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This Magic Moment - Recap

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The episode begins with Derek and Meredith playing with their cute little infant daughter. The next few scenes are a narration of the duties of the doctors at the hospital, with a symphony playing in the background. The doctors begin their day with a complex surgery to be performed on infant conjoined twins. Ben insists that he and Bailey take their relationship to a more serious level, by the two moving in together, although Bailey feels otherwise. The doctors mull over the procedure of the surgery involving the twins. Richard warns Alex that his reputation is at stake, and should anything go wrong in the surgery, Alex shall be held responsible. The parents of the twins are informed about the basic modus operandi of the surgery. Meanwhile in the surgery, the doctors are still debating the course of action to be taken, as they rehearse the procedure to be performed. Bailey recruits Meredith to be a buffer between her and Ben, informing her that Ben is putting a lot of pressure on moving their relationship to a more serious level. The doctors in the surgery do not seem to come to a consensus, about the procedure to be performed on the twins, despite this the rehearsal is called off, and it’s decided that the doctors need to move on to the real thing.

This time the actual twins are brought in, and it’s Showtime! With Bailey, Meredith and Ben in the same room performing a surgery, Meredith tries her best to be the buffer she has been appointed to be. Meanwhile, Teddy questions Cristina about what exactly happened to Henry during his surgery; Christina in turn gives a detailed description of the procedure she performed on Henry. Back in the surgery Bailey, Meredith and Ben are still at it with both, Bailey and Ben trying to convince Meredith of their point of views. Meanwhile the parents of the twins are on the edge of their seats as they wait for the surgery to get over. While in the surgery, things aren’t going too great for Alex, with doctors still debating over the procedures, like in the practice. Webber is entrusted the responsibility of performing a crucial part of the surgery, although Alex had been practicing it for weeks; in the end though, Webber manages to carry out the procedure rather well.

Teddy is still shown grilling Cristina about the surgery; Teddy questions Christina about how she was so sure about the assumptions she made during the surgery. Meredith decides to take a break from being a buffer, so she could catch a bite, leaving Bailey alone with Ben, who reiterates his desire to move in with Bailey. The doctors sit around observing the surgery being carried on the twins, while they catch a bite and indulge in some small talk. While the doctors performing the surgery, they are still at each other’s throats about the modalities and procedures to be followed.

In the meanwhile, outside the parents of the twins are making out, when they are informed that the twins are about to be separated. After a few initial hiccups, the doctors discover that their surgery has been successful, and that the twins are fine. After separation, while sowing the defects, complications arise with one of the twins; with one of twins ending up with no kidney at all, after the separation. Meanwhile, outside the parents of the twins are at their wits end, as the only thing they can do is play the waiting game, and pray. A new patient is brought into the ER for surgery, with Teddy handling the case and Cristina standing by. Meanwhile, Meredith is back to being the buffer, and regales Bailey and Ben with the positives in her relationship; irritated Bailey lashes out at Ben for making her feel guilty about not wanting to take their relationship to the next level.

Back with the twin facing the complication, the doctors decide on kidney transplant, with the donor right next-door in the form of the other twin. The parents are informed about the procedure and the mother breaks down. Once again, Teddy makes Cristina explain the procedure she followed in operating Henry. In the meanwhile, April who is assisting Teddy in the surgery loses her cool at Teddy, treating Cristina the way she is; and lashes out, beseeching Teddy to come to terms with the fact that Henry is dead.

Despite how April reacts, Teddy ignores her and asks Cristina to continue. Webber has a heart to heart with Alex, confessing that he intentionally stole Alex’s thunder. Webber tells Alex, that due to his advancing years he feels like a has been, and when the opportunity came along to perform a surgery that was so challenging, he wanted to prove to himself and those around him, that he is still as capable as he always was. Webber tells Alex that he might be retired in a year and therefore, she won’t get the opportunity to perform such surgeries ever again. Bailey, Ben and Meredith are trying to locate the sponge in the patients system, left in there accidentally by Bailey while she was lashing out at Ben. Webber carries out the surgery successfully, whilst mocking Alex for falling for his sob story. In the meanwhile, Cristina is still at it, when all of a sudden Teddy herself starts repeating the procedure, visualizing it at the same time; Teddy confesses to the fact that Cristina tried everything possible to save Henry; in fact Teddy confirms that Cristina did everything she herself would have done, if she were there.

Overcome with grief, Teddy breaks down crying. In the meanwhile, Bailey walks up to Ben and tells him how she had a husband, a baby; basically a family, and then she got divorced, but picked up the pieces and moved on, and eventually finding him. She tells Ben that she is scared of things going wrong once again, Ben assuages her fears by telling her that the both of them can be scared together, in the same house.

Ben makes light of all the fears and insecurities that Bailey seems to have about moving in; including the fact that she has a child. Ben tells Bailey, how much he likes her son and, the fun things that he could do with him, things like watching Transformers, or reading about dinosaurs. In the end Ben manages to convince Bailey, and she agrees to move in with him. Doctors leave the operation theater happy, after a good day at the office; leaving behind the maintenance guy to clean after them. The twins are shown being wheeled out of the surgery hale and hearty. Outside, Alex lashes out at Webber for stealing his surgery, to which Webber tells him that he should never give up a surgery like that for anything in the world. The episode ends with Derek and Meredith’s child suddenly beginning to walk, with Derek desperately trying to capture the moments on his video camera.