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With You I'm Born Again - Recap

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This episode showed how the characters of Grey's Anatomy dealt with the aftermath of the shootings at Grace-Mercy Hospital in Seattle. Dr. Bailey returned with her son from visiting her parents, having had a nightmare on the jet of the shootings in which eighteen people were shot and eleven died of their injuries. All the hospital personnel had to be evaluated and cleared for duty/surgery by a qualified psychiatrist before returning to duty.
Doctor Derek Shepherd ended up in jail because his Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome made him drive recklessly, even suicidally, attracting the police's attention. Owen and Christina were preparing to get married at the very end of the episode with Owen asking Derek to be his best man. Derek wryly said he would, since he was married to the other twisted sister. Christina was vacillating between being married and staying with her female soul mate, not being sure if she really wanted to be with Owen. Her mind was bombarded with doubts as she thought back to how she and her soul mate had enjoyed one another's company in the recent past.

She didn't feel that Owen would be able to meet her emotional and physical needs as well as her girlfriend had seemed to. Christina made a comment to a co-worker that she didn't feel a white wedding gown was appropriate for herself to wear to the wedding and the co-worker told her to do what she felt was best for herself.
Dr. Webber was instituted as Interim Chief, calling a meeting of all hospital personnel, and during this meeting, Dr. Shepherd announced that he was quitting as Head Chief, which met with audible gasps of disappointment. Dr Shepherd smiled, took his wife's hand and ran down the stairs where he had made his announcement and ran outside the hospital with her, leaving the premises.

A young man faced very serious surgery because facial cancer had been found to have grown in his sinuses and into his brain, necessitating the delicate procedure. A session was held with the parents and teenage boy, describing what could go wrong and ensuing consequences if surgery was not performed. he doctors described what could possibly go wrong such as blindness, disfigurement, loss of the ability to speak, lots of pain that the young patient might not be able to handle. They asked the patient what he wanted and he said he felt he could handle whatever happened. Surgery was opted for by the family and the procedure ensued with critical observation by surgery personnel watching. The operation was a success, but the patient had to deal with considerable pain, the attending doctors advising the patient how best to handle the pain.

After the surgery, the patient thrashed about wildly in his hospital bed, trying to speak through his terribly swollen lips, shrieking in violent pain, but subsided considerably after the doctors explained to him that it was only up to him as to how he might cope with the residual pain. He immediately calmed down and complied with the nurses, saving himself more pain.

Andrew, the counselor, was caught kissing a female co-worker by Dr. Grey, exciting her disgust and prompting her to ask sarcastically that was that what she had to do to be cleared for surgery? Dr. Grey gave Counselor Andrew a royal dressing down, telling him that he had an example to set for the hospital personnel he represented and if he didn't straighten up, that she would certainly see to it that his superiors were fully informed of his decadent behavior. Andrew apologized and said he would make a strenuous effort to control his romantic urges in future. Dr. Grey's thoughts cast back to an operation she herself endured, a D&C for the abortion she decided that she needed. She did not want anyone to know about it, even though Christine had been by her side the whole time, for which Dr. Grey was very grateful. Dr. Grey felt that the father of her fetus need not know about her abortion and felt guilty for considering it.

Dr. Bailey was met outside the hospital on her way home by her male co-worker who liked her. He asked her what her feelings were toward him now, after the shooting, and she replied with tears in her eyes that she was much too busy holding herself together with duct tape and glue to bother with him now, meaning that she was not ready to move on with him yet. He just smiled sadly and walked away, she looking after him with a sad expression. Dr. Bailey thought to herself that she did indeed need and want his attentions in the future but that would have to wait for when she felt that she was recovered from the trauma of the shootings and could offer him more than she felt at present. For now, she felt it was all that she could cope with to just meet the demands of her job and that of her small son. She was grateful to the hospital for allowing her to take time off to escape the pressures of medical life and taking a vacation to be with her parents. She considered how easy it seemed for life to slip away and be taken by a mad man.

The marriage of Christina and Owen was attended by a large number of co-workers and friends, each one having their own thoughts and feelings about this union. Those present took the time alone, where they could, to muse over lost and/or broken past relationships and how it might have been saved, but also recognizing that the past was past. Christine decided on a non-white wedding gown, still vacillating between her soul mate and Owen, tiptoeing between the memories of her girlfriend and contemplating the future with a completely different type of partner, Owen. Luckily for Owen, Christine decided to go ahead with the wedding, still gazing longingly toward her past friend, but savoring a future with her husband to be. Stepping bravely up to the altar, Owen slipped the ring on Christine's finger and gazed lovingly into her dark eyes as they repeated their wedding vows. A soulful and deep kiss sealed their union as moving music filled the room and they turned to cheers of joy from their co-workers and friends.