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Grey's Anatomy: White Wedding

As Callie and Arizona's wedding approaches, the couple quickly realize that the day they've been looking forward to is not turning out the way they'd envisioned. Meanwhile Alex continues to make the other residents jealous as he appears to be the top contender for Chief Resident, Meredith and Derek make a decision that will change their lives forever, and Dr. Perkins presents Teddy with a very tempting proposition.

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Episode Info

Episode number: 7x20
Airdate: Thursday May 05th, 2011

Director: Chandra Wilson
Writer: Stacy McKee

Alternate Airdates:

NL (Net 5) May 09, 2011
UK (sky LIVING) May 18, 2011

  • Currently 7/10
7/10 (5 Votes cast)


Guest Stars
Hector Elizondo
As Carlos Torres (Dr. Callie Torres' Father)
James Tupper
As Dr. Andrew Perkins (Trauma Counsellor)
Peter MacNicol
As Dr. Robert Stark (Pediatric Surgeon)
Denis Arndt
As Colonel Robbins (Arizona Robbins' Father)
Gina Gallego
As Lucia Torres (Dr. Callie Torres' Mother)
Judith Ivey
As Barbara Robbins (Arizona Robbins' Mother)

Co-Guest Stars
Ameenah Kaplan
As Makena (Chaperon for Infant Patient Zola)
Rachel Andersen
As Nurse
Bambadjan Bamba
As Sefu (Brother of African Patien Kondo)
Jalen Harris
As Kondo (Patient: Heart Defect)
Mark Chaet
As Judge
Nina Monet Hudson
As Asha (Patient: African Girl With AIDS)
Oren Skoog
As Drunk Guy
Main Cast
Ellen Pompeo
As Dr. Meredith Grey
Justin Chambers
As Dr. Alex Karev
Patrick Dempsey
As Dr. Derek Shepherd
Chandra Wilson
As Dr. Miranda Bailey
James Pickens, Jr.
As Dr. Richard Webber
Sara Ramirez
As Dr. Calliope "Callie" Torres
Kevin McKidd
As Dr. Owen Hunt
Jessica Capshaw
As Dr. Arizona Robbins
Kim Raver
As Dr. Teddy Altman
Chyler Leigh
As Dr. Lexie Grey
Eric Dane
As Dr. Mark Sloan
Sandra Oh
As Dr. Cristina Yang


Over dinner, Derek happily rambles on about the clinical trials. Karev
stares at Meredith, who he saw leaving a room she had no business in,
that does have something to do with the trials. At the rehearsal dinner,
Mark gives a toast, while Arizona's dad reacts unkindly. Her mom orders
him to calm down. Callie realizes they forgot to say grace and despite
the fact most of them are already eating, they pause and say grace.
Except Mark, who continues eating. The baby cries, and Callie excuses
herself. She returns, bearing the baby. Barbara leaps out of her seat to
get some baby face time with her daughter Arizona's new baby. Callie's
mom, on the other hand, refuses to stop eating so she can hold her.
Mark, Callie, and Arizona all register and react, without words...

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 10.11 Million Viewers

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Amy Stroup and Trent DabbsLove You GoodArizona, Then Callie Are Escorted Down the Aisle
CalahanNever Let You GoArizona Missing Her Brother, Mark Comforts Her
Cee Lo GreenOld FashionedFather-Daughter Dance Announcement, Closing Scenes
Janelle MonáeTightrope (featuring Big Boi)Alex Finishes Bragging, Lexie Rolls Her Eyes
The Republic TigersThe InfidelOpening Scenes, Derek, Meredith, and Alex Eating
Ryan ShawMorning, Noon & NightCallie and Arizona’s First Dance as Newlyweds

Episode Quotes
Meredith (opening voiceover): Germs. Diseases. Toxins. Our bodies encounter dangers all the time. Just beneath the surface hidden. Whether you realize it or not, your body is constantly protecting itself. Every time you blink your eye, you wash away thousands of unwanted microbes. Breathe in too much unwanted pollen, and you sneeze. The body detects the invader. It releases its white blood cells, and it attacks.

Carlos: You ever go by anything else, Colonel, Colonel?
Daniel: The Colonel.

Cristina: Adorable African children and shameless ego stroking. Karev is a genius.
Jackson: Yeah, he's single handedly stealing chief resident out from under all of us and we're helping him do it. I mean, we can't exactly refuse to treat sick kids without making ourselves look bad.
April: Yeah, he's a genius. Or yeye alikuwa ni genius, that's what they say in Swaahili.
Cristina: Well, he only has a shot because I've been benched. The playing field has been leveled. You're all welcome.
Meredith: My Alzheimer's trial kicks African orphan ass. It kicks all your asses.

Cristina: Dr. Altman, I would like to apologize. I am sorry... for going over your head and putting you in a difficult position during Callie's surgery. I am sorry. I apologize.
Teddy: Are you saying this because you mean it or you because you want back on my service?
Cristina: Does it really matter?
Teddy: Yes, it matters.

Mark (walks in): Sorry, sorry, surgery ran long. But, I'm here. I made it. Where do you want me? (stands next to Mrs. Robbins)
Daniel: That is not where you'll be.
Mark: Oh, this is your spot? ... Sorry. (slides over, Daniel glares at him)
Carlos: Hey, Mark, why don't you stand over here next to me?
Mark: At least one of my fathers-in-law doesn't hate me.
Carlos: You're Sofia's father. I love Sofia so I'm gonna at least going to try to like you. But, if you call me your father-in-law again, I'll knock 'ya out.

Alex: Mer, what's goin' on? Does he know what you did?
Meredith: What did I do?
Alex: I saw you with the clinical trial envelope, you were hiding it under your lab coat. Look, if you messed with this trial some how, this could be bad for you. Like really bad.
Meredith: I don't know what you're talking about.
Alex: Whatever you did, no matter how minor, it invalidates the entire project.
Meredith: Alex!
Alex: You could get into real trouble here, Mer. It's illegal to mess around with a blind trial.
Meredith: I didn't do anything! So shut up about it!

Derek: Let's adopt this baby.
Meredith: What? Are you serious?
Derek: Yeah. You know, I was holding her yesterday, and she was crying and then she stopped. And I've held a lot of babies; I've fixed a lot of babies. But, I looked down at Zola, and I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't imagine her being with any other parent or any other family. We've been trying so hard to start a family, and she needs one. Let's adopt her. I'm serious, let's adopt her.

Richard: Any idea when they're cutting the cake? I wanna take a piece home to Adele.
Cristina: Oh, I have no idea, sir.
Richard: You know, it's funny how things work out. Karev stepped up, Jackson's starting to shine, there's Kepner, Grey. Well, I always assumed that you'd be the front runner for chief resident, Yang. But that just goes to show, you can't count anyone out. I'm going to check on that cake.

Arizona (about the father daughter dance): Oh, crap. I forgot to take that off the schedule. I meant to, I'm sorry...
Callie: No, no, no. It's okay. Of course you should get to dance with your dad, it's okay. I'll just sit this one out. Go ahead. (Arizona goes to dance with her dad, Mark walks up)
Mark: No, you won't. I'm a father. I can dance. Let's dance.

Meredith (closing voiceover): Just when we think we figured things out, the universe throws us a curve ball. So, we have to improvise. We find happiness in unexpected places. We find ourselves back to the things that matter the most. The universe is funny that way. Sometimes it just has a way of making sure we wind up exactly where we belong.

Cultural References
Episode Title: White Wedding

White Wedding is the title of a song originally sung by Billy Idol.

Episode References
Season 7, Episode 19: Alex is continuing to work on the patients that he flew in from Africa for surgeries from 7x19 "It's A Long Way Back".

Warning: Grey's Anatomy season 7 episode 20 guide may contain spoilers
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