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Grey's Anatomy: Good Mourning (1)

The Seattle Grace staff has to deal with the aftermath of George's tragic death. As the news hits the staff hard, they all must find a way to get through the stages of grief. Later, George's mother arrives at the hospital to decide what to do with his organs.

Episode Info

Episode number: 6x1
Production Number: 601
Airdate: Thursday September 24th, 2009

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Net 5) Nov 23, 2009
UK (sky LIVING) Jan 21, 2010
DE (Pro7) Mar 31, 2010


Guest Stars
Debra MonkDebra Monk
As Louise O'Malley (George O'Malley's Mother)
Gloria GarayuaGloria Garayua
As Intern Graciella
Joseph WilliamsonJoseph Williamson
As Intern Pierce
Mark SaulMark Saul
As Intern Steve
Mitch PileggiMitch Pileggi
As Larry Jennings (Seattle Grace Board Member)
Molly KidderMolly Kidder
As Intern Megan
Payton SilverPayton Silver
As Dr. Knox (Anesthesiologist)
Ray FordRay Ford
As Ray the Paramedic
Shannon LucioShannon Lucio
As Amanda (Woman George Saved From Bus)
Tony CasaleTony Casale
As ND Surgeon #2
Tymberlee HillTymberlee Hill
As Intern Claire
Winston StoryWinston Story
As Intern Leo
Alicia HannahAlicia Hannah
As Jasmine (Friend of Patient Clara Ferguson)
Emily RocheEmily Roche
As Jo (Friend of Patient Clara Ferguson)
Jim MetzlerJim Metzler
As Priest
Lori YeghiayanLori Yeghiayan
As ND Surgeon #1

Co-Guest Stars
Martha PlimptonMartha Plimpton
As Pam Michaelson (Mother of Patient Andy Michaelson)
Zack ShadaZack Shada
As Andy Michaelson (Patient: Growing Pains)
Zoe BoyleZoe Boyle
As Clara Ferguson (Patient: Both Arms Amputated)
Main Cast
Ellen PompeoEllen Pompeo
As Dr. Meredith Grey
Justin ChambersJustin Chambers
As Dr. Alex Karev
Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey
As Dr. Derek Shepherd
Chandra WilsonChandra Wilson
As Dr. Miranda Bailey
James Pickens, Jr.James Pickens, Jr.
As Dr. Richard Webber
Sara RamirezSara Ramirez
As Dr. Calliope "Callie" Torres
Kevin McKiddKevin McKidd
As Dr. Owen Hunt
Jessica CapshawJessica Capshaw
As Dr. Arizona Robbins
Chyler LeighChyler Leigh
As Dr. Lexie Grey
Eric DaneEric Dane
As Dr. Mark Sloan
Sandra OhSandra Oh
As Dr. Cristina Yang
Katherine HeiglKatherine Heigl
As Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens
Episode Notes
Ratings: 17.03 Million Viewers

Casting: Jessica Capshaw(Arizona Robbins) is now credited as a main cast member. T.R. Knight (George O'Malley) is no longer credited as a main cast member and has been removed from the opening credits.

Timeline: This episode covers a span of 13 days.

Trivia: Shonda Rhimes wanted T.R. Knight to return for the Season 6 premiere to show George's last day from the time he left the hospital until he got hit by the bus.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
James YuillThis Sweet Love"Day Seven", Cristina and Owen Making Out
Joy WilliamsSpeaking a Dead LanguageDerek and Webber Conclude Their Talk
O+SThe FoxIzzie Tells Callie What George Would Do
Sweet Honey In The RockWade in the Water (1st Time Played in the Episode)Opening Scenes, Trying to Revive Izzie and George
Sweet Honey In The RockWade in the Water (2nd Time Played in the Episode)Owen Talks to George's Mom, Closing Scenes

Episode Quotes
Meredith: (opening voiceover) According to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, when we are dying or have suffered a catastrophic loss, we all move through five distinct stages of grief. We go into denial because the loss is so unthinkable; we can't imagine it's true. We become angry with everyone, angry with survivors, angry with ourselves. Then we bargain, we beg, we plead, we offer everything we have. We offer up our souls in exchange for just one more day. When the bargaining has failed and the anger is too hard to maintain, we fall into depression, despair, until finally we have to accept that we have done everything we can. We let go. We let go and move into acceptance.

Amanda: Who's George?
Lexie: What?
Amanda: John Doe, the guy who threw me out of the way of the bus. The guy who saved my life. Everyone's crying and they keep saying "John Doe is George." Who's George?

Alex: You can't tell her.
Meredith: Alex.
Alex: She coded in my arms. Out of nowhere, she died. Just ... I'll tell her. I'll tell her when she gets stronger.
Izzie: Alex.
Alex: You okay?
Izzie: I had a dream. He was in his uniform.
Alex: What?
Izzie: George is gonna die in the army if we don't stop him. Hand me my phone, I need my phone.

Arizona: I'm so sorry, I just heard. I don't know what to say. Go home, you need to go home. You need to cry and scream and ... when my brother died I ate doughnuts. I ate a lot of doughnuts and that helped some but, God. I don't ... I don't know what to say.
Callie: His mom wants me to decide about his organs. He lost his wallet in the accident. They don't know if he's a donor and now his mom wants me to decide, and I can't. I can't tell her no, but I can't decide. I mean, we were only married for a few months.
Arizona: Okay. But, during those months you were the most important person in George's life.
Callie: No ... No, I wasn't.

Callie: What about his heart? (Izzie nods "yes") Okay. His eyes? I know ... don't wanna imagine him without his eyes.
Izzie: George would give everything. His skin, his eyes, he would give everything.

Izzie: Oh my God, Derek!
Derek: Hey, hi!
Alex: Dude, get a room!
Izzie: On the stairs? Doesn't that hurt?
Meredith: Leave us alone, we're newlyweds.
Izzie: A post-it wedding does not make you newlyweds.
Derek: You know what ... you're newlyweds too. (throws keys at Alex) You need your own space.
Alex: Dude, what are these?
Derek: Key's to my trailer, your new home. Enjoy.

Lexie: Clara, you just moved your fingers, like you waived. You waived good-bye. This is huge!
Clara: That's huge? That I waived a finger? That's ... That's my life from now on? That's the best that I have to hope for?
Lexie: Clara, do you see that woman out there talking to Dr. Hunt? We buried her son this week. He had an accident, like you. He wasn't even as bad off as you are. And he didn't make it. Clara, I know that it doesn't feel like it, but it is a miracle that you lived. It is a miracle. So, you should call your mom, she would want to know the truth.
Clara: You stupid little bitch. You really don't get it, do you? You should've let me die. You had no business. I have one working hand, I may never walk again. Do you think you're God? You had no business. Your friend is better off. His mom is better off. Do you think this is a miracle? Who wants to live like this? Just let me die!

Mrs. O'Malley: I'm having trouble ... I'm having trouble. I think it's because I'm having trouble understanding, there's a piece of the puzzle missing. I do better when I understand things. How things happen. And George, my George, the boy I knew, the boy I raised would never have joined the Army. So, I'm trying... I'm trying to understand that piece of it. I'm trying to understand why Georgie wasn't at work that day. Why he was on his way to my house to tell me that he joined the Army in wartime. I don't understand. And Dr. Webber said I should talk to you.
Owen: Mrs. O'Malley, I didn't know him like you knew him. I didn't know him long. But, he had tremendous potential as a trauma surgeon. He was very fast on his feet. He could think and act simultaneously under intense pressure. He had tremendous potential. And, you know, he was impatient. He wanted to become better, faster. He wanted to save more lives. He was good. And he was thoughtful and generous. I think in the end, I think he was heroic and noble. And I liked him very much. And I think he gave you a good reason to be very, very proud.

Meredith: (closing voiceover) In medical school, we have a hundred lessons that teach us how to fight off death, and not one lesson on how to go on living.

Episode Goofs
Cast Member Mistake:

In the bar after George's funeral, Chief Weber calls Derek "Darrin".

Cultural References
Episode Title: Good Mourning

"Good Mourning" is the title of a song by India.Arie.

Episode References
Season 2, Episode 17: In the 2x17 episode "As We Know It" when Meredith and Christina and stuck on the same floor as the bomb, Izzie says to Alex "I laugh at funerals." Izzie cannot stop laughing at George's funeral.

Season 5: Mark asks Lexie what it is she saw in George. Lexie was in love with George for the first half of season 5.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorShonda Rhimes
Executive ProducerBetsy Beers  |  Allan Heinberg  |  Mark Wilding  |  Rob Corn  |  Mark Gordon (4)  |  Shonda Rhimes  |  Krista Vernoff
Co-Executive ProducerJenna Bans  |  Tony Phelan  |  Joan Rater
Supervising ProducerStacy McKee  |  Zoanne Clack
ProducerLinda Klein  |  Tammy Ann Casper  |  Jeff Rafner
Consulting ProducerDebora Cahn
Production DesignerDonald Lee Harris (1)
EditorJoe Mitacek
Director of PhotographyHerbert Davis
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