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Hard Bargain - Recap

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The episode begins with Callie telling Meredith, Derek and Arizona about the horrors of Portland General under Pegasus' ownership as part of her pitch for the group to buy the hospital. Arizona asks, "What if we don't want to?" Hunt and Cristina are having sex. Derek thinks Cristina should be involved in the conversation. Derek tells Callie that the job of running the hospital is harder than she might think. Derek thinks he can make a deal with Pegasus. Cahill calls Hunt. Hunt explains to Cristina that if there's any change in the hospital staff before the sale, Pegasus might back out. Arizona tells Derek she thinks he feels guilty about having gotten his hand back while others died and she lost her leg.

She tells him he can't be the hero now, and adds that everything he's done to help make it better has actually made it worse, "so just stop". Derek says nothing. "I think we should go" Callie says somberly. "You should" Meredith says. The next day at the hospital, Arizona apologizes to Derek for calling him "egomaniacal". Then they see a massive poster with Derek's face on it. He's Pegasus' "new face of the hospital". Derek says he was told he'd be on some brochures, "not all of this". Derek goes to Cahill to complain about the big pictures of himself. She tries to talk him into accepting that his face tells people the hospital is full of people who care. Alex and Jo are working on a baby and the newborn boy will need to have an emergency surgery. He tells the parents, who say nothing. Alex takes the father outside.

He finds out that the baby is the result of a one-night stand between co-workers. In the room, the woman is telling Jo that the man is "a complete asshat". He's telling Alex that he wants to be a father. The one thing they both seem to agree on is that they want the baby to be ok. Arizona and Bailey in the meantime are talking to the father of a boy named AJ, who isn't responding to cancer treatments. Bailey wants to try a new approach, which would require contracting the work out to another hospital. The father starts to cry and holds Bailey's hand. She takes this as a yes. Out in the rain, Meredith tells Cristina about the plan to buy the hospital. Cristina laughs hysterically, saying the plan is stupid. Cristina says it's important that no one leaves, because that would jeopardize the sale.

She wants people to have Hunt's back. Interns Heather and Stephanie tell Cristina that Seattle Grace now "feels like automotive trade school" and they're thinking about looking elsewhere. She gets indignant about how people are working hard to make sure the hospital stays open, but Stephanie tells her she only has five years to become as good as she can, and she wants to have the kind of experience Cristina had. Cristina considers this and says nothing. Shane comes running in response to a page from Derek, who is preparing for a photo shoot. It's a fake surgery for the cameras, but Derek wants Shane in there because they need more doctors in the shot. Shane asks if he can help Cristina on a real surgery instead. Later, Derek makes a phone call. He asks the person on the line to tell him how crazy his crazy idea is.

Callie comes outside the hospital looking for Derek and sees no one. Derek flashes the headlights on a van he's sitting in and she comes over. His financial advisor Stan tells Callie that under federal law, physicians can't own the hospital for which they work. But they could start a foundation and run the day-to-day operations like a board of directors. Others are now meeting with Stan, including Arizona, Meredith and Cristina, asking their own questions. Stan can't figure out an offering price without seeing some of the hospital's information, and Cristina says Hunt can get it. Stan says that if they have any hope of outbidding Pegasus for the hospital, it has to be a surprise.

Hunt is already legally committed to helping the sale go through, and he could he sued or even jailed if he doesn't say something about knowing another offer is coming. Therefore, he can't know any of it. Cristina says, "You want me to lie to him". Meredith says she wants her to just not say something. Cristina isn't buying it. Alex tells the parents about the risk involved in his effort to repair the baby's liver. They turn and talk to each other. The father wants to wait on the surgery and the mother says they should do it. Then she breaks down and says she can't decide. The man tells her how much of a "ball-busting nightmare bitch" she is at work and that she can handle this. His speech is somehow inspiring to her and she tells the doctors to wait on the surgery, then she asks for "a maxi pad for my girlfriend here".

Cristina asks Hunt if he really believes Pegasus is the hospital's best option. He says he doesn't, but it's the only choice they have. Cristina asks him, "What if it wasn't, though?" Hunt says it is all on him and that he put them all on that plane. Cahill calls and Hunt is surprised by her news. He calls it "amazing". Cristina asks what it was and he says, "It's almost over". Derek and Meredith are now planning a heist, looking to get some of the hospital records out of a conference room where some Pegasus folks are reviewing them. Arizona tells AJ's father that the hospital isn't approving the genome mapping approach. Bailey interrupts and tells the man to leave Seattle Grace and go somewhere that will give his son the care he really needs. Arizona is stunned.

She finds Bailey later and Bailey says that was the best medical advice she could give in good conscience. Bailey is losing it now, thinking about moving to L.A., but Tuck's dad won't let her leave Seattle. She says she doesn't want to work at Seattle Grace anymore. Alex and Jo are watching over the baby they're treating. Eventually the baby is out of the woods after his vitals have been stable for a certain amount of time. Meredith and Derek in the meantime have snuck out the files. Derek gets a page from Arizona, who wants to meet. They go outside and the van is gone. Arizona tells the group that Bailey is quitting. She says that if the purchase is going to happen it needs to happen fast. Callie kisses her when she realizes Arizona is in. They wonder if Cristina is in, and that's when Cristina comes running out.

She says the sale is happening that night. Hunt told her. They ask her if she said anything to him about their plan and she says no, "but we have to do this for Owen". Cristina says there's one thing they can do. In a conference room, Cahill and Hunt and the hospital lawyers are getting ready to sign paperwork. Derek interrupts the meeting and asks to talk to Hunt. In front of everyone, Derek says he's quitting. Meredith steps up and says, "Me, too. I quit". Callie and Arizona follow. Hunt looks at Cristina, who hesitates for a moment before stepping forward and saying, "I quit, too". Hunt is stunned. The doctors go to another room. Cristina says Hunt thinks they stabbed him in the back, but Meredith insists they just bought themselves some time to put together the money.

They then wonder about their patients, but figure they'll get other doctors to cover them. Cristina wants to go talk to Hunt, but Meredith insists he'll understand when the time is right. "I don't know if he will," Cristina says, sitting back down. The Pegasus people leave and the hospital lawyer is livid. Pegasus withdrew the offer and she asks Hunt if he knew the doctors were going to pull that stunt. She says losing all those doctors completely changes the value of the hospital. She tells Hunt and Cahill they "better do something, fast". After she leaves, Cahill tells Hunt there's no way they can replace Pegasus. She can't reposition the hospital or find new buyers. Hunt tells her she has to. He says "everyone that I thought was in my corner has just walked out" and tells her she's the only hope he has.

He tells her she has to do this. Alex and Jo tell the parents of the newborn that he's going to be fine. Hunt pounds on the door at Cristina's house and there's no answer. She's at Derek's house with the rest of the doctors, getting advice from Stan on what they need to do. They need to form an LLC to legally get their funds all in one place and they'll need a name for the new corporation. "How about The Bitter Pills?" Cristina says. "Epic Failure?" Arizona quips. "Death Spiral" Meredith says. "Blind Leading the Blind, Incorporated" Derek suggests. Stan tells them, "It can be anything. Let's keep thinking". The episode ends at this point.