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Remember the Time - Recap

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The episode begins at the scene of the plane crash. Meredith is at a hospital being treated for her injuries. She's panicking, having flashbacks of the crash and saying she has to get on a plane, and having to see her sister. Webber and Bailey show up, and Zola gets a chance to see her mom. Meredith finds Cristina, who is in another hospital room. They're afraid to fly again, but they have to get home. Meredith asked Bailey to sedate them for the flight and they'll never know it happened. Some time after the crash, Derek's hand is injured but he still wants Meredith to go to Harvard. In another moment in time, Cristina is frozen, lying in her bed. She's silent.

Alex tells Meredith it's bold to blow off Harvard. She tells him it's bold to blow off Johns Hopkins. Sloan is apparently still alive and Arizona's leg is still being treated she hasn't yet lost her leg. Meredith says they're all going to be fine. April is there, too. Another point in time Cristina is shown restrained to a hospital bed, having just shattered the window to her room. She’s about to be sent to psych ward when Meredith gets a moment alone with her and begs her to say something. Derek is shown arriving for his surgery, a little groggy. Callie and another surgeon tell him the plan for repairing his hand and nerves. The second surgeon says, conservatively, he can get him back to 80 percent function.

Later, Derek tells Meredith his days as a surgeon might be over, but he's fortunate to be alive and they have a great life. Derek is again shown, in a different time, advising another brain surgeon about removing a tumor. He talks about having a class to teach and his hand is in a brace. Derek's advice, Hunt tells the other surgeon, is "why we keep him around". After the other surgeon leaves, Hunt tells Derek he's "invaluable". Derek observes from the gallery, and when something goes wrong, he goes in to help out, calling out orders but not getting involved otherwise. A frustrated Derek goes and vents to Sloan, who is alive and not in a coma. Derek tells Sloan he's glad to see him doing better. Sloan tells Derek he'll be better, too.

Callie tells Derek about her plan, which is different from the other surgeon's. Hers is riskier, but she thinks she can get Derek back to 100 percent. Derek tells Callie he wants her to do the surgery. She's worried, but does it. She's taking a nerve graft from elsewhere. It all looks "perfect," she says. When she's almost done, Alex comes in and tells Callie there's a problem with Arizona. Flashing back to when Cristina was first brought back to the hospital, she's violently aggressive when she's not restrained. Hunt goes to see her and as soon as he takes her restraints off, she starts to fight and he holds her close. She calms down a little, but still says nothing and her eyes are locked. Afterward, some interns outside Cristina's hospital room window are shown gossiping about her condition.

She has her back turned to the window when one of them says Cristina "used to be a legend" around the hospital, and another one says, "and now she's like an end table". At that moment, Cristina grabs a vase and flings it toward the window, cracking it. Next, Hunt is seen giving Cristina a sponge bath, telling her he's going to take a leave of absence and will help her as long as she needs it. He says she'll be back in no time. He tells Cristina it's time to get out of the tub and she says she can't. She starts talking, telling him how she stayed awake for four days. She tells him she remembers every minute of it. She remembers getting bugs out of Arizona's leg, putting leaves on it to try to keep them out. She remembers Sloan trying to die while she tried to keep him alive. She remembers everyone was asleep.

Arizona got the last of the water, she says, and then she had to drink her own pee. She remembered noises of animals growling nearby. Then she realized they were fighting over Lexie. "I tried to keep them off of her," she says. "I tried. But I couldn't get out. I can't get out". She then starts repeating, "I can't get out. Don't you see? I'll never get out" Next Cristina is shown packing her car on her way to Minnesota. Meredith asks if she's sure about this, and suggests Cristina is fleeing. Cristina doesn't deny this, saying that everyone should leave Seattle because horrible things happen there. Meredith tells her this is life. She tells Cristina she's always been her own person, and she should just go. She does. Sloan is shown next. The doctors trying to revive him say he's "trying to die".

Back at the hospital, Sloan's girlfriend arrives and tells him she's there for him, but he tells her he loves, or loved, Lexie. Next Callie is shown sitting next to Sloan's bed. She's afraid he's giving up. Sloan suddenly seems great. He's smiling, laughing and making inappropriate jokes, so everyone's happy. Callie goes in to talk to him, but Webber tells Derek, Avery and a nurse that he's worried Sloan is having a "surge". It's one last burst of energy that many terminally ill patients get. After this, Sloan is shown giving some deep medical and personal advice to Avery. He listens, but looks worried. Sloan then begins breathing deeply and Webber sees him. Sloan struggles for breath and asks Webber if it's what he thinks it is.

Arizona on the other hand has a serious infection in her leg and a doctor at the first hospital recommends amputation. Arizona wants to see her scans and when she does she withdraws consent for any doctor to cut off her leg, "especially not some yahoo in Dumptruck, Idaho," she says. She just wants to go home and see Callie. Next it is shown that Arizona is back in Seattle, where Callie is sitting with her. Arizona is getting emotional, thinking about her life without a leg if it has to get cut off. She asks Callie to promise she won't let anyone take her leg. Callie promises. Later, Callie and Hunt are shown shouting at each other about whether Arizona's leg can actually be saved. Callie says she's risking Arizona's leg.

Hunt tells Callie she's too emotional because Arizona is her wife, but Callie says she's not. She says Arizona is just a shell of who she was, and she asks Hunt if it was the same with Cristina. She asks Hunt to get on board with the plan. He tells Callie he doesn't think he's going to get Cristina back. Next, Callie is shown checking up on Arizona the day before her surgery. Her spirits are up and she's vowing to be a great patient. Alex reports to Callie that something's wrong with Arizona. He says she's deteriorating. Callie is shaken and realizes it's the leg. After some tense, quiet moments, she tells Alex, "Cut it off". Callie tells Alex to go do it, and do a good job. "Do your best," she tells him. Meredith comes into the O.R., where Callie is still operating on Derek, and asks if there's anything she can do.

Callie assures Meredith she's ok, and continues with the surgery. Webber is walking through the instructions with Sloan about how long he'd want life-sustaining care. Sloan made the decision to cut off life support if there are no signs of improvement within 30 days. Meredith is watching Derek's surgery from the gallery and calls Cristina. There's no answer, so Meredith leaves a message telling Cristina she was right about "all of it". Webber sits next to Sloan and watches him slowly slip into a coma. Alex on the other hand is shown making the first incision as he prepares to cut Arizona's leg off.

April is on a plane while Avery gets to the bar and is looking for her. She isn't there. Derek wakes up from his surgery and moves his hand a little. Cristina calls Meredith back and tells her she's her person, and will always be her person. The episode ends at this point.