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Things We Said Today - Recap

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The episode begins and Adele is in bad shape at the hospital, Cristina and Hunt are making out, Derek is sleeping in his hospital bed, and Bailey is missing her wedding because she's at the hospital treating Adele. In bed, Cristina and hunt wonder what this new hook-up of theirs means. At the wedding, Ben announces that his "beautiful wife to be" has been pulled into surgery, which will cause a delay. Callie feels bad and says she's going to go to the hospital, but Meredith volunteers to go instead. Cristina and Hunt wait at the ambulance entrance as a motorcycle gang escorts a string of ambulances pulls up.

Half of them just "hit the asphalt," the apparent leader tells Hunt. With all the patients piling up, Hunt says they're going to need more hands. Webber is raging mad at the manager of the care facility where Adele was staying. Webber got upset when the man said Webber completely stopped paying visits. The doctors all get paged and head to the hospital, except for Alex, who stays behind with Jo. The doctors show up to help. One of the injured bikers, a woman named "Gasoline," is fighting with an intern. Gasoline is talking to some of the other bikers and she's trying to start the gang's investigation into what happened out on the road. Hunt has to intervene and agrees to let the guys conduct their investigation as long as they don't get in the way of the doctors trying to treat the injured patients.

A guy named Stewart is asking about Gasoline and "The Hammer". He admits he's not officially in the club but they let him hang out. He says he ruined it and the crash was his fault. Bailey and Meredith are in surgery working on Adele when Bailey notices Webber in the gallery. Meredith asks Leah to go sit with Webber. The Hammer and Gasoline are talking about how Stewart caused the accident. Cristina and Heather come over to Gasoline; with Cristina telling her she has fluid around her heart. Gasoline says she doesn't want any procedure done. She "can't be out of commission" when her gang needs her "to take care of business". Gasoline asks Cristina to find Stewart, take her to see him, and she'll do whatever she wants. Meredith and Bailey are trying to figure out the best approach on Adele.

In the gallery, Webber ends up telling Leah some of the ins and outs of what they're trying to do with Adele. As he explains to Leah what's happening, Webber stops and sadly realizes "they've just about run out of options". Leah is now sitting next to a distraught Webber, who suddenly jumps up and offers Bailey a suggestion through the intercom. Bailey tries it. In the bathroom, Callie calls Derek, who was sleeping. She's asking him about his vitals and tells him she's about to have sex for the first time in months. Jackson and Stephanie are working on Stewart. Hunt comes in and Stephanie nervously stammers through giving him an update. After Hunt leaves, Jackson takes a breath and decides to take over on his own.

Stephanie leaves and Jackson tells himself to stop because he's "not gross" and "not Karev". Cristina tells Hunt that Gasoline wants to see Stewart, and Hunt thinks Gasoline is going after Stewart because he caused the crash. He goes to Gasoline's ER bed and she's gone. In surgery, Bailey and Meredith seem to have fixed Adele's situation with Webber's suggestion. Hunt, with a couple of security guards at his side, storms around looking for Gasoline. She's waiting near an elevator and yelling at other guards to get out of her way. She's upset because no one told her Stewart was going to need surgery. She says she needs to see him because "he's one of us and he's hurt and he might freaking die, and I need to see him". Back at the wedding hotel, Jo and Alex convince the front desk worker to give them a key to a room after they tearfully claim they've had a long day and lost the key.

In their own room, Arizona asks Callie not to run. She says she doesn't always want things to be about her leg, but they are for now. Callie promises she won't leave Arizona's side. They make out. Webber vows he won't let anything happen to Adele again. He urges Bailey to get back to her wedding. Adele wakes up and is happy to see Webber there. She asks him to stay and he tells he her isn't going anywhere. Meredith sees this and leaves. Meredith ends up in Derek's room, snuggles next to him and asks him to promise her he won't put her in a home if she gets Alzheimer's. He says he won't. Hunt and one of the bikers watch Cristina treating Gasoline. Hunt asks the guy to explain Stewart, and the guy says Stewart is their accountant. He wanted to ride, so they let him. At first it was funny, he says, but now Stewart is like family.

At the wedding the couple is now married. There are cheers as they hop down from the altar. Stewart in the meantime is wheeled into Gasoline's room. He apologizes for the crash, but Gasoline tells him to stop. She says others saw a minivan veer into their lane, which caused Stewart to wipe out and would have done the same to any of them. She hands Stewart the gang's patch to put on the back of his own jacket and all the gang members cheer. He asks if he gets a road name now, and the guy Hunt was talking to says, "We were thinking 'Road Rash'". Stewart loves it. Callie, Arizona and Meredith get to the wedding late it’s already happened. But it seems worth it. Jackson and Stephanie get into his car to head to the wedding, but he gets a text and learns they've already missed it.

He offers to take her home and they awkwardly talk about how they can't sleep together. Then they kiss. Cristina finds Hunt at the hospital. The lawyer sent over the divorce papers. Cristina says they don't have to do this now, but Hunt says he's done thinking about it. He says they shouldn't have gotten married in the first place because they took all their good stuff and "put it into this box" and have spent the time since then just banging against the sides of that box. She signs the papers, and he does the same. Both while crying kiss each other. Jackson and Stephanie on the other hand are getting down to business in Jackson's car. Also, Alex and Jo are raiding the mini-bar in the room they essentially broke into when the man staying in the room shows up. Jo throws something at him and he leaves.

At the wedding, Bailey sees Webber and comes over to hug him. She's incredibly happy and Webber tells her she looks beautiful. She asks how Adele's BP is, but she's summoned to dance floor for the first dance with Ben. Meredith walks over to Webber and says, "You're here?" Webber says nothing and Meredith realizes this isn't good news. "No" Meredith says. "When?" Tears well up in Webber's eyes and he says, "A little while ago". He explains that Adele had a heart attack. The surgery fixed the aneurysm, "but it was too much for her heart".

Meredith starts to say she should have done something differently, but Webber assures her she did everything right. Meredith tears up a bit and Webber puts his arm around her while they watch Bailey and Ben dance. With tears rolling down his cheek, Webber for just a moment sees himself on the dance floor with a smiling Adele in his arms. The episode ends at this point.