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She's Killing Me - Recap

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The episode begins and Bailey talking to Meredith about the results of her genome mapping. She eventually tells Meredith that she tested positive for more than one of the genetic markers for Alzheimer's. Ethan's parents are both still unconscious and Hunt is getting worried. He wants Cristina to talk to Dr. Russell about what she should do with Ethan's dad. The doctors are preparing for two Syrian doctors to arrive for a crash course in basic surgical skills.

Stephanie comes in to give Hunt some info on a patient, and April asks about Matthew. His mom is coming to pick him up and April is concerned that Matthew can't walk. Stephanie tells her to ask Jackson about it. Bailey and Leah meet a patient named Joyce, a middle-aged woman, who had a dialysis graft a couple of weeks earlier and now has an infection. Derek talks to Meredith in the stairwell and she says they need an updated will. Derek doesn't like it, but says he'll contact their lawyer.

Hunt begins the training of the Syrian doctors. He shows them the limited supplies they'll be learning to use but, back in Syria, most of the supplies that Hunt presents are unavailable. They make some changes so that the training is more useful and aligned with their circumstances back in the field. Shane and Heather are both sucking up to Derek. Shane also reports that Ethan's mom is awake. Hunt and Arizona bring the Syrian doctors to a supply closet. They are told to collect supplies they have access to, back in the Syrian field hospital. Hunt and Ethan are just outside Ethan's mom room while Derek checks on her. Ethan is worried his mom still won't recognize him, but Hunt encourages him to go in. He does and she calls him over and gives him a big hug and tells him she loves him.

Derek comes to Meredith and says they need two names, a guardian and a backup. Meredith says it'll be Cristina and one of Derek's sisters. Derek says Cristina doesn't want children, and he suggests Meredith talk to Cristina before making her decision. Callie comes to Jackson to talk about a cartilage regeneration lab idea she wants funded. Leah brings Joyce's lab results to Bailey, who says Joyce should be admitted. Leah also tells Bailey that another post-op infection has come in, from the same day as Joyce's original procedure, and Leah scrubbed in on both. Bailey tells Leah she needs to go through the notes and figure out what went wrong. Bailey tells Stephanie to replace Leah on her service. Leah admits to Stephanie that she was sick the day those patients came in.

The surgeons are getting creative, using the supplies available for complicated procedures. Arizona reports to Hunt that Ethan's grandmother's flight was canceled, so he'll need social services to take him for the night. Bailey reports to Joyce's husband about Joyce's infection, and he feels bad that he didn't bring her in sooner. Jackson and Callie start walking the Syrian doctors through their procedures. April pays a quick visit to Matthew. He tells her that his mother is not coming by to take him home, but to meet April. She's surprised to hear this. Leah admits her illness to Bailey, who walks out before Leah can even finish her explanation.

After talking with Cristina, Meredith quickly realizes that, despite how much Cristina loves Zola, she wouldn't actually want to be Zola's mom. Webber sees a patient, who says he's been dizzy for a couple of days. It is another post-op infection from the day Bailey operated on him. April is nervous about meeting Matthew's mother and says she can’t lie to her. So, while teaching one of the Syrian doctors a procedure, Cristina and Meredith try to talk April through her crisis. The Syrian who had overheard the conversation asks whether she's going to tell Matthew the truth. She's embarrassed that he's heard about her silly relationship problems, but he says courtship struggles are universal. He even tells her how he wooed his wife. Meredith tells Derek he was right about Cristina only wanting to be a cool aunt. They talk about other options and Derek tells her about the lawyer wanting health care directives. Meredith tells her she wants no extraordinary measures taken to keep her alive, and she wants a lethal dose of morphine the moment she forgets where she put her keys. Derek says they'll cross that bridge when they come to it. Bailey and Meredith are operating together, and Bailey wants to make sure Meredith is okay after learning about her genome map. Webber comes in and tells Bailey about the third post-op infection. He says she needs to tell Hunt about the third patient. Meredith confirms to Webber that, on the third case, Leah was the intern.

Hunt tells Ethan that he needs to go with the social services woman. Ethan doesn't want to go, and is distraught, but Hunt tries to assure him he'll be fine.

Meredith makes Cristina promise to kill her with a lethal injection of morphine, before she starts showing real signs of Alzheimer's. Without hesitation, Cristina assures her that she will. April admits to Matthew that she isn’t a virgin. He says he's more upset about her lying, than about the virginity.

Hunt accompanies Cristina to check on Ethan's dad, and he asks why she didn't come to him about Ethan's dad's treatment. Cristina says she hasn't had time for a group think on the treatment of one patient. Bailey tells Hunt about the post-op infections. He says they need to talk to infection control and track down every patient Bailey and Leah touched that day. He says it's going to be a nightmare, and Leah is now worried that she's going to be fired. Meredith joins Cristina om Ethan's dad's room. She says they might be losing Leah, but Cristina doesn't really care. Cristina is more worried about why Hunt has been so hung up on Russell not supervising her. Meredith says Hunt might be right, but Cristina wants Meredith to be on her side.

Webber tells Derek that Shane was abandoning his responsibilities in the pit, so he could tend to Derek's patients. Derek has a quick heart-to-heart with Shane, telling him that he needs to stop pushing so hard. Derek encourages Shane to find a specialty where he can shine. Heather arrives, seemingly oblivious to the conversation they just had. Shane glares at her before he walks away. Hunt asks Arizona to admit Ethan for the night, but she thinks he should go with social services. Hunt wants to avoid that, but Arizona insists Ethan won't be admitted for the night. Derek brings Meredith his own genome map, which lists some absurd probabilities and a potentially bleak future.

Matthew packs to leave the hospital and sees April. He gives her a slight wave and April sees Matthew's mom helping him gather his things. Webber offers to buy Jackson dinner, so they can talk about some ideas he has for a project. Jackson reminds Webber that he, like everyone else, can submit his proposal in writing to the board. Then, like everyone else, he'll vote on it. Jackson mentions he might even submit a project of his own. Webber tells Jackson that the hospital is his project, and he gives Jackson some advice from his days as chief.

One of the Syrian doctors thanks Arizona for all they've taught them, saying that if they can save even just one child, it will all be worth it. With that in mind, Arizona admits Ethan. Hunt thanks Arizona as she leaves Ethan's room. Before leaving, Hunt tells Ethan that his parents are really sick, and Hunt admits that he's not sure if Ethan's dad is going to wake up. Cristina sees Hunt in Ethan's room, trying to cheer him up, and realizes why he's been acting crazy. Meredith tells Cristina that kids make you crazy and, still watching Hunt, Cristina nods. Leah pulls Meredith aside and tells her she's not going to get fired, but it's worse than that. She hands Meredith her tablet to show her something, and Meredith looks shocked. Stephanie tells Bailey that Joyce is crashing.

April is sneaking some expensive equipment into bags, for one of the Syrian doctors to take. He asks if it's really okay that they're doing this, and suggests she talk to Hunt. She tells him to not worry about it, and says it’s not a big deal. Bailey works to revive Joyce, but fails. The Syrian doctors leave and April hugs one of them goodbye.

Hunt and the other surgeons compare notes about the post-op infections and discuss how they're going to handle it. Bailey comes in and reveals that Joyce didn't make it. Leah arrives and Bailey angrily tells her they just lost the first post-op infection patient. Meredith, who is with Leah, tries to calm Bailey. She explains that they checked all the charts and Leah only worked on two of the patients, never having touched the third. Meredith says the only person who touched all the three patients was Bailey. Jackson says they're going to have to get legal involved, and Bailey starts to get defensive. Webber says he'll go check on the other patients, and Hunt asks Bailey to stay in the conference room. Bailey says she hasn't even told Joyce's husband that Joyce didn't make it. Hunt tells Meredith to deliver the news. Bailey sits down, looking completely lost. The episode ends at this point.