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Idle Hands - Recap

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The episode begins with the ER on the verge of reopening. Hunt is excited about a new, fast, X-ray machine that will save a lot of time. Arizona is trying on a new prosthetic that is equipped with heels. Derek is talking to the growing baby in Meredith's belly. The hospital's new name and logo are on display. Meredith is obsessing about the possible deformities her kid could have, but Cristina is focused on a story in a medical journal. Alex is with Pablo, a 12-year-old boy, who's getting ready for chemo. Pablo sees Jo and immediately has a crush on her. He finds out Myers and Jo are seeing each other and isn’t happy about it.

Hunt unveils the new ER, including the cutting-edge X-ray machine. The interns are excited and want to try it out. Hunt says they can't mess around because real patients are coming, and the first case, is victim of an ATV accident. Bailey is trying to get Jackson's attention for a human genome mapping program. Jackson insists there's no money because it was all spent on the ER. A 16-year-old girl from the ATV accident is going to be the first patient to have the X-ray machine used on her, but her wounds are too serious and Hunt rolls her off to the ER. The interns are disappointed.

Shane tells Kramer, the girl’s father, that his daughter wasn't wearing a helmet. The father is upset that she was hit when they stopped for just a moment and she took her helmet off for a picture. Cristina tells Bailey she's tired of all the administrative stuff that she has to handle. Russell overhears this and whisks Cristina off to talk about something interesting. Myers comes down looking for whoever paged for a GYN consult. A couple of doctors say they didn't page him. Meredith is checking out a patient in the ER. Hunt and Jackson stand over her to see if the patient needs to use the new X-ray machine. Meredith says it won't be needed. Madeline, her patient who is a school teacher, tells Meredith about the pain in her stomach. It looks like gall stones.

April is excited about the high-tech patient filing system the hospital now features. Meredith sees something in her patient she doesn't like. It's not gall stones, but a hard mass. She concludes its cancer and it has spread to the liver. It's too close to an artery, so nothing can be done. Derek removes part of the 16-year-old girl's skull to get access to her brain. Derek tells Shane to update her father. Cristina and Russell are doing a "lotus valve," which is pretty innovative procedure. She's in awe of Russell's work and can't wait to get in on it. He gives her a chance to place the valve and she excitedly steps in. Callie comes to the ER and sees that no one has tried the new X-ray machine. Myers comes by and asks if one of them paged him.

Alex is showing Pablo pictures on his phone of Myers going all over the ER and the cafeteria looking for who paged him. They both pause to listen to Dr. Myers getting paged again over the intercom. Alex says he has to get back to work, but Pablo says he has another idea for a prank on Myers. Meredith tells Madeline about her cancer, and says she isn't optimistic about chemo. Some of her students come to visit. They don't like their substitute teacher and ask her if she's coming back soon. Both she and Meredith lie to them that she will. Shane tells Kramer about some potential complications with his daughter, of which he doesn't seem certain. The man starts yelling at Shane for not knowing what's going on.

Madeline tells Meredith she knows she shouldn't have lied to her kids, but she just couldn't tell them. Some of the doctors sit around talking about how the X-ray machine isn't being used. Heather says she has a patient with a sprained ankle. There's no need for a full-body scan, but Hunt is interested. Arizona's exhausted and says her leg hurts. Callie realizes that they're not going to have sex tonight. Myers comes to the ER in response to another page. He tells a nurse that he has the patient's name this time, and she tells him to call out for the patient. He calls out that he's looking for "Miss Jenny Talia". Some of the nurses start laughing and Myers figures it out. Pablo and Alex see this. They are glad their plan worked.

Webber calls Alex over and tells him the joke was childish and pathetic. Webber apparently has a better idea. Derek talks to Shane in surgery about fly fishing while he's working on the girl's brain. He told him the story to calm Shane down. Derek goes in to remove a hematoma from the girl's brain. He proceeds and some beeps go off, indicating her brain is swelling. Derek asks Shane what they're going to do about it and Shane calmly gives him the right answer. Cristina is excited to try Phase 3 of the process with Russell. She asks when it's going to happen and Russell says that's up to her. He needs $12 million to do the research he wants to. She realizes he's not trying to get her to work with him. Instead, he is trying to sell her the idea because she is on the board and can get him the money for the research.

Cristina complains to Meredith that the administrative stuff is getting in the way of her career. Bailey gives Cristina and Meredith her pitch for the genome mapping project and hands her proposal to each of them because they're in charge. Cristina likes it. Hunt and Jackson are still looking for a chance to use the X-ray machine. They are informed that a motorcycle accident victim is coming in. Myers brings a urine sample and places it on the counter next to Bailey. She is shocked as to why he did that. He says he received a memo, saying she is in charge of the random drug-test policy. Alex and Webber, who are in the background, can't contain themselves any longer and run away laughing.

Bailey and Myers figure out what's happening. Callie tells Bailey they found funding for her project. Callie explains that another department cut its budget. Bailey is happy to hear the news, but Russell is not. Cristina tells him his budget is being cut and he's enraged. He says he's going to lose at least four doctors and she explains that he still has her. She says she'll take patients, assist in surgeries and research. He says he can't possibly do it, but she says that the board believes he can. Callie sees that Arizona is in pain. She offers to help make her leg feel better. Callie takes Arizona's prosthetic leg off and massages the stump of her leg. Arizona says that feels better and thanks her.

Meredith brings a "get well" poster board for Madeline from her students. Hunt sets up the motorcycle crash victim on the X-ray machine and conducts the full-body scan in 13 seconds with a bunch of other doctors including Jackson, April and the interns watching. They see several fractures from the single scan, which Leah says would have taken 15 different scans before. They all agree that the machine is worth the money. Derek tells Kramer that his daughter is alive and gives him some more details once he is calmer. Madeline's tells her students that she might not come back. They are all really sad on hearing this. Derek tells Meredith to stop worrying so much about the baby. He reminds her that they own a hospital and can ensure that everything will turn out fine.

Alex and Webber laugh about how Myers gave Bailey his pee. Myers confronts Alex about the pranks. Alex says they were Pablo’s idea because he has a crush on Jo. With a smile on his face, Myers tells Alex to have fun laughing about it, while he bangs Jo in the bathroom. Alex looks on angrily while Myers walks away. Callie comes to bed and finds Arizona in a red negligee. She asks Callie if she can massage her leg again, which then leads to them making love. Meredith and Derek get an ultrasound and the baby looks quite normal.

Bailey comes to Jackson and admits she was wrong about him and the board. She thanks him for the funding. Cristina has a pile of files and is diving into the cardio research. She asks Hunt if he's going to stay and play with his new toy; the X-ray machine. He tells her it isn't a toy, but looks over and sees the interns getting a body scan. Hunt admits that it is pretty fun. Meredith and Derek find out that they are having a boy. The episode ends at this point.