawJessica Capshaw
As Dr. Arizona Robbins (Pediatric Surgeon)
Kellie MartinKellie Martin
As Julie Zelman (Sister of Patient Willow Zelman)
Megan HenningMegan Henning
As Willow Zelman (Patient: Fell Out of Tree and Broke Limbs)
Nina SiemaszkoNina Siemaszko
As Kate Carlson (Wife of Patient with Gunshot Wounds)
Sharon LawrenceSharon Lawrence
As Robbie Stevens (Izzie's Mother)

Co-Guest Stars
Brooke BlanchardBrooke Blanchard
As Jill the Paramedic
Destiny WhitlockDestiny Whitlock
As Maddy Carlson (Daughter of Patient with Gunshot Wounds)
Main Cast
Ellen PompeoEllen Pompeo
As Dr. Meredith Grey
Justin ChambersJustin Chambers
As Dr. Alex Karev
Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey
As Dr. Derek Shepherd
Chandra WilsonChandra Wilson
As Dr. Miranda Bailey
James Pickens, Jr.James Pickens, Jr.
As Dr. Richard Webber
Sara RamirezSara Ramirez
As Dr. Calliope "Callie" Torres
Kevin McKiddKevin McKidd
As Dr. Owen Hunt
Chyler LeighChyler Leigh
As Dr. Lexie Grey
Eric DaneEric Dane
As Dr. Mark Sloan
T.R. KnightT.R. Knight
As Dr. George O'Malley
Sandra OhSandra Oh
As Dr. Cristina Yang
Katherine HeiglKatherine Heigl
As Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens
Episode Notes
Ratings: 14.12 Million Viewers

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
All ThievesTurn and Turn AgainWebber Apologizes, Izzie and Her Mom Talk
Brett DennenSo Far from MeIzzie Hugs Her Mom, Izzie's Mom Exits to Use Phone
Emilie MoverBrand NewOpening Scenes, Seattle, Lunch in Izzie's Room
The Hard LessonsWedding RingMeredith Looks Over, Space Needle, Closing Scenes
The RescuesStay OverOwen Performs Surgery, Meredith Gives Ultimatum

Episode Quotes
Meredith: (opening voiceover) Remember when we were little, and we would accidentally bite a kid on the playground? Our teachers would go "say you're sorry." And we would say it, but we wouldn't mean it. Because the stupid kid we bit, totally deserved it. But, as we get older, making amends isn't so simple. After the playground days are over, you can't just say it. You have to mean it. Of course, when you become a doctor, sorry is not a happy word. It either means you're dieing and I can't help. Or, it means this is really gonna hurt.

Meredith: Hey Maddie, I'm Dr. Grey. Mind if I take a look at that cut on your face?
Maddie's Mom: You know, she's so sorry. So sorry.
Maddie: Is my daddy gonna die?
Meredith: I don't know. I hope not.
Maddie: How come?
Meredith: How come what?
Maddie: How come he don't die? I shot him lots of times. How come he don't die?

Ms. Stevens: Oh, that's great news Cricket. You're gonna be just fine.
Izzie: Oh yeah, let me guess, your psychic told you that.
Ms. Stevens: It's not just any old psychic, he's the best that I've ever heard of. Anyway, he said that skin cancer is highly curable if caught early.
Izzie: Oh, that's great. A psychic with internet access. Let me guess how much that call cost you mother... $19.99 a minute?
Ms. Stevens: Well, when you have a sick child Cricket, money's not really the first thing on your mind. You seem like a very capable doctor, Dr. Bailey. Can I trust that you caught my daughter's skin cancer early?
Bailey: Um, well, Ms. Stevens --
Ms. Stevens: Oh, no, call me Robbie, hun.
Izzie: No, mom. Don't call her hun. Don't call Bailey hun. You know, if you have questions you can just ask me. She's very busy and this thing I have it's complicated.
Ms. Stevens: I know it's complicated Isobel. I'm not a complete idiot. Now, I saw this thing on Tyra Show. There was this woman who had a mole on her private parts, and the dermatologist did not bother to check her privates 'cause she thought that they gyney would have done it. But, the gyney didn't do it. Maybe she didn't even go to the gyney. I don't know. Anyway, It was bad. She was bald and everything. She did not have a mole on her private parts did she?
Bailey: No, ma'am, no. She did not.
Ms. Stevens: Good.

Maddie's Mom: Wait. Maddie needs to tell her daddy she's sorry before he goes. Maddie, you need to tell your daddy you're sorry. Maddie, people die in surgery. You don't want your daddy to die without telling him how sorry you are. Come on, lets go tell him we love him.
Meredith: You know, no. No!
Maddie's Mom: What?
Meredith: Maddie, stay right here okay?
Chief: Dr. Grey.
Meredith: No. She will not go apologize to him. You should be apologizing to her. I understand you're a victim here, but there is no room for you to be a victim when your 6 year old is on the line. She's stronger than you. Your 6 year old is stronger than you. At least she did something. She stood up for the two of you, which is more than you did for her. No, she won't apologize to him.

Mark: Are you okay? Are you crying?
Lexie: My dad's here.
Mark: Okay.
Lexie: He's here, and he's sober, and I would really like for you to meet him.
Mark: Oh. Oh, um, oh!
Lexie: How 'bout, how 'bout dinner? Tonight. Camparo's at 8?
Mark: Ah, Lexie. Ah, dads historically do not love me. And, by that I mean when I was a teenager, dads did not love me. That's the last time I had to meet anyone's dad.
Lexie: I'm crazy about you, and I know that my dad would be too. You have nothing to worry about.
Mark: That's what you said when you told me to meet Derek. Lexie, I'm closer to your dad's age than yours. So, I'm thinking he may not love me so much. You know, what we have is fantastic. Why don't we just keep it for us?

Ms. Stevens: And then you remember Jade, from 114. Well, she had a spot of cancer last year. It was breast cancer. It was such a shame I thought, cause she had such a great rack. God, do you remember what a great rack she had? Oh, you used to do all those little exercises like this to try to get yours to grow like hers.
Izzie: Mom!
Ms. Stevens: Anyway, my point is, Jade, well, she had them cut off. Both of them. Just to be on the safe side. And, they look even better now. For real. Life gave her lemons, and she made cantaloupes. So maybe, I dunno, maybe honey, there's an upside in this for you too. Right?
Izzie: Um, mom, just um, just listen okay? I don't have breast cancer. Okay, I have skin cancer. Or, what started out as skin cancer.
Ms. Stevens: Wait, hang on. Skin cancer? Oh, God! Isobel Stevens. Oh, you scared the hell out of me. And then you made me come all the way up here to Seattle just for some ugly old mole. Oh, sweetheart.
Izzie: No, I didn't. I didn't make you come up here. I ah, I didn't even call you. I'm really ... I'm curious, who did? Who called? Who called her? Seriously, who called her?

Thatcher: (reading from a piece of paper) I'm -- I'm so deeply sorry for every time that I ever hurt you, or disappointed you, or let you down. I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I hope, I so hope, that you give me the opportunity to earn it.
Meredith: Thank you. Congratulations on ... you seem well. Good luck.

Meredith: (closing voiceover) As doctors we can't undo our mistakes, and we rarely forgive ourselves for them. But, it's a hazard of the trade. But, as human beings we can always try to do better. To be better. To right a wrong. Even when it feels irreversible. Of course, I'm sorry doesn't always cut it. Maybe because we use it so many different ways. As a weapon. As an excuse. But, when we are really sorry, when we use it right. When we mean it. When our actions say what words never can. When we get it right I'm sorry is perfect. When we get it right, I'm sorry is redemption.

Episode Goofs
Factual Error:

George counts the gunshots wrong. 5+2+9 is 16 not 17.


When Meredith walks past Derek, Derek puts his hands in his pockets. In the next shot, the same scene but pictured from above, his hands are on his side.

Cultural References
Episode Title: No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)

"No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)" is the title of a song by The Early November.

The Tyra Banks Show: Izzie's mother says to her "I know it's complicated Isobel. I'm not a complete idiot. Now, I saw this thing on Tyra Show."

Izzie's mother is referencing model Tyra Banks' talk show, The Tyra Banks Show.

Episode References
Season 1, Episode 8: Izzie's mother calls her 'cricket' throughout this episode, which we learned is her nickname in 1x8 "Save Me".

Other Episode Crew

CreatorShonda Rhimes
Executive ProducerBetsy Beers  |  Mark Gordon (4)  |  Allan Heinberg  |  Mark Wilding  |  Rob Corn  |  Shonda Rhimes  |  Krista Vernoff
ProducerTammy Ann Casper  |  Jeff Rafner  |  Linda Klein  |  Zoanne Clack  |  Stacy McKee
Series DirectorKevin McKidd
WriterKrista Vernoff
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