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Moment of Truth - Recap

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The episode begins, with all the interns readying to give the big test. April is under immense pressure thanks to the tests, and Owen tries his best to calm her down. All the mentors are giving their interns last minute pointers before the big test. The mentors then see them off, hoping for the interns to perform their best. Meanwhile, Meredith is busy treating her daughter and might be late for her plane, Derek and Callie tell her to leave, reassuring her that they would take care of things. Meanwhile, Owen is visibly disturbed by the fact that, Christina didn’t bid him a proper goodbye. Meanwhile, a sixteen year old driver who has met with an accident is brought in.

Callie, Owen and Miranda deal with the patient, who seems critical. Teddy too comes in. Meanwhile, the patient’s mother comes in too, completely panicky. She is taken outside, while the doctors deal with the patient. Meanwhile, the interns have reached their designated destination for their test. April in the meanwhile has already begun panicking about the test. The others try calming her down. Meanwhile, Meredith is still worried about her daughter’s stomach flu. She suddenly starts feeling nauseous herself, with Christina trying to calm her down. Meredith then begins to puke. On hearing about Lola’s stomach flu, April is at her wits end.

April, Alex and Jackson then leave Meredith to her fate, as they are afraid of contracting the flu. Meanwhile, Jackson’s mom arrives at the venue to wish him luck. She got along Jackson’s lucky pencil, which he is ashamed to accept in front of Alex. Meanwhile, Christina is helping out a sick Meredith fill her forms for the tests. Meredith in the meanwhile, is still nauseous, seeing this Christina makes herself scarce. Meanwhile, Alex is constantly calling up Arizona as he is worried about his patient, back at the hospital. Meanwhile, Owen, Callie, Teddy and Meredith are ready to operate on the sixteen year old patient. The doctors though seem to have a difference in opinion, regarding the procedure they should follow. They in the end reach a consensus and proceed. Meanwhile, Callie leaves as she can’t take Teddy and Owen’s bickering with each other. She wishes Miranda luck, before she leaves.

Meanwhile, the interns are going over their notes in a hotel room, with the help of cue cards. Meanwhile, Alex gets through to Arizona and is told Morgan is going ahead with the surgery. On hearing this Alex decides to leave, and go back to Seattle. Meanwhile, Christina is trying to nurse Meredith back to health, but with her face mask on. She doesn’t want to take any chances. Meanwhile, at the operating table, Teddy and Owen continue to bicker. Meanwhile, Alex is back to help Arizona with the operation. Arizona tells him that there is nothing to do, as there is no hope, even after the operation. Meanwhile, April and Jackson discuss all that is happening around them. Just then a guy whose job April is given comes up to her drunk and tries to act fresh.

His friend tires stopping him, but to no avail. Jackson intervenes, but its April in then end who punches the guy in the face. He in turn punches Jackson. April then jumps on the guy and starts hitting him. Jackson pulls her away. Just then Richard comes in, reprimands them and tells everyone to immediately disperse. He then talks some sense into Jackson and April, and sends them to their room. Meanwhile, Arizona tells Morgan that she did not do anything to the patient, as there was too much damage for anything to be done. Seeing the situation, she simply closed the patient back up. Given the situation the patient won’t survive. Alex tells a crying Morgan that they have tried everything. He then proceeds to console her. Meanwhile, Owen and gang are doing the best they can to save the sixteen year old. Owen is visibly unhappy with the way things are turning out. He leaves the operation, after handing over the reins to Teddy. Meanwhile, Jackson’s mother and Richard run into each at the hotel, and are happy to see each other. Meanwhile, Meredith is in a bad shape, and Christina checks in on her. Meredith is unhappy about leaving her sick child to be at the boards.

Christina tells Meredith that, Owen slept with someone. To Christina’s surprise, Meredith already knows. Meredith tells Christina that she deserves someone better than Owen. Meanwhile, April is really excited about punching the guy. She is suddenly all confident, after the brawl. She then suddenly kisses Jackson, stops and then does it again. Jackson is at a loss for words. The two then go into her room while they are making out. Meanwhile, Richard and Jackson’s mother share a pleasant conversation, over dinner. Meanwhile at the operating table, Teddy tells Miranda, how the issue is with Owen and not her. Teddy is angry about how Owen left. Meanwhile, Miranda is going crazy hearing Teddy bicker about Owen. Miranda in the end gives Teddy a piece of her mind. She tells Teddy that she has to stop blaming Owen for her husband’s death. Meanwhile, Alex and Morgan are mulling over how their patient’s condition will slowly deteriorate one step at a time. Alex then removes the patient’s life support, as there is no more hope. The two then see their patient who is a newborn, with Morgan holding the baby in her arms.

Meanwhile, Richard and Jackson’s mom are bonding over dinner, and apparently having a great time. She then begins flirting with Richard. Richard is taken aback by her behavior, and tries to change the topic. In the end, the two realize what they want and call for the check. Back in their hotel room, they passionately go at each other. Meanwhile, April and Jackson too are making passionate. Meanwhile, Meredith and Christina are discussing Christina’s complicated relationship status with Owen. Christina doesn’t want to leave Owen just because he cheated on her. She admits she wants to leave Owen, which also means she will take up a job somewhere else. This would also mean Meredith and Christina parting ways. Meanwhile, the baby in Morgan’s arms stops breathing. Morgan is completely distraught.

Later, Arizona forces Alex to go back and give his boards. He reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, it’s time for the boards and Meredith’s condition hasn’t improved. Christina gives her some pep talks and asks her to get ready. Meanwhile, Jackson knocks the door of his mother’s room and is shocked to see Richard opening it. Jackson is confused if it’s his mom’s room, and Richard pretends like it isn’t, and goes inside. He confirms the room number and knocks again. This time his mom opens the door. She hands him his lucky pencil and wishes him luck. Meanwhile, Derek is slowly managing to nurse his daughter back to health. Meanwhile, Teddy tells Owen that Christina is ready and is going in for her boards. Meanwhile, April tells Jackson that she was a virgin because she loved Jesus. She feels that, now Jesus hates her.

On hearing this Jackson is at a loss for words. April is called in, so is Jackson. On the way inside Jackson breaks into two his lucky pencil and goes in. Meredith and Christina are also called in. The only person missing is Alex. The episode ends at this point.