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This Is How We Do It - Recap

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April walks in on Lexie and Jackson getting physical in the laundry
room. She asks if there's anywhere they don't do it before walking out.
Lexie says they should go upstairs, and he says yes, but they pick up
where they left off.

Bailey confronts Alex for parking his travel trailer in her parking
spot. He says he's in the race for chief resident. He gets to surgery
first, and he's there when the chief arrives. Bailey doesn't care. She
orders him to move his trailer, and put her car where it belongs.

Derek examines Adele as the chief anxiously looks on. She asks when
they're getting married. Really married, not a post-it wedding. She
thinks she doesn't have Alzheimer's, but Derek informs her that last
month's test results were consistent with early onset Alzheimer's. She
knows that. She also knows that 20% of the people who are diagnosed with
it turn out to have something else. And she's adamant. She does not have

They have a consult in the hall. Meredith says it will take time for
Adele to adjust to her diagnosis. The chief says they don't have time.
He wants Adele in Derek's clinical trial. Derek says they won't take her
without her consent. Richard says he'll take care of it. Derek doesn't
budge. They don't know if she'll fit the criteria, and the trial is
already full. Even the waiting list. Richard says he knows all that. He
also knows Derek will do whatever he has to do to help Adele.

Callie's ultrasound looks good. Her blood pressure is a little high, but
she says that's pre-baby shower jitters. Arizona forgot to invite
Fields. 1:00 p.m., 4th floor doctor's lounge. She'll see if she can make

Bailey runs a veritable gauntlet of residents, waiting outside the
restroom. The chief's trial came through that morning, and they all want
in on it. When he comes out, they all try to grab him. He shoves
everybody aside, announcing he hasn't made a decision yet. Bailey calls
them on their ill manners. They are surgeons. If they want to impress
the chief, they should do so in surgery. Christina asks Hunt to put in a
good word for her, but he says he's staying out of it.

Derek stops in to see his patient, Sonia. She hopes that he will shave
as little of her head as possible. Derek meets her son Darik, who is in
from London and eternally grateful to Dr. Shepherd for including his
mother in the trial. Derek heads out, and Meredith starts work with
Sonia. Three words, and she'll ask her to repeat them back to her later.
Truck, cabin, spoon. Now. What did she do for Thanksgiving last year?
She says she was in London, visiting her son and his partner, Gavin.
Darik shakes his head. Last year, she was at the Simmons. She disagrees,
she has that picture from outside the palace. Yes. That was three years
ago. He's not even with Gavin anymore. She suggests he call Gavin, and
Darik refuses. They broke up, and they're not getting back together.
Next, Meredith has her count backwards by 7's from 100.

Avery and Bailey are on rounds. He starts talking about the patient, and
her husband jumps up and calls him "the kid" and says he doesn't want to
hear from him today. Bailey tries to calm him down. He's actually upset
because due to his wife being hospitalized, his kids are staying with
his parents. He barely survived that house. Bailey tries to talk to him
some more, but Eli interrupts and actually sets the man's mind at ease.

Alex asks Stark if he needs him, and he announces with a smile that he
still doesn't like him. Buh-bye. April swings through and he gives her
some cases while confirming they are still on for their dinner date. She
says yes, and after he leaves, Alex confronts her. He mimics everything
she says. She tells him that maybe at first she thought that's how it
was but now she knows better. They just hang out. They're friends. Alex
says yeah. Naked friends.

Teddy gets updated by a nurse. Jogger found unconscious on the street,
no ID. She sees Cristina working on Henry in ER. His heart had stopped.
He says he was having chest pains, so he decided to go out for a jog.
They can't figure out why he's in so much pain.

Bailey fills Richard in on Clara Green. She thinks she'd be a good
candidate for his trial. Richard reminds her that he still doesn't have
FDA approval. She just wants them first on the list. Avery joins in,
asking the chief if he can get an emergency waiver for the patient, and
he says yes.

Mark and Arizona are getting the baby shower ready, and they keep
squabbling. Callie arrives, and Mark was right.

Meredith overhears Tarik talking to his ex and reiterates that the rules
state his mother's caregiver needs to be a full-time resident of the
State of Washington. It's a huge commitment, so he needs to be
absolutely positive that he's not wanting to run back to a reunion with
Gavin in England. He says his mom stood by him when he came out. In his
family and culture, that's huge. He will be there for her.

Bailey fills Clara and Shawn in on the specifics of the chief's
procedure. Avery chimes in that they're contacting the FDA to get their
approval right now. Eli walks in and asks what the risks are. They must
be pretty serious, right? Or the FDA would have already given their
approval. Bailey explains the risks but says that based on Clara's
condition and everything they've done thus far, this really is the best
option. Clara asks for time to discuss it, and Bailey says sure.

As she leaves, she gives Eli a cheerful earful about why what he just
did was so very wrong. She was getting to the risks. Him interrupting
like that made it look like she was hiding something. Eli says doctors
do hide things, and patients don't always know the right questions to
ask. He was just doing his job. Bailey tells him no, that is not his
job. Well, Eli disagrees. He thinks it is. Really? To undermine
surgeons, and alarm patients. That's his job? He views it as caring for
patients. Making them understand what they're signing up for. He pushes
some more, by saying that she's the doctor, he's the nurse and he should
know his place. Bailey restrains her anger. She tells him there is a
doctor-nurse protocol in this hospital for a reason. He knows it, she
knows it, and they just need to agree to follow it. Eli snaps "Not if it
hurts the patient."

April is behind and tells Stark she's not sure she'll be able to make
dinner. Not a problem. "From Here to Eternity" is on cable tonight. They
can have dinner at his place. She sees Karev smirking at them, and
agrees anyway. But she still doesn't know how late she'll be. Stark
tells Alex to help her, and Alex mutters "now you need my help?" Stark
tells him not to push before he leaves. April gives Alex several of the
files, and he mockingly laughs. Why? He thinks the only way she'll be
watching that movie is on Spark's bedroom ceiling.

Henry is going to have some tests. Richard is apprehensive about Teddy's
relationship with Henry, but she says it's a business arrangement, and
nothing to be concerned about. She goes in to see Henry, and he's
heavily medicated, therefore happy. He knows why all her dates go so
horribly wrong. It's because they aren't him. He's her husband, and
she's his wife. He could look into her eyes forever. Cristina and
Richard try to not be looking or listening.

Richard confronts her, and she stands by her business arrangement
assessment. It doesn't matter how Henry feels. Teddy doesn't. Cristina
announces that the scans are up. There's a mass close to his heart.
Teddy thinks she's going to do the surgery, but the chief says no.
Cristina volunteers. She soloed on a similar surgery last month. She
nailed it - is what you said. Richard thinks that's perfect. Yang will
do the surgery, and Teddy will supervise. Decision final. Cristina
thinks it's perfect. Richard was going to kick Dr. Altman out of the ER.
This way, she can stay in. It's win-win.

Mark chats with Arizona. She's all obnoxious because Mark is enjoying
himself. Sloan touches base with Lexie. They're uncomfortable, but she
says not only is she happy for him, but she's seeing someone else. He
says that's good, and asks if he knows him. Lexie excuses herself.

Karev loads up on appetizers, and Fields catches him. She knows they
don't pay him well, but stealing food seems a little extreme. He says he
just moved into his own place and doesn't have time to shop. He flirts
with her, telling her all these people and she's talking to him. Admit
it, she finds him charming. No, actually. She's hungry, and he's hogging
the food table. She grabs some food and walks away.

Cristina, Meredith and Lexie talk about Stark and April. She's sitting
right there, and says he's very interesting. They have a lot to talk
about, and she enjoys his company. Sure, says Alex. That's why she's
going to his place tonight to take her pants off. April loudly announces
that she's not taking her pants off for Stark. Everybody hears her.
Avery approaches Lexie, and she says "Yes, I will do a consult now!"
April calls after her that they're not fooling anyone. And now Mark
knows who she's seeing.

Richard asks Derek to put in a good word for him with his contact at the
FDA. Derek tells him he's looked at his paperwork all day, and there's
no way he can get Adele in his trial. If he pulls somebody from the
waiting list so Adele can be on it, it could compromise the whole thing.
Bailey arrives. It could get them blacklisted by the FDA. Richard says
Adele has no future without this, and Bailey interrupts. It's Clara
Green. He needs to come now.

She's in a hypgoglycemic coma. Bailey explains that her sugar dropped
too fast, so her brain didn't have enough to work with. Avery prepares
to intubate her. The chief tells Shawn this means they're out of time.
If they're going to do this eyelet transplant, they need to do it now,
but they need his consent. He gives it. Bailey is perplexed. The FDA
hasn't given their waiver yet. Richard knows that, and still tells
Bailey to book an OR. Clara will die if they don't act immediately.

Henry is flattered that Teddy won't operate on him because she can't be
objective. She tells him that Dr. Yang is excellent, and she'll see him
in surgery. Henry turns to Cristina and says "She's into me, right?"

Fields asks Meredith about her friendship with Alex. She's surprised,
Meredith doesn't seem the type to put up with his whole Neanderthal
thing. Meredith fills her in on everything Alex has been through in the
past few years. The Neanderthal thing is nothing more than a
well-executed act.

The chief insists on moving ahead with the procedure, despite the fact
that they've yet to hear from the FDA. Bailey fears he's trying to make
a point to Derek about operating outside the system.

Tarik is frantic. Sonia is packing up and leaving, refusing to do the
trial. She figures if she does that, then Tarik will be free to reunite
with Gavin. He lied. He actually only broke up with Gavin last week, so
he could do this for her mom. Gavin called, she picked up and found out
the truth. Derek stresses how important this is, and Sonia understands,
but she has made up her mind and wants to be removed from the list.
She's very proud of Tarik, of what he tried to do. But she won't have
it. He needs to go back to London, to Gavin.

In Henry's surgery, Teddy rides Yang who doesn't need the added
pressure. Henry's BP starts shooting up and Teddy behaves like a
complete fool, snapping at Cristina and ordering her to answer. Cristina
snaps at her about acting like a scared wife, then finds the issue and
the surgery moves forward. Cristina apologizes, but Teddy knows she was
way out of line.

Richard tells Derek he did his trial surgery without FDA approval. He
doesn't care if they yank his license or blacklist him. He saved a life.
Derek tells him that one of his patients dropped out.

The chief talks to Adele, and she agrees to take the test. But she's
going to pass, and then he'll see that she's fine. They're going to grow
old together, just like they always said. They are going to grow old

Arizona can't find the gift list, so they don't know who to thank for
what. Callie arrives and asks Mark for a minute with Arizona. She got
her a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast. They leave in the
morning. It's an olive branch, she knows she's been irritating as all
get out. Arizona agrees, and they hug.

Meredith gives Adele her test. She answers, and Richard nods over her
shoulder that she's right.

April tells Stark that the cases are all complete, thanks to Karev's
help. Oh, Karev did them? He'll double check and make sure they were
done right. April twinkles "Robert, just say thank you to Dr. Karev." He
does so, before waving Alex off. April is embarrassed by her complete
unprofessionalism in calling Dr. Stark by his first name. He liked it.
She says she can't make it tonight. He understands. It's the age
difference, etc. Not to mention that she's very beautiful. He just hoped
she wouldn't use work as an excuse to get out of spending time with him.
April says no, she loves spending time with him. As a friend, right? No,
Stark wanted more than friendship. He addresses her as Dr. Kepner when
he says goodnight.

Adele tested too high to be included in the trial, but only by one
point. The chief is very upset, and Derek is apologetic. Adele is happy,
because she passed. She doesn't understand that only means her illness
hasn't progressed far enough to get her into the trial. She asks
Meredith to back her. Meredith explains to her what all she got wrong.
The most damning was believing her honeymoon was in Hawaii. It was here,
because the chief was a medical student, and he had to work. She tells
Meredith she's just a resident, what does she know. She says they're all
obsessed. It's normal to forget things at her age. She bursts into
tears. It's not fair. They're finally happy. She tells Richard not to
look at her like she's damaged goods. She's still herself, and she's
still there. Richard finally holds her while she cries that she's so scared.

Bailey gives the chief a good report about Clara. He has his own good
report. He just talked to the FDA and they got their waiver. Bailey
heaves a sigh of relief. Avery comes flying up burbling about the good
news, and Bailey slams the door in his face and tells the chief he needs
to pick a chief resident NOW. Or better yet, delegate somebody to pick
one. He tries to pick her, but she says no. She raised those babies.
Pick someone else. They say their goodnights.

Teddy fills Henry in on his surgery. He tells her he meant what he said
about her eyes. She tells him to stop, he needs to stop flirting with
her in front of other doctors, and talking about her eyes. He
apologizes, but immediately retracts it. He meant every last word, if
not more. She admits that the possibility has crossed her mind. He's
handsome, smart and funny. She's thought about it - but there's nothing
to it. It's just a good story. Henry asks what's wrong with a good
story, and Teddy excuses herself and leaves.

Derek doesn't want to call the FDA. He's hung up on Adele and the one
point. Meredith says that it's one point that could blow the entire
trial. Derek needs to make the call. He picks up the phone.

Eli meets Bailey outside the front doors. She's still cranky, but
they're outside now. Inside, she's the man but not out here. He's the
man. She needs to be at his place in 15 minutes so he can show her just
how much of a man he is. They kiss, and she agrees she'll be there.

Alex waves at Fields from the steps of his trailer. He invites her to
picnic on the appetizers he stole from the shower. She passes, but
accepts a beer. She teases him, then kisses him. He kisses her back.

April gets home and kicks Lexie and Avery out of the living room so she
can watch "From Here to Eternity."

Hunt gets home and finds Cristina with a large pizza. She refers to it
as a 'real dinner' in honor of her rocking her surgery today. He gives
her some horrible news. Richard told him to pick the chief resident. And
obviously, he can't pick his wife. This isn't fair!

Arizona is driving Callie to their bed & breakfast destination. Callie's
phone beeps in a text from Mark. He found out Lexie is with Avery, and
he's freaking. Arizona wrests the phone from Callie's hands and tosses
it in the backseat. This is supposed to be "just them" time. She takes
off her seatbelt to get her phone back, telling Arizona she needs to get
over her jealousy of Sloan. Arizona says Mark has almost all of Callie,
and all she gets is gay Callie, which isn't even 20 minutes a night.

Arizona takes her eyes off the road to propose to Callie. Callie laughs
it off as she texts Mark. Arizona is serious. Callie doesn't answer, but
when she looks at the road, we hear a crash.