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The Girl with No Name - Recap

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The episode begins with Christina coming out of the airport, with Meredith close behind, they meet up. Derek is there at the airport to receive Meredith, with their daughter. It is revealed that Meredith might have a great opportunity in Boston, and Derek is ready to move with her. Meanwhile, Richard is taking care of his wife. He is visibly disturbed to hear that, she is love with another patient in the facility. Meanwhile, the girls are ragging Alex about not yet getting an interview, when all the others have secured theirs. Just then a patient was who was airlifted from an accident is brought. Owen, Alex and Meredith rush to deal with the patient who is critical.

The patient had fallen in a ravine and hence has suffered hypothermia, frost bite and other severe injuries to the head and the abdomen. The patient is barely able to breathe. It turns out the patient wasn’t really out hiking. The patient is a 15 year old girl, who was it seems was tortured, and many of her injuries are from before her fall. She was as it turns out, running from someone when she fell. The shocking part is that, she isn’t even sure what her name is, but says that she thinks its Holly. It turns out that, she might be the same girl Holly who was kidnapped in the year 2000 from a department store when she was a kid; it was something that was flashed all over the news at the time.

Miranda recollects all the details vividly and recounts the complete incident. It is then confirmed from a birth mark under her arm, that it is actually her. Meanwhile, Christina is receiving offers from all over, but Teddy still is trying her best to convince her to stay. Meanwhile, Holly seems to be recovering and the police come in to ask her a few questions. She tells them that, the name of the man who kept her captive is Joseph. She then describes the house she was held captive in, but doesn’t know anything about the outside, as he never allowed her outside. She is visibly agitated while recounting the details. The hospital psychiatrist instructs Meredith to stay with Holly, as she has begun trusting her, and thus has formed a bond with her.

Meredith as it turns out has the important job interview the next day and hence can’t really stay, but she doesn’t reveal this to the psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Richard offers to help Owen tide over the present situation. Later, Meredith and Christina discuss their future career prospects. Meanwhile Alex too has secured an interview in Toledo. Holly’s parents in the meanwhile come in; they recognize her, although she seemingly doesn’t remember them. They want to hug her, but she agrees to the hug only after Meredith gives her a reassuring nod. Five days later we see Alex at the interview in Toledo, he is clearly not impressed with the facilities of the hospital, he is at.

Meanwhile, Owen is at Christina’s collecting more suits for the press conferences he has to attend, regarding the Holly case. She instead tells him to stay at her place, as she is mostly at Meredith’s studying for the boards. Meanwhile, Holly opens up to Meredith about how she was tortured by Joseph, both mentally and physically. Meanwhile, at the press conference Owen is grilled about the case. Meanwhile, Holly’s parents are enraged about the fact that they are only allowed to see Holly once a day. Richard tries assuaging them by explaining her present mental condition to them. Meanwhile, Holly is being operated on, for her various injuries, and Miranda seems visibly disturbed by all that Holly has suffered; her agitation surprises everyone.

Meanwhile, Meredith seems to be forming a special bond with Holly, and is even starting to feel for her emotionally. Meanwhile, Richard is shocked to see his wife in bed with the man she had said she likes, when he walks into her room. Richard takes this up with the authorities at the hospital, and is informed that the man has Alzheimer’s which in a stage more advanced than his wife’s. Meanwhile, it is shockingly revealed that Holly might have fractured her pelvis, and she very calmly reveals that it might have happened when she was about to have a baby, which later died. Holly’s mother is absolutely shattered by this news and runs out of the room, leaving Holly baffled by the reaction. Meanwhile, Miranda comes by to collect Tucker at the crèche and is mortified to see him missing.

Miranda is all panicky and is at her wits end about what she should do. Just then someone from the hospital staff brings in Tucker; he had a nosebleed and was hence taken to the nurse. Meanwhile, at the hospital cafeteria Holly is finding it really difficult to walk up to a counter and ask for food, Meredith wants her to do it as she is soon going home, and has to build her confidence so she can face the outside world. Meanwhile, Christina is still ragging Meredith about trying to avoid her interview. Later, Holly shares with Meredith the time she spent with Joseph, and she tells him that he wasn’t always bad, and that they even watched movies together on television.

Holly is totally confused about how she feels and also feels bad about the fact that, she sometimes doesn’t feel the way everyone expects her to feel. Meanwhile, Richard is with Adele and she confides in him that, she is sad about the fact that the patient who she loves hasn’t come to meet her or even called. Richard is clearly frustrated and doesn’t know how to react, he tries reminding her about their life together. He then sings a romantic little song for her, but she is completely unmoved and calls out for the patient she loves, much to Richard’s disappointment and dismay. Meanwhile, Holly has formed a medical complication and has to be rushed to surgery.

Flash forward to 18 days later and the doctors discuss and summarize Holly’s case and the procedures followed to revive her, turns out her condition has stabled and she is now out of danger. She is in fact now healthy and ready to go home. All the doctors then give Owen a standing ovation for the way he has handled the whole situation. Later, Holly is ready to go home, but is a bit apprehensive about staying with her parents who she hardly knows. Meredith talks to her and reassures her that, they would take good care of her. She tells her how the parents have tried to give her space despite their worries and despite the fact that; they have found their daughter after so long.

Holly is then wheeled out by her parents, still looking a bit unsure, and looking at Meredith for confidence. Meanwhile, Teddy tells Owen to make Christina stay, as she clearly doesn’t want her to leave and literally begs with Owen to stop Christina. Owen says it’s her decision and there is nothing he can do about it. Owen throws it back to Teddy and asks her to make Christina stay. Meanwhile, Richard accepts the fact that Adele now loves someone else and he leaves her with him. Later, the guys all leave for their interviews. Meredith is shown telling the dean at Boston that it’s her top choice, and thus she is apparently ready to move on. The episode ends at this point.