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Grey's Anatomy: Run, Baby, Run

As the rest of the doctors prepare for Bailey's wedding, Richard helps her through a bout of pre-wedding jitters. Meanwhile, Lizzie butts heads with Meredith, and Callie and Jackson try to convince Derek to participate in a risky surgery that could fix his hand.

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Episode Info
Episode number: 9x9
Airdate: Thursday December 13th, 2012

Director: Rob Corn
Writer: Debora Cahn

Alternate Airdates:

AU (Seven) Dec 18, 2012
UK (sky LIVING) Feb 06, 2013

Guest Stars
Camilla LuddingtonCamilla Luddington
As Dr. Jo Wilson (Intern)
Gaius CharlesGaius Charles
As Dr. Shane Ross (Intern)
Jason George (2)Jason George (2)
As Dr. Ben Warren (Anesthesiologist and Bailey's Fiance)
Jerrika HintonJerrika Hinton
As Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Intern)
Loretta DevineLoretta Devine
As Adele Webber (Wife of Dr. Richard Webber)
Neve CampbellNeve Campbell
As Dr. Liz Shepherd (Sister of Dr. Derek Shepherd)
Tessa FerrerTessa Ferrer
As Dr. Leah Murphy (Intern)
Tina MajorinoTina Majorino
As Dr. Heather Brooks (Intern)
Wren T. BrownWren T. Brown
As Michael (Roseridge Administrator)

Co-Guest Stars
Bianca TaylorBianca Taylor
As Elena (Dr. Miranda Bailey's Mother)
Kelli Kirkland PowersKelli Kirkland Powers
As Claire (Dr. Miranda Bailey's Sister)
Anil MargsahayamAnil Margsahayam
As Dr. Barrett
Carmella RileyCarmella Riley
As Dr. Simpson (Derek and Meredith's Ultrasound Doctor)
Emjay AnthonyEmjay Anthony
As Oliver Lefkowitz (Patient: Cannot Digest His Food)
J.T. SherwoodJ.T. Sherwood
As Rob Lefkowitz (Father of Patient Oliver Lefkowitz)
Sarah HudsonSarah Hudson
As Lisa Lefkowitz (Mother of Patient Oliver Lefkowitz)
Main Cast
Ellen PompeoEllen Pompeo
As Dr. Meredith Grey
Justin ChambersJustin Chambers
As Dr. Alex Karev
Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey
As Dr. Derek Shepherd
Chandra WilsonChandra Wilson
As Dr. Miranda Bailey
James Pickens, Jr.James Pickens, Jr.
As Dr. Richard Webber
Sara RamirezSara Ramirez
As Dr. Calliope "Callie" Torres
Kevin McKiddKevin McKidd
As Dr. Owen Hunt
Jessica CapshawJessica Capshaw
As Dr. Arizona Robbins
Sarah DrewSarah Drew
As Dr. April Kepner
Jesse Williams (2)Jesse Williams (2)
As Dr. Jackson Avery
Sandra OhSandra Oh
As Dr. Cristina Yang


The episode begins and Bailey warns April about a patient named Mr. Linzer, who will pretend to be fine because he wants to leave the hospital. Alex introduces his intern, Jo, to Leftkowitz a young boy who has gastroparisis, which means he can't really digest his food. Alex assures the kid and his parents that he's "got a crack team" taking care of him. Jackson is explaining to Derek's sister, Lizzy, the process of her nerve transplant surgery. Derek wants to make absolutely sure that she's ok with this because she's told him forever that he ruined her life. Hunt tells Cristina that the divorce lawyers sent over paperwork that needs signing. ..

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 8.17 Million Viewers

Trivia: This episode had the the lowest ratings of Season 9 so far.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Gabe SimonSweetest SoundWebber Takes Urgent Call in Limo, Closing Scenes
Luke Sital-SinghFail for YouLimo Arrives, Bailey Surprised, Webber Steps Out
Sky FerreiraLost in My BedroomDoctors Dressing in Locker Room for the Wedding
Sugar + The Hi-lowsJingle BellsOpening Scenes, Bailey Tells April About Patients
Tal & AcaciaSilver BellsCallie Assures Bailey, Alex Explains Surgery to Jo

Episode Quotes
Meredith: (opening voiceover) The adrenal system reacts to stress by releasing hormones that makes us alert and reactive. The problem is, the adrenal system can't tell what's a regular case of nerves and what's a real impending disaster.

Arizona: So you're gonna wear flats?
Callie: Oh, I'd be happy to wear flats.
Arizona: Oh, no, you wouldn't because then you would feel dumpy.
Callie: Oh-ho. Did you just call me dumpy?
Arizona: Can you just for one second admit that you know what it is I'm talking about?
Callie: Okay, I know it's hard. It's hard all the time, and this is just one more reminder. But you are so, so beautiful. Yeah, people stand next to you and immediately feel bad about themselves. It's a public service that you're a couple of inches shorter. It is a kindness to every other woman at that wedding that you are just one tiny bit less beautiful.

Doctor: Okay, everything off from the waist down, we got a nice paper table cloth for you, I'll be right back.
Derek: You know, I was thinking about telling Lizzie, if you're okay with that.
Meredith: I think it's still kinda early.
Derek: Yeah, but she's doing this thing for me.
Meredith: She'll tell your whole family.
Derek: Well you told Cristina!
Meredith: I haven't!
Derek: Still?
Meredith: There's no point. I'm probably gonna miscarry anyway.
Derek: Meredith…
Meredith: I'm just stating the facts. I have a very unstable uterus. I'm just being realistic.
Doctor: Ready to take a look?
Derek: Yeah… You know, there's still a lot we can do to support the pregnancy, even with our history?
Doctor: Of course. You've got some risk factors, but we're gonna watch you like a hawk… There we go. Hi baby!

Alex: And where do you think I got the idea to do something like that?
Arizona: What are you talking about?
Alex: You. I'm trying to be like you were with me. You let me try crap so I got confidence in myself. That's what I was trying to do, not treat the stupid morons like the stupid morons that I think they are.
Arizona: I gave you opportunities. I also gave you a boatload of encouragement and support. I didn't drop-kick you into the deep end of the pool, and yell, "Swim, idiot." You're a teacher now. Your students fail, you've failed.

Bailey: You know, ten years from now, if the marriage is strong, I'll look back at today and say, "It was just a little bit of cold feet." If we're in a nasty divorce, I'll say, "I knew it was a mistake the day we got married."
Webber: You think it's a mistake?
Bailey: I just feel worried. I never felt that way with Tucker.
Webber: You were a child when you married Tucker. You're an adult now. You know the world's an ambiguous place. You know that love doesn't conquer all. It conquers some stuff. The other stuff kicks the living crap out of love.
Bailey: And this is the pep talk?
Webber: Overwhelming doubt is a problem. A little bit of doubt is just a sign of an intelligent adult.

Alex: Look, you can't go crying to my damn boss every time you get scared. You can't cry at all when you get scared because it's scary in there all the time.
Jo: I just thought, maybe after I blew the appy, I'd be a good target if you needed to pin something on someone. It's paranoid. I get that. I don't always trust people who are trying to help me.
Alex: Yeah, yeah, you're a beaten dog and you bite people who try to feed you. I don't give a crap about your sad story. You want to be a surgeon, you need to get the hell over it. You burned a bridge with me. How about you grow up before you burn a bridge with every other attending who tries to teach you something?

Meredith: Everything went smoothly. Your vitals are great. And Derek is awake, he's in good shape.
Lizzie: Meredith, I'm pushy. I get that. Some people find it endearing and some people really don't, but… You don't have to want Derek's truckload of sisters in your life.
Meredith: Yeah, you were a pain in the ass. And I barely know you. Okay, so… I'm not very good at this, but I'm gonna try. I'm gonna show you something, but you have to promise not to tell a family.
Lizzie: Okay.
Meredith: Promise?
Lizzie: Yeah.
Meredith: Okay. (shows her the ultrasound picture)
Lizzie: You? Really? We're having a baby! Yay!

Meredith: (closing voiceover) The body doesn't know the difference between nerves and excitement, panic and doubt, the beginning, and the end. The body just tells you to get the hell out. Sometimes you ignore it. That's the reasonable thing to do. But sometimes you listen. You're supposed to trust your gut, right? When your body says run, run.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Run, Baby, Run

Run, Baby, Run is the title of a song originally sung by Garbage.

Episode References
Season 9, Episode 8: It was revealed in 9x08 "Love Turns You Upside Down" that Meredith is pregnant.

Season 6, Episode 24: Meredith is worried about a miscarriage. The last time she was pregnant she had a miscarriage, which occurred in 6x24 "Death And All His Friends".

Season 9, Episode 3: Callie says to Bailey "Sure you love him now, but next thing you know you are cleaning his pee off the ground and going to be with a foot wide demilitarized zone in the middle of the bed." She is referring to the incident with her wife Arizona in 9x03 "Love The One You're With".

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