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Superfreak - Recap

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The show opened with Amelia (Amy), Derek's estranged sister, appearing to Derek at the hospital. Derek was not happy to see her and asked her what she was doing there. She jokingly asked him was he not glad to see her? He angrily said he was not and asked her what she wanted. She said that she was a neurosurgeon now and was seeking work at the hospital. He told her to leave and she said she wanted to stay. When she was five, their mother and father had been confronted by a burglar who ended up shooting the mother to death over some jewelry, but Amy did not have much memory of the event. Amy asked Derek why he never seemed to want to talk about it and he changed the subject. Amy said that they would have to talk about it sometime and it might as well be now; he adamantly refused and left.

A young Asian couple appeared at the emergency room entrance, the woman begging her husband, Jerry, to get out of the car. Dr Bailey and a few of the doctors were outside when this occurred and walked over to the car, encouraging Jerry to come out also. Jerry, wearing a hoodie sweatshirt, raised his head and April shrieked loudly in shock when she saw him because he was covered with tree bark like warts from head to toe. April profusely apologized to the couple later, but Dr Bailey sternly told her that what she did was very rude and that she ought to be prepared for anything since she is in the profession she is in. April hung her head and agreed.

Meanwhile, the Asian couple was conferring with doctors at the hospital about needed surgery to remove the profuse warts. The wife was complaining bitterly that Jerry had not wanted her to touch him in any way for the last three years and had refused to leave the house for a long time. She felt cut off, very lonely, and confronted her husband when he said that he did not want the surgery. She said that even his family, his brothers, had stopped coming over or trying to coax him out of his self-inflicted exile from the world. The wife wanted to be able to go with her husband to dinner or even to a movie, but at present that was impossible. Dr Bailey offered to do the surgery, naming the assistants she wanted to attend. Dr Grey was uneasy at that idea, feeling sick to her stomach during surgery prep.
The surgery was going smoothly, despite Dr Grey's jumpy stomach, with Dr Bailey berating the assistants' queasy expressions, telling them that they had to buck up, when she uttered a very loud shriek, screaming, "Somebody get that! Kill it, kill it!" Whilst cutting the horny wartlike protrusions off The patient, a large ugly spider had been hiding in one and was disturbed by Dr Bailey, frightening her when it leaped to the floor. One of the male doctors stepped on it, killing it, whilst the other doctors exchanged smirking expressions as Dr Bailey looked about sheepishly when she realized what it was, or had been.

The wart surgery was a resounding success, leaving small bumps on Jerry's face and body. His wife was told that he most likely would have to have subsequent surgeries to remove more warts when the time came. They also discussed future possible skin grafts. The wife said that she just could not face more time secluded away in the house with just Jerry as company. There was a whole wide world out there just waiting for her and she feared that Jerry would just continue his self inflicted exile. That was just not for her any more. With tears pouring down her cheeks and gazing at the doctor, she bent down, kissed a sleeping Jerry's face and slipped from the room, having said good bye to her husband for good. The doctor gazed after her, heaving a sigh, wondering what the future would hold for a lonely Jerry.

A young African American couple came to the hospital, seeking treatment for the twenty seven year old female. Upon examination and questioning, it was determined that she was having trouble breathing. Xrays were taken, revealing an obstruction in her left lung. She was anesthetized and a condom was found to be in her lung. After it was extracted, the attending doctors exchanged puzzled looks, then reality set in. The female had revealed that she was a virgin, claiming to want to wait until the marriage, planned for two weeks hence. The fiance was told what had been found in the woman's lung and he was furious, slamming out of the room. The woman burst into tears and asked why he had had to be told. Later on, when the couple had had a chance to talk, all was reconciled.

Derek encountered his sister once again at the hospital and this time they talked about her mistakes two years ago. He revealed that she had indeed been dead for three minutes during her overdose of pain pills after she had wrecked his car. Derek did not feel she was capable of doing surgery but later agreed she was now sober and could attend a surgery he would perform. The surgery went very well and later the brother and sister did talk about the long ago burglary, clearing the air.

Christina was encouraged by the male doctor whose life she had saved by removing a bullet from his chest during the fatal hospital shootings several weeks earlier. He had her show him just what she'd done, on a corpse. She claimed to not remember how to do it, but when he showed her the incision she'd made on his own chest, it all came back to her. She was able to perform the very same incision on the corpse's chest, thus reassuring herself that she was able to do surgery again when the time came that she was cleared for it.

Owen and Christina decided to reunite and work on their marriage now that Christina felt better about her ability to do surgery. They promised each other and themselves that there was too much at stake to just give up because of a few roadblocks.