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Love the One You're With - Recap

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The episode begins and the plane crash survivors are in a meeting with the lawyers from the aeronautics company, which is offering a settlement for damages. Derek, Meredith, Callie and Hunt pass the offer around. Cristina says, "Wow, that's a lot of money," when Hunt tells her about it over the phone. They need an answer in three days. In order to settle, all the survivors have to agree. Derek and Meredith wonder whether they should settle. The next day Meredith asks Alex not to stay at her old house anymore. April is back. In Minnesota, Cristina is back from her mandated break and reports back to her boss. He assigns her to work with Dr. Thomas again, saying he'll believe she's a team player when he sees it.

Alex meets his new intern for the day, Jo Wilson. Avery gets a patient named Roxy, who is having an excess skin removal procedure after having lost 117 pounds two years earlier. Her fiancé, Frank, leaves the room while she disrobes so that Avery can go over some incision points. After Frank leaves, Roxy says they've been together two years and they haven't had sex. Roxy wants to know when she can "jump his bones". Two weeks, Avery says. Alex and Callie, with Jo and another intern, treat a woman, Ann Marie, who fell off her boat. They unwrap her foot and Callie thinks they can't save it because there's no pulse. Suddenly, the toe starts moving on its own. Jo is excited about the possibility they can save Ann Marie's foot because of the nerve being intact.

But Alex tells Jo to stay behind and monitor his pre- and post-ops. In Minnesota, Cristina again butts heads with Dr. Thomas about which procedure they should do on a patient. Meredith and Derek again discuss whether they should settle. They talk about traveling the world together. April is going to perform a hernia operation on Roxy while Avery does his excess skin removal. Avery starts to talk about why he didn't call her, but she says she's "re-virginizing". Avery thinks she's trying to pretend that they never happened. She tries to say it's not that simple. After the whole conversation, Bailey is shown lying on a couch, unseen, and has heard the whole conversation.

Bailey talks to Webber about how April is doing surgeries she shouldn't be doing. "She was fired twice" Bailey says. She decides to get April a babysitter on the surgery. Meredith is video chatting with Cristina and asks whether she wants to take the settlement. Cristina says she'll do whatever everyone else wants to do. Ann Marie's parents have to consent to Callie's effort to reattach and repair her severed foot. Callie could amputate and Ann Marie would be home in a week, but Ann Marie tells her parents to consent and they do. In surgery, Avery continues to mock April about how she's trying to pretend they never happened. Cristina tells Hunt on the phone that she wants to go with whatever everyone else wants to do about the settlement.

Then she starts chatting about a woman with a nasally voice who makes announcements at the hospital there. She keeps Hunt on the line for a minute so he can hear it himself. Callie, Hunt, Meredith and Derek talk about the settlement. They all agree they should take it until the conversation turns to Derek. He hesitates and reminds them that they have until the next day to decide. Dr. Thomas tells Cristina, while they're in surgery, that he Googled her and learned she was in a plane crash. He shows her a suture that only he does. Cristina is genuinely impressed. Dr. Thomas says he was able to master his craft because he has no distractions, no family, nothing but his work. He focuses on nothing else. Callie is at home and tells Arizona that the settlement meeting is the next day.

They get into a shouting match after Arizona suggests that Callie should just make the decision herself just like she did with the decision to cut Arizona's leg off. Callie says she'll vote to take the settlement because she thinks Sloan would have wanted her to have the money. At the hospital, Meredith and Cristina talk on the phone. Cristina tells her about Dr. Thomas' awesome technique. Roxy opens her robe and looks at herself in the mirror with no extra skin hanging off of her. Frank, her fiancé, walks in and she excitedly puts his hand on her stomach. Callie runs into Ann Marie's mother, who says that her daughter is going to resume sailing as soon as Callie lets her out of the hospital.

Callie says Ann Marie will lose her foot if it doesn't heal properly, but the mother won't stand up to her daughter. Callie tells her to "be the bad guy," because her daughter is only 16 and needs her mother to stop being scared of her. Derek goes to an airplane hangar and looks at the wreckage of what was their plane. A man who let Derek into the hangar explains the difference pieces and where they were found. Derek has flashbacks to the crash and the aftermath. Derek asks what happens to all of this if they settle. Avery finds April and says he's not going to pretend it didn't happen. He says he can't. She says she can't, either.

The more she tries not to think about it, she says, she thinks more about it. He asks her if she wants to get married. Because if she's serious about the re-virginizing thing, then the next person she's going to sleep with is her husband, and he's not ready to be a husband. He tells her that they can remember that it happened and stay away from each other for a while. April says she's going to walk away, but soon enough they're all over each other. Hunt tells Cristina the meeting is happening soon and she says she doesn't care. Whatever the group wants to do is fine. She tells Hunt, "We can't keep doing this. I'm here now". He says he knows. They say goodbye. Callie gets home, telling Arizona the meeting is in 20 minutes.

Arizona is sitting in a pool of her own urine in the bathroom because she couldn't make it to the toilet on her own. Callie forces a screaming and shouting Arizona into the shower to get cleaned up. Callie cries after telling Arizona, "This is my life now, too". Dr. Thomas finds Cristina wiping away tears outside the hospital. He offers her a hanky without saying anything. He sits next to her on a bench. He tells her he was also in a plane crash in Vietnam. Everyone on board died but him. He says he never told anyone about that around the hospital.

At the meeting, Derek says they can't settle. He tells everyone he went and saw the plane. He says if they settle, nothing can be done with the results of the investigation. Callie says the hospital makes mistakes, too. Derek agrees, but says that whenever such a mistake and settlement happens there are meetings and reports and studies and everything is done to ensure it doesn't happen again. They agree they just can't take the money. The episode ends at this point.