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Almost Grown - Recap

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Doctor Webber called all the junior doctors into his office, telling them that he wanted each of them to come up with a unique and novel idea to improve the hospital. They each would give him a concise and clear representation about this idea, utilizing a fictional million dollars supposedly donated by an anonymous donor. He mentioned that it need not be flashy but it must be their very own idea, not using any outside feedback. His demand left each of the doctors staring at one another, wondering what that was all about. Once they left his office, they repaired to a nearby conference room, scrambling for ideas, pen, paper, scratching their heads.

A female patient arrived needing knee surgery for a badly damaged knee cap and surgery was agreed upon at once. Christina was asked to stand in and observer, which she did despite her private misgivings. Half way through the knee surgery, Doctor Grey was called away to help on another case, leaving the other attending junior doctors to use their best judgment. The operation turned out to be a resounding success due to Christina stepping up and giving her sound advice. She felt much better about herself after this incident and talked with Owen, her husband, about continuing to study being a doctor. Owen told her that he had all along thought she had it in her.

Two middle-aged women entered the hospital, one of them needing an immediate surgery to deal with fluid in her brain. A shunt had to be inserted. They had lived together for forty years, both of them saying that they didn't know how they would go on if one of them died. The healthy partner told the doctors to take good care of her friend and the patient was wheeled into surgery. The partner waited anxiously in the waiting room, closely watching the clock, begging the nurses now and then for any information about her other half. The delicate surgery took some time, but the woman came through it just fine. The healthy woman thanked the doctors profusely and sat by her partner's bedside until she awoke.

After each of the junior doctors had presented their ideas to Doctor Webber, Doctor Bailey arrived in his office to present hers. Nothing flashy as she said, just that the broken machines in the hospital needed fixing and a night nurse should be hired as soon as possible. She mentioned that a million dollars was nothing, that she couldn't go to Paris on that and still fix the hospital, but why not do what was needed? Doctor Webber totally agreed with her idea and said that things in the budget department might just possibly be changing round there in the next few weeks, which left Doctor Bailey scratching her head and wondering what Webber might have up his sleeve.
Saying she had no opinion. April flounced out of the room in a huff, muttering something about Christina dithering.
When April made her pitch to the senior doctors concerning her thoughts that Hilly might not be a good candidate for lung transplants because his kidneys and liver could be in near failure, Christina piped up saying that she thought Hilly was a good candidate, encouraging the doctors to consider him for a lung transplant right away. The doctors agreed with Christina and he was put on the list. Hilly was jubilant when he was told the good news and agreed to help himself by doing all he could whilst he waited. Hilly admitted to Christina that he did want to reconnect with his daughter, but he was fearful that she might just turn him down. Christina urged and encouraged him to make contact with her as soon as he could. He said he would do that.

Webber said that now that all the ideas were in, that he would use the best one to improve conditions in the hospital as soon as he was sure of the money being in the budget. He mentioned that he felt Bailey's idea was best and most practical, that he would be making a close study of all the departments. He liked Mark's idea of using the purported money for creating a cancer center to treat the young cancer patients who came to the center. He agreed that more study efforts were needed to find a cure for cancer, that treatments for other diseases were indeed needed, but that the money coming into the hospital could not be earmarked for every one's representations. He told the doctors that only time and study results could determine what might happen in the near future.

Owen took Christina aside in the hospital lunch break room, asking her how she felt about continuing her studies as a doctor. She was hesitant at first, but she did admit that it felt very good to give advice about Roy Hilly's case, that she felt her mojo coming back, so to speak. Owen tried to build up her confidence as a budding physician, saying that he felt she had what it took to be an excellent doctor, to just give her self some more time, that it would come back to her. She agreed with him, but admitted that her flashbacks of the shootings had impaired her ability to respond immediately in an emergency situation. Owen said that was normal, that she just needed to let go of all that. He said that the hospital would be a much poorer place without her capabilities as a doctor and as her husband, that he was a good judge of her qualities. Christina smiled grimly and told him how her hearing seemed to fade when April was demanding a diagnosis from her about Hilly's case, but that once they were before the attending physicians, her judgment had kicked in and the advice had seemed to come tumbling from her no long hesitant lips. Owen said that he was proud of her recommendation that Hilly be placed on the lung transplant list, that she had saved his life. Christina agreed with Owen and said that she thought she might just make a good physician after all.