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Grey's Anatomy: Almost Grown

As part of their training, the Chief puts Seattle Grace's residents, including Meredith, Cristina, April and Jackson, in charge; meanwhile, Derek, Callie, Owen and the other attending surgeons compete for a million-dollar grant

Source: ABC

Episode Info
Episode number: 7x5
Airdate: Thursday October 21st, 2010

Director: Chandra Wilson
Writer: Brian Tanen

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Net 5) Nov 22, 2010
UK (sky LIVING) Feb 02, 2011

Guest Stars
Ron PerkinsRon Perkins
As Roy Henley (Patient: Needs Lung Transplant)
Candice PattonCandice Patton
As Megan Waylon (Patient: Broken Leg)
Charlie KoznickCharlie Koznick
As Trey (Boyfriend of Patient Megan Waylon)
Deborah StrangDeborah Strang
As Ellie Ratigan (Patient: Brain Surgery)
Jarrod BaileyJarrod Bailey
As Seth Gruberman (Patient: Teenage Boy Getting Breast Reduction)
Randee HellerRandee Heller
As Joanne (Wife of Patient Ellie Ratigan)
Susan SlomeSusan Slome
As Mindy Gruberman (Mother of Patient Seth Gruberman)

Co-Guest Stars
Alixandree AntoineAlixandree Antoine
As O.R. Nurse
Main Cast
Ellen PompeoEllen Pompeo
As Dr. Meredith Grey
Justin ChambersJustin Chambers
As Dr. Alex Karev
Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey
As Dr. Derek Shepherd
Chandra WilsonChandra Wilson
As Dr. Miranda Bailey
James Pickens, Jr.James Pickens, Jr.
As Dr. Richard Webber
Sara RamirezSara Ramirez
As Dr. Calliope "Callie" Torres
Kevin McKiddKevin McKidd
As Dr. Owen Hunt
Jessica CapshawJessica Capshaw
As Dr. Arizona Robbins
Sarah DrewSarah Drew
As Dr. April Kepner
Jesse Williams (2)Jesse Williams (2)
As Dr. Jackson Avery
Kim RaverKim Raver
As Dr. Teddy Altman
Chyler LeighChyler Leigh
As Dr. Lexie Grey
Eric DaneEric Dane
As Dr. Mark Sloan
Sandra OhSandra Oh
As Dr. Cristina Yang


Doctor Webber called all the junior doctors into his office, telling them that he wanted each of them to come up with a unique and novel idea to improve the hospital. They each would give him a concise and clear representation about this idea, utilizing a fictional million dollars supposedly donated by an anonymous donor. He mentioned that it need not be flashy but it must be their very own idea, not using any outside feedback. His demand left each of the doctors staring at one another, wondering what that was all about. Once they left his office, they repaired to a nearby conference room, scrambling for ideas, pen, paper, scratching their heads...

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 10.97 Million Viewers

Trivia: All of the fourth year surgical residents wore navy scrubs for this episode only.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The BamboosOn the SlyOpening Scenes, Seattle, Locker Room, Board Room
Kyle AndrewsYou Always Make Me SmileCristina Walks Away From April, Lunch Scene
Mat KearneyHead or Your HeartBailey Raises Eyebrows at Webber, Closing Scenes
Wait. Think. Fast.Look AliveMeredith and Alex Begin Respective Solo Surgeries

Episode Quotes
Meredith (opening voiceover): They train doctors slowly. They watch us practice on frogs and pigs and dead people and then live people. They grill us relentlessly. They raise us like children and eventually they take a cold hard boot and kick us out of the nest.

Richard: Alright, talk to me.
Bailey: There is a broken CT machine in the basement, next to it is a broken argon lasor, and a broken fluroscope. I think the million dollars could repair all three of them, and it might even be enough left over to put a new nurse on the night shift. Which is what our patient's really need.
Richard: That's it? That's what you've got for me? That's your best idea? This assignment couldn't have been clearer, inspiration. Good 'ol fashioned competition, not you coming in here and tellin' me I need to fix what's old and broken.
Bailey: Um, I would love to go to Paris but you don't see me sitting around planning my Parian vacation. It sounds nice, but I am a mother, and what I really need to do is... get my kid to preschool, get the laundry done, put food on the table. Alright, I could do a big tap dance here about how I'm going to change the face of medicine, with a million dollars. But, come on, you can't do anything with a million dollars. A million dollars is nothing. That's a dream. This is real life. Preschool, laundry, food. I'm realistic. (scoffs) Change the face of medicine, we need to fix the medicine that we already have. We need a new night nurse, we need these broken machines repaired. Let's not go to Paris. Let's go to the grocery store, Chief. And while we're being honest, why are you wasting our time with this exercise anyway? When you and I both know you don't have a million dollars.
Richard: Well, things may be a little different around here in the next few weeks

Jackson: What am I supposed to say to her? That I botched the insertion? And- And that I punctured the vessel? Or that an error was made? Or...
Derek: You don't tell her anything. You made a mistake, it happens all the time. I had to yell at you, because that's my job. My job now is to... Our job now is to go in there with smiles on our faces and tell her the surgery was a success, because it was.

Mark: If I root against him, does that make me a bad guy?
Arizona: The patient's a child, Mark.
Mark: Alright, Karev. You got this. If you don't, we're right here.

Lexie: How didn't I see this coming?
Meredith: Did you check her platelets?
Lexie: Yes.
Meredith: And everything was normal?
Lexie: Yes, until now. Yes.
Meredith: Okay, well, you checked her platelets, you got a CT, you called neuro. The only thing you're doing wrong is standing around talking about it, wasting time, while we should be getting her to the O.R.
Lexie: You totally sound like an attending.
Meredith: Right?! Let's page Shepherd, 911.

Mark: I'd like to expand the burn unit at Seattle Grace. Make us the go-to destination for serious burn victims. I'd also like to upgrade us to a real nationally renowned center for cosmetically-reconstructive surgery.
Richard: Two sub-specialties?
Mark (leans closer to Richard): Well, revenue from the cosmetic center helps support the burn unit. One hand scratches the other.
Richard: That's a nice idea. And an awfully ambitious plan for a million dollars. And a tremendous amount of work.
Mark: I'm not seein' anyone right now. I'm not sleepin' with nurses, residents, attendings, nobody. So I'm an untapped source for raw power. I'm tellin' 'ya, I have the energy of ten men. So, with one million dollars and my untapped stores, we can move mountains. (Richard just glares at him) Are you excited? I'm excited.
Richard: Leave. Right now. Just... (waves towards the door)

Meredith (closing voiceover): We all want to grow up. We're desperate to get there. Grab all the opportunities we can to live. We're so busy trying to get out of that mess, we don't think about the fact that it's going to be cold out there. Really freaking cold. Because growing up sometimes means leaving people behind. And by the time we stand on our own two feet, we're standing there alone.

Episode Goofs

After Dr. Webber congratulates Dr. Hunt, there's a close-up of Dr. Shepherd. His white coat says "Chief of Surgery", although he's no longer the Chief.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Almost Grown

Almost Grown is the title of a song originally sung by Chuck Berry.

Episode References
Season 6, Episode 24: When Owen is giving his pitch to the Chief for the extra money, he mentions how Charles Percy died because Miranda Bailey didn't have emergency training. This happened in the season six finale, 6x24, "Death and All His Friends".

Other Episode Crew

CreatorShonda Rhimes
Executive ProducerBetsy Beers  |  Mark Wilding  |  Rob Corn  |  Tony Phelan  |  Joan Rater  |  Mark Gordon (4)  |  Shonda Rhimes  |  Krista Vernoff
Co-Executive ProducerStacy McKee  |  Zoanne Clack
ProducerLinda Klein  |  Tammy Ann Casper  |  Jeff Rafner
Consulting ProducerDebora Cahn
Production DesignerDonald Lee Harris (1)
EditorJoe Mitacek
Director of PhotographyHerbert Davis
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